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Optimum Interaction Limited Introduces the GOVERNANCE ASSURANCE SYSTEM

Optimum Interaction Limited

Governance Assurance System Introduction

Are you facing ever increasing regulatory compliance costs? Are your control and management systems struggling to ensure that you comply with ALL local and international regulation, codes and best practice? Would a real time corporate view of ALL areas of risk, quality of risk management and operational positions enable you to proactively identify, manage and avoid potential problems? Could you gain competitive advantage through automation of the Due Diligence Processes relating to the take on of new business and dealing with banks and other third parties on behalf of clients? Would a pre-defined yet wholly tailorable singular solution covering some 40+ core areas of operations provide the clarity you need to secure your objectives in the financial services environment?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions then you will benefit by implementing the Governance Assurance System in not just these but many areas What is the Governance Assurance System - GAS? Some of the Benefits of using GAS Satisfy local and international regulations and The Governance Assurance System is the first guidance. Compliance, Risk Management and Process Halt or reduce regulatory interventions. Governance System to combine IT functionality Reduce workload and capital expenditure in with assessment and review templates that are all compliance and regulatory activities. based directly on local and international Increase regulatory and operational efficiency at the Regulation, Legislation and best practice principles. business level. GAS is a system that defines not only business Increase regulatory and operational efficiency at the process at the operational and administrative level inter-party level. but it is also an unparalleled management Evolve in real time to reflect legislative and reporting system bringing new definition to the regulatory change. term Enterprise Risk Management. Remove or reduce reliance on manual or paper The Problem based operations. With the escalating complexity and resulting cost Gain competitive advantage and increase AUM of Compliance and Risk Management it is Establish the basis for a level playing field in terms of becoming increasingly difficult to achieve business regulation objectives whilst satisfying local and international Increase jurisdictional reputation and standing regulatory requirements. There has been no Access instant real time top down reporting in any effective solution to achieving best practice in an area of assessment or function automated and cost effective manner. Pinpoint areas of risk at the micro and macro level of The risks of non-compliance and poor process detail and instigate and monitor mitigation activity management include financial loss, decreased Pinpoint areas of inefficiency or over-emphasis shareholder perception, damage to reputation and compared to value added or potential value add and the very real threat of legal issues to name but a instigate and monitor corrective action few. Define and clearly communicate process and risk The Solution appetite at the enterprise, committee and operational level GAS puts you back in control of Compliance and Risk GAS Technology Management and gives you back the ability to focus GAS has been developed in on your core business objectives and operations. Microsoft Sharepoint and is available as an on-site Rather than continually rethinking business processes server or a Cloud/SaaS and the underlying Information Technology hosted system. implementing GAS will provide the very basis for ongoing delivery of strategic business objectives.

. 72% of Institutions participating in Deloittes Sixth Global Sixth Global Risk management survey reported that the benefits of Enterprise Risk management outweighed the costs
Source Deloitte Sixth Global Risk management Survey

Optimum Interaction Limited


Governance Assurance Packs GAS packs provide the ability to diversify in terms of service providers quickly and easily. Terms can be established with service providers, such as banks, through Corporate GAS packs which can automate the Accepted Introducer/Intermediary due diligence process. Corporate GAS packs profile the business, their key persons and all associated documentation. Entities and associated Clients can also be introduced to other service providers with all necessary information and documentation collated and transmitted at the click of a button. These packs can be emailed as pdf or can be automatically uploaded at a separate installation of GAS. GAS packs allow you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors by showing existing and potential clients how readily you can establish terms with new providers of service on their behalf for the best returns, whilst at the same time maintain a robustly compliant and governed business. In addition the ability to readily diversify product and service providers is an additional competitive advantage particularly in the current economic climate. Assessment Templates Three years study of relevant local, national and international regulation/compliance and best practice has resulted in the first compliance, risk management and third party interaction system for financial services businesses based directly upon guidance from local and international bodies. These templates can be fully tailored by each individual business and provide all the questions and considerations required for comprehensive due diligence and corporate governance. GAS provides risk assessment templates (likelihood x impact), correlation assessment templates (quality versus value added) and objective acceptance and administration templates (defining business process).

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