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Home announces a financing to cover the salary costs of the contracts in the twelve Sundays and holidays from

trade liberalization

A second line of funding, valued at 2.5 million euros, will improve innovation and the promotion of SMEs in regional trade PressReleaseLeader - March 21, 2013 - The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the regional executive, Carmen Home, today announced that "the Government of Castilla-La Mancha prepares a line of funding that could cover the wage costs of workers are employed by small businesses during the twelve Sundays or public holidays per year that they can open their doors. "

In this regard, he said that "in this way, we get all the business that has not opened its doors to the public during the holidays, even if they had the legal tools to do so, have an incentive to cooperate with the employment generation in Castilla-La Mancha. " Also during his speech in the debate on the Law of Stimulation and Relaxation of the Urban Commercial Activity and Castilla-La Mancha, Home reported a second line of funding, worth about 2.5 million euros, with in order to "speed recovery and strengthen the commercial fabric of the region." The Minister of Employment and the Economy has said that "this is a strategic proposal based on technological innovation to achieve the stimulation of business, through a combination of measures and help lines small business sector," while which has advanced to the regional government fund "technological tools for everything related to management, accounting, budgeting and billing, adapted to the needs of each business to achieve greater efficiency." In his view, "the important thing is not to finance the computer, but to invest in tools for traders." The Minister of Employment and the Economy has reported the implementation of programs towards the realization of corporate websites, online promotion expenses, online positioning, business development of social networks or digital fair attendance among other measures, and the integration of the company's e-commerce and the development of a virtual store. Within this new line of financial aid that will launch the Government of Cospedal also financed "the commitment to quality, design and innovation as a way to achieve excellence in the industry and make the offer more attractive for the consumer. " Thus, behold lines related financing window dressing, signage, packaging, labels or bags, in order to improve the image and the management of commercial establishments. In relation to areas of traditional commercial dynamism, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy will contribute to the development of commercial areas "supporting actions to improve the environment and facilitate purchases". Home has explained that "it is, specifically, the development of animations in specific marketing campaigns, implementing controlled access wifis Free or microclimates and marquee performances, to name a few examples, no doubt, would do much more friendly purchases ". Opening with a simple establishment prior notification The Minister of Employment and Economy also praised "the legal tool that allows the opening of establishments with a simple prior notification, which will enable Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain is in the least time it takes to start a business ". Also, the number of Sundays and holidays in which to open large stores goes to 12 and the number of opening hours from 72 to 90 weekly. Small businesses, as happened so far, has absolute freedom to open its doors when it sees fit. Finally, the sales period is liberalized, "leaving the entrepreneur initiatives or strategies choosing the timing and amplitude of promotions."

Home announces a financing to cover the salary costs of the contracts in the twelve Sundays and holidays from trade liberalization

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