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Cricket - the game of loving unity

Silva) Basics of cricket

Cricket is a game that be played by two teams which consist eleven team members. It can be last from one day to five days of time. Basically Cricket is similar to baseball although the rules and regulations are so different. Team who selected batting have to hit the ball by a bat and run to score marks while the other team trying to catch and throw them to avoid taking marks by the batting team.

(By Ranusha De

Before starting the match both sides captains have to toss a coin to determine which side is going to play first, After winning the toss captain can decide - whether his team is going to play or field. After electing what the captain desire both of them have to go their team. After while all eleven players of fielding team come to field and two players of batting team come to bat. One player from fielding team has to ball and the batsmen have to strike the ball without letting the ball hit on stumps, other players around the ground have to stop the ball without letting the batsmen to score runs and they also have to try to get batsmen out by catching the ball in the air without dropping the ball. There is a special fielder call wicket keeper who wears a strong pair of gloves and he stays behind the wicket to catch the ball.

Cricket Ball: Its a hard ball which is covered with lather. Its bit like a baseball but its harder than it. Its made with two semi spheres joined together with a seam thus looks like an equator. Normally cricket balls are made with two colours red and white. Cricket Bat: Cricket bat is made with willow, its flat and attached to a handle. Bat normally has a width of 108 mm to115mm and it also has a length of 960 mm to 990mm. Wickets: There are two wickets made with wood and two bails attached to them. (Follow the picture below)

Ways of getting out

Getting caught: If the fielder catches the ball which was hit by the batsman before hitting ground batsman is out.

Getting Bawled
If the batsmen miss the ball and hit it on the stumps hes out. If the wicket doesnt break hes not out.

Leg before wicket

If the batsman covers the wicket by his legs or other body parts hes out, but it depends on umpires decision.

Getting Stumped
If the player tries to hit the ball by stepping outside the crease and missing the ball, in case if the wicket keeper grabs and breaks the stumps then the batsman is out.

Protective Equipments:
Head gear, Gloves, Chest pad, Thigh pad, Ball guard, Pads etc are used to protect batsman from aggressive balls.The field is made of flat grass; its around 90 to 160 m in size, it doesnt have an exact shape. At the middle of the ground they have a rectangle space call Pitch which is made with hard rolled grass and soil with white lines call Crease

Hit wicket
If the batsman breaks the stumps by himself (by his equipments or by his body).hes out.

Timed out
If the player takes more than two minutes from the time the previous wicket falls. hes out

How to play