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Catherine Kohnen

Catherine Kohnen Avenue Princesse Elisabeth, 45 1030 Schaerbeek Born in Rocourt on the 12th of December

Avenue Princesse Elisabeth, 45

1030 Schaerbeek

Born in Rocourt on the 12th of December 1981

ck@elenkos.be +3249734 69 61


Recruitment Specialist and Talent Manager

My passion: Human b eings and their o rganizations My purpose: Helping them reach their goals


After a few years experience for well established international recruitment agencies, I decided to create my own company. I specialize in talent management, recruitment strategy , headhunting and coaching .

I’ll help you develop and grow, whether as an individual or as an organization. Together, we can find the path to your favourite future.


Talent management (talent development + talent acquisition and retention)

Recruitment strategy

I T recruitment (all types of profiles: devel opers, architects, business and functional analysts, SAP specialists, project managers, system engineers, security specialists, presales and technical sales)


Expert in social network ing tools


Avenue Princesse Elisabeth, 45

1030 Schaerbeek

ck@elenkos.be +3249734 69 61


Since 2011


Elenkos , Brussels Co - founder , Recruitment Specialist and Talent Manager

Elenkos is a consulting firm providing recruitment services, HR consulting, trainings and project management.

I am working simultaneously on various challenges:

IT recruitment for my client portfolio

Integration follow - ups for all placed candidates

Specific recruitment m issions on a time and m aterial basis

Defining recruitment stra te gies for SMB

C areer and life coaching


Developed a client portfolio from scratch

Created my own specific recruitment appro a ch

S et up of a whole follow - up process based on both clients and candidates feedbacks for all placed candidates

Specialized in social media and direct approach

Animated a workshop about recruitment strategies for startups for the Betagroup ( The BetaGroup is a community of 5000 web entrepreneurs in Belgium passionate about Internet , Software, Mobile Technologies and Online Media )

2009 – 2011

Michael Page International – IT , Brussels. Recruitment consultant

As a recruitment consultant, I was in charge of helping my manager rebuilding the IT recruitment market by providing our clients with high quality services.


Contributed to the elaboration of my division’s business strategy

Prospected and acquired business from major players which weren’t yet Michael Page clients

Coached and developed recruitment skills of intern trainees

2007 – 2009

Co m p u ter F ut u r es , B r u ss e ls Recruitment consultant

A s a n IT r e cru it m e n t c o n s u lt a n t , I pr o v i de d a d v a n c e d r e cr u it m e n t s er vic es to a b r o a d p a n e l of c li e n ts of t he L u x e m b urg m a rk et.


Top biller 2008 for the Luxem burg mark et

Developed m ajor k ey accounts

Staffed m ajor projects within the European institutions and bank ing sector

Educ a tion and trainings

Langu a ges

2012: Coaching training (Discoverer) at BAO group

2010 : Coaching certificate (Explorer) at BAO group

2006: Master Degree in philosophy at the U.C.L. (cum magna laude)

2005: Specialization (D.E.S.) in environm ental law and real estate law at the F.U.S.L

2004: Master (licence) in law at the U.C.L. (cum laude)

Com plem entary degree (D.E.C.) in philosophy (cum laude)

2001: Bachelor (candidature) in law at the F.U.N.D.P.

French: Native speaker

English: Fluent

Dutch: Intermediary