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TRAINING PROPOSAL Between Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology, P.O.

Box 414 -00900 and Centurion Systems Ltd P.O. Box 66031-00800 Nairobi; a Kenyan Automation Training Centre having its principal place of business in New Rehema House 2nd floor, Raphta Road, Westlands. BACKGROUND Centurion Systems has been delivering Engineering solutions to our customers for over 20 years, since it started solely as a Repairs & Maintenance, Research & Development firm. Over time, we acknowledged the fact that the industry needed a holistic solution to address its challenges and needs. Today, Centurion Systems is providing solutions in Repairs & Maintenance, Research& Development and Training to Corporate, TOT and students. Leveraging on over two decades of experience and knowledge base of Research and Development and Repairs & Maintenance in the Engineering field, our Training department, established in the year 2000; was developed, with the objective of turning ordinary training into great hands on and practical learning experiences. The courses are structured to enhance the engineers expertise which is a value addition to his/her professional growth. The multidimensional experiences from our training experts in the related fields aim at increasing the engineers awareness, facilitating organizations to be more effective & achieve improved services at their industrial set ups. To re-define the organizations business through specialized training; Centurion Systems has carefully structured all the programs to ensure that attendees gain maximum benefits. A combination of carefully designed training software, hardware, written documentation, together with multimedia presentations, ensures that the courses combine theory & practical in the ration of 25-75 percent respectively. The internal technical know-how of maintenance over a wide spectrum of the industry sector for the past 20 years led to the development of the engineering training department. Centurion Systems Limited provides the integrated support by empowering organizations through its personnel. We are the engineering training center of choice due to our positioning in this field. We ensure that organizations benefit from their engagement with us by answering the question, Why train with us? The trainings are divided into three qualification levels which each correspond to specific job profiles. The job profiles clearly define the certified qualification and skills of trainee. With our defined, industry-focused job profiles, Centurion Systems certifications can help you transition into a variety of production, technician, and engineering jobs in high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries. The three levels are; Level 1: Systems Assistant Emphasis is placed on efficiently operating complex mechatronic systems, troubleshooting and foreseeing problems. Level 2: Systems Associate The focus in this is on systems management, investigation, and repair and troubleshooting. Level 3: Systems Professional Customized Automation Solutions. In this level, emphasis is placed on systems design and process optimization.

Centurion Systems continuously improves the learning environment by investing in the latest technology of systems, and equipment at our training labs. With the worlds dynamic and rapid development in technology, industry requires trainees with skills that offer solutions and innovativeness. By partnering with manufacturers with advanced technology, we have been able to provide training and service that match industry requirements. We also aspire to be a link between industry and institutions of higher learning to help in the training of skilled technicians to meet industry needs and developing a culture of innovation. AREAS OF COOPERATION Centurion Systems hopes to cooperate with Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology in practical training and development of infrastructure in the areas of; i. ii. Capacity Development in Technical Training Develop a system of training that will help build a professional training program to facilitate the on going student and the graduate who has completed their studies to develop their careers and become employable. Promote practical skills development that will provide solutions to the industry and promote innovativeness.

a) Access to specialized equipment and professional practical training. This will help them develop
a critical familiarity in working with fully functioning systems which will develop their technical skills and help reach an approach that is aligned to the industrial work environment, thus better preparing them for professional work. b) Assist in infrastructure acquisition and development with the aid of our partners (Siemens) at a 60% off market value. Industry automation training in the areas of: PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) Speed Drives Scada- (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Pneumatics Hydraulics Process Control Industrial communication Instrumentation and calibration

Siemens Mechatronics Certification Program (SMCP) Level One (I) Level Two (II)


Training of Trainers(ToT): Assist in retraining the Trainers who will need to refresh their skills to adapt to the emerging technology and also get international certification through the Siemens Sitrain program which will be organized by Centurion Systems at a fee to be agreed upon.


Development of Training Equipment: Develop a well equipped Centre of Excellence in Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology for practical training. Centurion Systems will assist in the acquisition of equipment and infrastructure development at an affordable cost.

BENEFITS: The benefits of the cooperation are;


Have access to well equipped lab at Centurion Systems for more advanced training Have a training room with modern equipment to enhance practical training Improvement of trainers knowledge through retraining them on modern methodology Improved employability for the graduates through quality hands on training Create a centre of Excellence that will produce quality technical training for surrounding institutions and also generate income that will create affordable education to students in the surrounding community Gain from Siemens mechatronics curriculum development and infrastructure, thus gaining international standards in practical experience and certification.

CENTURION SYSTEMS; Familiarity and sales of Siemens training systems and infrastructure Strengthen involvement with Technical Institutions through the Centre of excellence Create students interest in our advanced training program Have ambassadors in industry to champion automation and mechatronics integration

SIEMENS/CENTURION We are the Siemens certified trainers and service providers of all Siemens equipment and advanced training program in East and Central Africa.

Siemens is committed to development of mechatronics curriculum and infrastructure and training of Trainers to conform to international standards in industry automation. GENERAL TERMS FOR PARTNERSHIP The co-operation will be conducted in a spirit of mutual benefit, fairness, goodwill and equity and the parties agree that they will use their reasonable efforts to make it successful. The parties accept that this Proposal serves only as a framework and that its implementation will be resolved through discussion and joint agreement between representatives of CENTURION SYSTEMS LTD, and KIAMBU INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY I. IMPLEMENTATTION Training will start after the drafting and signing of an MOU/MOA.

For and on behalf of; Centurion Systems Ltd. Signature Name. Title. sk Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology Signature. Name Title