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The function of computer in our life Buy a computer Alternative choice Value of dollar KNOW IT FIRST BEFORE WE BUY IT The growths of technology make people friendlier with thing that called computer. For part of persons like student and worker, computer cant apart from their daily life. With computer we can do many kinds of activities easier. From simple thing like typing a letter, and also we can edit photos or send a letter via e-mail. Even now we can done make computer as entertainment media like watching television, listening to the music, playing games and so on. We cant avoided that everything that make easier that provide by computer make many people want to have it. But its true that many cant have their on computer because the high price of it for every people. Moreover, certain people make computer as not important needs for their life. So there are some solutions that we can do before we buy a computer, maybe we cant press the high of price, but we can make some strategy according to our need and our fund First of all we must know the function of computer in our activity. Is it only for to do it our school tasks? Or just for playing games? The components that we need in a computer just for typing with the need for design graphic are different. If our needs for a computer more complex it make more condition that we must fulfill it. Of course, it will increase the price of computer. And we must know want kind of computer we need, if our activity that make us to travel from one place to another, maybe laptop or notebook can be our choose. But if the computer only for family needs we can choose a PC, its cheaper than laptop or notebook. For alternative, we can choose a non built-up computer. Its a computer that we built on our own. We choose what kinds of component that we need if we choose a non built-up. Why we suggest a non built-up computer? The answer is simple, the price is cheaper that a built-up computer. A built-up computer is a computer with good quality of product. And also Its has a big name of factory that produces it. Maybe its a tradition by Indonesian people that they will buy something if the price of goods are decrease, discount or cheap. The prices of computer in Indonesia depend on the value of American dollar. Because the prices of computer are depend on American dollar. So when the values of dollar decrease it will make the price of computer decrease too. And if you are a patient person and have limited fund, you can buy a computer when the value of dollar decrease. Slow but sure, that the status of computer as a luxury thing move to a thing that cant separate from people daily activity. Its true that the price is expensive, but we as the people that have a limited fund can make a strategy before we buy it. In order the expense really according to our need.