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The Bulls Eye

Peer Counseling Hosts Project Diamond Bar
DANCE DILEMMA It is time to put away your dancing shoes and spirit fingers. Read opinions on the cancellation of future school dances. Please see page 4. COLLECT CALL Are you the typical stamp collector or are you more unique? Check out the eccentric items students around campus collect. Please see page 7. ALL THAT JAZZ Have you ever imagined seeing a film character on stage? Learn about the latest set of films that are getting a Broadway makeover. Please see page 11.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


FASTBALL Baseball Brahmas batted their way to a remarkable comeback in a game against the Glendora Tartans. The final score was 9-3. Please see page 14.


Vandalism Continues to be More Costly

With the severity of vandalisms rising over the past few years, money for repairs will continue to be drawn from the General Fund until preventive measures are taken. Elizabeth Lee Staff Writer Between Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7, two six-foot steel benches with memorial plaques for former Diamond Bar Council member Bob Zirbes and former city employee Steve Tamaya were stolen from the Sycamore Canyon Park trailhead. The city has offered a $2,000 reward for any information that can help officials arrest and convict those responsible for the theft. For the past few years, parks within the city have frequently been victimized. Sycamore Canyon Park was vandalized in late September of last year. A trash receptacle was uprooted, the deck was wrecked, and the destroyed deck was dumped into the nearby creek. Instead of simply defacing equipment, vandals have stolen from the parks as well. Last year, copper wires were stolen from the lighting systems at Peterson Park. Repairs for these damages are being made with the Citys General Fund. This fund supports important services to the community such as law enforcement, the operation and maintenance of the city parks, the functioning of the Diamond Bar Center, and the year-round recreational programs, classes, and events.

SHINE: Tickets for the Miss Diamond Bar Pageant are $25 per person and will be sold at the door. Miss DB and the girls on the court will receive scholarship money. Diana Romero Contributing Staff Writer The City of Diamond Bar will host its 42nd annual Miss Diamond Bar Pageant in Diamond Bar High Schools theater. Sixteen contestants will participate in this years pageant on Sunday, March 29 at 2:30 p.m. To join the pageant, applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 27. Applicants must live, attend school, or work in the city of Diamond Bar. Contestants from DBHS include seniors Jacqueline Lee, Marissa Morales, Christin Panzer, Ivania Perez, Kimberly Phan, and Amy Soo; juniors Jacquelyn Abad, Tiffanie Cheng, Jennifer Liu, Crystal Myung, and Catherine Olivier; and sophomore Esther Lim. When asked why she decided to participate in the pageant, Perez stated, I found out that Miss Diamond Bar and her court do a lot of community Lights, Camera, Action... Peer Counselors, juniors Ashley Chang and Agnes Lee, speak to students about the purpose of Project service. Ive been volunteering Diamond Bar. Diana Romero with the city since I was 13 and I Project DB is a program Tuesdays topic covered Thursdays topic, which focused really enjoy doing the community LIFE: Students gathered in the meant to inform students about issues concerning dating. Peer on helping students better service. theater and the Upper Quad both local and worldly issues. Counselors revealed facts understand themselves. Each contestant is to participate in activities such Project DB was first created about dating in activities such Peer Counseling held activities individually interviewed before as thumb printing and a game show to learn more about by Peer Counseling with the as Who Wants to Be a Smart such as thumb printing and set the pageant to be judged on goal of educating their peers Dater? up booths around the Upper their interview skills. relationships. about different issues and The subject for Quad that coordinated with While on stage, the Ruby Hwang teaching students to improve Wednesdays topic was Parent colors that participants were contestants will be judged on Contributing Staff Writer their communication skills. This and Adult conflicts, which dealt assigned based on a personality their self-confidence, walk, and Peer Counseling held year's theme was Direct Your with quarrels that a child might survey. poise during the swimsuit and Project Diamond Bar in DBHSs Life. have with an adult in his or her The J-Building, a student formal gown portions of the theater and Upper Quad from Each day, Project DB life. Activities such as tug of war band, played on the final day of pageant. Contestants will also Tuesday, March 17, to Thursday, introduced a new subject matter were played. [Please see FOCUS [Please see PAGEANT March 19. involving relationships. Me, Myself, and I was on page 2] on page 2]

Miss DB to be Held in the DBHS Theater

Three Graphics USB Collects Money for Pennies for Students Place in Patients Donation Drive Design Contest
PAT T E R N : T h e G r e e t i n g s Collection company required the students to design a greeting card by following certain guidelines. Students had to submit their design online. Pamela Lewes Contributing Staff Writer Three Diamond Bar High School computer graphics students placed in the top two percent of 20,000 entries in an annual online national greeting card competition. Senior Rianne Chang, freshman Amanda Sycip, and freshman Mickeala Tu were finalists in the competition. There were a total of 200 finalists. Entries were submitted online to The Gallery Collection, a greeting card company. The deadline for submitting entries was January 15. When asked how she felt about placing, Sycip stated, I felt elated and accomplished. I also felt proud of myself, though I still cant believe it. The students were required to design a greeting card that met standards set by The Gallery Collection. Only one entry was allowed per person and the photos, art, and graphics were required to be original. The design had to be appropriate for business or consumer use. There was no specified theme required for the greeting card and there was no fee to enter the competition. To prepare for the competition, students learned skills in their computer graphics class. Seventy of the 20,000 entries were from DBHS computer graphics class. The competition is tough because students are competing with varied skill levels, said Computer Graphics teacher Alina Gallardo. The winner of the competition was a student from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco who received a $10,000 scholarship. Gallardo also added, To compete with advanced students and become a finalist is quite an accomplishment. I am very proud of all the students that participated. I had a chance to earn a scholarship while doing something fun. It was also a chance to compete with others who may have more experience than I did, commented Sycip.

Music and Lyrics... (left to right) Dean Troung, Kaitlyn McCown, Will Kim, and Corey Waters perform at the Pennies for Patients lunchtime activity. Eunice Lee Pennies for Patients is a award will be a pasta party expected to amount to less than HELP: The collected donations will go toward helping cancer two-week campaign in which provided by Olive Garden. last years due to the troubled patients. The class that donates students of all grade levels Additionally, each school that economy. USB Secretary Judy the most money will receive are encouraged to donate raises more than $500 will be Hwang commented, I am hoping to collect at least $2,000, a free pasta party from Olive spare change to The Leukemia eligible for other prizes. & Lymphoma Society, an USB hosted the drive but with these economic times, I Garden. organization that provides through a program called the am really not sure of how much Eric Lee resources to help find cures. School and Youth, which is a people are able to donate. Staff Writer Donation boxes were program that extends fundraising During lunch on Friday, Diamond Bar High Schools distributed to all English opportunities to schools. The March 20, a group of students United Student Body hosted classes. The classroom in each program includes donation drives performed well-known songs its annual Pennies for Patients participating school that collects such as Pennies for Patients, while USB members went donation drive from Monday, the most money will be awarded Pasta for Pennies, and HOP for around to lunch tables asking March 9 to Friday, March 20 a pizza party. Leukemia & Lymphoma. [Please see MONEY during school. However, at DBHS, the This year, donations are on page 3]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Target
DOORS TO SUCCESS Finallyall of your hard work will be displayed in one amazing night. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to visit each and every one of your classes. What better excuse is there to meet up with friends AND show off all of the hard work that youve done so far? Bring a big smile with you and feel proud of all your outstanding accomplishments! Open House will be on Tuesday, March 31. CALLING ALL JOKESTERS Have you ever played a joke on your friends but couldnt think of a good excuse as to why you did it? Not to worry, the biggest prank day of the year is just around the corner. Now is the time to pay a visit to that awesome joke shop; buy a popping snake or maybe shock someone with electrical gum. Reveal the biggest tricks up your sleeve and remember not to let your friends get you first! April Fools Day is on Wednesday, April 1. PULL SOME ALL-NIGHTERS Have you been sleeping two to three hours each night, trying to finish that AP book report youve procrastinated on? Has your stress caused the stress-o-meter to burst? Luckily, a welldeserved break is coming. Hang out all night or catch up on some homework, but dont leave all of your work for the last minute! Either way, now is the perfect time to let that built-up stress flow free. Minimum Day is on Friday, April 3, and Spring Break is from Monday, April 6 to Friday, April 10. NEED FOR MORE TIME Do you wake up every morning and suddenly remember that one assignment you forgot to do last night? Do you wake up feeling groggy? Do you have to throw your alarm clock across the room in frustration every morning? Good newsnow you have another chance to sleep in or complete forgotten homework. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to use that blessed time wisely! Late start will be on Tuesday, April 14.

Pep Organizes Superhero SadiesThemed Dance

SUPER: Attendees were able to participate in various activities such as laser tag and moonbouncers. A wide selection of refreshments and snacks were sold throughout the night. Tiffany Huey News Editor Diamond Bar High Schools pep squad hosted their annual Sadie Hawkins dance on Friday, March 13, from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the gymnasium. The theme of this years dance was Superhero Sadies. Assorted posters of superhero expressions hung from the ceiling and posters of superheroes hung on the walls. Attendees were given four tickets each to use for the moonbouncers and other activities. Inside of the gym was a photobooth, obstacle course, and kickboxing arena. In the amphitheater was a climbing stair, fun house, and laser tag arena. The laser tag was too short, but it was really entertaining. The boxing was probably the best part. Hopefully they have [Sadies] again next year, stated sophomore Stephanie Lee. Refreshments including Jamba Juice smoothies, popcorn, cotton candy, and water were available for purchase. Presale tickets were sold from Monday, February 23, through Friday, February 27, for $35 per couple with two activity cards, $40 with one activity card, and $45 without an activity card. Tickets were then sold from Monday, March 2, through Tuesday, March 10, for $40 per couple with two activity cards, $45 with one activity card, and $50 without an activity card. In preparation for the event, DBHS cheer and song stayed at least two hours after school every day for two weeks to paint posters and plan. To divide the work, the girls were separated into four groups, which included decorations, entertainment, finance, and publicity. On the day of the event, they were assigned specific places to work during the dance. Everything went as planned. It was up to our expectations, commented senior and cheerleader Emily Ryu.




