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Visas Simply is leading provider of Australian Visa, Canadian Visa, UK Visa and USA Visa. Visas Simply provide excellent immigra on advice under the regula ons designated by the Australian Government (OMARA). Visas Simply is a private company and it is not aliated with the Australian Department of Immigra on & Ci zenship (DIAC), Ci zenship and Immigra on Canada (CIC), UK Border Agency, U.S. Ci zenship and Immigra on Services (USCIS) or any other government body. Skill Occupation List Study in Australia Employer Nomination Scheme(ENS) Skilled Independent Permanent 189 Skilled Nominated Permanent 190 457 Visa, Work in Australia Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme(RSMS) Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa 476 Working Holiday Visa Work and Holiday Visa Partner Visa Prospective Marriage Visa Business Talent Visa (132) Business Innovation & investment Visa (188) Business Innovation & Investment Visas (888) Australian Visa Refusal Administrative Appeals Tribunal Migration Review Tribunal Refugee Review Tribunal

Study in Australia Education from an Australian university opens up new world for students that lead to a successful career; the Australian universities not only impart quality education but also fill your life with knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. The Australian universities offer a complete range of programs leading to highly regarded and internationally recognised qualifications. Australia is the destination of choice for students from around the world looking for a quality education at an affordable price. Studying in Australia is the perfect way to launch your career. Employment opportunities open up to those who have degrees from any one of the universities, whether they study in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or at any of the other higher-education institutions located around Australia.

__Canada Super Visas Getting More Popular___ The Parent and Grand-parent Super Visa have become very popular since the programs launch in December 2011. The mul culturalism ministry of Canada...... __More__ __Explore The Land of Beaches and Landscapes__ Australia has a lot to explore apart from lazing on the white sandy beaches and enjoying a relaxing holiday in the middle of Great Barrier Reef...... __More__ ___Studying Abroad No More A Dream__ In this age of globaliza on, distances are coming closer. The world is shrinking with modern communica ons and in reac on to

Australian Student Visas are divided into various sub categories depending on the level of study to be undertaken. There are different subclasses assigned for each sub category which implies that there exist different visas for different levels of education. Visas Simply excels in Student Visas for Australia as we are based in Sydney, Australia and employ licensed MARA agent helping us in giving the best Australia Student Visa services to our clients. Recent changes in Post Study Work Visa

this trend; organiza ons...... __More__

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The Australia government has recently made changes to the post-study work arrangements which will come into effect from 2013. Students who have completed at least 2 academic years of study in Australia will be entitled to receive post-study work visa. The duration for the visa granted will vary depending on the course, the details of which are below: LEVEL OF EDUCATION DURATION GRADUATE (including MASTERS degree by 2 YEARS course work MASTERS DEGREE BY RESEARCH 3 YEARS PhD 4 YEARS Why Study In Australia? Forming an integral part of the first-world nations, Australia boasts of high standards of living, quality higher education systems and ample opportunities for individual growth. Immune to the global economic turmoil, Australia provides for immense growth opportunities for prospective students in fields of their choice. The Australian higher education degrees and diplomas are recognised and accepted globally. Combining this with comparably lower tuition fees, Australia is a top choice for prospective students. More than 150,000 students travel to Australia for educational purposes every year. The Australian education system is governed federally thereby ensuring that only the highest standards of education are maintained all throughout. Why Visas Simply? Visas Simply is one of the most respected student services organisations globally. We help thousands of students each year attain admission into the course and institute of their choice. The Education Counsellors at Visas Simply are experts in the Australian

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Canada is amazing and the best part is I got the course I wanted. Thank you Visas Simply for your guidance" __Jack___ A giant leap in my career, working in Australia is an experience of a life me, thank you Visas Simply & the case managers for your prompt services & advice. I thank them for all their support. __Kalin Brown___ I always wanted to study abroad but was confused about the right college and course, thanks to the educa on counsellors at Visa Simply, I am living my dream __Pawan Malhotra___ Ge:ng a job in Australia was not easy, immigra on hassles, most importantly an impressive resume but thanks to Visas Simply it was a cakewalk for me, especially the way they created the resume was really impressive and helped me get a job

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Visas Simply - Study In Australia




education system. We also have offices in many major cities around the world including Sydney, Australia. This ensures that we help our clients with their post-relocation requirements when they arrive in the country. We ensure that we help you during the entire process including important decisions regarding the course and country, course application submission, visa submission, pre-departure counselling and relocation assistance. Our team of experts can assist you with: Institute and course selection. IELTS enrolment and preparation. Course enrolment. Bank loan assistance. Visa application preparation and submission. Scholarship application Tuition fee payment Pre-departure briefing and counselling Post-arrival relocation assistance Career counselling and job/sponsorship assistance To make the process easier for our clients, we have implemented an online case management system that will facilitate easier tracking of application along with provision to upload relevant documents for the assigned Case Managers to assess. To meet long term goals and better future, a student should choose the best suitable course and visa, which affect their future possibilities for permanent visas. Visas Simply as a company is regulated by the Australian government OMARA. We have unmatched Australian immigration experts who will employ their best practices and give best services to you. There are various types of education courses and Student Visas in Australia hence our qualified and experienced professional Registered Migration Agents will ensure that you understand the long term impact of your planned study and giving you the best opportunity to meet your long term goals. Student visa processes is complex because: It It It It requires proof of funds for the duration of the course. requires enrolment in courses which are approved for international students. has different requirements for family members depending on your situation. requires particular types of health checks (medicals). etc

However our qualified Registered Migration Agent will make it easy for you as they will review your profile in detail to ensure that you have the appropriate visa for your situation. By using their expertise they will give excellent visa advice and support for your complete Student visa application process. Visas Simplys service fee for Student Visa is $750 and Australian government visa fees is AUS $535 + AUS $75 work permit fee will depend on what type of visa you are eligible for. If the Free Assessment results indicate that you are not eligible for a Student Visa, we will recommend an alternative visa you. How much will this visa cost? Click Here to see the costs involved in lodging a Working Holiday Visa Application.

Our Free Visa Assessment tool and our expert immigration advisers will help in determining which visa suits you the best, FREE of charge. VisasSimply.com is an immigration law firm and there is a Fee involved for professional services provided by VisasSimply.com. Once our immigration advisers will determine which visa will suite you the best and find out the scope of work, we will quote you the cost of our services which will be on top any government fees or third party costs.

Visas Simply is the rst online portal that provides complete Visas Solu ons in over 30 countries. With 5 oces across the world, we intend to provide more personalized services to our clients. Using technology to its advantage, Visas Simply provides 24 hours online support and solu ons to your queries. Our streamlined process not only provides transparency in your Case Management but also intend to

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Visas Simply - Study In Australia


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