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TRANSFORMATION SENTENCES Finish the second sentence without changing the meaning of the first one. 1.

Did the story interest you? Did you find 2. This story will shock you. You will be 3. Computers dont interest me. Im not 4. Football bores me. I find 5. This kind of exercise bores me, too. I am .. 6. The next unit will fascinate you. You will be 7. I hope it wont disappoint you. I hope you 8. I am sure it wont embarrass you. I am sure you wont 9. Few people in England speak Chinese. Not 10. Will you post this letter for me, please? Do you mind 11. I was bored by the film on television. I thought 12. Please, dont ask so many questions. Please, stop 13. You phoned someone yesterday. Who? Who 14. She doesnt intend to leave. She has no 15. Elisa doesnt know many words in English. Elisa knows 16. You dont have to pay duty on these goods. These goods are 17. Chris is a very fluent speaker. Chris speaks 18. She doesnt think that music is interesting. She isnt 19. Is John having a party on Saturday? he asked. He asked 20. Why didnt you make an appointment earlier? the doctor asked. The doctor asked her 21. Do they allow you to smoke in British cinemas? Is 22. I have made a mistake he said. He admitted 23. Please, dont play your music so loudly. Would you mind 24. How many times have you been to Spain? they asked me. They asked me 25. Im going to take the car this evening, all right? You dont mind if .? 26. Please, bring me another cup of coffee I said to the waiter. I asked 27. Im sorry I cant speak English perfectly.

I wish 28. Im sorry I dont have a lot of money. If only 29. Im sorry that I cant help you. I wish 30. What a pity I dont know the answer to that question. I wish 31. Im sorry I have to work in this terrible place. If only 32. I wont lend you a penny my father shouted. My father 33. Let me give you the money my mother said. My mother 34. Ill take you out tomorrow Ronald told Julia Ronald 35. Ill kill you if you ever see my sister again Julias brother told Ronald. Julias brother 36. Ill be there on time, Allan said. Allan 37. Im sorry Im late again, he said the next day. The next day he 38. She cant come to the party because shes so busy. If 39. Can you lend me some money? he asked Mary. He asked Mary 40. Im sorry I didnt reply to your letter he told me. He 41. Dont complain all the time. I wish 42. He bought his car five years ago. He has had 43. Its been three months since she started learning English. She has 44. Im upset because I have to do so much work. I wish 45. I cant go on holiday because I cant afford it. If 46. Id like to live in a big house, but I dont. I wish 47. Ill take you to court if you dont stop following me! she told him. She 48. The film was very amusing. I couldnt stop laughing. The film was so 49. This is a very interesting book. I can hardly put it down. This is such 50. The program was terrifying. I had nightmares. The program was so 51. This is a dangerous game. Children shouldnt be allowed to play it. This is such 52. Although the weather was good, we stayed indoors. Despite 53. Despite the high price of gas, big cars are still popular. Although 54. Even though he had a pleasant manner, he isnt a good doctor. In spite 55. In spite of her illness, my mother always had a smile on her face.

Even though 56. Tourists keep coming here despite the terrible weather. Although 57. I like you even though you have a strange sense of humor. In spite 58. It is easier to express fear and anger than disgust and contempt. Fear and anger 59. Disgust and contempt are more difficult for most people to express than fear and anger. Most people 60. Older people interpret body language better than younger people do. Older people are 61. I think Rome is more beautiful than Paris. I prefer 62. Marie thinks French food is better than Italian food. Marie prefers 63. I prefer not to answer that question. Id rather 64. You can either work for me or starve! Which do you prefer? Would you rather 65. We dont want to do this exercise. Lets read a story instead. Wed rather 66. Everybody expected the weather to be warmer. The weather 67. Adam was more attractive than Jane had expected. Jane hadnt 68. Prices here are higher than I thought they would be. I didnt think 69. I got here earlier than I had planned. I had planned 70. We had planned the meeting to end earlier. The meeting ended 71. The train arrived much later than I expected. I hadnt 72. I dont really want to go to Scotland for the summer. Id rather 73. Something about her reminded him of his mother. There was 74. Our lessons were held in a very cold classroom. The classroom in 75. Could you please open the window? Would you mind 76. It is more dangerous to ride a motorbike than to drive a car. Driving 77. The exam was so difficult that I couldnt finish it. It was 78. I am not as good as football as he is. He is 79. Even though they disliked him, they agreed to help. Despite 80. I hadnt realized the meal would be so expensive. The meal 81. They will give me a prize if I can learn the poem. I 82. One day someone will find a cure for the common cold. One day a 83. Someone once told me I could learn English in my sleep. Once I

84. People say English is easy to learn. English 85. People speak it all over the world. It 86. They sell English books in that store. English books 87. Someone is repairing my car. My car 88. Someone is repairing my car. I 89. I spoke to a shop assistant. She was very nice. The shop assistant 90. A shop assistant spoke to me. She was very polite. The shop assistant 91. A man grabbed my arm. He was a store detective. The man 92. I saw a man later. He was the manager. The man 93. You said something to me. I didnt hear it. I didnt hear 94. When I say something, you never agree with it. You never agree 95. If I cant afford something, I never buy it. I never 96. I told you something. Did you understand it? Did you 97. The boss said something. It made everybody laugh. The boss 98. Have I met you before? I cant remember. I cant 99. Did you post that letter? Do you remember? Do you remember 100. Dont forget that you have to pay these bills. Remember 101. I havent heard from Kevin for a long time. The last time 102. It has been a long time since I saw him. I 103. I havent had a holiday for ages. It has 104. We havent had Chinese food for a year. The last time 105. The last time I saw a good movie was six months ago. I havent 106. I mustnt forget that I have to buy some cheese. I must remember 107. Perhaps he went to London. He might 108. Lets have a Chinese meal he said. He suggested 109. Unless it stops snowing, we wont get home. If 110. He will only phone if he changes his mind. He wont 111. You were supposed to give the letter to Peter. You should 112. People were watching the match on TV.

The match 113. The intense heat burned many of the rescuers. Many of the rescuers 114. Someone had taken away the fire-extinguishers. The 115. They have set up an investigation. An 116. Doctors have treated many people for burns and shock. Many people 117. The police know the identity of one of the victims. The identity 118. Firefighters sometimes inspect stadiums. Stadiums 119. The fire destroyed the stand in a matter of minutes. The stand 120. A dropped cigarette probably started the fire. The fire 121. He isnt old enough to vote. He is too 122. Remembering lists of words is very difficult. It is 123. They have found the stolen money. The 124. Someone almost certainly broke the window on purpose. The window 125. Will going to England improve my pronunciation? Will my 126. He is too short to be a policeman. He isnt 127. They say Charles is a very rich man. Charles 128. Someone must tell him the truth. He 129. He only ran away from home because he was unhappy. If 130. He started playing for Manchester United six months ago. He has 131. Will you open the window, please? he asked me. He asked me 132. She made a lot of mistakes because she didnt concentrate hard enough. If 133. They didnt let me stay in the country. I 134. They say the people around here believe in rain gods. The people around here 135. Roger was sorry he ate that salad. Roger wished 136. Would you prefer to talk about something else? Would you rather 137. Ive never seen such a beautiful place as this. This is .