DBHS Students Place Second in Math Day Competition

highest among the team in the individual round, which placed him 18th among 189 students. The students were able to place second in the Division B conference on their first try, qualifying DBHS to participate in Division A for the next two years. Irvine High School placed first in Division B, while University High School in Irvine placed first in Division A. The Math Day at the Beach competition is a problemsolving competition that places emphasis on comradeship and fair sportsmanship. The event consists of a combination of individual, team, and face-off rounds that are based on math problems written by CSULBs Math Department. It was an exciting event because it was the first time that we fielded a competition, commented Sim. The competition consisted of an individual round of 15 multiple choice questions and five free response questions, a team round of eight free response questions, and a relay round. The relay round is a sequential problem which requires the first person to solve their problem and to then hand off their answer to the next person where he or she uses the answer that they are given to solve their problem. The process goes on twice and the third persons answer is the one that is graded. During the competition there was also a speech given by Jen

DERIVE: The Math Day at the Beach Competition consisted of individual, team, and relay rounds. Sophomore Brandon Sim scored the highest on the team. Eric Su Asst. Business Manager

Student representatives from Diamond Bar High School collectively placed second and competed against 31 schools in California State University, Long FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE FINISH LINE Beachs Math Day at the Beach Dont stop now; you only have a few more weeks to bring up competition on Saturday, March those borderline grades! Grit your teeth, clench your fists, and 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. strive for the best. Give it all youve got and never give up hope. The student representatives You never know, maybe that last hour of cramming will bring consisted of senior Eugene your percentage over the borderline. Think positive and keep up Chao; juniors Jessica Chen, the great work! Gary Li, Katherine Liu, and The 12-week grading period ends on Friday, April 17. Sherry Zhang and sophomore Brandon Sim. Sim scored the Continued from page 1 PAGEANT: Sixteen contestants will participate in this years Miss DB Pageant. be required to answer questions on stage. Miss DB and her court will be given opportunities in which they will represent the city and act as role models. Miss Diamond Bar will also receive a scholarship of $1,500 and her court will receive $250 each. More money will be accumulated for their scholarship throughout the years of community service the event since 1988. Im hoping that more young ladies in the community learn about this pageant, commented Miss DB Pageant board member, Scarlett Kwong. Kwong added, This isnt a stereotypical pageant. Miss Diamond Bar isnt chosen because of how pretty she is, but because of her skill as an individual. Continued from page 1 FOCUS: Peer Counselors present both local and worldly issues to DBHS students. a Smart Dater? activity. Im really excited that we have the opportunity to do Project DB because it is a good way to educate our peers and have fun at the same time, commented junior Agnes Lee, president of Peer Counseling. Basically, our mission in Peer Counseling is to better educate [students] about issues that they may have and inform them on how to deal with [those issues],added Agnes Lee. In the future, Peer Counseling hopes to keep the issues covered by Project DB local, rather than global, so that DBHS students can easily relate to the topics. they are offered and through fundraisers. Tickets will be available at the door for $25. Funds from the pageant will go to the Miss DB Court Scholarship. Before the actual pageant, the girls take six weeks to better themselves in their poise, interview, and networking skills. The Miss DB Pageant Incorporation has coordinated

Mei Chiang about the Academic Journey of the Tangents. The speech discussed the history and functionality of the tangent. Zhang described the speech as a very fascinating and interesting approach to learning about math. The students who competed in the competition are also in the Mu Theta Alpha Math Honor Society club on campus. The club also competes in the annual American Mathematics Competition. Howard Alcosser, DBHS Advanced Placement Calculus II and International Baccalaureate Higher Level Math teacher commented, [I am] extremely proud of them, they are all animals, mathematical animals.

Project DB. I thought the information was pretty interesting because some facts that you would think are false are actually true.It gives you a new perspective on dating and relationships so that you think more about these issues, commented senior Kathleen Lee about the Who Wants to be

Showstoppers... AJ Rafael and Andrew Garcia perform in the amphitheater to support the Pennies for Patients Drive. Ashley Chen


first year of architecture were only allowed to compete in the Basic Architecture Competition, which was held on the first day of the event. The students were given three and a half hours to design a studio apartment according to a prompt that listed design requirements. Seven of the 12 DBHS students who entered this category placed within the top ten. Sophomores Chris Chen and Howard Liu placed second and third, respectively. Freshman Richard Koh was the only freshman to place in the competition; he placed fourth. Junior Jonathan Lui won fifth, sophomore Orrin Belden won sixth, and junior Will Chu won seventh. Sophomore Eric Wang placed ninth. After completing one year of the Basic Architecture course, students are able to move onto Advanced Architecture. Advanced students are allowed to compete in the CAD Architecture Competition, the Advanced Architecture Competition, or both. In the CAD Architecture Competition, students use the computer software, CAD, to create their architectural drawings. The CAD Architecture Competition gives students only three hours to design unlike the other categories that allot three and a half hours. This year, students had to design a duplex according to certain criteria. The top

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

DBHS Architecture Competes at Rio Hondo College

PLAN: The CAD Architecture competition only gives students three hours to design a duplex unlike the other categories. DBHS students earned 22 of the 30 top ten spots. Andrew John Asst. Sports Editor Diamond Bar High School's architectural program received the Most Outstanding Program award and the Most Outstanding Female award after competing in the 33rd Annual Architectural Competition with students from 14 other schools across southern California. The competition took place at Rio Hondo College in Whittier from Wednesday, March 4, to Friday, March 6. There were three categories in the competition: Basic Architecture, Computer Aided Design (CAD) Architecture, and Advanced Architecture. DBHS students placed within the top ten spots in every category. Overall, DBHS students earned 22 of the 30 top ten spots. In total, 270 students competed and each category consisted of at least 40 students. Students who placed in the top ten of their categories received prizes such as computer software and design kits. Students who placed in a top three spot received plaques. Students enrolled in their

news bits
Harry Jackson, a 25-yearold inmate at Georgias Camden County Jail, is facing charges after being caught sneaking back into jail following his breaking out to steal cigarettes. Jackson stole 14 packs of cigarettes from a Snappy Foods store and was spotted sneaking back into jail by deputies at 3:00 a.m. A drive-through customer at a West Bluff McDonalds was unsatisfied with his meal, and when customers behind him expected him to move, he threw his McGriddle at a 38-year-old female employee. The woman did not seek medical attention after being assaulted with the sandwich. Kenneth McManus has stolen hundreds of packs of Orbit chewing gum. McManus was finally caught stealing 175 packets from a supermarket in Fairfield, Connecticut. He tried to steal the gum by stuffing it in his pockets. Within a few weeks, McManus stole roughly $775 worth of gum. murderer, was released with no criminal charges after beheading and cannibalizing a man on a bus on a TransCanadian highway while other bus riders watched in terror. Li is now institutionalized and will be reassessed annually to determine if he is fit to be released for life as a normal citizen. Tatsuhiko Kawata set a Tokyo hotel on fire in an effort to buy time before he chose between his wife of 15 years and his girlfriend, whom he promised to marry in October of last year. The man used seven liters of gasoline to light the hotel on fire. He has been sentenced to five years in jail.

Ready, Set, Sketch... Sophomore Christopher Chen draws his layout. Courtesy of John Jones six places in the CAD compe- house. With the exception of tition were awarded to DBHS first and second place, Diastudents. Senior Aaron Chen mond Bar claimed all of the won first place, senior Antho- top ten spots. However, junior ny Nguyen won second, and Hyungki Park received a plaque sophomore Dennis Ruan won for third place and senior Aaron third. Senior Jonathan Chiang Chen placed fifth. In addition to won fourth, senior Jeff Herndon their places in the CAD compewon fifth, and senior Jaqueline tition, Rude, Chiang, and NguyRude won sixth. Senior Jimmy en also placed sixth, seventh, Hung came in ninth place. and tenth, respectively, in the In regards to prepara- Advanced category. Seniors tion for the competition, Chen Eric Tsang and Alec Chiu also commented, I timed myself earned top ten spots for DBHS, and practiced with different with Tsang placing eighth and prompts. I didn't think I'd win. Chiu placing ninth. I was the only name that [was No other female competed not] getting called. in two competitions, stated In this years Advanced Rude. When asked about her Architecture Competition, stu- accomplishment, she replied, dents were given the task I thought it was really exciting, to design a renovation for a but I was really surprised.

Ryan N. Smith, a 26-yearold from Jacksonville, Florida, is facing charges for cultivating marijuana after he was caught moving 17 pot plants to the back of his truck. An officer pulled the truck over when he smelled the marijuana. Smith told the officer that he was moving the pot because he was robbed the Vince Li, a schizophrenic night before. Continued from page 1 MONEY: Donation boxes were distributed in English classes. for donations. Junior William John Mayer and Bleeding Love Kim played the drums and by Leona Lewis. senior Corey Waters played the Kim commented, I hope guitar, while sophomores Dean there are better performances Truong and Kaitlyn McCown and that we raise more money sang songs such as Say by every year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Dances have always played a role in the typical high school experience. Here at Diamond Bar High School, students have had the privilege of attending the annual Backto-School dance, Winter Formal, Sadies, Homecoming, and Prom. Recently, however, the school administration has decided to replace all dances except for Homecoming and Prom with alternative student activities, the details of which are still unclear. Rumors regarding the reasons for this change have ranged from the failing economy to students inappropriate dancing. Assistant Principal Tim Bryan has stated that low ticket sales, especially in the case of Winter Formal, have brought more attention to the difculty of funding these dances. The administration, district ofce, grade level coordinators, and parents who have been invited to chaperone the dances have decided that the amount of discipline and money involved in organizing a dance has become too much of a problem. This has led to the decision to establish a limit of one dance per semester. This change in DBHS tradition has no doubt aroused both opposition and support from students and staff alike:

So You Think We Can Dance? Dances cost too much, I think

Eye of the Editors

High schools across the nation have implemented the Advanced Placement Incentive Program (APIP), a program that rewards students with cash incentives for taking an AP class and passing the AP test. One high school in Texas awards students with $100 for every passing score on an AP test. This program produces increased enrollment in AP courses and higher scores on the tests; it should be implemented in other schools. Statistics show that since the APIP has been established, the number of students taking the AP exams and enrollment in AP courses has increased. Professor Kirabo Jackson at Cornell University found that there was a shift in attitude toward the AP courses. Before, students saw AP courses as only for the intellectual elite, students now see AP courses as challenging classes, in which anybody can succeed with diligence. APIP does not just reward monetary incentives to those who performcounselors actively promote the program, which encourages students to take an interest in the benets that AP courses provide and to look at a future beyond high school. Critics of the program equate the measure to bribing students, making students see courses as a way of making money rather than as a way of increasing their educational scope. However, the APIP does what schools have already been doing: reward students for performance. Money has just replaced the pizza party or gold star. Opponents also say that paying students for good scores devalues education because students learn for the sake of making money. However, the APIP does not devalue education; rather, the APIP makes education approachable for students who would not have given AP classes a chance were it not for the monetary incentive. It does not matter whether or not students see AP courses as cash cows. It does not matter what their initial motivation for taking the course was, so long as they take the class, absorb the material, and challenge themselves. Some may say that the program sends students the wrong message; students need to learn the importance of learning in its own right but students who have not even begun to challenge themselves cannot possibly recognize and appreciate education for its intrinsic value. The APIP is the rst step in teaching students the worth of education and learning. Students cannot possibly understand the importance of learning for learnings sake if they have not yet even started to simply learn, and the APIP encourages students to start.

most students would agree with me when I say Id rather go to a party than a dance.Chuka Udengwu, Junior

They should use the absence of dances to teach people how to dance properly. Maybe when people learn not to grind bootays, our dances will come back.Amy Nguyen, Senior I think that they should give the students another chance to try to behave better, then make their decision.Sree Arjunan, Freshman

