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March 2013


Whatever the Obstacle Follow Your Heart


The Snow Must Go On Malloys Budget Proposal

Whats Coming Next Door to Campus?


Nemo Was Ignored By Some


For a Team or For Pleasure

Bridgeport Government Center Blockade

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The Snow Must Go On 3 Natural>Makeup 7 By Alex Rovello By Stephanie Castillo Staff Writer Senior Staff Writer Explosive Cup of Joe  3 Hip Hop: The Impact On Society 8 By Housatonic Horizons Staff By Jessica Brooks Editor Whats Coming Next Door To Campus?................................................ 4 By Kathryn R. Hanrahan Apple Mania 8 Staff Writer By Myranda Sinkler Senior Staff Writer League of Adventurers 4 By Shaquana Minott Nemo was Ignored by Some  8 Staff Writer By Katelyn Avery Editor St. Vincents Gives the Mall a Heart 4 By Katelyn Avery Whatever The Obstacle Follow Your Heart 10 Editor By Neil Knox Staff Writer Malloys Budget Proposal:  5 By Emma Tecun Opening of the World Artist Network 11 Staff Writer By Latisa Pacheco Staff Writer Money Problems 6 By Rachel Kulikowski Positively Artistic 11 Senior Staff Writer By Dannyy Alamo Senior Staff Writer Its About That Time Again 7 By Sherly Montes For a Team or for Pleasure 12 Editor By Joshua Hamel Staff Writer

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The Snow Must Go On
By Alex Rovello Staff Writer

hile a good portion of students enjoyed the time they had off during the Blizzard of 2013, many others in Bridgeport found it was and still is a nightmare. A week after the storm, many streets were impassable, and only the warmer temperatures and the resolve of the residents got them rescued from this horrific storm. But what was taking so long? Its all about the public works vehicles. According to the Bridgeport News, The City of Bridgeport has many snow-removal vehicles and equipment in their public works system to help eliminate excessive amounts of snow. But despite possessing the latest machinery, it still wasnt enough to get rid of the record breaking snowfall. The great Park City dedicated seven payloaders, including their operators, to help in the overwhelming cleanup effort. However, after President Obama declared a state of emergency for this region, the city was forced to bring in an additional 11 extra payloaders from outside contractors. According to WTNH-TV, as the snow levels rose, the city was forced to obtain an additional 25 more payloaders and operators from lesser hit areas. Even with the extra manpower, the city was unable to keep up with the strength and intensity of the storm. Also hindering their efforts, were the numerous abandoned vehicles, left by residents who ventured out in the storm despite the continuing pleas from many officials and press to stay indoors. This resulted in the abandonment of many

cars stuck on the side of the street and in some cases, in the middle of the street. This blocked the snow plows from doing their jobs and tow trucks had to be brought in to remove these vehicles, which were towed to the Central High School parking lot. Cars that were simply parked on city streets also impacted snow removal, so snow emergency rules were put into effect and cars that were not moved as required were also towed. The city of Bridgeport, under a state of emergency, was aided by the National Guard in its cleanup efforts. As a result, the city also acquired 12 tri-axle Connecticut residents awoke to find their cars and homes buried under record amounts of snow. trucks and five snow Photo by Brandon T. Bisceglia. melting machines. Once endless amounts of trouble getting to and HCC was reopened, students still had surrounding towns such as Danbury and Stratford offered their as- school. He recalled, Although the high- challenges getting to their destination. sistance, the clean-up effort was said to be ways were clear, the streets downtown Although pathways were shoveled and were hard to navigate. The snow was piled sanded throughout the campus, there were a breeze. Despite all these efforts, many Bridge- so high in some places, that I couldnt even hidden patches of ice to contend with. I port residents feel that the city didnt move see into the intersections. He said, I had almost slipped coming down the stairs quickly enough, and WTNH News 8 re- to drive really slowly and by the time I fi- from the parking garage, said student, ports that mayor Bill Finch will hear feed- nally got to school, I was already late for Jackson Waldo, who feels that spring cant back from residents at a public hearing on some of my classes. The clean up took way come soon enough. too long, but the time off was pretty sick. Tuesday night. Once the state of emergency was lifted Julian Sampio, a junior at HCC, had

