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Republic of lhe Philippines Deporlmenl of Heollh Deportmenl of Inferior qnd Locol Governmenl

Joinl Memorondum Clrculor

No. 0l

Selies of 201I Oclober

To: Subject: l.

Provinciol Governors, City ond Municipol Moyors Guidelines on the implementolion of Universol Heollh Core or "Kolusugon ngkolo h oton " (U HC KP)


l.l. To provide guidelines on the implementotion of

Universol Heolth Core or Kolusugdn Pongkaloholon {UHC KP) in the oltqinmenl of the gools of heollh sector reform;

1.2. To slrengthen

lhe interfoce belween locol governmenl units (LGU5) ond nolionol government ogencies (NGAs) ond the complementotion befween ond omong all LGU levels in the implemenlotion of UHC KP in the ottoinmenl of the gools of heolth seclor reform; ond


To insiitutionolize responsibilities between the Deportment of Heolth {DOH), Deportment of Inlerior ond Locol Governmenf (DILG) ond Locol Governmenl Unih (LGUs) relotive lo implemenlotion of Universol Heolth Core KP in the
oltoinment ot lhe gools of heolth sector reform.


Siolemenl of Policies
2.1. Pursuonl

DOH, in colloborotion lhe ochievement of ensuring KP towords with lhe DILG, sholl implemenl the UHC finoncing, ond heollh heollh system gools of better heolth outcomes, sustoined group. the disodvonloged responsive heolth systems for oll Filipinos, especiolly

lo heolth-reloted public lows ond policles, lhe

2.2. All LGUs. through the DILG. sholl odhere to the provisions of heollh reloted policies ond lows in implementolion of UHC KP.


Definifion of Terms

. Annuol Operotionot Ptan (AOP) - specifies progrom octivilies for ihe

yeor. including octivities covered by lhe Service Level Agreemenl, wilhin the onnuol investment cost, os reflecled in the five-yeor Province-wide Investment Plqn for Heollh {PIPH) for qll sources of funds.

3.2. Benefit Detivery Rdlio - lhe cumulotive likelihood thot ony Filipino is (o) eligible to cloim {registered, pqid conlributions); (b) qwore of entillements ond is oble lo occess ond ovoil of heollh services from occredited providers; ond (c)fully reimbursed by Philippine Heolth Insuronce Corporolion (PhilHeolth) os for os totol heolth core expendilures ore concerned.

3.3. Heo,th Sector Reform Agendo (H5RA.)

- describes f he policy fromework for policy chonges ond public investmenls mojor strotegies, orgonizotionol ond needed fo improve lhe woy heollh core is delivered, reguloied through the Locol Governonce Performonce Monogement System (LGPMS).
- is o componenl lool

3.4. LGU Scorecord

used lo trock the progress of the heollh seclor for heolih reform implemenlolion thol meosures the performonce of ihe heolth syslem wif hin the province-wide heolth system.

3.5. Monitoring dnd Evolualion for Equity ond Effecfiveness (ME3) - sysiem thol oims to determine if reforms hove equitobly ond effectively ochieved gools in the heolth system. lt meosures heolth seclor performonce in terms of equily ond effecfiveness; LGU scorecord for heolth is o componenf of ME3.
3.6. Province-wide lnveslmenl PIon for Heolth (PIPH) - inveslment plon serves os o roodmop for implemenlotion ond consolidotion of supporl for heolth reforms of the provinciol, city, ond municipol levels for the three {3) yeor fromework



3.7. Service tevel Agreernenl - o signed ogreemeni between the DOH ond lhe LGUs lhot defines the oulputs ond mileslones to be reoched, the omount of

funds to be provided, ond requiremenls pertoining lo releose of soid funds.

3.8. Universol Heollh Core

or "Kolusugon Pongkolohaton" - is the DOH's currenl opprooch thot seeks fo improve, streomline, ond scole up the reform strotegies in HSRA in order to oddress inequities in heolth outcomes by ensuring fhol oll Filipinos, especiolly lhose belonging to lhe lowesl two income quintiles, hove equitoble occess 1o quolity heollh core.


lmplementolion of the UHC KP 4.1. The UHC KP is o focused opprooch lo heolth reform implementotion in lhe contexf of HSRA, ensuring thot oll Filipinos, especiolly the poor, receive lhe benefifs of heohh reform. UHC KP sholl be otloined by pursuing three sirotegic fhrusts: 4.1.1 Flnonciol risk prolectlon through exponslon in NHIP enrollmenf ond benefif delivery - the poor ore lo be protecled from lhe finonciol impocls of heolfh core use by improving the benefif delivery rotio of the NHIP; 4.1 .l . lmproved occess to quolity hospilols ond heollh core focilllles government-owned ond -operoted hospitols ond heollh focililies will be upgroded to expond copocity ond provide quolity services to help ottoin MDGs, ollend to troumotic injuries ond olher types of emergencies, ond monoge non-communicoble diseoses ond lheir complicolions; ond 4.,l.2. Atlolnmeni of the heolih-relofed MDGs - public heollh progroms sholl be focused on reducing moternol ond child morlolify, morbidity ond morfolity from TB ond molorio, ond the prevolence of HIV/AIDS, in oddition lo being prepored for emerging diseose lrends, ond prevention ond conlrol of non-communicoble diseoses.


