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Market Segmentation of Kurkure

1. Geographic Segment: Concerning geographical factor, Kurkure is trying to expand its wings to cover towns, villages, cities; making it available to everybody. The product Kurkure is specially designed for the Gulf & South Asian region specially India & Pakistan considering the taste & style of the traditional foods & flavors. 2. Demographic Segment: Concerning demographical environment, Kurkure will focus on several variables such as age, gender and income level. Age: Kurkure will focus heavily on children and young people. Gender: Kurkure is a generalized product for any sex, male or female . Income level: Kurkure pack is easily affordable and company is trying to give more for less making it best value of money. 3. Psychographic Segment: Considering psychographic factors, Kurkure will heavily focus on customers life style, tastes, and personal values that best math with the product usage and distinctive from competitors. Making an image of style, standardized taste and variety of flavors, Kurkure will impact positively on individual customer satisfaction.

Market Segmentation of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew divides the market demographics in 2 main areas: 1. Demographic 2. Behavioral Demographic: Mountain Dew is targeting the people within the age range of 14-19, mostly the teenagers. Hence, they are not concerned about their income level, because their target audience can easily buy the product as they are charging the standard price, country-wide. Secondly, the usage of carbonated soft drink has now become a lifestyle of people in Pakistan, which again becomes an opportunity for Mountain Dew.

Behavioral: The strength of Mountain Dews strategy is to target their audience on the basis of behavior. Since, their actual target market is the teenagers hence they target daring, excited, adventurous, fun-loving, confident, energetic, enthusiastic and aggressive behaviors. All these mentioned behaviors are part of the teenagers life; therefore, the same message is also being delivered through their ads.

Market Segmentation Of Walls

GEOGRAPHIC WALLS have segmented its market in four sections in Pakistan such as South, which is Karachi to Sadqabad and than Central from Sadqabad to Gujrawala and than North from Gujrawala to upside country. DEMOGRAPHIC Demographic variables of WALLS target market are mostly age and income based. WALLS have created many sorts of ice creams to cater all age groups. The most popular ice creams amongst kids are Paddle pop, in teenagers Cornetto and Magnum, commercial packs are popular in families as whole. WALLS cater both females and males in the society. If we consider the income segmentation, WALLS is targeting upper, middle, and lower middle income levels. PSYCHOGRAPHIC The psychographic segmenting is done on the basis of the taste and health conscious consumer. WALLS targeted its market by creating an image of high quality and hygienic products. WALLS was for anyone, any where and at any time, this very well explains psychographic characteristic of WALLS consumer. Also relating fun and Shugal with ice cream helps depicting the life style of its potential user.

BEHAVIORAL The behavioral segmentation is done on three different variables that tend to define a particular behavior or attitude of a consumer. These are: Occasions regular occasions, special occasions Usage rate thand hai to kya hua!! Benefits quality, presentation, taste

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Segmentation on Income Classes Upper class Upper middle class Lower middle class Segmentation on Age Adults Teenagers Kids

Family Item Segmentation. Upper class Upper Middle class Lower-Middle Class