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It is believed that the young should respect the traditional value while others think that they should

live in their own way. Discuss Word count: 514 Written by: Pham Thi Le Na Timing: 15 minutes The youngsters are often supposed to be free from the constraints of old values and encouraged to lead their own way to success and life. However, opponents believe that the maintenance of the traditional value is crucial to the survival of a nation and the education of the young amidst the rapid-changing world. My essay will discuss both sides of this controversial issue. First, it is claimed that the idea of adhering to the traditional rituals or values may have negative influence on the youngs feeling. Being constrained from their free style and imaginative thinking, the young can find their lives at the mercy of suffering rather than true enjoyment. Psychologically speaking, it is far from easy for the young to feel at ease under the rigorous rule of adults and their dogma, especially when they are reaching the age of rebellion and tend to be more affected by peer pressure. However, amidst the seas of social changes with the merging of both oriental and western ideas, can the young easily orientate their behavior and life? Occasionally, there are several youngsters being confused with the modern hedonistic lifestyle of over-indulgent western countries and diverting their lives out of their control. The higher rate of divorces and cohabitation cases are typical of harmful influence of letting the young be away from the core value about family of the tradition.

Second, the prevention of the young from their own formation of lifestyle and ideas shows the lack of democracy in general. A so-called developed society should be the one to respect the voice of the juniors who, despite being believed to be immature, are the ones to come up with other moral, novel and breakthrough notions as well. Perhaps, these ideas possibly add deeper understandings, reveal the weaknesses of the old values and provide human more reasonable answers to old riddles. With the encouragement of leading their own lives, they, too, are motivated to enrich their knowledge and given favorable condition to nurture their creativity. Nevertheless, if the young are so concerned with the traditional value for long, they will be less willing to appreciate the past and see their patriotism erode over time. Living in times of globalization where different ideas and cultures are intersecting, somehow, uncontrollably, the youngsters should be imbedded with the established quintessence of ancestors to promote their culture and be proud of it. The respect for the yesterdays value is also a must for them to keep themselves in harmony with other senior in the society. Imagine how could the effectiveness of the work environment be maximized if the old, despite their wealth and experience, are despised by the young through their quite traditional style of working and living? In other words, there are both pros and cons in allowing the youngsters to choose their own way of living, and hopefully, both the senior and junior can still work along with each other by appreciating their unique differences