As a sophomore, I dont think the dances should be replaced. If the economy is the problem, other minor cutbacks should be made as long as there is no impact on our education.Kushal Soni, Sophomore

Pro: Intervening in Mexican Drug Wars

It is unfortunate that the school must cancel dances due to low attendance and inappropriate behavior at the events. It is also limiting the involvement in school activities for the lower classmen. I hope that the dances will be replaced with new activities. Stacy Tenace, English teacher Jane Park Asst. A&E Editor Although over 7,000 Mexican and American lives have been claimed since January 2007 from a bloody drug war, it is business as usual for many drug cartels in Mexico. The inability of the Mexican government to control the cartels is exemplied by the growing number of casualties as the killings become increasingly violent and brutal. Though the United States has previously provided nancial aid to help alleviate the drug wars, it is now time for the US to take a more direct and involved approach, before crime and violence spread further into the United States. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has failed to completely grasp hold of the problem, and what successes he has managed have clearly not been enough to sufciently combat the drug cartels. The cartels power illustrates the weakness of both local and national governments, who are unable to maintain order in Mexico. The United States Joint Forces Command, charged with anticipating global threats to US imperialism, recently issued a report naming Mexico as one of the nations whose governments are most likely to undergo rapid collapse, which poses a serious homeland security threat to the US if immediate intervention is not carried out. There is no doubt that Americans will suffer if the violence that stems from the drug wars spills beyond the border. This February, the US State Department issued a travel advisory, warning Americans who plan to travel to Mexico to be particularly careful. The advisory notied tourists that there have been confrontations between the Mexican police and the drug cartels and that these large shootouts have trapped US citizens, preventing them from leaving the area. The violence exhibited towards Americans on Mexican soil shows that the drug wars affect the lives of the innocent civilians of both countries, which demonstrates the US need to get involved in order to quickly remedy the problem. The violence stemming from the wars not only raises concern over the well-being of Mexican one buyer of Mexican drugs, many problems arise from unpaid debts and dues. Around 90% of all US cocaine passes through Mexico. If the drug war is stopped and the cartels are put out of power, the US will undeniably see a decrease in drug usage and other drugrelated incidents. Through the Merida Initiative, Mexico is receiving nancial aid from the US and the money is being well spent, it is not enough. With homeland security at stake, the US should send both more monetary aid and qualied personnel, such as skilled Drug Enforcement Agency agents, to extinguish the drug wars. Both nancial aid and trained agents, who are equipped with the knowledge to solve these problems, will undeniably topple the cartels. While the US continues taking a hands-off approach to the Mexican drug war, innocent lives are being claimed and drugs are owing relatively freely into America. The US needs to invest both money and personnel to dethrone the reigning cartels in order to protect the well-being of both American and Mexican lives.

In a survey of 344 students, 79% opposed the administrations decision while 21% supported it.

Above the Law

Elizabeth Lee Staff Writer Jovica Stanisic is a man of many faces. He was a source for the Central Intelligence Agency several years ago and was the former Serbian Intelligence Chief. As the tyrannical and vengeful Serbian President Slobodan Milosevics right hand man, he was in charge of the ethnic cleansing of Muslims and formed groups that performed genocides against them, uncannily like Hitlers acts against the Jews. At the International Criminal Court at The Hague, he was tried as a war criminal, accused of forming, training, and supplying t h o s e groups that permanently removed numerous Bosnian Muslims and Croats. It was then that he revealed his alliance with the CIA, hoping that the CIA would intervene on his behalf and protect him from the charges. The CIA has done exactly what Stanisic hoped for the United States agency sent classied documents to the court listing the contributions Stanisic made in helping the West calm the crisis in Bosnia in the 1990s. It did so despite the fact that he also contributed to the massacres and mass rapes of Bosnian Muslims and Croats. By meddling in international justice, the CIA overstepped its jurisdiction and unjustly aided Stanisic, completely disregarding his participation in war crimes. It is ridiculous for the CIA to think that its report of Stanisics just deeds could outweigh his violent actions. While cooperating with the CIA, he formed paramilitary units that performed ethnic killings. Now, it seems like he is using his services as leverage over

Though Stanisic was a crucial ally to the CIA, the US is not obligated to protect him from any future allegations.

the crimes he committed by drawing in an inuential voice from the US. Whatever good he performed, he still must be punished for his wrongdoings, without the superuous intervention of US interlopers. The CIA was in need of an inside-man during the civil war in Bosnia to placate the situation. Though Stanisic was a crucial ally to the CIA at that time, his aid to the US does not mean that the agency is obligated to protect him from any future allegations. The war crimes that he is currently accused of committingincluding the video-taped execution of six M u s l i m malesare unrelated to the alliance he had with the CIA. Though they were allies in one incident, it does not mean that the CIA has the right to interfere with any others. Stanisics trial is a foreign affair that should be left to the international courts that were formed to handle such incidents. The United Nations will deal with this man as it sees t in a reasonable manner. As a branch of the American government, the CIA should set a good example that reects American values, instead of supporting a murderer and meddling in international affairs. Furthermore, Stanisics participation in those atrocities cannot be redeemed by any of his previous actions or political friends. The CIA does not have any evidence of his innocence because the information presented to the court was irrelevant to his accusation. The agency was irrational when acting in favor of the war criminal because it had no right or need to do so. It is irrational, unfair, and wrong for the agency to help Stanisic avoid facing the consequences of his actions.

The US needs to invest money and personnel to dethrone the reigning cartels in order to protect the well-being of both American and Mexican lives.
citizens, but also brings to light the problem of protecting the lives of Americans who are now caught in the crossre. The inexplicable disappearances of United States citizens frustrate American authorities, who have jurisdiction in Mexico but fear that both the drug cartels and police on drug dealers payrolls are involved. Because the US is the number

Con: Intervening in Mexican Drug Wars

Marcel Boubion Contributing Staff Writer The money, lives, and time it will cost to give Mexico aid in the current drug wars are too big a burden to put on the American government. The United States should remain responsible for what goes on within the US, not around it. America is in no positionconsidering our current economic crisisto provide help for Mexico in their war on drugs, nor is America responsible for Mexicos problems. The US has a funny habit of sticking itself in the middle of situations when not needed, just as it did 10 years ago in the Colombian drug wars. The US spent billions of dollars on Colombia in hopes of stopping drug trafcking, but the endeavor failed miserably. The drugs are still making their way to the US. In fact cocaine production in Colombia has increased four percent since the US anti-drug efforts began. America faces the same situation in Mexico, where nancial and military aids are essentially useless in the long run. The key to the success of the drug cartels is money and strength, in numbers and in weaponry. America has the ability to control the smuggling of weapons over the border, keeping them out of the hands of drug lords, thus weakening the drug cartels and giving Mexico a chance to restore order. This should be the main focus for the US right now, not intervening directly into the drug wars. The funding of the drug cartels can be limited if the amount of drugs getting through the Mexican-American border is decreased. Instead of spending billions of dollars and endangering the lives of police and military support, the US should spend money protecting itself from threats that have spilled over into America. If America is to be protected from the recklessness that takes place in Mexico, then the US needs to secure the state lines and constrain the amount of drugs sold. If all of Americas strengths are used in Mexico in vain, then it will have less control of the kidnappings, killings, and home intrusions that are increasing from Phoenix to Alabama. As it stands, the US is not economically ready to spend money to increase protection within the states. The $1.6 billion dollars that the US House of Representatives recently approved for assistance important role to play. The cartels have a combined total of over 100,000 foot soldiers, nearly matching Mexicos army. Weaponry used in the cartels is similar to that used by the US military. The large portion of the weapons used in Mexican cartels that derive from the US needs to be regulated. Americas lack of strict gun laws allow people involved with drug cartels to buy and smuggle guns across the border and into Mexico without much difculty. Nearly 2,000 guns are smuggled into Mexico everyday according to a study conducted by the Mexican government. Joint Forces command should allocate its time and money to discontinue the supplying of weapons that are killing Mexican and American civilians and police. In the past, America has spent too much time attacking problems in another country and has failed to solve the drug problems that are in the US. Now is not the time to help Mexico, especially before America can help itself. America has given more than enough aid to Mexico; it is now time to clean up the mess that Mexico has allowed to spill over into American territory.

America has given more than enough aid to Mexico; it is now time to clean up the mess that Mexico has allowed to spill over into American territory.
with Mexicos war on drugs should be allocated to protecting Americas own people, not theirs. The cartels are tenacious and America cannot be held responsible for actions that take place outside of the US, nor is it Americas duty to pick up after Mexico. Intervention in the Mexican drug wars is an unnecessary attempt to restore order and slow down drug production. Intervention is not necessary, but America still has an extremely



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blazing Trails of Satire

Katie Lee Editorial Cartoonist During these economically challenging times, it is costly to educate children when money can be allocated to more productive causes. Cuts are vital to survive a recession, and education is a luxury that aggravates the crisis. As if nourishment for the body is not enough to concern ourselves with, we have burdened ourselves with cultivation of the mind as well. We are tumbling into a profound recession, an end to which is not yet in sight. Just as we abolished alcohol at one time, we can now act just as proactively to abolish education. Billions of dollars are poured into education, teaching kids to ponder the stars, be existential, or even wonder whether the tomato is really a fruit or a vegetable. Ironically, the real problem is that the adults are then left behind to rectify the budget decit arising out of these high expectations. The nation was already at risk for economic collapse because of the rapidly increasing unemployment and tax rates. With superuous luxuries being cut everywhere and workers being laid off, education should not be spared. Education is arcane, inscrutable, and transcendental. Although these words would be understood by an ambitious student, it does not bring bread and butter to the table. Vocational pursuit, on the other hand, is pragmatic, fundamental, and efcient. Thus, the real issue is to redene education by taking out its luxurious frills. We do not need to understand mathematical limits and conics to fill a gas tank, nor is it necessary to study European history to be able to ip burgers at McDonalds. Children are now monetary burdens because of the absurd obligation of educating them. Real developers of modern society are the fearless, diligent, andmost importantly uneducated workers. Lowmaintenance children have strong builds and physiques suitable for shoveling manure and mining coal. Obviously, an enlightenment of the mind is not essential for such success. Starving philosophers are not better than satisfied Neanderthals. Not only are schools teaching unnecessary subjects, they are also teaching kids exactly how to study. Learning is overrated. Besides, television is here to be the SparkNotes of our lives. Why does everyone have to know how to read when a reporter can read it to the public? Illiteracy holds no shame, but rather honor and common sense for deciding not to waste valuable time and money on needless teachings. Lite ra cy beyond colloquial communication is not necessary because all it does is corrupt a persons mind with the nonsense of verbose information. Since no one would ever agree to the elimination of education, we must reduce education to a point when things are much less sophisticated. We c a n s a v e e n o u g h money by making education cuts to bail us out of our current economic turmoil. Efciency and pragmatism are the keys to meaningful education. We can produce occupational students, making children into effective equipment in civilization once again. We can model the schools after factories to make them productive. Our ancestors were more intelligent than us, only because they knew education has nothing to do with progress. We must rebel against the current stupidity of our society and retreat to the time of painted faces and hogs roasted on sticks: we were far more efcient then.