Grenade Finds Way To Internal Affairs

By Housatonic Horizons Staff RIDGEPORT, CONN. - On Feb. 27, a curious package was brought to the Bridgeport Police Departments office of Internal Affairs, located downtown at the Government Center on Broad and State St., at about 11a.m Wednesday morning. The suspect, whose identity is unknown at this time, apparently handed an employee a package at the center and then asked for it to be delivered to Internal Affairs. The package in question, which took the form of a coffee cup once delivered, was inspected and found to contain what was believed to be a hand grenade. Upon discovery of the presumed explosive device, all of the buildings with about 150 employees, were evacuated. Connecticut State Police Bomb disposal units were dispatched to the scene to remove the device according to state regulations. William Kaempffer, Bridgeport Police spokesman, did explain in moderate detail the security measures when a delivery comes in and where these procedures failed. Kaempffer went on to say, the security and evacuation procedures will be reevaluated. Housatonic Community College responded to this event by allowing gov-

Explosive Cup of Joe

ernment employees to wait in the lobby of Lafayette Hall during the building investigation to determine if there were any other threats in the building. School President Anita Gliniecki stated that because this was considered an isolated incident, the school decided against any stay in place or lock down procedures. Gliniecki also maintained that had there been any threat to the school campus students and faculty would have been notified by the schools public address system, which was updated after the most recent emergency drill.

The police enforced blockade on Wednesday, February 27 due to a grenade found inside the Bridgeport City Annex compound. Photo by Kathryn Hanrahan.

Contibutions by: Emma Tecun - Staff Writer; Niel Knox - Staff Write;, D.C. Weidenfeller - Editor In Chief

Whats Coming Next Door To Campus?

By Kathryn R. Hanrahan Staff Writer


any students here at HCC have noticed the construction going on next door, but what exactly is taking place beside Campus? UrbanSpace, a firm involved with the Bridgeport Rejuvenation project has renovated 333 State St, once an eyesore on campus. We now have an apartment building with both one and two bedroom units next door to the school. The apartments are modern style as well as some luxury with views of Long Island Sound. Amenities include GE energy saving kitchen appliances as well as full size washers and dryers in each apartment unit. According to www.333STATESTREET. com, the website involved with the buildings leasing opportunities lists rent cost from $975 to $1850. Students I spoke to and interviewed believed that the rent was affordable with the aid of a roommate or two and liked the idea of a more lively downtown. General Studies student Kelly J. Donnelly didnt know about the apartment building but liked the idea. I think having apartments there will be beneficial to students not just for the campus but also

because its close to public transportation. It would also bring business to the local shops and boutiques, Donnelly said, I would even consider living there if the building is child friendly. Other students thought the rent would be too expensive for a full time student who can only work a part time job. Housatonic Criminal Justice Major, Tina Minutolo commented, People living in downtown brightens both the city and our campus, though I dont know too many students who can afford that. 333 States first floor is aimed toward commercial renters, so far part of the first floor remains vacant. I took the time to see what students thought would be helpful additions to the neighborhood. Donnelly shared that it would be great to have a bookstore Competing with Folletts overly priced texts and supplies. Minutolo would like to see a relaxing and healthy eatery where students can grab a quick lunch without having to go too far. Student Danny Ballaro shares Minutolos opinion, I would like there to be a Panera Bread franchise, and Im still waiting for a Starbucks in the downtown area. Besides places to grab a bite away from the school Cafeteria, Ballaro stated that a dance studio would benefit students in

New apartments right along side campus. Photo by Kathryn R. Hanrahan.

the theatre arts program among students who just want somewhere to let loose in between lectures. Zumba or Yoga classes would be beneficial to students interested.

Upon the time of article publication, Bob Carlson, in charge of building construction, was unavailable for interview or comment.

