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NYCLD Online Examination Process and FAQs

EXAMINATION PROCESS A candidate is required to visit his/her nearest Online Examination Centre (OEC) of NYCLD and enroll to appear for an Exam by paying a certain Fee for the desired one. The OEC In-Charge will fill up Online Registration Form on behalf of the Examinee and ask him/her to wait until Admin approval, which takes an interval of 4-24 hours. During this period OEC InCharge may rectify any error in the filled in application form. After verification of candidate data and payment confirmation the Head Office Administrator approves the candidature of the registered examinee. On approval of the application a permanent Registration Number and an Exam Security Code is generated and dispatched to the E-Mail ID provided at the time of Registration. On receiving the Exam Secret Code the Candidate is asked to opt for a suitable Date & Time to appear for the Exam. Now the system is ready and the Candidate may appear for his/her Exam on the schedule date & Time. To start the Examination session the examinee requires to login to Examination panel by entering Registration Number and Exam Secret code. Additionally OEC Password is also required. Thus the candidate login is absolutely impossible without OEC In-Charge. OEC Password is to be entered by OEC In-Charge only followed by clicking the Login button. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) 1. What is NYCLD? NYCLD stands for National Youth Computer Literacy Drive. It is a nationwide computer literacy mission initiated by PC-TECH, an ISO 9001:2008 certified Institution to spread IT awareness among the masses. The organization is an educational member of Computer Society of India (CSI), affiliated to West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (WBSCTE) and enlisted by Directorate of Employment, Govt. of West Bengal. NYCLD is the pioneer of this kind of Low budget Mass level Computer Literacy Mission in West Bengal running since January 1997. 2. What is NYCLD e-Certiport? NYCLD e-Certiport is an Online Examination & Certification Portal developed and managed by NYCLD, which allows you to conduct computer based exams over the Internet. This is one of the most secured, quickest and cost effective solutions to evaluate the knowledge/skill of a candidate and certify instantly. 3. Why Online Exam and what is its benefit? To promote Go Green Revolution by avoiding papers and saving trees. Centralised Management and control over all Exam Centres and examinees. Randomized questions from a huge question bank. Separate questions to all examinees in different terminals of an Exam Centre at the same time. Quick evaluation of skill and declaration of Result. Instant Report Card/Marks Statement generation and printing on completion of Exam. Certification within 48 hours. No requirement of arrangement for Examination Hall and extra manpower to conduct exam. Flexibility of scheduling as per requirement of the examinee. Does not require spending on learning. Any self learner can also appear for Online Exam.

4. Who are eligible for Online Examination? An individual having adequate knowledge of Exam modules and basic knowledge of English language to understand the questions is eligible for Online Examination. He/she does not require being a regular student of NYCLD. Even the candidate may be a self learner also. 5. Is there any qualification or age bar for appearing in Online Examination? For the examinations of Basic Courses like CCA & DCA there is no restriction of Qualification or Age. But the candidate must have the basic communication skill to understand the rules and questions of the examination. For other career courses or specialized courses there are certain rules for allowable qualification and age. 6. Can anybody appear for Online Examination from a Public Internet Booth or home? No! NYCLD e-Certiport is a highly secured platform to ensure proper evaluation of knowledge of an examinee. This system is not open for Public Internet Booth or home. It is conducted only in NYCLD authorised OEC (Online Examination Centre) through a dual security layer model. 7. How long it will take to declare the result of Online Exam? The result is displayed on the Exam Panel as soon as the examinee clicks Submit button to complete the Exam finally. It is a real time evaluation process and the Statement of Marks is generated real time on completion of Examination. Examinees are requested to claim Hard copy of Marks Statement from the OEC In-charge on the same day. Final Certificate will be dispatched soon direct from Head Office of NYCLD. Keep in touch with your OEC or NYCLD helpline regarding the same. 8. What happens when an Exam Session hangs-on or terminates due to network failure or any other technical reason? This is not a matter of worry for both the examinee and examiner as because the Examination Engine is very clever to trap this kind of unexpected moments of interruption. In this situation the browser is to be closed simply. The examinee is required to login Exam Panel again when the computer and network connection gets ready. The Exam panel will ask to continue the Previous Session and as the candidate clicks the button, Examination restarts from the exact interruption point. 9. Is Online Examination authentic like Pen & Paper Examination? Yes! It is 100% authentic. Even it is more authentic than the regular Pen & Paper Exam. Because: This examination is conducted only at NYCLD Authorised Online Examination Centres under strict monitoring of an Examiner. The whole system (from Registration to Certification) is managed and controlled by Head Office Experts only through a Dual Security Layer model. Real time and randomized delivery of question from a huge question bank. Thus there in no scope of prior question leak-out. Almost different questions for all examinees in the same examination room at the same time. 10. What is the minimum Pass Marks of an Online Exam? Minimum Pass Mark is 40% of the Full Marks of a particular Examination. 11. What happens when a candidate fails in an Examination? There is no option of Re-examination of a candidate with the same Registration Number. He/she is required to re-register as the new candidate by paying full registration fee of a particular Exam.