Commentary: No More Monkey Business

Ashley Chen Asst. Photo Editor It is not sound to place primates on a typical list of household pets. To keep one captive in a human environment risks both the physical and mental health of the animals. Nonetheless, there has been no shortage in the number of American citizens who own small monkeys or chimpanzees. Following the news of a Connecticut woman who suffered a brutal attack by a friends pet chimpanzee, the House of Representatives has passed the Captive Primate Safety Act. Owners will no longer be able to sell, buy, or transport primates over state lines as household pets. This muchneeded bill provides hope in abolishing the unjust capture and breeding of primates for pets, which often leads to exploitation and neglect. Not only does such an act represent a progressive step towards eliminating the use of primates and wild species as pets, but it also alleviates the issue of public safety. More than once, the news has headlined the rampage of a supposedly trained chimp, loose on the streets in a t of animalistic rage. This is a clear example of the threats domestic primates can bring to society when owners cannot keep them under control. The Safety Act provides equal protection to both humans and primates, as fewer primates will be put under the control of humans, and the risk for fatal accidents will decrease. Primates do not live for the purpose of providing a means of human amusement, and it is unjust for them to be subject to mistreatment and abuse. At rst, owners may often take in infant chimpanzees or monkeys for their playful and innocent appeal, yet there is no denying that as a primate grows, even most nancially-stable owners cannot possibly afford to supply all of its needs. The environment that a life in the wild provides is not easily reproduced under such drastically different living circumstances. A life surrounded by humans contradicts the unrestricted atmosphere of nature at its purest. Even if most owners choose not to abandon them, many primates end up living conned in small cages and are physically altered, usually by having their teeth or ngernails removed, to suit the desires of the owner. In captivity, these primates rarely have the opportunity to fulll their social and physical needs. With growth, many primates will become much more physically powerful and can develop into sizes and states that owners have difculty controlling. At this point, primates are considered dangerous and unmanageable. Humans can then be more easily exposed to attacks and diseases caused by or carried by these animals. Public health is threatened and safety risks are likely to heighten if primates cannot be managed in the right way. T h e H u m a n e S o c i e t y, among other organizations, has been a strong and consistent advocate of animal welfare, and the issuance of the Captive Primate Safety Act seems to be past due. It is difcult to argue the justication of the ownership of primates who are unable to live freely under the captivity placed upon them by humans. Nevertheless, American policy can serve as one of the stepping stones towards preventing and eliminating primate exploitation on a global scale.

An enlightenment of the mind is not essential for success; s t a r v i n g philosophers are not better than satisfied Neanderthals.

With all the money that AIG has ended up with, maybe it would Person 2: No, I didn t know have been better to give poor and I don t care. Christine Song Joe the Plumber his tax cut. Adeel Mohammadi The Editorial Board invites The Bulls Eye readers to submit THE BULLS EYE STAFF Editors-in-Chief original commentary based on current events. All submitted
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Bernard Madoff: Perpetuating the Jewish know that the two main faults stereotype since 2008. of the American people are Yufeng Luo ignorance and apathy?

Out of the Box Person 1: Hey, did you

Extending the Nuclear Family

Adeel Mohammadi Asst. Editorial Editor The United States and her allies have long held a monopoly on nuclear weapons and power, demanding that only countries which America deems responsible should be given the right to develop nuclear technology. However, as countries around the globe, specically Iran, demand participation in the development of this technology, America and much of the Western World have stubbornly insisted on the maintenance of the status quo. It is now time for the US to either take active steps in reducing and eventually eliminating nuclear technology for all countries including America itselfor allow Iran to continue its nuclear enrichment programs. If the US demands an end to nuclear proliferation, the US should support global nuclear disarmament. Yet instead of setting an example for other countries, the US hypocritically demands that it should maintain nuclear weapons and other countries should not. While calling countries like Iran irresponsible and too unstable for nuclear development, Americas own track record is called into question, since Americas bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the only time nuclear weapons were used offensively. While America explicitly demands that Iranian nuclear development stop, the White House makes few demands energy, other countries around the globe have made their nuclear military intentions clear, for there are nine countries who collectively have thousands of nuclear warheadsand America itself is second in ranking. While America demands that Iran halt its development of highly enriched uranium, America puts no pressure on countries like Britain and Israel. If the US is unwilling to take signicant steps to demilitarize its nuclear arsenal and that of other countries, Iran should be allowed to continue its nuclear proliferation. The US has shown its distrust of Iran, yet such suspicion is unwarranted. Iran has openly stated its intentions: to enrich uranium in order to develop nuclear power as an alternative energy source. One fifth of Americas electricity consumption comes from nuclear power. Since Irans increasing population and industry demand new sources of energy, Iran should also be allowed to tap into the realm of nuclear energy. Oil is an exhaustible resource, as Tehran has long maintained, and should be saved for markets that demand its consumption, unlike electricity. Furthermore, Irans purely technological objectives have been clearly defined, for even Irans Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeni, issued a fatwa against the production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons, forbidding Iranians from pursuing nuclear armament. Unlike the US, Iran will be pursuing a strictly nuclearelectrical program. While the White House shows distrust of Iranian nuclear development, Irans peaceful aspirations must be trusted, for America does not have the authority to make judgments regarding the integrity of foreign countries. The US has no right to decide which countries are responsible enough to be given nuclear technology. If the US demands that Iran stop its nuclear enrichment, then the White House should be willing to also forsake its nuclear programs and demand that all other countries do the same.

from other countries around the globe. The international community is forced to wonder with what jurisdiction is the American government imposing international mandates. In fact, while Iran publicly announces its intentions to develop nuclear technology exclusively for

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashley Ahn Contributing Staff Writer

Jennifer Shin News Editor Dear Senior Jennifer, I am so excited to go to high school. I nally get to start over and leave behind my regrets and sad memories from middle school. Dont worry! I wont forget the happy and memorable moments that I had with my friends. I wonder what high school will be like. Will it be fun? As sad as it is, high school is not going to be like it is portrayed in movies and television shows. Its okay though, because I know that I will never be the popular or unpopular girl who always gets the boy of her dreams. The part I will most likely play is that of the nerdy girl who secretly admires that popular boy. High school is going to be absolutely perfect. I can feel it. I am going to get bomb grades and make so many new friends. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. High school also means that I am going to be that much closer to college, but that is another story. Love, Almost Freshman Jennifer P.S. Freshman Jennifer, I like the sound of that! Dear Almost Freshman Jennifer, I am glad that you are eager to experience high school. But, as disappointing as it sounds, high school is not going to be perfect. High school is all about the decisions that you make and the type of people you choose to be friends with. I never experienced anything remotely close to the high school lives portrayed in movies. My life in high school has been comfortable. I was never part of the in-crowd nor did I ever want to be part of it. I was and still am extremely happy and grateful to know the people that I am friends with today. I could not have asked for better friends. Almost Freshman Jennifer, the type of friends you make show what type of person you are and what you value in life. Do not ever forget that. To my arrowhead twinsie: I am sorry that I almost killed you with my sabre. I love you and I know that we will be friends forever. Thanks for everything! One thing that I learned in high school is that it is not what you experience that makes your high school life memorable but rather what you make of your experiences. Yes, you are going to always to remember the memories that you have in high school, but those memories will not be as signicant as what you gain from them. Another thing that is important to know is that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. As you get closer to college, it may seem like grades are everything, but they are not. Despite what others may say, it is never worth sacricing your integrity for the sake of good grades or more friends. One last thing, you only experience high school once. So have fun and stay healthy! Love, Almost COLLEGE Fresh man Jennifer

being watched and evaluated to see if one achievement will be just as good as the previous Perfect, poifect, perfecto: one. Freshman Lauren Chung, No matter how many ways one of the many perfectionists one says it, it means the same at school, stated, Theres too thingawless. Its too bad much pressure! Teachers, my perfection cant be achieved. friends, everyone expects so Whether its that pimple on your much of me. It feels like Im beface or the ab under your arms, ing watched under a magnifying we humans were meant to be glass. Its funny how some kids imperfect. A world full of clones strive to live and breathe this that never slip-up? How boring! trait while others see the disadWe might vantages as well of it. be made F e l of plastic low freshand all be - Do you get upset if your paper has a man sticknamed Bar- crease or wrinkle in it? ler Audrey bie. - Do you often feel what you do is not Tran statD i a - good enough? ed, The mond Bar downside - Do you nd yourself picking at your of being a High School is home to own and other peoples aws? perfectionmany per- - Do you tend to put things o to the ist is that fectionists. last minute because you fear failure? sometimes A m o n g things dont the many, turn out the numerous forms of perfection- way you wanted it to and there ism can be found; two types isnt anything you can do about that most people fall victim to it except to be annoyed knowing are hypercritical perfectionists that it isnt right. The good side and discouraged/procrastina- though, is getting things done, tor perfectionists. Those who knowing its right, and that peofall under the hypercritical cat- ple will like it too. egory are often objective and There is no xed medical tend to constantly pick at aws. cure to relieve the anxieties that These people are often viewed come with perfectionism other as bothersome and anger those than seeing a therapist. Those around them. who possess this personality Procrastinator perfectionists trait often say that speaking to put things off to the last minute. someone about their troubles They often make the excuse helps them release tension that that they could have done a bet- builds up within them. Ultimateter job if they had more time to ly, perfectionists must learn to cover up the real reason behind accept EXCELLENCE instead their stalling: fear of failing of perfection. Most people who A slow death, thats possess this trait just need to what perfection is. Perfection- relax and welcome the world ists often feel the stress of high around them with open arms, expectations and sense they are imperfections and all.

Picture Perfect?

Ashley Chen Asst. Photo Ediitor



Eccentric Eateries
are forbidden. Lights out, forks up! Now, instead of complete darkness, consider a starkbright room with a table set out, on top of which lies...a human body?! Thats the idea behind Tokyos Nyotaimori, where meals begin with the wheeling in of an edible body, complete with dough skin and sauce blood. Diners operate on the body and feast on exposed edible organs. If you would rather see blood and not eat it, keep reading! Guns, death, and vampires are denitely not what you imagine when you picture a pleasant meal with family dia, is situated over and around an old Muslim cemetery, which means that actual graves are located between the tables. The owners say that the green concrete-covered cofns bring luck. Now thats a new perspective on dining with the dead. The idea of death is taken even further with Eternity in Truskavets, Ukraine. This restaurant is actually an enormous wooden cofn, inside of which the walls are covered with black and the decorations include funeral wreaths and lifesize cofns. It is sure to provide an eating experience from beyond the grave! With the recent Twilight craze, youre sure to want to try out a restaurant that embodies a vampire theme. Located in Tokyo, Vampire Caf has dark and alluring undead dcorheavy velvet drapes, dripping red candles, black cofns, skulls, and crosses. Needless to say, this blood-red restaurant is sure to attract the likes of Edward Cullen. Enhanced by their worldly locations, these theme restaurants serve as interesting and intriguing conversation starters on your next night out.

