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RUC SUS Ce ea aay Scale Aircraft “** Dis AWINGS 7 Scale Aircraft DRAWINGS ABOUT THE AUTHOR Peter M. Bowers began to build model air- planes soon after Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927. He began to write for pub- ation in the mid-1930s when the editors of mode! aviation publications, including Mode! Airplane News, asked him to write articles and draw up plans for his out- ‘standing models. From 1940 to 1942, he studied aero- nautical engineering at the prestigious Boeing Schoo! of Aeronautics, and he be- ‘gan to amass one of the largest, most com- prehensive, private collections of airplane photos In the world. Scale Aircraft Draw- Inge—Volume lI: World War ll draws exten- sively on this collection. After five years In the U.S. Army Air Forces as 2 Maintenance and Technical In- telligence Officer, he joined the Boeing Airplane Company as an engineer, and he retired in 1983 after 36% years. Mean- while, his model bullding had expanded to include the design and construction of pi- lot-carrying, “home-built” airplanes. His ‘single-seat Fly Baby won the national EAA design contest in 1962, and he has been selling plans to amateur builders ever since. Over the years, his many books and magazine articles have led to his worldwide recognition as an aviation historian, model builder and airplane designer. se Scale Aircraft Drawings—WW I—Volume II Group Publisher Louis V. DeFrancesco Jr Publication Director: Ed Schenk Book Design: Alan J. Palermo Publication Coordinator: Sally Wiliams Copy Director: Lynne Sewell Copy Editor: Karen Jeffcoat ‘Art Assistants: Alyson Nickowstz, Walter Sidas Cover Photos: Budd Davisson Copyright© 1991 by Air Age Publishing, Ie: ISBN:0-911295-143. lights Feserved. including the right of production in whole orn pat nay frm. “his book, or pats thereof, may nat be reproduced witout the publisher's permission. Published by Air Age Pubishing, nc 251 Danbury Road ‘Witon, Cr 0687