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Lyla Computer Minor 3/10/2012

Common Mistakes
1. Make sure to put your name, date, and the class at the top of the page. It should be aligned to the right. This can be in the header or just above the title. See the top of this page for an example. 2. Pay attention to capitalization. For instance, always capitalize your name and other proper nouns. Always capitalize I and the first letter of each sentence. Bad: i am called angella. Good: I am called Angella. 3. Generally, it is not good to change the formatting for each paragraph of your essay. Making important words bold, or changing the formatting of your quotes might be good for a very stylish essay. If you are interested in using different formats and incorporating pictures, you should consider learning about "graphic design".

An example of Graphic Design; See how different text sizes, colors and fonts make an interesting picture. This was done by a professional and it looks good.

This is a picture of what some essays look like. Students changed formatting at random, making it difficult to read. This does not look professional. You must have a reason for changing the format.

4. Only put one space between words. This means only press the spacebar once. Good: Here is a sentence with one space between each word. Bad: Here is a sentence with some words having many spaces. 5. Use the tab key before the beginning of paragraphs. It makes a space, or what we call and indent, before the paragraph that looks professional. Good: Here I used tab. Bad: Here I just used spaces. 6. For full stops, put no spaces before the full stop and one space afterwards. This is the same with commas, colons and semi-colons. Good: I did my computer minor homework. My marks weren't so high, so I went to extra practice. Bad: I did my computer minor homework .My marks weren't so high ,so I went to extra practice. 7. Never use short ways of writing words for formal essays. Good: you, youre, because Bad: u, ur, cause 8. Using "but" "and" "so" and other conjunctions is fine, but don't just use them to make your sentences longer. A sentence should have one piece of information to tell, so do not make a sentence that tells many different pieces of unrelated information. A paragraph should be at least three sentences. If you have a single sentence that is the length of a paragraph, consider splitting the long sentence into many small sentences. Good: I went to the shop. My name is Hannah. The day was sunny. I opened the door. Bad: I went to the shop and my name is Hannah so the day was sunny but I opened the door to the store. 9. Avoid using the words "things" and "stuff". These are words that do not have a very clear meaning. Good: Her clothes were dirty so she went to do her laundry. I like studying Computer Science and reading books. Bad: Her clothes were dirty so she went to do things.

I like studying things and doing stuff. 10. You should rarely, if ever, use words such as maybe, somehow, or possibly in a formal essay. Using these words makes you seem unsure and unknowledgeable. Good: Paul Kagame is the greatest supporter of womens rights. Bad: I think Paul Kagame might somehow be the greatest supporter of womens rights.