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Dear Sirs. I am enclosing my resume for your review, and expressing my interest in joining your respectable organization in the letter herewith. Since graduation, I have joined (Alexandria Petroleum co.) as (corrosion & paint inspector). During the course of my employment, I have been trained in different universities and institutes on the latest techniques of inspection. I am currently a head of corrosion department in inspection sector and I have a certifications of "API 510 authorized pressure vessel inspector" , "API 580 Risk Based Inspection" ,"API 571 Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipments" and " NACE Certified Coating Inspector". I am interested in becoming a member of your successful team and joining your esteemed organization. I strongly believe that my academic background, combined with my extensive experience and international standards exposure will be an asset to your growing team. I would be more than happy to further discuss my skills and experience with you at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me on any of the above-mentioned numbers, or via email:

Thank you for your time and consideration. Ahmed Hazem Moustafa

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Ahmed Hazem Moustafa

31 helublis st. Camp Cezar, 12, Alexandria-Egypt ah1525@gmail.com Cellular 0020114635529


Over 14 years experience in plant Inspection, corrosion, painting and welding with experience in modern inspection techniques, quality assurance sciences and quality control. Dynamic, forward-looking team player with a sound understanding in plant inspection. Excellent working knowledge in corrosion and painting, including ability to interpret and analyze data to develop equipment performance. Inspiring team leader with the ability to think laterally to provide solutions, exercising independent judgment and decision-making in the diagnosis and resolution of problems. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.

Certificates - API 510 "pressure vessels certified inspector" # 35766 - API 580 "Risk Based Inspection" # 37602 - API 571 "Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipments" # 38793 - NACE Level I - Certified Coating Inspector #30088 - ASNT level II VT - ASNT level II PT - ASNT level II MT - ASNT level II UT - ASNT level II RT Areas of Expertise - Monitor material performance and evaluate material deterioration. - Analyze failure data and laboratory test results to determine causes of problems and develop solutions. - Supervise the work of technologists, technicians, and other engineers and scientists. - Plan and evaluate new projects, consulting with other engineers and corporate executives as necessary. Page 2 of 12 ah1525@gmail.com

- Applied API , ASME , NACE , ASTM requirements and prepared documents to support permit and inspection process for Pressure vessels , piping and corrosion control techniques. - Mediation and problem solving skills. - Effective management, technical, and supervisory skills. - Use clear, concise communication skills in conjunction with organizational skills to perform daily duties. - Met and exceeded all performance goals to date.
- Developed and implemented improved policies and procedures, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. - Resourceful, energetic, competent, multi-task and results-oriented.

Experience Alexandria Petroleum Co., Alex , Egypt 1998 to 2001 Coating inspector - Supervised the inspection of painting, coating, insulation, fire proofing and surface preparation jobs for all exteriors & interiors of all process equipments, pipelines, tanks, utilities & furnaces. - Prepared specification for approval, based on the performance and compatibility, as per the Refinery specifications & international standards. - Designed, developed and implemented coating system and applications strategies, schedules and plans for preventive corrosion control for the health and integrity assessment of the Refinery Operating units. - Demonstrated ability to apply sound knowledge to Welding, Corrosion, Material performance and failure mechanism. - Inspect and attend the execution jobs of the contracts at each level. - Follows and plans for execution of annual maintenance and participate in related activities for project jobs. Alexandria Petroleum Co., Alexandria , Egypt Plant inspector - Ensure the compliance of Inspection strategies, procedures, standards and plans for the health and integrity assessment of the Refinery operating units assets. - Undertake Inspection responsibilities during schedules and unscheduled shutdowns and prepares programs to ensure Inspection requirements are clearly identified and scheduled. - Prepare and endorse Inspection notifications with recommendations and rectification measures to ensure they comply with the relevant standards. - Formulate Technical specification for the fabrication and QA/QC of new facilities. Conducts the field Inspection and ensures compliance on project assignments. Page 3 of 12 ah1525@gmail.com 2001 to 2007

Alexandria Petroleum Co., Alexandria , Egypt Head of corrosion and inspection Dep.

2007 to Present

- Directs and coordinates the activities of assigned personnel and professional contractors in the implementation of corrosion prevention schemes dealing with corrosion monitoring, -coating selection & application, selection & injection of corrosion control chemical, material selection and Cathodic protection for reliable and smooth process plants operation and its affiliated facilities. - Defines the requirements of corrosion prevention schemes and control methods for the existing facilities to maintain them in proper functional condition. - Directs the corrosion prevention strategies and approves the outcome of corrosion control schemes. - Directs to ensure the compliance to the corporate safety and quality standards and execution of planned activities on time, in efficient and cost effective manner. - Provides specialist technical expertise on the material selection, material performance, corrosion inhibitor addition, cathodic protection, non-metalic materials such as FRP & GRP and other corrosion related failures. - Interacts with the project teams to ensure the compliance of installation and commissioning of corrosion prevention and control facilities. - Discusses with management and seeks approval in implementing the new technologies and developments in the corrosion and coating disciplines with a view to the increased integrity and reliability of process equipments and pipelines. - Reviews develop new standards and update the existing company standards and specifications by the introduction of new development in the corrosion and coating technologies. - Lead root cause investigations of pressure vessels, piping & pipelines failures, or operational upset events which could lead to accelerated equipment, piping & pipelines degradation. - Prepare failure reports and recommend remedial action. PROJECT INVOLVED :Major project assignment (technical): 15th May-25th July 2010:- EDARA, EGYPT as coating inspector for 4 storage tanks 240 M3 each and connecting piping. 5th December 2010 20thJanuary 2011:- ALEXANDRIA PETROLEUM CO., EGYPT as an API 510 Inspector for Plant rehabilitation of unit 1000 & 2000 Works

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(Visual External Inspection on various types of equipment such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column) Main responsibilities as per following; 1To perform External & Internal Visual Inspection on Pressure Vessel and Non-Pressure Vessel such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column, Fire Heater and Stack as per mentioned in Work Pack. 234To prepare Visual Inspection Report including recommendation To perform Boroscopic Inspection including reporting on To witness Hydrotest on selected Heat Exchanger prior to box and repair as well as if required. selected equipment as per stated in Equipment Work Pack. up the equipment as per requirement in Equipment Work Pack.

