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LECTIE DE ENGLEZA CALENDARUL The days of the week are (zilele sptmanii sunt): MONDAY = luni, TUESDAY = mari,

WEDNESDAY = miercuri, THURSDAY = joi, FRIDAY = vineri, SATURDAY = sambt, SUNDAY = duminic. The months of the year are ( lunile anului sunt): JANUARY JULY FEBRUARY AUGUST MARCH SEPTEMBER APRIL OCTOBER MAY NOVEMBER JUNE DECEMBER ATENTIE! Lunile anului i zilele sptmanii se scriu cu liter mare indifferent de poziia lor in propoziie, pe cand anotimpurile NU!!!! THE SEASON (traduceri) SPRING begin on the twenty first of March. The weather gets warmer. The sun shines brightly in a blue sky. The snow meets quickly and turns into water. The grass and flowers grows. The birds come back. SUMMER begin on the twenty first of June. The weather is hot. We often have thunderstorms. When the wind blows hard and black clouds cover the sky, we can hear the thunder and see the lightning. AUTUMN comes after summer. The weather gets cooler and then colder. The leaves fall from the trees. It often rains and we need umbrellas. WINTER comes last. The snow falls and covers the ground. It is very cold. There is frost and it freezes. aplicatie1.htm aplicatie2.htm I. What is the weather like in your country? We have a temperate climate: warm / hot summers, cold winters and cool / foggy autumns. In spring the weather is very changeable. Well, my country is arid. There is like little rain but when it rains we have thunderstorms and even hurricanes. II. What is the weather like in your country? I think that it is what a spring day looks like. At down the sun is just rising. A cool breeze is blowing from the east but there are no clouds in the sky. Gradually the breeze turns into a wind. Clouds appear and at noon, the sky is overcast. It lights and thunders large raindrops begin to fall. But soon the bright sun shines out again. The air is fresh. Aplicatie5.htm VOCABULAR Cool = rcoros Cold = rece To begin = a ncepe Weather = vreme warm = cldu hot = fierbinte To get warmer = a se nclzi To get colder = a se rci 1 Dialog despre vreme (traduceri)

To shine = a strluci Brightly = strlucitor Snow = zpad Rain = ploaie Thunderstorm = furtun Lightning = fulgere Wind = vnt aplicatie3.htm

To melt = a se topi To turn into (water) = a se transforma (n ap) To grow = a crete To blow = a sufla To fall = a cdea

For many years people have said that catching a cold because of cold weather is an old wives tale. Now scientists have found that keeping warm really can help stop colds. Researchers from the Common Cold Center at Britains Cardiff University have discovered that cold weather is a major cause of catching a cold. The center is the only laboratory in the world that researches and tests new medicines for influenza and colds. The researchers recommend wearing a hat and keeping your feet dry to avoid colds. They also suggest you somehow keep your nose warm when outside in cold weather. Dr. Ronald Eccles, team leader at the Cold Center, said we are more likely to become ill in cold weather. He said the cold makes the blood vessels in the nose narrower, which reduces our ability to fight viruses inside the nose. Dr. Eccles studied 180 people in his study. Half of his volunteers put their feet in bowls of freezing cold water for 20 minutes, while the others kept their feet dry. Dr. Eccles found that 29 percent of those who kept their feet in the icy water caught colds within five days, compared with nine percent for those who kept their socks on. Dr. Eccles advised children to wrap up well in winter. aplicatie6.htm THE WEATHER IS FINE Is a fine (nice, lovely) day, isnt it? Its wonderful out today! What a clear (starlit, cloudless) night! The sun is coming out! I expect we are going to have a fine day. THE WEATHER IS HOT Its a stuffy day! Its 40oC in the shade! The temperature is rising (going up). The heat is unbearable. THE WEATHER IS BAD What a rainy (cloudy, foggy, windy, stormy) day! The sky is overcast! Its still raining hard (fast, heavily). Its raining cats and dogs! Im wet to the skin! THE WEATHER IS COLD What a cold (frosty) day! Its extremely cold out! The river is frozen over! Its freezing! The snow and ice are meeting (snow is falling hard). rebus.htm