Do you ever nd yourself wondering what lies beyond the typical burger joint or Ph

Are you a perfectionist?

house? Here is a glimpse of what else the world has to offer in terms of dining and entertainment. This fascinating series of peculiar theme restaurants will make you wish you could hop on a jet and try them out for yourself. Perhaps youve heard of Modern Toilet, located in Taipei, Taiwan. How do toilets for seats and bathtubs for tables sound? Once patrons get over the unappealing combination of dinner and bathroom, they will nd themselves intrigued as the dishes are served in miniature toilet bowls and the chocolate soft serve ice cream in the shape of dung. If eating in a place that resembles a large restroom doesnt sound too appealing, try stimulating some other senses. Imagine eating in complete and utter darkness, an experience made possible when eating at Pitch Black, a Beijing eatery. Waiters walk around with funky nightvision goggles while guests dine in the dark. Illuminating devices

Sailing Away
Sharon Lin Asst. Editorial Editor Most of us only dream about traveling the world after graduating high school, but senior Pamela Webster is among one of the few who will actually follow their dreams with action. Webster has always had a strong sense of adventure, and when she was 13, she decided to join the Navy in order to travel to various parts of the world and spend time at sea. She traveled to a recruitment center and attempted to enroll, only to nd that she wasnt quite old enough. She did however enroll in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Being in the NSCC taught Webster the different aspects of being in the Navy. Spending time on ships and out at sea made her even more excited to join. As a senior, she is now commissioned in the U.S. Navy. Though she faces both support and opposition from her teachers, parents, and friends, she is determined to fulll her dreams. This is a pure passion that Ive had, said Webster regarding her desire to sail with the Navy. It is quite obvious that she doesnt fall into the stereotypical image of a Navy member. In fact, Brenda Henson, Websters English teacher, actually encouraged her to try out for the Miss Diamond Bar Pageant. The last time I checked, the Navy didnt have a certain look, commented Webster. Unlike most people who decide to join the Navy, Webster is not doing it for nancial benet. Webster has a strong desire for the experiences and education that she knows she will gain from being in the Navy. As of right now, she is on an 8-year contract, but she plans to stay in the Navy for at least 20 years in order to obtain a nursing degree. Ever since she enrolled in the NCSS at the age of 13, she has received many different opportunities. She is currently part of the Delayed Entry Program that consists of members who have a desire to be shipped out to sea. DEP members meet once a month on Thursday to train together. Webster has the honor of being a Delayed Entry Program Commanding Ofcer. She has worked with eld medics at the

overheard in

and friends. This sure hasnt stopped the creative minds behind the following theme restaurants. Stationed in Beirut, Lebanon, Buns & Guns is and isnt what it sounds like. A military theme is everpresent throughout, from the helicopter background music to the gun and war-themed meals. This next eatery, The New Lucky Restaurant, will send chills up your spine when you nd out who your fellow patrons are. This Indian restaurant, in Ahmadabad, In-

All photos courtesy of


Every month, we will bring you some of the most ridiculous, hilarious, at-out idiotic, and sometimes insightful things we hear around campus. So bewarewell be listening. Boy: Wait, can you really dig a hole all the way to China? Boy: Is Vietnam a country? Girl: She asked me what religion I was and I said I was Korean! Boy: What is a Iran? Girl: What do you call twins who dont look alike? Boy: Isnt it Maternal? Boy: You know the Mayans predicted things mainly about North America, right? Girl 1: Lets move to Canada! Teacher: Are you cheating? Girl: Cheating? No... Im not a Cheeto. Boy: I dont like physical pain because it hurts. Girl 1: Anyone know where Chicago is? Boy: I think its in Northern California. Girl 2: I thought it was a state. Boy (talking to girl): Personal Hell? Yeah, you would denitely be in my personal Hell. Girl: Will you go to Sadies with me? Boy: No. Girl: Dude, in order for a relationship to work, someone has to be whipped... and its always the guy. Boy: Quiero dar una corbata a mi pap para que mi mam me d un hermanito. Translation: I want to give a tie to my father so that my mother gives me a younger brother. Teacher (to class): Your brain reaches its full potential at age 27. You guys dont have much time left. Male Teacher (while highlighting NCAA results): I think Ill use pink; Im feeling really girly today. Girl: They shouldnt call it the UC system. They should call it the USB system. Girl: Bisexual people are just plain selsh. They cant just have one or the other, they need to have both! Boy: I thought CAHSEE was a girl! Boy: I read it on Youtube.

Balboa Hospital in San Diego and she also does administrative work for the Navy Career Center in the Puente Hills Mall. She has already traveled to various parts o f the

country with the NSCC, including Pearl Harbor over this past summer, but Webster hopes to travel to Japan, Singapore, Iraq, and Afghanistan during the time she will spend as a eld medic in the Navy. Webster will be shipped to the Great Lakes in Michigan on August 25 to being her training, and though she is a little scared of the possible dangers, she said that the adventure outweighs the fear.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marcel Boubion Contributing Staff Writer [and] that I can contribute to the school and psych them up for the rally. Jamal was the rst of the two to pick up glowsticking. After watching a Youtube video, he thought it looked cool and decided to give it a try. He started by looking up the basics on the Internet and taught himself from there. When I rst got

Todd Schlickbernd Contributing Staff Writer


the internet for good deals. The real goal is to know what youre aiming for when you set out to build your computer and to get creative with it. As long as your parts work together, you can do whatever you want. Install Windows, Linux, or Leopard. Make your case out of Lego bricks. Install a cup holder underneath your CD drive. Its up to you, your time, and your budget. There are plenty of good deals on whole computers on the internet, and theres no guarantee that building your computer will be cheaper or more expensive, but it pays to know your computer on a more personal level. How often can you build your own best friend? At the end of the day, building a computer is a lot of things. Lis mentality is that, its laborious, but very fun. It allows you to understand your computer, but when things go wrong, there wont be customer support to hold your handonly Google. If youve got a heart for gaming, business, or the desire to build something yourself, building a computer can be a worthwhile investment. Life is built on nuts and bolts; what effort you put into it is what you get out of it, and a personal computer is no different. Pauline Phan Asst. Feature Editor Shy, nerdy, and ambitious, freshie Pauline had BIG dreams. They included becoming a valedictorian and getting accepted into Stanford. Dont deny it! I bet half of the people reading this had similar dreams. Anyway, while Pauline was struggling to get good grades, she was also searching for a BFF group. Little did she know, three girls shared her plight. The rst one had a strikingly deep voice and was strangely obsessed with potatoes and cheese. She introduced herself as the joisey, Christian girl, and always wore crafty t-shirts. The second one, with her spunky attitude, short hair, and loud voice was anything other than ordinary; she was amazing at playing the violin and lived life on the wild side. The third one made herself known to the nerds by acing every test. Her random comments in Mr. Ss bio class (MR. S, I shall always be your biggest PHAN!) about dim sim fueled the start of the many convos or histrionic episodes she and Pauline would share in the future. Stepho, GI, Shevay, and PoPo, united and formed the one and only TGS (TeenGirlSquad). TY for always being there for me! ILY, BFF & BKs folife yo! Sophomore year welcomed Pauline with a slap in the face. 3 AP classes, tennis, journalism (ily PEPJ), and ofcer positions in many clubs ( btw, JOIN ACS & go to was a recipe doomed to fail. Not only did Pauline not sleep, but she also never had time for TGS. Having no life, the only thing that she can remember about sophomore year is DY-Yahoo, DX-cuckoo. Get a life people: Dont make the same mistake. Paulines misery heightened when her summer was ruined because of SAT BOOT CAMP. Luckily at Elite, she met IY, a boy who turned her life around. Unlike those who had tried and failed, IY was able to reintroduce FUN into her life. With the help and encouragement of IY, PEPJ, family, and TGS, junior Pauline found a balance between having a life and being a nerd.She was able to strengthen her relationship with her BFFs, do well in school, and experience many rsts (TY IY!) Soon enough, senior year started. After nishing SATs (whew!) and lling out college apps, rst semester senior Pauline was relieved that the worst was over. YEY, it was nally time to chillax! Now, its March 2009: College acceptance time! GL, seniors! Though Im anxious to nd out what has yet to happen for future Pauline, I shall never forget the amazing people I met and the wonderful memories I made at DBHS. Special THANKS to my parents, the two people who have helped me every step of the way. I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support that you give to me, Amanda, and Brandon everyday! Lil Sis, Dont be a drama queen! Lil Bro, BE NICE to your sisters! As for my cousins, my surrogate sisters: SMGC, Becksterthanks for making growing up sooo FUN!

Jamal have been glowsticking together for two years and counting. The lights were turned off The two also performed and the oor was cleared for at Apollo Night, a talent show Greg Izawa and Homam Jawhere various performers mal during Diamond Bar High showcase their talents, which Schools Performing Arts Rally proved to be a lot harder than on Friday, January 30. When performing at the rally. Izawa Izawas and Jamals luminesand Jamal only had one shot cent glow sticks became clear at perfection and had a longer to the crowd, cheer and apand harder routine. The two plause lled the stands and agreed that stress played a everyone became mesmerbigger role at Apollo Night. In ized by their eye-catching addition, the crowds at rallies moves. are substantially bigger and Glowsticking is the art of both performers love getting using glow sticks by either the crowd hyped for their roufree-handing them, stringing tines. them, or using handles. IzaAside from glowstickwa and Jamal use stringing ing, Izawa and Jamal can be as their method to perform, found playing video games Stick it... Izawa and Jamal perform dura technique using two glow ing the rally. Courtesy of Homam Jamal or working on new video sticks attached to strings. ideas for their Youtube acThe duo manipulates the glow into [glowsticking], it taught me count, afreakincowgoesmoo. sticks with the strings in a way a lot about respect and peace. The videos feature the two dothat lets them twirl the glow Its just to have fun and to enjoy ing almost anything, from glowsticks around them. what you want to do, explained sticking to funny skits, and even Izawa and Jamal performed Jamal. Now he and Izawa are lip-synching to the most random at the rally with a routine that making up their own moves and of songs. Jamal has also been left the crowd in awe. The two nding fresh new ways to ex- practicing the ukulele for four juniors practiced the routine for ecute them. months and the guitar for three two weeks, three hours a day, There are so many styles months. every day, including weekends. you can portray; it helps you be Both juniors are great perIt was worth the practice be- yourself, commented Jamal on formers and are always looking cause it was pretty perfect, glowsticking. After about a year for something original to reinsaid Jamal. [I was] kind of hon- of practice, Jamal introduced vent their routines. Izawa and ored and happy at the same Izawa to the art and taught him Jamal plan on being glowsticktime that [USB] needed our help everything he knew. Izawa and ers for quite some time.

