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Hello, Thank you for your interest in employment with Raytheon.

We intend to offer a number of proposals in support of English Language Training both in the US and overseas. Please complete this pre-screen and return to me within 48 hours. If you are a fit with one or more of our positions, we will contact you. 1. Some of these positions require the ability to get a Saudi Arabian drivers license. In order to qualify for that, you must be a male. Can you meet that requirement? Yes X No 2. Some of these positions require standard American English speaking. Are you able to meet this requirement? Yes X No

XXXYou are certainly a native speaker if: 1.you were born in the United States and lived here all your life. 2.you were born in another country, but came to the U.S. by the age of 5 or 6, and have lived here ever since. 3.you spoke a foreign language (i.e., not English) in the home, but went to school and have lived in the U.S. all your life. 4.you were born in another country but at least one of your parents spoke American English with you in the home (and the other parent did not speak another brand of English), and you have spent your adulthood in the U.S. You are probably a native speaker if 1.you were born in a non-English speaking country but moved to the U.S. before adolescence and have lived here ever since. 2.you were born and have lived in a non-English speaking country most of your life, but both of your parents are native speakers of American English and English was the language used in the home. You are probably not a native speaker of American English (for our purposes) if 1.you have spent substantial portions of your life in other English-speaking countries. 2.you did not speak American English before adulthood. http://www.americannationalcorpus.org/native-speaker.html

3. What is your highest degree level?Masters 4. How many years of overall teaching experience do you have? 20 University teaching?7

5. Salaries will be competitive with current CONUS and OCONUS salary data, including uplifts and bonus eligibility. What are your salary requirements? BASE UPLIFTS 6. Are you open to a deployment overseas? Yes x No No

7. May we use your name/resume in our proposal? Yes x

8. Important information: One of the opportunities is a 2-year contract. Req ID numbers for an opportunity in KSA: 37108BR Senior English Language Instructor Raytheon Company - Job details 36843BR General English Language Instructor Raytheon Company - Job details Be sure to apply online so that we have your resume in our database. Thank you for your interest in Raytheon!
Richard Pace Talent Acquisition RTSC Human Resources Raytheon Technical Services Company LLC Raytheon Company +1 757-852-2075 (office) +1 757-777-5243 (mobile) Richard.Pace@raytheon.com www.raytheon.com