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Q1. What are the duties as of your thing ?

(Hin ti, cng vic bn ang m nhim l g, ni mt cch c


+Receive product design data from Japan to set up mass production in CVN with low cost, high quality and on schedule. +Follow parts supplier for technical issue during producing time. +Investigate electronics product find out mistake and take countermeasure for improve quality . +Design, make, modify and repair checker systems (Which check if electronics circuit that was produced is OK or not, and find out the defective point if any) + Training others members in CVN about technical background. Q2. Where are your strong point and weak point ?. (im mnh v im yu ca bn l g?) +Strong point : Understand well in electronics side, can design hardware and programming software for embedded system. +Ability training :Train other members about technical background like: Electronics circuit , embedded system. +Weak point : Language I think not enough for future job. And another is management skill now Im studying by myself. Q3. What is the problem that PE2 faces ?. What are the countermeasure ? (Nhng vn
kh khn m bn gp phi trong phng PE2 l g? Bn c bin php no gii quyt nhng vn ny?)

+ Engineer skill & knowledge are not enough for future job. + Pass rate of checker. + Part quality. Q4. What is the difference of the role of G3 and G4? ( S khc bit gia vai tr ca G3 & G4 l g?) +G3: Has regular skill, can following up and finish given job. +G4: Takes responsibility as leader and can adjust members job in dept, can make big result by integrating members power in whole. Understand mid & long term plan, understand policy of company & division & dept. Windows person to contact other dept & outside company, future vision to motivate up dept &company. Q5. When a new members was assigned to the group of you, what do you teach a new member to accomplish duties smoothly?. (Trng hp mt thnh vin mi vo nhm ca bn, Bn s
day h cai gi h c th nhanh chng nm bt v hon thnh cng vic?)

+Training he rule of dept job standard produce of dept, policy of dept, div, company show him future target to motivation.

+Encourage him communication with other members, other dept to make strongly relationship. +Arrange him to technical theme to learn scheduling, do, take action and report. Follow him by OJT training. Q6. Do you study English or Japanese now.? (By gi bn ang hc ting Anh hay ting Nht?) Now I learning both English and Japanese. By get more knowledge and interesting job from YAKO especially in technical field we should learn Japanese. Q7. How do you make good communication & collaborative relationship with other dept concerned in CVN.? (Bn lm th no giao tip & hp tc tt vi cc phng ban lin quan trong CVN?) Respect the views of colleagues , Concessions and listen to others with Open mind. Tn trng quan im ca ng nghip, nhng b v lng nghe ngi khc Ci m Q8. As a leader, how do you raise the motivation & the skill of the engineer ? ? (Vi vai
tr mt leader, bn s lm g nng cao ng lc v k nng ca ngi k s?)

+ I will make internal training data to skill up engineer. + Open current status & make clear plan, target in the future. + Issue technical challenge by theme/project with new team and follow up until make result. + Make report plan to confirm status of each member always. Q9. What is the new activity /theme to be addressed in PE2 ?. (Cc hot ng mi ca phng PE2
c ch trng l g?)

+ Speed up investigate + Automation and IT Q10. Policy of Div3 Become No.1 PCB Factory in the world by Engineering & Quality Quality Change to Process Assurance with quick feedback system (In-Process Straight Pass Rate 97.0% , PCB responsibility Assy return rate 5ppm) Strengthen Electric Parts Engineering (Assy return rate 10ppm) Cost

Increasing In-house ratio of Main-PCB production(Until 2013: 100%) Improving SMT Machine operation ratio(80%) Improving manpower efficiency by Chie-Tech,Automation,IT,Multi-operation Find & cultivate DPS, Achieve Cost committee Target New Products Launching up New Products on schedule Improve method of MT problem investigation Production Engineering Promote Automation for insert process Expanding automation for visual-check process (Reduce VC-operator by half) Challenge to New Technology Cultivate Person for continuous development Cultivate senior staff for next Leader Promotion Engineering theme activity, Engineering training, Businesstrip Improving climate in division 5W1H3GEN5WHY Making comfortable work-shop with worthwhile job