Ruby Hwang Contributing Staff Writer

There are several places one can visit to procure a personal computera personal computer that you saw online, in an ad, or maybe one ordered from Dell with your own specications. However, your computer can get no more personal than if you build it yourself--your own ideas, your own time, your own child of technology. Theres quite a bit that goes into the making of a computer, but as ominous as it might seem to gaze into the carapace of a computer and all its electrical entrails; its not as difcult as one might assume. A philipshead screwdriver, an anti-static wristband, and Google, are your armaments for the journey ahead. Its certainly not a short process, but itll take about, a week of research, an hour of shopping, and a day of building and panicking, said Senior Chris Li, an avid technology enthusiast, whose wisdom will be aiding you along your path to understanding how to construct a computer. Basically, to get started all you need to do is research your parts for performance, price and capability, and then scour

Everyone has attempted to form a collection at one point in their life. It can vary from something as common as stamps to something as odd as banana labels. What is it about a collection that makes it so exciting? There seems to be a strange thrill in having and expanding a collection. Of course, the collection usually consists of just two or three State quarters that never leave the back of your wallet. For me, it would be exactly that. I am guilty of spending most of my collection by mistaking the quarters as spare change. Its an honest mistake if you dont check both sides. Whether its for sentimental reasons or simply for the fun of having a hobby, collections never seem to get old. What do you collect?

I collect headphones, because I love music. Instead of following the ow I decided to research a little more.

jayon huh junior

erin maddex sophomore I went to the theater with my dad when I was two and started collecting playbills.

estella hummel freshman I collect the Precious Moment comic strips from newspapers because I think theyre cute.

I collect penguin accessories. I guess I just have a fetish for penguins. It is my favorite animal.

warren sloan senior


Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Arts & Entertainment

Kevin Kang Asst. A&E Editor Love comes in every size and shape - through owers, letters, hugs, kisses, and blogs. Wait, blogs? Yes, with the rising popularity of blogs, inspirational blogs are becoming noticed throughout the web. With silly

Go seek in IKEA; not caring what other people think of them, the writers of the blog hid all throughout IKEA: in showers, in fridges, in closets - you name it. The fun thing about this blog is that it provides pictures of the actual writers doing the event themselves; sometimes the writers even invite anyone to

Jane Park Asst. A&E Editor

DON DART $%!&#

projects, such as albums, singles, and DVDs, since the relationship began. Donwoods inspirations are widespread, as his artistic style often its from one thing to another. His eccentric style London Views, works which were later used as the cover and insert album art for Yorkes solo album, The Eraser. The images show a vision of apocalyptic London and are a series of lino prints, which require hours London Bridge is falling fair Stanley. Courtesy of earned him a Grammy Award of linoleum carving and handin 2002 for the Best Recording burnishing onto Japanese Kozo Package with Thom Yorke. for paper. London Views is a the Special Edition Amnesiac picture of London, a panorama album. that stretches from the Thames In May of 2006, Donwood estuary upstream to Big Ben and had an exhibition, called the Battersea Power Station. A

Love is in the confess your love if you dare. Courtesy of games, motivating poems or join them, such as during a trip speeches, or moving pictures, to the zoo. blogs such as 100acorns, Another blog was You Are Remarkable, Modern youareremarkable.wordpress. Romance, and ABC Adventures com. The mission of this blog are becoming a hit on the web. is to spread small bits of love One blog that really made and to make people feel good me smile was abcadventures. about themselves. The blog ABC has a special feature as well: Adventures, a fun and creative anyone can send love letters blog written every three days, and the letters are all posted up has an event for each letter of for anyone to read. The love the alphabet and encourages letters are not addressed to a others to try these silly events specic person, so the reader as well. For example, the most is given the feeling the letter is recent post used the letter P written to him or her. for paper airplane wishes; the If you are feeling bummed writers of the blog went to the out about a less-than-perfect tallest urban location and threw day, a breakup, or if you are paper planes with peoples struggling through something wishes, dreams, and hopes. terrible such as a death, visit Another idea from ABC these blogs and soak in some Adventures was H for Hide and love and fun.

Eric Lee Staff Writer Although it has not been long since the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has recently launched its newly upgraded Windows series: Windows 7. As the latest version of the Microsoft Windows series, Windows 7 has been created to replace the ever-malfunctioning Windows Vista. Windows 7 can be used on desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, net books and media center PCs. However, unlike its predecessor, Windows Vista, Windows 7 is one step further in its device drivers, applications, and hardware. Microsofts 2008 presentations on Windows 7 have focused on multi-touch support, a redesigned Windows Shell with a new taskbar, a home networking system called HomeGroup, and performance improvements. According to a performance test by ZDNet, Windows 7 Beta has beaten both Windows XP and Vista in several key areas, including boot and shut down time, as well as in working with files and loading documents. Some applications that have been included with prior releases of Microsoft Windows, most notably Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Photo Gallery, are no longer included with the operating system; instead, they are offered separately (free of charge) as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite. The taskbar has undergone the biggest visual change, where the Quick Launch toolbar has been replaced with pinning applications to the taskbar. Furthermore, buttons for pinned applications are integrated with the task buttons. These buttons also enable the Jump Lists

Stanley Donwood and Dan Rickwood are the artists that have collaborated with Radioheads lead singer, Thom Yorke, to create all of the bands album art, t-shirts, and posters since 1994, when My Iron Lung was released. Their strikingly familiar names come as no surprise as they are the same person--or rather, Stanley Donwood is the penname of Dan Rickwood. Donwood met Yorke in 1994 at the University of Exeter, where both were art students. Yorke asked Donwood to produce the cover art for their band in 1994, which began their collaborative work relationship for Radiohead and its promotional material. The White Chocolate Farm, Dr. Tchock, and Tchocky, mentioned periodically on some of Donwoods works are monikers for Yorke himself. Donwood has created over 40 designs for various Radiohead

large body of Donwoods work, including some of his writings, which are lesser-known but nonetheless provacative, can be seen on his website at www. Though Donwood began as an artist working with musicians, in late January 2009, Donwood held a record release party for his independent record company, called Six Inch Records, exhibiting his move from working for artists to managing them. The albums, from artists Patrick Bell, Max de Mara, and The Joy of Living, were released in sleeves that were six square inches, with only 333 copies of each release. The albums were released on the label and sold until February 18, 2009, when Donwood atly announced the end of Six Inch Records on the companys blog. Donwood has created an era of art through Radiohead, and it looks as though his collaboration with the band will continue as long as it continues making music.

several times. The film, however, does have some positive aspects. With all the hype surrounding Many of the scenes had Duplicity, I expected a thrilling, sarcastic jokes that brought up action movie. What I got instead gales of laughter throughout was a mediocre lm. Too similar the audience. The movie was to older movies, such as Oceans also exciting enough to keep the Eleven, the audience alert; movie failed b e c a u s e to produce of constant anything new suspense, or interesting. viewers were The word anxious to spy embodies see if the two figures of spies would justice, such as be caught. James Bond, Despite but Ray Koval the crumbling and Claire presentation Stenwick were of the plot, the exact the acting opposite of managed to the ideal spy. bring it up a These two, who notch. Clive had a steamy Owen and past together, Julia Roberts were actually p l a y e d corrupt agents Busting out those something to hide? their roles Courtesy of www.impawards. quite well who only thought for themselves. way the story was constructed; sometimes being intimate Although confusing at times, with the overuse of ashbacks, enough to show what true the plot was generally exciting. viewers were pulling their hair love means, and sometimes It basically revolved around two out to keep up with the movie. seeming incredibly hateful. spies who fell in love. They The lm became a complicated Paul Giamatti, who played the planned to steal an invention mess that was impossible to CEO, also gave a phenomenal that would change the worlda unravel. The movie ended performance; his reaction at shampoo that would cause hair up mixing two plots: the two the conclusion when the truth to grow back. They steal the spies complicated love life and is revealed is unforgettable. formula for the shampoo and their quest to obtain the hair- In spite of its positive aspects, sell it for a whopping 35 million growing formula. Because of however, the film lacked the dollars; however, the formula the confusing build, the movie proper organization and directing ended up being a simple cream, is only obvious after watching it skill to make it a success. Kevin Kang Asst. A&E Editor nothing more. The two spies believed they were duping their company, but only ended up getting duped themselves. Although the plot was interesting enough to be a blockbuster hit, what really brought the movie down was the

feature to allow easy access to common tasks. While Windows 7 contains many new features, a number of capabilities and programs that were a part of Windows Vista are no longer present or have changed, resulting in the removal of certain functionality. Many PC owners are skeptical of the performances of Windows 7, afraid that it might turn out to be as bad as, or even worse than, Windows Vista. However, with its newly added functions and its wide range of capabilities, Windows 7 may be the best Windows program out of the entire series.

artists celebrate photography as an art form. Photography has always So goes the saying a picture been a eld in which its validity as is worth a thousand wordsit is art has been constantly debated. surprising how much one photo People originally viewed photos can tell. If photography only as another source of information serves to post up new pictures to add more depth to articles on your Myspace or Facebook in newspapers or magazines. to show off a Photography new outt, you was never should take this taken seriously. Yet now, it chance to look is time for a at photographs more serious with a different recognition of point-of-view: photography The Annenberg that will help Foundation people view will open The photographs Annenberg not only as Space for sources of Photography information but on March 27, also as artwork 2009. Located capable of in the Avenue conveying of the Stars in meaning. Century City, So why the museum will not take a be open from chance and W e d n e s d a y Lighting up the City of Angels...photograph by photograph. Courtesy of e x p e r i e n c e through Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM. number of photographs in high- what photography can say? The premier exhibition, resolution format. Supported With free admission and over L8S ANG3LES, will consist by Wallis Annenbergs passion a thousand photos for you to of a variety of genres, such for photography and mission enjoy, this museum will not only as architecture, fashion, and to claim the brilliance of each entertain you but also enlighten photojournalism, from eight artist, the selected works of the you. Eunice Lee Asst. Photo Editor

different artists. Another three Los Angeles Times photographers will depict life in the city. This 10,000 square-foot facility will feature, along with a traditional print gallery, a stateof-the-art digital presentation system capable of capturing a



Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Arts & Entertainment

Jacobs and let your ideas ood third and fourth place winners the screen. The possibilities each receive $2, 500. Imagine are nearly endless; you can how many pairs of Dunks or True choose to make a simple, strong Religion jeans you could ll your statement or create an intricate, closet with if you won! never-before-seen sketch. Dont worry, you still have O n c e designs are submitted, they are displayed on the website for voting. Submissions are scored on the basis of creativity, strength, c o l o r scheme, and o r i g i n a l i t y. Tabula Rasa...the blank slate is waiting for you. Anyone can Courtesy of give props and the thirty top time to prepare an entrycontest designs will be bumped to the submissions can be turned top for a nal judging. This is in until April 20, 2009. Get where the competition heats your creative juices owing and upthe rst place winner will imagine the designs you could receive a whopping $10, 000 in create...and the things you could cash; second place gets $5,000; buy with that prize money!

