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January - February 2009 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu – Inhaminga, Mozambique

Dearest and precious friends and family,

It will be a wonderful year. I cannot wait for “tomorrow”,
to see where God is taking us. In the same time I am also
enjoying the day of today with all my heart. Not only I
will say that God is here with us but now I can say that we
are with Him in Heavenly
Places. He moved us with Him
and I don’t want to live in the
same earthly way old life. I
used to enjoy for glimpses of
His manifested Kingdom and Also we had more help from the Mozambicans: team and
Presence. And living upon the youth. Mariano and Lino were helping so much and I
revelation He will give me enjoyed seeing them training youth to do their work. I am
when I was in His presence – looking forward to the day that the youth we are investing
for the next days or even so much here in Inhaminga will do everything by them
months. But now I believe in selves. We had the help of 3 Afrika Wa Yesu evangelists:
staying with Him, living in Heavenly Places every Josias, Rito and Lucas. Also some of our Bible School
moment of my life. This way I will know His secrets and graduates were taking responsibilities and they were such
plans for me and the people He brings in my life. I heard a blessing. I was so grateful to God and so happy to see
His Call for this intimacy with Him since I was a child. Santos (from our youth group Inhaminga that also
He was speaking to me the same thing in different ways graduated last year our Bible School and Vocational
depending on the level I was. But the essence of His Call School) serving and ministering to his own generation.
was the same. He wants to seat with me in Heaven, being He is so gifted to teach and preach as a true Mozambican
part of His Counsel, sharing always with others His heart leader.
and dreams. When I look back I see that I wasn’t ready to Messica
pay the price to get there: giving up on good for His best.
That was the hardest decision to make. But I am ready
now and I know that it will not be easy and it will be a
process but I am into it, I am going for it!!!
Youth Conferences last
year were good, I learned
a lot, we saw youth It was a very good
coming to know Jesus in idea to spend some
intimacy but I believe time together with our
God has much more for youth group in a very special and beautiful place. We had
us beginning with this fun, praise and pray together and share our hearts and
year. I want to see youth plans for the future. I was surprised to see some of them
coming as a holy army to that would never speak or come out from their place
take over their nation. I taking initiative and just blossom in everything was
want to see them happening.
delivered, healed and full All of them came from there changed at some level. It is
of the Holy Spirit. very important to spend time together. It opens them up.
From all of the conferences from last year I enjoyed the Two of them: Joao and Abednego decided by them selves
most the one we had here in Inhaminga. And that was to start teaching the children from the village to read and
because we had to build on something that we already write and help them with their homework.
started before, we worked with our own youth; we already
ministered to majority of them at different levels.
It is their vision, their “baby” and they are so serious God while they were in the Bible School. It was very
about it. Tuesday to Friday they have more than 100 kids hard for them coming back home after 6 months at AWY
coming to “Anapiana Wa Yesu” to this program. I am so Bible School and face their own people, families, old
proud of them. costumes and habits alone. Even they were challenged
Starting with this month and got little weak they are still standing up and I still
we decided to change believe in their future and destiny with God. The church
some things regarding and people of Muchungu still need our help and lots of
how we will work with care. We decided to leave the evangelists Rachid and
the youth in Inhaminga. Ilario there for 2 months, without returning to Pomene.
We opened Saturdays They have lots of
mornings to all youth so plans and new
we will have Youth strategies to concur
Church from 9 – 12 am that place for Jesus.
every Saturday at Afrika Wa Yesu Church. We want to May God bring
see the youth from Inhaminga radically changed for Jesus. them to a place of
Saturdays night we will start small groups with the ones growth in Him,
we were working for long time, training them to be using them for His
leaders. Next step will be that they will come soon to a glory.
point to initiate their own small group, involving the In Pomene we
youth that is participating Saturday mornings. stayed longer. Even
As I write I am getting excited trusting God for all the some things I needed to do there were new to me, I loved
new places and things He is going to take us. the challenge and the stretch in my character and work. I
just love those people so much and even I got
Pomene for Jesus
disappointed sometimes, I still believe that God also love
The 2 weeks spent in Pomene
them very much and still has a plan for them.
was a very special time for me. It
It is true that Anisio (chief’s son who graduated our Bible
was good for the spirit, soul and
School last year) needs some help in his character but it is
body. The beauty of that place
also true that since he came from the Bible School he is a
always made me think of God’s
different man as he was known before. He never drank
beauty. One of the mornings
alcohol since than and he is faithful to his wife and
when I was worshiping God I
children. Taking in consideration that he is one of the few
realized that actually His beauty
that is not messing around with women and not drinking
is much more than what my limited eyes can see and my
in Pomene. I believe that is a praise report. From the time
mind can imagine. His beauty is in fact His purity and
when he got back home he is facing problems that he
holiness. He is clothed in righteousness and majesty. It is
doesn’t necessary know how to resolve it. People look at
hard to imagine the color of holiness and the beauty of
him as their leader and any complication and problem
righteousness. But it made me to desire much more to
breaks on his head together with offenses and insults.
cleanse my spirit and soul and let His beauty be mine, too.
Since we left in September nobody took responsibility to
We spend almost a week in Muchungu (across the river
teach the children the Word of God. Some of them are
from Pomene, where we just plant a church). Not being
growing and they are really tempted and challenged to
able to announce our visit before we took everyone by
walk on the path their parents are. But coming back to
surprise. In the last 3 months their small church was
church is not hard for them. They have now Graca – one
getting weaker: there were Sundays with no church
of their teachers from the School. She is sweet, loves
service, Joaquim and Filipe (our AWY graduates) were
them and loves God. May God keep her like that; even
kind of discouraged. When we went house to house
she lives in such a dangerous place.
evangelism, I felt that people are more open to the Gospel
We choose to live on the edge with God. Our hands are
than before. We had new people coming to Jesus and they
actually full: with one of them we hold on you and with
came next Sunday to our meeting. There is still no church
the other one to the people that are living on the other
building but we were able to worship God under a nice
side that need our help. Together only we can bring the
shade where we used to meet last year. Children there are
Will and Kingdom of God on this earth. Thank you again
like always: hungry for love and God’s protection.
for your faithfulness and prayers that keep us strong.
We spent lots of time encouraging Joaquim and Filipe. As
In Christ love,
they are very young they needed to be lifted up and
Simona Caba
encouraged but also reminded of their commitment to

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