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STUDY PLAN PH.D. IN ARABIC LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE (Thesis Track) I. GENERAL RULES CONDITIONS: 1. This plan conforms to the regulations of the general frame of the Ph.D. program. 2. Areas of specialty of admission in this program: Holders of the Master degree in Arabic Language and Literature only.
II. SPECIAL CONDITIONS:None. III. THE STUDY PLAN: Studying (54) Credit Hours as follows: 1.Obligatory courses: (18) Credit Hours of the level (900) and above.

Course No. 2301911

Course Title Credit hrs. Theory Prac. A Study in Pre-Islamic 3 Poetry 2301912 A Study in the Abbassid 3 Poetry 2301913 A Study in Ancient Literary 3 Criticism 2301914 Modern Arabic Poetry 3 2301915 Issues of Modern and 3 Contemporary Literary Criticism 2301916 The Modern Linguistic 3 Schools and its Applied on the Arabic Language 2. Elective Courses: Studying (18) Credit hours from the following: Course No. Course Title Credit Theory Prac. hrs. 2301917 Studies on Umayyad poetry 3 2301918 Studies on Andalusia and 3 Maghribi Literature 2301919 Studies on Fatimid, Ayyubid 3 andMamluki Literature 2301920 Studies on the Literature of 3 Islamic Sects 2301921 Literature Theory 3
2301922 Comparative Literature Criticism 3



2301923 2301924 2301925 2301926 2301927

Studies on Arabic proverbs The Maqamah( agenre of Arabic Rhythmic Prose) in Arabic literature Textual Grammar Arabian Nights in Arabic and Western Literates Methods of Writing Arabic

3 3 3 3

2301928 2301929 2301930 2301931 2301932 2301933 2301934 2301935 2301936 2301937 2301938

Grammar Arabic Computational 3 Linguistics Comparative linguistics 3 Interpretation Theory of the 3 Classical and Modern Arabic Literature Stylistic 3 Contemproary Arabic Language 3 Issues The Music of Classical and 3 Moder Arabic Literature Narration in the Arabic the 3 Classical Literature Oriental Texts in English 3 Oriental Texts in English 3 LinguisticTexts in English 3 Arabic Papyri 3 3. Pass the qualifying Exam (2301899) 4. Dissertation: (18) Credit hours (2301999).

PH. Course Description 2301911 Umayyad Literature (3Cr.H.)

The Trends of Arabic poetry in the Pre-Islamic and Islamic periods up to the Umayyad period Applied examples are provided. 2301912 Abbassid Prose (3Cr.H.) The Abbassid (132-656 A.H.) Prose including letters, tales, maqamat, biographies, dialogues, etc. Andalusian and Maghribi Litearute (3Cr.H.) Andalusian and Maghribi Literature with emphasis on the main figures, schools, trends and sources. Grammar and Morphology (3Cr.H.) Study of Arabic Grammar and Morphology with emphasis or the main schools of syntax in Arabic together with the main figures, theories and sources. 2301915 Arabic Rhetoric (3Cr.H.) Study of Arabic Rhetoric ancient and modern with emphasis on the figures, schools, trends and sources. Modern Arabic Poetry (3Cr.H.) Modern poetry with its figures and trends. The References of Pre-Islamic Poetry (3Cr.H.) A Study of the references of Pre-Islamic Poetry. Applied examples are provided.



2301916 2301921


Al-Jahiz (3Cr.H.) A Critical study of the whole literary production of Al-Jahiz and analysis of his approaches in writing. The Students are expected to submit term-papers about the heritage of Al-Jahiz in all its forms.


Dalail Al- I'jaz (3Cr.H.) A Study of the Book Dalail Al-I'jaz and its contents in the ancient and modern light literary theories.


Fatimid, the Ayyubite and the Mamlukian Literature. (3Cr.H.) The Fatimid, Ayyubite and Mamlukian Literature with emphasis on the main figures, schools, trends and sources. Trends of Modern Arabic Prose (3Cr.H.) A Study of the main trends of modern Arabic Prose.



Trends of Modern Literary Criticism (3Cr.H.) Study of Modern Literary Criticism with emphasis on the main figures, schools, and sources. Contemproary Arabic Language Issues (3Cr.H.) The main issues of Arabic Language in connection of modern scientific terminology. The language of instruction in education, Arabic writing dualism, common errors.



Textual Grammar (3Cr.H.) The Textual Grammar is a study which evaluates the whole in the light of the constituents and the constituents light of the whole entity. It concentrates on all the factors that collaborate to identify a certain discourse and give it its form.


Arabic Computational Linguistics (3Cr.H.) Study of Arabic computational linguistics with emphasis on the transformation theory TG and LFG approach. Applied examples are provided.


The Grammatical Schools (3Cr.H.) Study of Arabic Grammar with emphasis on the main schools of Syntax in Arabic together with the main figures,

theories and sources. The schools of Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Andalus and Egypt in this connection are high-lighted. Emphasis is exposed on the main features of agreement and disagreement on the majour grammatical issues in Arabic.

(3Cr.H.) Study of the Theory of Literature and the stylistic traits with emphsis on the main trends, figures, and sources.
The Theory of Literature


Comparative Literature (3Cr.H.) Study of comparative Literature, definition, and exposition of its trends, approaches, figure and sources.