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Name SID

: Jumi Yanti : 208 13 098

Unit of Study : CCU

1. Introduction a. First names only are fine in informal situations. Informal introductions are for people we meet at parties, or when we are with friends or have a close relationship. We use only the first name. And also if two of my friends are meeting for the first time. For illustration: "Kiky - this is Aiko - we play volleyball together". b. Introduction using titles often when on formal occasions. For important business, meeting important people or weddings and funerals, formal language is safest. Also when there is a difference in status or age. For example: May I present Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy? He is my boss." c. I will explain to them that when meeting someone for the first time in Indonesia, you should offer your hand to be shaken, and slightly nod your head.

2. Situation a. To professor: Would you please repeat in point (e.g.) because I have not understand the meaning. b. To my friends: Excuse me, I didnt catch the subject, be quite please.

3. Verbal pattern that use in English language more freely than in my country, where the language is does not suitable with norm, speak easily and

unremarkable, while my language set by religious norms and cultural norms that seem more polite. 4. It is really important to know nonverbal communication in my country because if we dont understand the non-verbal communication from different culture, it is possible that we can make a mistake of reading the other person incorrectly.

Some nonverbal communication that should be learned by foreigner before going in my country are when meeting someone for the first time in Indonesia, they should offer their hand to be shaken, also if they are seated and cross their legs, cross them at the ankles or knees, but not with one ankle up on the other knee. Beside that, to show approval, the foreigners may pat another person on the shoulder, but never on the head. Then when finished eating the meal in Indonesia, leave some food on your plate. To leave nothing on the plate is a sign that you would like more food.

5. Dating a. I prefer to go out with a group of friends because it is makes me more comfort than go out with one or two friends because Im not a romantic person. Beside that, dating with a group of friends more enjoyable because a crowd makes a good impression for me and for people in surrounding b. Dating simply means spending time together away from your regular places of connection such as home, school, work and other places you usually spend time. Without these opportunities, I won't be able to assess one another and discover my mutual likes and dislikes. Dating is mostly important to see how much you love each other. To test if you both are truly into the same things, to see how much you would do for each other, to learn each others secrets, many reasons. Dating is another part of love, its mostly to find out more about each other, and know maybe too much about your partner. But yes, dating is important. c. Other ways that men and women met is by online dating, because online dating is one of the quickest and easiest ways to meet people, you can quickly meet people whose characteristics (age, religion, height, weight) match what you are seeking. In other hand, internet makes it very easy to communicate with strangers. You can meet people from the quiet and comfort of your home.

6. In my point of view, an ideal family is which every member have very good understanding with each other, they live life without any disputes, consists of father, mother and siblings. If they have a doubt talks out clearly and get clarification. Family roles are the patterns of behavior by which individuals fulfill family functions and needs For example, parents are expected to teach, discipline, and provide for their children. And children are expected to cooperate and respect their parents. Parent should be free with children. Give chance to them to express themselves and children also should have discipline and respect towards elders. But the most primarily role is providing resources, such as money, food, clothing, and shelter, for all family members is one of the most basic, yet important, roles within a family. Another is the life skills development role includes the physical emotional, educational, and social development of children and adults. Examples of this role are parents helping a child make it through school, or parents helping a young adult child decide on a career path. The beliefs that unite in family are adhering to Islam.

7. Education a. I think there is no subject or course taught that I feel completely useless. There are many causes that make education in Indonesia dont work well. It is caused by first, the out of date education system in Indonesia. As we know, it happens in many villages in Indonesia. The second is the wrong teaching method that teacher use to their all students. The third is commit to memory habits without understand the knowledge. And the fourth is the low governance of technology. In this global area, technology has highly competence. I suggest that there is nothing should be added in our curriculum, only needed qualify teacher and a good method in learning to improve human resources quality. b. In my opinion, the education system in Indonesia is very poor because it doesnt make the students improving their knowledge. It only makes the student under pressure. Too much homework, too much study hour at school,

and also boring class situation. The government should change the curricula. Multicultural based education must include on curricula so that students can learn about culture diversity. Therefore, students can give their respect to other culture. In addition, the education fees in Indonesia also become one of the main problem why education in Indonesia is very poor. There are a lot of people said that high education is only for rich people. Therefore, many students dropped out from school because they cant pay the tuition fees.

The human resources also become one of the main factors why the education system in Indonesia is very poor. The lack of quality teacher is the main problem. This problem can happen because the government not paying attention for teachers prosperity, therefore many people not interested to become a qualified teacher. Because of that, the government should increase teachers prosperity to make people interested to become a qualified teacher. Although education quality in Indonesia is very poor, student who still learn and study at school must try to improve their knowledge. After all, the government should take care this problem to make education in Indonesia better than ever.