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SACRED HEART SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY Preaching the Word of God 2 Fr.

Andre Papineau

HOMILY ON LUKE 8: 22-25 INTRODUCTION: Have you ever been in a chaotic situation in which you had the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to do anything to change the situation? Those situations in life, in which you would like to get rid of but it wasnt possible to get rid of it that easy and you had to experience the bad consequences of the problem or conflict? Loosing a job, facing terminal disease, an illness that disable the regular way in which you have lived? BIBLICAL SITUATION: In the Gospel we see the disciples facing a situation that is out of their control. The fact that they were not able to do any thing to make it better, made them fear for their lives. They thought of themselves as helpless and foreseeing their end. After a kind of normal way of reacting to the situation, they recognize the presence of Jesus, they go to him and cry out to him: we are about to die. CONTEMPORARY SITUATION: We also face in our everyday lives stormy situations that help us recognize that not every thing can be under our control. And then, fear and anxiety take over our lives. We are moved by fear, the fear of not knowing what to do because we dont have a job; the fear of not being able to respond for our families, our studies; the fear of facing a fact that appears in front of us and we dont know what to do. Most of us might react the same

way as the disciples did: we feel frustrated, upset and angry. But does that mean we have to dwell in the problem? Are we to face a limit-experience in a negative and hopeless manner? Is there any answer in the face of those limit-experiences? BIBLICAL RESOLUTION: The disciples as every one of us, were facing a desperate situation that was out of their control. However, in the midst of their anguish and fear they were able to look for Jesus in the same boat. And it is just after they come to realize of Jesus presence when Jesus takes control over the situation. After relying in Jesus power, calm and peace was brought back to their lives. They looked for Jesus and he did his part. Now, it seems like reacting the normal way was for Jesus a lack of faith. Why did he ask his disciples: Where is your faith?

CONTEMPORARY RESOLUTION: Are we aware of Jesus presence among us? Some time it seems like Jesus is sleeping it seems like he is not there. Are we aware if Gods presence in the middle of distressful and critical situations of our lives? Having faith in the face critical situations is more about trusting. Are we willing to trust Gods power working in our lives? Are we willing to recognize that those our of control situations are actually under Gods control? Today Jesus might ask us: Where is your faith? It could sound a bit like: How come you worry and get anxious and nervous if you know that Im here with you in the same boat?

Let us ask the Lord to open our eyes and to be able to trust his never leaving presence in our lives, and to believe that he has the power to bring peace and calm on those stormy situations of our daily lives. AMEN