Ashley Chen Asst. Photo Editor When the explosively creative minds behind Scion and Hypebeast get together, something beautiful is bound to happen. Created from this collaboration is Kut From A Different Cloth (KFADC), a contest challenging all innovative individuals to take a shot at apparel design and show the world what original ideas they have to share. Fashion and graphic designers alike are invited to boast their artistic talents by creating designs derived from pre-designed templates. Design templates are available to use straight from the contest website,, or can be downloaded from ones own computer. Patterns range from t-shirts and hoodies to ip ops and hats. Once you have your template ready, all you have to do is unleash your inner Marc

Elizabeth Lee Staff Writer

It has only been a few years since Broadway shows like The Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia! were adapted as lms. The pendulum has swung back quickly, and even lms like The Inconvenient Truth, originally a PowerPoint presentation about global warming, and Brokeback Mountain, a western romance story, are being adapted into operas. The opera of Brokeback Mountain is expected to debut in 2013. The Inconvenient Truth does not currently have a director, but is still in the planning stages to become an opera. More family-friendly movies also popped up on Broadway. The heroic, green ogre,

Todd Schlickbernd Contributing Staff Writer Since the Internet became available, programmers have been nding ways to innovate online options. As computer gaming rose to popularity, massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) started to appear, providing an online gaming universe for players.


Ogres are like onions...layering lm and Broadway. Courtesy of Shrek, rst appeared in theaters in 2001 and grabbed an Oscar. Now, the musical version has been a hit with all ages. Spider-Man is also following closely as it is expected to be on Broadway in February of 2010. Not only are lms going to Broadway and becoming operas, but some famous actors and actresses, such as James Gandolni of The Sopranos, Susan Sarandon of Dead Men Walking, and Rupert Everett of Stardust, are headed there this year. Gandolni is expected to star in God of Carnage, which will ofcially open at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on March 22. Sarandon will be starring in Exit the King that opens at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on March 26, and Everett will debut in Blithe Spirit on March 15 at the Shubert Theatre, all located in Manhattan, New York City. It seems as if Broadway shows and operas want to rise even further as an entertainment industry this year with the help of famous names and titles. This overlap of movie adaptations, actors, and actresses in opera, musical theater, and lm will denitely help musicals and operas ourish again by bringing many eager and expectant audiences to theaters everywhere.

different mediums to create pieces that are truly original and encourage viewers to adopt alternate perceptions. Sin For teens who love art, the Factory encouraged attendees Museum of Contemporary Art in to explore perception through Los Angeles was the place to be themselves and through their on Saturday, March 21. Each society by highlighting diverse year, MOCA opens its doors to art in a variety of mediums, like teens 15 to 19 years old to hold lm and sculpture, and helping an event of live music, art, and them create their own artwork activities. addressing T h i s how they years theme, perceive their Sin Factory: lives and their Generating surroundings. C r i t i q u e , At the Challenging entrance of Norms, and the venue, P r o v o k i n g the budgetary Society, was restrictions inspired by the were evident. works of current There were exhibition artist, m o d e s t Dan Graham, decorations; particularly his s i l v e r lm Rock My balloons with Religion. Sin glowsticks and Factory gave a few tables teens the Moshing at MOCA?... Bringing down the factory. lled with opportunity to Ashley Chen refreshments. critique art and listen to local musicians, all for in conjunction with the current But the extravagant decorations free. exhibit and this year the exhibition were not missed. The museum Every Teen Night is run by is Dan Graham: Beyond. itself is lled with contemporary the MOCA apprentices, serious Dan Graham is an American art, so the crisp, clean, and decorations art lovers who make up MOCAs artist who is well-known for his uncluttered enhanced that modern feeling. apprentice program. Although use of different mediums and Bands and DJs performed they have formally planned the video work. The apprentices event over the past few months, actually had the opportunity to right outside the doors of the this is their last-hurrah and, meet Graham when they began museum itself. Local bands like as a result, they have devoted planning the event, giving them Koalacaust, The Soft Hands, countless months to planning. a look into who he really is and The Nephews performed The 16 apprentices split into and why he does the work he throughout the entire event and separate committees, including does. Graham employs many DJ Mona Corona performed Jane Park Asst. A&E Editor decor, refreshments, and entertainment, each planning a different aspect of the event. The apprentices essentially had full control of the event, but were faced with nancial problems and restrictions with space. Nevertheless, the committees were able to pull it together and create a cohesive, fun event. The event is always held

between each set. The music student exhibition and gave out was loud and blaring outside gift cards to Blicks, Amoeba, and but failed to penetrate the the MOCA store for the most museum walls, ensuring a more outstanding pieces. Although enjoyable experience for those some of the pieces were nothing special, there were several observing the exhibits. Inside the museum lobby, notable pieces that gave hope the long front counter served as to a whole new generation of an area for people to create their artists. Additionally, there was own collage magnets. A plethora an area downstairs where one of books and magazines were could write a secret on an index supplied, ranging from home card, which the apprentices garden books to Japanese then posted on the walls of fashion magazines. Upon the staircase. Being a teenevent, most completion, of the cards magnets and were lled with lamination vulgar jokes, paper were but some of the available to cards seemed create the to be legitimate nished look. t r u t h s . To w a r d s Nevertheless, the end of several were the night, hilarious the counter and all were looked as interesting, though a drawing a big tornado crowd by the had ripped end of the through it, with papers night. strewn all Eventually over the the event drew counters and to a close at 10 the oors. All PM, the night Baring hearts...the walls not bare. in all, it was was still young Ashley Chen a popular and everyone activity throughout the night. seemed to feel that it was ending An area downstairs was too soon. Though an extra devoted to exhibiting student art hour or two would have been and to another activity. Weeks appreciated, the event was a before the event, student art success: everyone had fun, no was submitted to the museum. ghts broke out in the mosh The apprentices curated the pits, and no art was heisted.

Soon, ambitious game developers created free to play MMOs; though suitable venues for online entertainment, a free MMO is often not the experience it looks to be on the surface. The majority of the free MMO universe is intent on providing for its players a worthwhile amount of fun with more emphasis on social interaction. However, most of the free MMOs you see out there will not be worth your time; what is worse is that they will get you to spend money for extra features without providing a more indulging experience. Luckily, the indicators of a bad MMO are easy to spot. Here are some things to keep an eye out for: Thankless leveling: Games of all kinds use leveling systems. They have become a basic necessity of most MMOs, but when all you do is level without much variation, you are in for a rude awakening some twenty levels down the line. Cute graphics: Many MMOs rely heavily on graphics to attract players instead of depth of design to actually hold players

attention. Dont be baited by procient graphics; they dont make the game funsolid design does. The hook: This is an MMOs best tool: the gimmick. Advertisements will reveal the one part of a game that makes it unique, but when you try it out, you will nd the rest of the game is bland and uninteresting. There are several more indicators, but to an untrained eye MMOs look oh so tantalizing. They will get you addicted with their empty promises. These games earn revenue by tricking you into thinking that paying for extra goodies will make the game better. You will have a much more enjoyable experience if you approach games with a welltrained eye and only cautious, fully informed use of your PayPal account.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009






Swim Team Splits Meet

Megan Quiamas Contributing Staff Writer Tami Ige. Freshman Chris Katoh nished third place in the 500m freestyle competition. The other teams worked hard, we all did.

Andrew John Asst. Sports Editor


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


DB Keeps Streak
out when I know I can hit it in. Unlike in the singles matches, the team struggled in boys doubles and girls doubles. Senior captain Josh Kuang and senior Justin Junus had a minor battle with Nogales number one doubles pair, but in the end, they were able to prevail 2-1 in sets. In their next match, Kuang and Junus continued their winning streak and defeated the number two pair 11-1 and 11-0. However, sophomores Luke Chiang and Alvin Ma were unable to prevail in their match against the opposing number one pair; they lost 11-6 and 11-2. In response to the doubles performances, Wells commented, When you play good teams, your weaknesses just get exposed. With their few struggles, the team hopes to correct their mistakes and nish the season successfully.

themselves and the coaches. Todays meet went pretty well. We had a lot of swimmers that Hard work and practice did better in nals than [in] prepaid off when the varsity swim lims, stated head coach Eric team competed Schubel. at the Walnut/Mt. Damien Sac Invitational on High School Saturday, March stepped up 14. Overall, the their game varsity boys placed and was a second; however; significant the varsity girls competitor disappointingly did during the not place. Even meet, coming though the Brahin rst place mas fought hard, overall. They they were still unhad fast able to rise above swimmers. It the other schools. was fascinatFrom the being, stated ginning, the Brahsophomore mas placed high. Michael Tsui. In the 200m relay, Varsity the girls swam a swim still has time of 2:10 and more meets the boys came in Diving in...The swimmers leap into the pool as they begin the to participate Eunice Lee in, and the rst with a time of race. 1:48. All Brahmas successful We sacrice our time to swim. Brahmas are looking toward a qualied for nals. Today went Our goal is to be great, and we successful season. The teams pretty good. commented se- put all our time into achieving next meet is the Brea Olinda nior Patricia Kao. that goal, commented Katoh Invitational which will be held We tried our best and did The Brahmas surpassed from Friday, March 27, to Satvery well, said senior captain previous expectations set by urday, March 28.

Diamond Bars varsity badminton team extended its winning streak to three games by defeating Nogales High School 15-6 on Friday, March 20. Overall, we did well, commented head coach Kemp Wells. Whenever we get 15 or 16 points, thats always good. The Brahmas played well in both boys singles and girls singles. Junior Ryan Sin set the pace for the boys by bageling his two opponents, winning both of his sets 11-0. Junior Sandra Chang followed in similar fashion and defeated both of her singles opponents. Although she played very well, Chang still feels that she could perform even better. My goal is to get one bagel each game, said Chang. [I need to] stop being lazy and stop doing stupid stuff, like hitting it

MLBs powerhouse teams

Kevin Acciani Staff Writer Which team has been the most successful in Major League Baseball (MLB) over the last ten years? Has it been the Red Sox? The Angels? The Yankees? This question has been haunting many sports fans, causing arguments between die-hard fans of their respective teams. Do not worry, Kevin the Stat Man Acciani has come to save the day! I have come up with a formula that will determine just how good a single team has been at everything throughout a tenyear period of time. To gure it out, add up all of a teams wins over that period of time. Next, add 50 points if they won the World Series, 35 points if they made it to the World Series and lost, 25 points if they advanced only one round and made it to their respective Conference Championships, and 15 points if they only made the playoffs but lost right away. Take that number and multiply it by the teams combined On Base Percentage (the chance of a player on that team getting on base) of the ten years. Finally, divide that number by their combined Earned Run Average (the average amount of earned runs given up during a single game). With the nal number, it is possible to compare teams. I have compiled a list of the top 5 teams in the MLB since 1999 and have now ofcially ended any and all arguments. 1. New York Yankees: win total: 1215 nal score: 91.51 2. Boston Red Sox: win total: 1108 nal score: 84.94 3. Atlanta Braves: win total: 1044 nal score: 83.27 4. Los Angeles Angels: win total: 973 nal score: 75.85 5. New York Mets: win total: 927 nal score: 69.38 Any complaints? Do you feel like your team was left off of this list needlessly? Sorry Dodgers fans, by the way. By all means, come up with your own formula if you so choose.