League of Adventurers
By Shaquana Minott Staff Writer

ousatonic Community College has a few groups that involve students and group trips off the campus; one such club is the League of Adventurers club. This new group on campus is an idea of how to combine outdoor, educational, and cultural activities into one. On trips that the group would go on, the scholars would visit a lot of places that are inspiring and beautifully significant. A lot of the trips that peers take are cheap because they dont like paying a lot of money for activities especially if theyre outdoors. The scholars get to get out and go places to breathe in the fresh air and to take in the scenery. Every trip that they take they like to get some exercise, education and fun in. The League of Adventurers like to think that they can offer different perspectives to students who probably never thought of careers outdoors. The LOA hopes to bring adventure to the college, as

fall of 2012 by a few people who work at Housatonic. Firstly Tamara Michelin who is the president, Imedla Fernandez who is the treasurer and thirdly Jennifer Bissonnette who is also the secretary play a huge role in the LOA group. There are also a few more people who are important to the team, these people are Claudia Maldonado she is on the Student Senate and last but not least Marlene Casanova and she is in the Student Life Office. The cornerstone and club faculty advisor goes by the name of Dave Koch. Getting to the know the history where we live Koch feels we all need a safety valve, a way to retreat from the irritations and problems from our daily lives. To connect with real things for a little while and find the strength and solace in these things.
The club at Bash Bish Falls State Park in New York State. Photo courtesy of the League of Adventurers

well as a way to do something essential to them all making contact with the land that we live on. Being in direct contact with the

land that we live on allows one to learn so much about the outdoor nature. It was an idea that was thought of in the

St. Vincents Gives the Mall a Heart

By Katelyn Avery Editor

he 7th Annual St. Vincent Heart Health Fair took place on Saturday February 16, 2013. The fair was held at the Westfield Trumbull Mall from 10am-2pm. Admission was free and attendees were provided with a purple St. Vincents Hospital tote bag to collect free sticky notes, pens, pillboxes and water bottles in. Music played at a moderate level and a giant inflatable heart was placed at the front of

the fair. Attendees were also given a raffle ticket that was signed by a representative from each station within the Lord and Taylor Court. Each station allowed people to learn about topics ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure. Lacie Medina, one of the nursing students in attendance explained Theres a lot of different booths. Different perspectives are given. You just want to answer their questions. Indeed all of the booths were more than happy to share some facts, and Medinas station even allowed people to step on a

machine called a Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. This machine resembles a scale and it tells people if things like their BMR, fat percent, BMI, and fat mass are in order. Rita Santacroce, a doctor in attendance, covered high blood pressure. Santacroce was concerned about the lack of knowledge people have about high blood pressure because of the easy steps to prevent it. People with high blood pressure in their genes need to be especially careful, but Santacroce said Just good preventative care, good diet, and exercise

should do the trick. Santacroces station also provided blood pressure screenings. I sat down for the test myself and Santacroce found that my blood pressure was a little too high. She commented that it may have been the excitement of the fair, but I should also incorporate more exercise into my life. As attendees ended their roundabout from station to station they were asked to drop off their raffle ticket. People leaving were then able to enjoy all their freebees, pamphlets, and new knowledge.

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Malloys Budget Proposal:

A Hinderance to Higher Learning?
only general provisions on how it may be spent. Additionally, these funds Connecticut community colleges rely on have been receiving falling over the years. Now with the new budget proposal there may be something to either help reverse the budget, or simply make things harder for students. Governor Malloy does say many positive things about a budget proposal for larger grants for education. The budget proposal recommends increase grant for education in several areas but in some areas the grant will either be cut or remain flat. These changes Malloy is said to be making will include a 7.1 million dollar cut from the regional community-technical colleges, and 7 million from Connecticut State Universities, according to the Hartford Courant. Chris Carollo, the executive director of the HCC Foundation, says that budget cuts are almost inevitable. Carollo says, There will be many difficult decisions of which programs to change if cuts are going to be made. The largest proposal that Malloy made with his last budget in 2011 was to combine all Connecticut State University Systems, the community colleges, Charter Oak State College and the Board of Governors for Higher Education to create a larger Board of Regents. This consolidation process was supposed to create an expected savings of 4.3 million dollars. Since that time, the Board of Regents has developed a plan which has helped to create a larger educational attainment for Connecticut schools. Although there will be changes it may not be completely negative, but where does this leave Housatonic? Housatonic is currently dealing with a budget cut that had been previously decided and is now looking to what the Governors proposal will bring. Housatonic has had to deal with budget cuts in the past and departments had to make strong cases as to why they should still get funding. In this fiscal year students should be aware of budget cuts which could even affect scholarships. The main point is that its going to affect students, unless we do something about it, says Carollo. Although many are undoubtedly expecting a budget cut, there is hope for cuts not to drastically change the services offered to students. This new proposal is causing many to be doubtful, because there will be additional educational opportunities for higher education, with no new tax raises. Many are questioning Malloy as to where he will be getting these funds in such a fiscally challenging time.