25th January 25th February 2011:- INSPECTA INTERNATIONAL, EGYPT as welding & coating inspector for construction of 3 spherical tanks each one spherical tank 630 M3 for propane storage at gulf of Suez NGL plant ( under construction ) located at Ras Shouker area . Main responsibilities as per following;
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Review ITP and ASME stamp certificates for fabricator. Witness and review WPS & PQR Witness welder and welding operators qualifications. Review of NDE procedures. Review welding consumables certificates. Check material test certificates. Check drawings for revision. Identification of material issuance and mark. Plate inspection (inside &outside). Fit-up check of shell assembly. Check PTP (production test plate) welding.

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12. 13.

Check fabrication and installation of attachments RT film interpretation before and after BWHT final visual check

(inside and outside).

14. 15.

Dimensional check BWHT review, inspection of any test required after BWHT

(hardness test, NDT, etc).

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Documentation review, sign and stamp. Witness hydrostatic testing. Witness surface preparation. Check, witness and review coating. Final coat DFT check.

28th April 31thMay 2011:- VELOSI CERTIFICATION LTD, QATAR as an API 510 Inspector
for Plant Maintenance Works (Visual External Inspection on various type of equipment such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column, Filter/Strainer & Stack) and Train 3&4 Plant

Shutdown at RASGAS , Ras Laffan, Qatar. Main responsibilities as per following; 1To perform External & Internal Visual Inspection on Pressure

Vessel and Non-Pressure Vessel such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column, Fire Heater and Stack as per mentioned in Work Pack. 23456To communicates/ liaise with Shutdown Area Coordinator and To prepare Visual Inspection Report including recommendation To perform Boroscopic Inspection including reporting on To witness Hydrotest on selected Heat Exchanger prior to box To compile/consolidate the Inspection Report and submit to Senior General Inspector regarding Inspection Progress. and repair as well as if required. selected equipment as per stated in Equipment Work Pack. up the equipment as per requirement in Equipment Work Pack. Senior General Inspector for review prior to handover to client.

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18 th January 15 th February 2012 :- VELOSI CERTIFICATION LTD, QATAR as Plant inspector for Plant Maintenance Works (Visual External & internal Inspection on various type of
equipment such as Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column, Fired heater and piping) Train 1&2

Plant Shutdown at ORYX GTL, Ras Laffan, Qatar. Main responsibilities as per following; Carry out inspection and verification of welding activities pertaining to inspection ,

fabrication, repair, modification, and part fabrication of tanks, vessels under pressure and boilers which include, but are not limited to: Witness and evaluate Non-Destructive Examination such as Dye penetrant

Examination, Magnetic particle examination and Ultrasonic Examination as per approved Quality Control Plans. Review, Evaluate and accepting the results of radiography Examination, Dye

Penetrant Examination, Magnetic Particle Examination, and ultrasonic Examination that might have been conducted. Review and Approval of Quality control Plans by including intervention points. Verify material certificates against the applicable material specification and

identification of new material of construction and witnessing the transfer of cast / heat numbers. Visual examination of material cut edges and heat affected zones. Approve of welders, welding operators qualifications, welding and NDT

procedures. Monitor welding activities during execution and perform inspections as per

the QCP and sign of the intervention points as the work progresses. Examine heat treatment records for compliance with the applicable code

requirements. Page 7 of 12 ah1525@gmail.com

Perform final inspection. Review repair packages and ensure all relevant documentation has been

signed of as required. Sign off the certificate of fabrication/ repair/ modification. Witness pressure testing of equipments. Certify the integrity of the equipment

Training Instructor - Training inspection staff of Alex. Petroleum co. on the following: why corrosion dangerous corrosion basics corrosion types modes of failures inspection procedure for corrosion inspection corrosion monitoring techniques corrosion control

- identify training needs of inspection staff and recommending their training and development to follow up corrosion and its effects - preparing scope for proposed training programs and follow-up on the progress of the training programs. - checks and validates the training output by testing and verifying the capabilities of the staff members that received the training. - identifying corrosion codes and standards and how it can be used to improve the control and prevention of failures. - Presentation of cases of corrosion and make suggestions to solve these cases. - Technical advice for corrosion problems and material selection. * Worked as a part-time instructor of the following courses:1) Corrosion, metallurgy and prevention of failure 2) Protective coating inspection 3) Pressure vessels inspection (based on API 510) 4) Risk based inspection (based on API 580) 5) Damage mechanisms affecting fixed equipments (based on API 571) 6) Welding metallurgy & welding inspection Page 8 of 12 ah1525@gmail.com

7) Non destructive testing (NDT) The training centers and institutes:1) 2) 3) 4) Inma kingdom for training and development K.S.A Watania for advanced technology (WAT) A.R.E Arabic center for training and development (ACTD) A.R.E Arab petroleum training institute (APTI) Iraq

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