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Hannah Tyne & Fleur Locke

Script for Time Warner Presentation

1) Time Warner is a multinational, conglomerate media company, headquartered in New York City. They have combined Warner Communications and Time Inc., formally two separate companies. They are a cross-media company have major operations in film, TV and publishing. They work along with New Line Cinema, Time Inc., HBO and many others. 2) The Warner Brothers, Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack founded Warner Bros. Inc., in April 1923. At the beginning they only distributed films and were a small independent, privately owned company, but as they began their diversification they gained ownership of several media and entertainment businesses. With their diversification, they had to make sure their performance was improved against financial concerns in the changing world economy. They are not a voluntary media company and rely on sponsorship and profits to fund their business. Their source of income comes from this. 3) Over time, the name of this company has changed as new technologies were developed. Time Warner has negotiated several takeovers and mergers and therefore has ownership of Warner Bros Studios, several websites such as PEOPLE and TIME. They also have agreements with HBO and CNN and on May 2, 2012, Time Warner reported a profit of $583 million for the quarter ending March 31. Over their 91 years of media production they have created some of the best-known and successful films and TV series. As they continued in their expansion they accumulated a niche market in feature film, television and home entertainment production as well as worldwide distribution to DVD and Blu-ray, digital distribution, animation, comic books, product and brand licensing and broadcasting. 4 - 8) One of the most renowned and popular film franchises produced and broadcast by Warner Bros. is Harry Potter. Originally written by J.K Rowling, 8 films have made over $7 billion. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is in Leavesdon, North West London where you can visit the sets and experience the behind the scenes magic of Hogwarts. This gives you an insight of how the Harry Potter films were made and how the franchise developed. This combines the film, interactive media and advertising sectors, which is good because it keeps people interested in Harry Potter as well as keeping Warner Bros. popular with the public. 9) They have such a profitable product range with thousands of customers that the total sales of the films, book sales, DVD sales, rentals and merchandise sales have made almost $25 billion. 10) The success of Harry Potter proves that Time Warner is one of the most successful and profitable media companies in the world. However, Time Warner isnt the only conglomerate media company. Disney, GE, News Corp, Viacom and CBS are Time Warners main competitors.

Hannah Tyne & Fleur Locke Their horizontal and vertical integration allowed their audiences and customers to grow to a global scale. However, their competitions trends were the same as theirs and each were accomplishing their own organizational objectives by being Time Warners national and global competition. 11) The Walt Disney Company is an international family entertainment and media business with shared ownership and a wide product diversity working in media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. On October 16th 1923, Walt Disney signed the contract to create The Disney Brothers Studio. In the 1920s Disney made its first cartoons and feature film, and in 1949 the Walt Disney Music Company was created. In 1955, the first Disney Park called Disneyland opened its doors followed by the Walt Disney World Resort in 1971. 12) Another of Time Warners competition is News Corporation. They are an American multinational mass media corporation. Rupert Murdock, the owner of News Corporation, recently tried to buy more than 50% of BSkyB. However, he was stopped my cross-media regulation because he was not liked by the public or politicians as he was involved in the phone hacking scandal by the paper News of the World. He also does not like public service media, like the BBC, because it is one of his competitors. The competition commission did not allow him access to BSkyB. 13) We have learnt that there are 6 major media giants that own most of the media industry. Having discussed Time Warner, Disney and News Corp, we now understand that there is little diversity in the media industry as there is no place for small media companies to make films or other media types. These giants in the business vertically and horizontally integrate until there is almost a monopoly control. Time Warner owns a large amount of the media industry alongside Disney and News Corp. Their audiences are at a global scale allowing them to reach thousands of people every day. This allows these companies to make enormous profits that reach millions of dollars every year. Although they dont allow some smaller companies a niche in the media market, they provide a constant supply of entertainment for millions globally.