By Emma Tecun Staff Writer overnor Malloy is making huge budget changes for Connecticut community colleges this coming June, which will affect the programs and services which are available to students. Students will be informed if there is any way that the budget could be reversed, and if not, what will become more difficult for students. Governor Malloy has recently released his two-year budget proposal. This proposal has not yet been made official and will still be deliberated on until this coming June. What students should be wondering is, Whats in it for the community colleges? The block grants, which are given by the government to HCC is to be spent on many educational programs and with

HORIZONS News You Can Use

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Money Problems
By Rachel Kulikowski Senior Staff Writer o you ever feel like you never have enough money saved up for anything? No matter how hard you try to put your hard earned cash aside, your bank account still ends up in the double or even single digits? Saving may not be impossible but it is definitely not easy. Reserving money can be an important thing for everyone, someone might need to save money for their college tuition, or have a good amount of money set aside to do something important like buy a reliable car or put a down payment on a house or an apartment. Accumulating a decent amount

of savings can also provide luxuries such as new clothes and vacations. However, the reality for most college students is that saving money can seem like an unachievable task. Having a job, whether its part time or full time is the perfect way to start saving up during school. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult to save when bills come up, or when someone purchases things to make themselves happy. Also, working and going to school can sometimes clash. Amanda Friot, a current student at HCC, explains Its hard for myself to save money in general because I love to spend, but its even more difficult to save while in school because my hours lessen at work

in order to be able to attend school period. Not to mention the gas I need to get me there and the money that I am spending on food because I rarely stop home in between. According to USAtoday.com, an Associated Press-Viacom poll finds Money problems, not bad grades, are the reason cited by most college students who have considered dropping out. The pressure to save money can seem stressful during your time in college, and it certainly will be. A graduate of Florida State University, Chloe Taylor reflected I found that saving money while I was in college, although a priority, was extremely difficult. Between

the price of tuition on the rise, ridiculous book prices, and the difficulties in finding employment in which you are able to fit in school and studying, savings is nearly impossible. No matter how many months I ate ramen noodles I was still living paycheck to paycheck. On a lighter note, Taylor also stated, It was not until after graduation when I was able to find a career that saving became more realistic. Completing schooling to earn a degree is definitely worth it in the long run. People attend college to find a career that not only renders them financially stable but also successful. That is what definitely keeps college students going through financial struggles.


Its About That Time Again

By Sherly Montes Editor h, midterms! Most students dont look forward to them, but we all know that we must complete some sort of project, paper, or test in order to determine how well were doing in class. But how much can you really prepare for a midterm assignment? Do you study days and weeks in advance? Or do you cram and get things done the night before, wondering how your studying habits are affecting your performance? Midterms are a matter that should be taken more seriously and studying in general is extremely important for overall educational success. Midterms help determine where you stand in your class and its something that should be taken seriously by all students. I wouldnt suggest cramming material into your head the night before because you wont retain it very long. If you study a little bit everyday, odds are youll remember it in the long run and itll come to you much easier. In fact, according to a Health News article featured on UPI.com, Dr. Philip Alapat said, By preparing early and being able to better recall what you have studied, your ability to perform on exams is increased. General Studies Major at HCC, Nyrasia Lomax says, Midterms come to my mind, but I dont dwell on it because I

