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Introduction to BO Universe Designer Data warehousing, ERP and BI, History of BO and Architecture, Introduction to Universe Designer, creating Universe. Creating connections for different source systems, define joins in a universe, creating Dimension objects, creating Measure objects, Resolving loops in a universe. Resolving SQL Traps, Applying Restrictions on objects, Using @ functions Using Hierarchies, List of values, creating Derived Tables and indexes Linking universes, Applying universe Access Restrictions, Deploying Universes. Web Intelligence Introducing webi, creating documents with queries, Restricting data Returned by a query, Designing web intelligence reports. Enhancing the presentation of data in reports, Formatting Reports, calculating data with formulas and variables. Using multiple data sources, Analyzing Data, Managing and sharing webi documents.

Representing data visually, distributing a report, Using the repository, Creating formulas.

Using variables and Arrays, using report templates , Building Specialized Reports

Xcelsius 2008: Core and Connectivity Creating a model, formatting a model, Adding a interactivity to a model , Creating a connected model. BO integration, Reporting using voyager,SAP BO Integration kit. Integrating SAP BI to BO universe connectivity overview (Qaaws). Live office connectivity, Reporting using Polestar.

Crystal Reports Introduction about Crystal Reports, Describe the design environment, Selecting Records.Organizing data on a report, formatting a report, Applying section formatting. Creating Basic formulas, Applying conditional reporting,