The six strotegic inslrumenls sholl


be oplimized lo ochieve fhe


- inslrument to increose resources f or heolth lhot will be effeciively ollocoted ond ulilized to improve lhe finonciol protection of the poor ond lhe vulneroble sectors; 4.2.2. Service Delivery - instrumenl fo tronsform the heollh service delivery slructure to oddress vorioiions in heollh service ulilizotion ond heollh oulcome ocross socio-economic voriobles; 4.2.3. ?olicy Slondqrds ond Reguloilon - instrumenl to ensure equiloble occess to heolth services, essenliol medicines ond technologies of ossured quolity, ovoilobilily ond sofety; 4.2.4. Governonce for Heollh - instrumenl fo esloblish the mechonisms for efficiency, lronsporency ond occountobilily ond prevent opporiunities
. Heollh Finoncing Inslrumenf
for froud; 4.2.5. Humon Resources for Heolth - instrument to ensure thol oll Filipinos hove occess to professionol heolf h core providers copoble of meeling 'lheir heolih needs ot f he oppropriote level of core; 4.2.6. Heollh lnformolion - inslrumenl to estoblish o modern informotion syslem thot sholl: 4.2.6.I . Provide evidence for policy ond progrom development Support for immediofe ond efficient provision of heolth core ond monogement of province-wide heolth systems.


5.1 .

ond Responslbilllles !ocol Governmenf Unils (Provinces. Ciiles ond Municipolifies), represenied by

their respective Locol Chief Executives, sholl: 5.1.1. Coordinote with DILG ond DOH in the implementolion of UHC KP ond

o) Orgonize technicol working groups (TWGS)

implementotion of UHC

to oversee lhe

b) Porlicipole in oclivities relqtive lo UHC KP: c) Plon the process ond implementolion of UHC KP;

.2. Provide the enobling environmenl for heollh seclor reforms, nomely the legol fromework, the budget ond logisticol supporl necessory in implementing UHC KP lo include, bul not llmifed to, monpower,
orgonizolion ond octivilies relotive to plonning for heolth.

5.2. Deportmenl of Heollh (DOH) sholl: 5.2.,|. Pursue iis mondote in ensuring

the ochievemenl of the heolth system gools of betler heolth outcomes, sustoined heolth finoncing ond o responsive heolth system by implemenling the UHC KP;

5.2.2. Strengthen lhe Nolionol Heolth Insuronce Progrom (NHIP), which is the prime mover in improving finonciol risk prolection, generoting resources to modernize ond susioin heolth focilities, ond improve the orovision of oublic heolth services fo ochieve the Millennium Development Gools; 5.2.3. Coordinote lhe support from the Nolionol Government ogencies ond their instrumenfolities 1o lhe province for the implemenlotion of UHC

5.2.4. Focilitote the implemenlofion of the UHC KP by influencing lhe monner by which Provinces ond componenl LGUs govern locol heollh

5.2.5. Recognize thot LGUs hove the primory mondole to finonce ond regulote locol heolth systems, including lhe provision of lhe righl informoiion lo fomilies ond heolth providers; 5.2.6. Advocole for lhe issuonce of locol executive policies or legislotive enoctments by lhe province, cily on<l municipolity thot ore necessory for fhe implemenlotion of UHC KP:
5.2.7. Deliver the necessory technicol ossislonce {TA) to the LGUs; ond

5.2.8. Assisi in building the copocily of the province, cify ond municipolity in relolion to the implementotion of UHC KP.
5.3. Deportment ot Inferior ond locol Governmenf (DltG) sholl:

5.3.1. Together

with the DOH, coordinofe the upscoling of UHC KP implementotion notionwide io include the execution of LGU Scorecord, AOP ond PIPH; ond

5.3.2. As portner of the DOH. promole the implemenlolion of UHC KP ond toke responsibiliiy in enjoining the development communily to supporf lhe endeovor.

Suppletory Effecf The confents ond specific provisions relotive fo UHC KP implementolion ond oll other documenis ciled in this circulor thot ore consistent, supportive ond complemenlory to the provisions stoted herein sholl become porl ond porcel of ihis Joinl Memorondum Circulor. Seporobilily Clouse lf onv clouse, sentence or provision of this Joint Memorondum Circulor sholl be found involid or unconstitutionol, ils remoining ports sholl not be offecled fhereby. Repeoling Clouse All orders, rules ond reguloiions inconsislent or conlrory lo the provisions of lhis Joinl Memorondum Circulor ore hereby repeoled or modified occordingly'
This Joint




m Circulor sholl loke effecf immediolely.




tory of Inlerior ond Locol

Secretory of Heollh