Midterm Studying and Grades

Take the time to study. Photo By Sherly Montes

dont like worrying or stressing over midterms. I am going to try group studying with friends and Im going to study when I have time but I dont want to stress over it. Lomax says she doesnt like to stress over things like midterms, but she also admits that there is some material that she needs to study a little harder. I am worried about my music history class because its so much information but I hope I pass

the class overall. Having just graduated High School last June, I have come to find that if I study in advance I wont have any issues recalling information when it comes to an exam. I also believe that there are subjects that seem easier to study for than other subjects that I have a harder time with. But I like to keep in mind that theyre all equally important and I know I should prepare

myself enough to be able to pass all subjects, not just the ones I like or the ones that are easiest. Although there have been various instances where I didnt study until the night before or I would literally study a few minutes right before the exam by having my friends quiz me. Whenever I did this, I would probably only remember one or two immediate things and Id be shaking my brain for more during the actual exam. I wouldnt suggest this type of studying to anyone! I like to know what Im studying for so I dont have to study for subjects that wont be on the midterm, says Nursing major Chantel Collazo. I usually study a week before an exam but I am worried about my math exam, because math was never my favorite subject and it takes me awhile to fully understand what Im learning, says Collazo. Studying for midterms doesnt have to be this big thing that takes up all your time. It is simply something that should be done daily leading up to the exam if you want to be prepared and end up passing your midterms. The same goes for papers and projects. Youve gotta work hard, and research the things that you need in order to turn in something that will get you a good grade and more importantly, something you can be proud of.

Dont Be Afraid to Show Who You Really Are

By Stephanie Castillo Senior Staff Writer Beauty is what you make it. Today in our society we are so focused on looks and eye-catching fads; makeup is essential to any look, but going with no makeup seems to be the great move. Covering your face and blocking your pores with makeup is not only unhealthy for your skin but can also be unattractive in many forms. You can overdo it easily. Makeup is often times applied face down to lower neck and chest area to add balance in your skin tone. In pictures, the flash only makes it ten times worse; giving the face an over the top glow and making your hands and sleeves appear dull and lifeless, sort of resembling a glow worm doll. No doubt our history with the cosmetic world comes a far way, and its not going anywhere because some women depend on wearing make-up daily. Pamela Corbett, 34, a Psychology major says, I cannot leave house without putting on my blush, lipstick, and mascara. Mascara is a very popular makeup used to enhance the look of eyelashes; it is an essential part of wearing makeup that is also available in many fashionable colors like blue, pink, and purple. Deborah Harrington, 20, a Human resource major said, I dont wear makeup, Im the get-up-andgo kind of girl - sometimes I wear mascara but thats it. According to womenshealth.gov, mascara may not seem like its effective in any way but it actually is because if a decent amount of mascara gets into your eyes it can cause an infection. Brutal infections can potentially become an ulcer in the cornea, loss of lashes, and blindness. Not only are there risks and chemicals that involve the use of makeup but applying makeup is very time consuming. Consuming much of your time and precious dollars. The use of makeup is known to make an impression because many women choose to wear it on special occasions as well. Its just not worth it, because a natural face says a lot more about a person than covering it with makeup. Mechanical Engineering major Yashua Agosto said, My personal preference is natural beauty, makeup is a mask for people used to cover up being insecure for how they really look; its unattractive. Make-up not only takes away from your natural beauty but what does it do to your self-esteem? It sits on top of your skin, blocking pores that release natural oils. Covering your face you might as well wear a mask because you are taking away who you are as a person. When you are applying makeup what are your thoughts? Stop. You are beautiful the way you are, the way you were born. If youre planning to remove makeup from your day to day lifestyle and it becomes difficult to adjust to a fresh face; a great substitute to go natural would be to use a facial moisturizer. Facial moisturizers help protect your pores from dirt, keeping skin moisturized and pores cleaned. Instead of wearing makeup, apply moisturizer to the face daily which leaves skin with a natural glow. If it seems to be too much of a change, start slow and each day reduce one makeup item applied to your face. A great tip would be instead of using foundation, and heavy powders like blush; go for eye shadow and slowly eliminate your potentially skin damaging cosmetics. After washing face apply moisturizer and see the difference in skin for an overall more healthy appearance. Dont be afraid to be you, and show who you truly are. It shouldnt be a debate whether to keep it natural or to wear makeup but ultimately the choice is yours.


