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Aladdin: Simple Script Characters: Aladdin Princess Jasmine Magic Carpet 1 Magic Carpet 2 Magic Carpet 3 Magic Carpet

4 Aladdins Mother Palace Servant 1 Palace Servant 2 Palace Servant 3 Palace Servant 4 Abu (toy) Genie King (Jasmines Father) Queen Mother) (Jasmines Nanny Market Vendor 1 Market Vendor 2 Police Officer 1 Police Officer 2 Market Shopper 1 Market Shopper 2

Brief Scene Outlines:

SCENE 1 opens with the song Arabian Nights SCENE 1: At the market Play begins with song, Arabian Nights. All extra roles (not main roles) sing this song. This song sets the tone for the play and also gives some background on the place in which the play is set. Play opens in a busy market. Vendors are calling out and people are shopping. Its bright and hot outside. Aladdin walks on stage and says a few lines. Jasmine walks on stage, excited and in disguised. She tells the crowd how happy she is to be free from the palace walls and how angry her father will be if he finds out. She stops at a bread stall. Aladdin is also at the bread stall haggling over a price with the merchant. The poor man is hungry and asks Jasmine for some food. Aladdin notices Jasmines beauty. Aladdin feels bad because he is so poor he could never be with a beautiful woman like Jasmine. Jasmine gives the poor man a piece

of bread. The man runs away with it. The merchant is extremely angry with Jasmine and calls the police. Aladdin tells her to run, he grabs her hand and they get chased by the police. They hide in a corner. The police stop looking for them. Jasmine tells Aladdin that she must go although she is becoming more and more interested in him. Aladdin is falling in love. Then, Aladdin is alone huffing and puffing from the running. The poor man runs to him and falls down.he is magically turned into a lamp. Aladdin cannot believe his eyes.

Scene 2: In the alley/ Market in the background. Surprised, Aladdin accidently rubs the lamp. The Genie comes out he is in the poor mans costume but now he is wearing a special turban. He explains his magic and he used to be a human but he failed the experiment. The market was his first time to be a human but he changed back into a genie too fast, He is very eager to be a human again. He tells of his pain being in a lamp for all eternity and wishes to be free but humans are selfish and never use a wish on him. The Genie tells this in a funny way. He says sadly that he is a magic Genie and will grant Aladdin 3 wishes. He sings the song You Aint Never had a Friend Like Me. He says Please, please, please use 1 wish on me! Aladdins first wish is to become and Prince so he could marry someone as beautiful as Jasmine. Aladdin becomes a Prince. Now I need to find her! he says to the Genie. The Genie makes him a magic carpet to fly all over Agra-bah and look for Jasmine. Here the Genie becomes more and more funny and animated as he hopes that Aladdins final wish will be to free him. The magic carpet sings a song as Aladdin rides it all over town looking for Princess Jasmine.

Scene 3: At the Palace Jasmines father and mother are shown in another part of the palace arguing with Jasmine. Jasmine does not want to get married yet. Her parents are pressuring her to marry a prince. She says she hasnt met a Prince who isnt a snob yet. She wants

to marry a nice, normal and loving man. She is lonely and walks around the palace. She decides to run away to find the man she met in the market (Aladdin).The Nanny is standing beside Jasmine calming her and supporting her. As Aladdin is riding towards the castle, the song Price Ali is sang. Just then, Aladdin lands his magic carpet in the Palace and tells Jasmines father that he is a fine prince and wishes to marry Princess Jasmine. The King and Queen are very excited and run off to find Jasmine, only she is nowhere to be found. Aladdin tells the King and Queen he will find her.

Scene 4: The Market Jasmine is asking the Vendors if they have seen Aladdin. She describes him to the Vendors and Shoppers. They describe him as a naughty boy- a street boy. One Vendor says No! He is only poor, he has a very warm heart. They say theyve only seen a Prince lately. Jasmine plays with boys with a monkey (Abu). Aladdin finds Jasmine and sweeps down grandly, acting like a royal Prince. He says, Jasmine I am a handsome prince I wish you marry you. Jasmine takes a good look at him as if she recognizes him and refuses. Status doesnt matter. She doesnt recognize Aladdin as the Prince. As she walks away from Aladdin she says I wish I could find that handsome street boy. Aladdin is left standing there. He says to the Genie who reappears that Jasmine is a noble person and he wants his next wish to be to change him back into his normal self, to leave all his riches behind. The Genie asks him if he is sure about this. Love struck, Aladdin answers yes. The Genie changes Aladdin back to a poor man. The Genie reminds Aladdin that he only has 1 wish left. Aladdin promises to wish the Genie to be free of the lamp. They decide to go back to the palace.

Scene 5: At the Palace

Aladdin cannot get past the guards at the palace gate. They say mean things and throw him out, saying that he is not royalty. Aladdin persists but they will not allow him in, only royal people may enter. They throw him onto the street. (climax) The Genie and Aladdin start to argue about Aladdin using his final wish to get into the palace or release the Genie. Jasmine and her Nanny hear the loud shouting and look at the window. They see Aladdin and the Genie fighting. Jasmine is thrilled to see Aladdin. Jasmine and the Nanny talk while the Genie and Aladdin fight quietly. They continue to listen. Genie and Aladdin fight intensely. Genie calls him selfish and Aladdin says hes just in love, please understand. (Chorus echoes their words) Jasmine and the Nanny: Jasmine is touched by the Aladdins words but the Nanny says, Look at the Genie, Aladdin shouldnt be so selfish. Genie and Aladdin: Aladdin finally decides to give up the wish. He says Genie, my final wish is to make you free. The Genie takes off his bracelets and is very happy. On the other hand, Aladdin looks very sad. He looks up at the sky and says Im so sorry Jasmine, just remember I love you so much and I will forever. When Jasmine hears this she runs downstairs and orders the guards to open the gate. They rush to each other. Jasmine asks him to marry her. The Nanny is crying. (comic) The father and Mother come out and realize their daughters happiness. Ive never seen you happier; you have our blessing to marry him. King says Prepare for the wedding! Music! Food! Drink! Dancing!

???Genies Monolouge???? These people have shown to me how wonderful***they are. They deserve all the happiness in the world.

<Wedding Scene> Everyone gathers around, the Genie is the minister at the center. The Genie says hell work with Aladdin for the rest of his life to make Agrabah better. They get married. The closing number is a whole new world.

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