Overall, we did well. Whenever we get 15 or 16 points, thats always good.

Athlete of the Month

Samir Patel

Race to the Finish

However, the coach, as well as the team, was very proud of the eld scores for boys and girls. The team displayed great On Saturday March 14, the effort throughout the entire Brahma track team competed meet. Everybody had integrity in the Bronco Invite at Cal Poly and [gave] a Pomona. The lot of effort; boys varsity they all worked team placed really hard, rst in the meet commented out of all 15 thrower Baez. of the teams The team participating. is anticipating During the a great season. meet many Sophmore Alex B r a h m a s Perez said, placed highly in [The season their respective looks] pretty events. Senior good, it should Joel Baez be very exciting did extremely [to see how it well, placing goes]. rst in both Chino Hills shot put and was a talented discus . [Joel team that Baez] did well proved to be a in his events. Running ahead of the pack...Freshman James Mcc o m m e n t e d Creary turns the corner down the track. James An daunting task to beat. However head coach Neil Desai. Other athletes who also phenomenally and our sprints the Brahmas overcame this did well included runners, senior [were] really good. Desai competitor and hope to do so once more in their next home Scott Pressman and junior Jeff added. Chung, as well as senior high The Brahmas hope to meet against Chino High School jumper Sam Rockwood who improve the female track scores. on March 26. Laura Moftt Contributing Staff Writer were the top athletes for the Brahmas in this meet. We did well at the meet, everyone placed [fairly high], Desai commented on the meet overall. [Our] hurdlers did

Jane Park Asst. A&E Editor Not many people can boast two eagles, a score two strokes beyond par, in a round of golf, but senior Samir Patel can. A member of the varsity golf team at DBHS, Patel juggled his athletic life with his academic life and his own interests, while remaining successful in each endeavor. Patel was introduced to the game of golf seven years ago and has not stopped since. He joined the school golf team as a freshman, continued to play, and is now entering his nal season. Before each game, Patel

Elite Eight of Upsets

enjoys listening to his iPod to relieve tension and also joins his team for swings on the range. Patel also puts in extra hours of preparation by practicing alone and taking private lessons on the weekend. I am very proud of my accomplishments. I have improved my game each year and I hope this trend continues, commented Patel. B e t w e e n golf practice, involvement in extracurricular activities, and soccer practice, Patel somehow nds the time to maintain a good GPA. I organize my time wisely, explained Patel. When he has time off from practices and schoolwork, Patel enjoys watching his favorite show, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also a member of the Indian Culture Club, he offers his time to help children learn Indian culture. Additionally, Patel is in his third year on the varsity soccer team at DBHS. Patel plans to attend Cal Poly Pomona to pursue civil engineering. He also aspires to become a club professional so that he too can teach others to play and enjoy the game.

Ryan DeVore Asst. Sports Editor It is one of the most anticipated tournaments in all of sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Associations (NCAA) March Madness. The madness witnessed every year is full of underdogs, Cinderella stories, and top-seeded power

houses. These players play with pride for their team, for there is no professional contract on the line, but just the self-satisfaction of accomplishments that will last a lifetime. Throughout the history of the tournament, eight teams have engraved their names in history as the greatest tournament upsets of all time.

1. #11George Mason beat #1 UConn (2006) 2. #14 Weber State beat #3 North Carolina (1999) 3. #14 Arkansas-Little Rock beat #3 Notre Dame (1986) 4. #15 Santa Clara beat #2 Arizona (1993) 5. #15 Richmond beat #2 Syracuse (1991) 6. #14 Princeton beat #4 UCLA (1996) 7. #8 Villanova beat #1Georgetown (lowest seed to win the national championship) (1985) 8. #6 NC State beat #1 Houston (1983)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brahmas Spark Comeback in 9-3 Victory Over Tartans

Rachel Halpert Contributing Staff Writer The varsity baseball team started league play on Thursday, March 19 at Glendora High School with a 9-3 victory over the Glendora Tartans. After falling behind 3-1 in the first inning, the Brahmas managed to quickly catch up in the top of the second. Sophomore Jonathan Munoz doubled off the wall in right-center field. He then advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt by senior Jake Urban and was driven in by senior Anthony Retamosa with a single to right field. Sophomore starting pitcher, Kenny Mathews, was able to retire the side with giving up only one hit in the bottom of the second. The third inning began with a first pitch homerun by junior Chester Pak, his second of the game already. This tied the score at three all. After a great at-bat, junior Jeff Crowe singled up the middle to shallow center. Pitcher Kenny Mathews hit a two-run homerun to right center field. In the bottom of the third, Mathews worked up a 3-2 count on a batter before he struck him out looking. Both teams went scoreless in the fourth inning as the Tartans pitcher struck out the side, but not before he faced Pak again. He clearly wanted to send a message when he drilled one that barely missed Paks head. The issue was resolved with a warning from the umpire. Crowe led off the fifth inning by finding the gap in center field for a stand-up double. An out and a hit-by-pitch later, Munoz drove him in from second with a single to center field to make




Swing batter swing!..SeniorJonathan Tom makes a strong cut at the ball during the fourh inning. the score 6-3. The bottom of the inning began a little shaky. A double to deep left-center and single between third and short put runners on the corners with no outs. Mathews struck out the next two batters and a fly out to shallow right field caught by Retamosa ended the inning. With one out into the sixth inning, senior Dustin Demaret got on base with a clean single over shortstop and a pass ball put him on second. With a full count to senior catcher, Jonathan Tom, he then blasted one to deep left field for a two-run homerun. The score stood at 83 Brahmas. O n e out later, Crowe hit a solo homerun to right field. Unfortunately, the Tartans right fielder crashed into the wall on the play and was removed from the field. Mathews went six strong innings, giving up three hits and striking out four to shut out Glendoras offense after the first inning. Senior Robert Wisdom came in to close the game. The Brahmas produced a total of five homeruns. Besides a powerful offense, the solid infield was also a key factor in their success. Junior third baseman Robby Torrez, second baseman Retamosa, and shortstop Urban all made numerous great plays. I honestly believe everything came together and everything was clicking, commented coach Eric Shibley. I was pleasantly surprised. All aspects pitching, defense, and hitting; I was pleased with everything. Despite the Tartans individual Division-1 talent with several players having already received scholarships, the Brahmas still contained Glendoras offense

Eunice Lee and went on to an impressive league opening day victory. Even with their exciting victory, the team still remains humble. Theres always room for improvement, stated Shibley. They also keep their goals in mind when they play and are shooting for playoffs but can only take one game at a time. The Brahmas have a record of 4-3, with a 1-0 record in Sierra League play. The Brahmas next game is tomorrow, March 26, against Chino High School at home.

I honestly believe everything came together and everything was clicking.

Advantage: DB Sonora Catches Brahmas Off Guard

It was a really good [game] for us, especially in the doubles. With a lot of new doubles players, we needed the confidence that this game gave us. [This game] gives us the confidence to believe that we can keep winning and get to the CIF championship, commented captain Maiki Kitagawa. T h e team hopes to continue their success on to the CIF championship this coming May. T h e i r overall record is 6-1 and their league record is 2-0. The other schools are always out to beat number one, and thats us. We dont want to share the title, we want it for ourselves, said Hamel in regard to the teams goals for the season. Overall this game was a close one and it was really intense. It really helps to keep us going for the rest of the season. Our goal is to be CIF champions, commented Kitagawa. Rachel Halpert Contributing Staff Writer The Diamond Bar varsity softball team suffered a disappointing loss in their game last Wednesday, March 18, against the Sonora Raiders with a final score of 14-4. This was a difficult game for the Brahmas from start to finish. A wild pitch by starting pitcher, captain Erica Miller brought in the Raiders first run. In the bottom of the second inning, after Alyssa Eade walked and advanced on a bunt, Aimee Hart hit a RBI double to right field. Sonora scored in the top of the third to lead 2-1. Senior captain Asha Prithviraj hit to center field and scored from second base on Eades hit to left field. The Raiders were ahead 3-2 in the top of the fourth. At the end of six tough innings, the score was 10-2 Sonora. [The team showed] lack of heart, stated coach Roberta Garcia. We didnt play up to our potential. Miller went five plus innings and was pulled after Sonora scored their eighth run. Sophomore Allie Lauria came in for Miller. Unfortunately, the Brahmas couldnt deliver and ended the sixth inning with the score at 10-2. Sonora continued to score put Prithviraj on third. Then, in the seventh inning. LaRosa Millers hit up the middle scored stated they need to be a team both runners, but she was and work thrown out together trying to r a t h e r take second. than be The game concluded individuals on the 14-4. field. The I was Brahmas wondering last at-bats where the began with team was, a single by [it] was not Prithviraj the team I a n d expected to L a R o s a s Heading to first...Senior Alyssa Eade show up, double to makes contact and runs down the line. commented right field Ashley Chen Garcia.

Desiree Wang Asst. Feature Editor With a successful away match against rival high school Ayala on Friday, March 20, the Brahma boys varsity tennis team gained the momentum and confidence necessary to motivate them to complete the rest of the season strong. T h e teams motto, Success t a k e s Sacrifice, launched the boys i n t o what will hopefully be a defending varsity boys CIF champion team. This game really is the springboard for the rest of the season. The confidence and motivation gained from this game will carry on to the other games and to the CIF playoffs, stated coach David Hamel. With an intense second round, the team gained the lead to ultimately beat Ayala 10-8.

This game really is the springboard for the rest of the season. The confidence and motivation gained from this game will carry on to the other games and to the CIF playoffs.

Brahmas Drive to Victory

who shot a 36. Senior Samir Patel and sophomore Kevin Liang both finished with a 38. During the match, Duarte had a couple of difficult holes but was still able to rebound and shoot even par. Junior and captain Paul Dresser shot a 40. Duarte faced a moment of uncertainty when he four-putted a hole. However, he quickly recovered. He also played with an

Pamela Lewes Contributing Staff Writer Diamond Bar High Schools varsity boys golf team performed well in their match against Ayala High School last Thursday at the Diamond Bar Golf Course, winning the match with a score of 195-204. It was the teams first league match of the season. The Brahmas won four out of six matches against the Bulldogs, and ended up beating them by nine strokes. The medalist was junior Gavin Duarte,

[The team] met my expectations. I was hoping they would shoot under 200 and they shot 195.

injured back, but still managed to shoot a 36. [The team] met my expectations. I was hoping they would shoot under 200 and they shot 195, commented coach Ty Watkins. Despite the teams brilliant performance against Ayala, there are still areas for improvement. We need to be more con-

sistent in the scores, said Watkins. We play really well [in] our home courses, but we need to [do] really well in other courses [too]. I thought we did pretty well, considering it was our first league match, said Dresser. As long as we break 200, well be able to do pretty well in our leagues, which weve done every match. With the Brahmas victory over Ayala, they are confident about their next match against the Glendora Tartans on Tuesday, March 24.

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