Got some news you want covered? Let us know! Write to housatonichorizons@gmail.com.


Hip Hop: The Impact On Society

By Jessica Brooks Editor

usic has affected the world for decades and with each passing generation, the power of music has only intensified beyond the control of any human being. Classical, Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B and Country are just some of the very few forms of music that have impacted the world. However, the real hot button topic that has taken over talk shows, radio topics and even the dinner tables in homes across the globe is which form of music has affected and still affects the newcomers of each generation? The only obvious answer is Hip Hop! As I have contemplated the many different answers of this questions and battled a few back and forth conclusions of my

own, Hip-Hop music has influenced the world in every way imaginable. Hip-Hop, also known infamously as Rap music, by definition is a music genre consisting of stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, which is a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanting. If you ask me, Hip-Hop music is a form of spoken word. It is a form of music that will talk about topics that will make you uncomfortable, but often question on your own beliefs and social understanding. Some of the heavy hitters in the HipHop section of the music industry today would have to be Jay-Z Eminem Kanye West and Lil Wayne just to name a few. These men have demonstrated some of the most controversial lyrics along with their fellow rappers like Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, N.W.A. and Ice-T who have paved the way for them to do so. How are all of these men related except for their positions in the music industry as

rappers? They all have shook the world to its core with some if their artwork and have shaped the way young adults view the world and some of the leading figures in it. These individuals have helped create a culture that has affected the world unlike any other genre of music could. With lyrics that would make your grandmother clutch her pearls or father choke on his morning coffee, Hip Hop is proven that it is not for the weak hearted, but the message behind most of the art has a reason for the rawness that it is delivered in. Though there are many people who think that Hip Hop only has only negative influence on society and American culture as a whole, some disagree. According to Lisa Wilson, a student at Springfield College, rap music can be a positive form of expression. Biggie, Tupac and Jay-Z spoke and still speak for the young group of people in society who dont feel like

they have a voice. The fellow Journalism major also believes that the early Hip Hop artists have made it possible for other artists today to even feel like it is ok for them to express themselves lyrically. We all have inspirations and different ways to express ourselves. Just because most rap artist speak on their personal experiences and it may not be relatable to me personally, doesnt mean its a bad influence. Its just their experience. Wilsons words made me realize that Hip Hop has the impact that it does on todays society because it solidifies the theory that we are more alike than different. The impact has lasted because each new generation has the ability to listen to someone that is poetic and honest about what some people go through, even though some people of society would like to ignore the reality of the lives some lead.

By Myranda Sinkler Senior Staff Writer

ince the invention of smartphones, cell phone use has changed completely. The convenience of being able to make a call, surf the web, and get directions simultaneously and instantly has revolutionized society. Smart phones have become like carrying around a computer that fits neatly in the palm of your hand. One of the most successful smartphones is the iPhone, produced by the Apple Corporation. The Apple iPhone has become a formidable force in the technology world, thriving since its introduction in 2007, with the production of the iPhones 2, 3, 3s, 4, 4s and now 5. Mikal E. Belicove currently resides in Laguna Beach, California but is originally from Sherman and Dayville, Conn. He is a writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, blogger for Forbes Magazine, and a corporate communications and business management consultant according to Belicove. com. Belicove knows a lot about technology and he even consults for Apple. He understands how lucrative a business Apple has become. Apple is here to stay, says Belicove. Technology is dependent or based on demand, what consumers are craving,

iPhones have become the must-have phone. According to Apples Press Info as of Sept. 24, 2012, Apple announced it has sold over five million of its new iPhone 5, just three days after its launch on Sept. 21, 2012. Half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product, according to CNBCs All-America economic survey. If we go by these numbers, then with Connecticuts current population of 3.5 million, at least 1,750,000 Connecticut residents own at least one Apple product. Connecticut currently has five Apple stores in the state. They are in Danbury, Farmington, Greenwich and Stamford, with the most recent built in downtown New Haven near Yale University; which opened Sept. 22, 2012. iPhones are so revolutionary because they can do many other things besides just making a phone call. There are billions of apps that are downloadable onto the phone that can do just about anything. You have the ability to listen to music, play games, surf the internet and even deposit a check simultaneously while making a phone call. Apps are specific to consumer and what they need, says Belicove. App makers are thinking how can they make life easier? According to Apples Press Info as of March 5, 2012 more than 25 billion apps

Apple Mania

have been downloaded from its App Store by the users of the more than 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide. The App Store offers more than 550,000 apps to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in 123 countries around the world, with more than 170,000 native iPad apps available. These apps are what have given Apple its true success; without them the iPhone would just be another touchscreen smartphone. The apps have the ability to hold everything needed. They are a daily planner, bank, map, book, alarm clock and thermometer, just to name a few of its many abilities. The only reason I love my iPhone is because I can use all the functions on my phone without disturbing my phone call, says Jasmine Denis, owner of the iPhone 4s. But at the same time I dont like all of my information on the phone and dont like having GPS on. iPhones hold a lot of information; it seems like they have become less like phones and more like actual personal assistants that can do almost anything for you because, theres probably an app that can do it for you. Something will eventually be invented on the other side that will even the playing field, says Denis, not confident in Apples future. The only way Apple

will stay relevant is to invent new tech like 3D phones, but anyone can invent it it depends on who does it first. At the same time other companies are coming out with their own versions and products that are rivaling Apples. There are tablets in response to the iPad, and the Android phones in response to the iPhone which have their own App Store called the Market and another called Google Play. Christina Johnson is an avid Apple hater and Android user, the proud owner of the Galaxy s3. She claims that people only buy apple products because it acts as a status symbol. Android is better, it has all the exact same features plus some that the iPhone doesnt have at all for cheaper says Johnson, I dont need to be that cool. As of right now Apple is at a point where the world is content with the collective abilities of the many Apple products. This is why five years after apple was first presented to the world its newest products are still being instantly sold out. But at the same time other companies are catching up, eager to try and take Apples place. Only time will tell if Apples lead in the smartphone business will continue but for now Apple is a force to be reckoned with, currently at the top of their game.

By Katelyn Avery Editor

Nemo was Ignored by Some

to last the three or four days some Stratford and Bridgeport residents had to wait. On a bright note HCC student and Bridgeport resident Desiree Swendson said, My family did prepare well for the storm, we had all the food and supplies we needed. Swendsens family had been safe but I couldnt help think about other people, as I realized my family and I would have had to make two opened bags of animal crackers and cheese work for three days, had our towns snow plows been delayed. In Monroe the streets were plowed one lane at a time. HCC student and Monroe resident Daniella Dossantos said, There was one lane on Saturday and two lanes on Sunday. Bridgeport was in even more trouble, as Swendsen explained. The snow plow delay was the biggest problem. They shouldve been plowing the roads as the storm started just like other towns. Say there wasnt enough equipment all you want, there was no reason that they shouldve waited so long to begin plowing. A city is supposed to keep its people safe and this put many peoples lives at risk because ambulances and other emergency vehicles could not reach anyone. Other residents felt the same frustration. HCC student and Bridgeport resident Tatiana Richardson commented, We need to have someone who knows what they are doing, so when a crisis does happen they will be prepared to deal with the situation in an efficient manner. Bridgeport residents certainly were united over the storm as the plows worked slowly to get the snow off the streets. Both Bridgeport and Milford lost their sidewalks. For Bridgeport Swendsen

emo was no surprise. The Weather Channel warned Connecticut residents that a blizzard was coming. Preparation procedures were supposed to be put in place by people and town officials but not everyone stepped up. My family and I were lucky that the where we lived in the Long Hill section of Trumbull the streets were plowed within the first two days of the storm. Other parts of Trumbull like Frenchtown Road didnt have a lot of room and could not be plowed all the way. This meant that the snow was in mounds that spilled over into the street. My family and I had not stocked up on food which caused our emergency trip to the grocery store. Our pantry wasnt going

commented Although the streets were plowed, they were not safe. There were too many issues with piles of snow being too high to see oncoming cars. I personally walk most places and I had to wait until a lot of the snow melted and even then I was practically walking in the middle of mainstreet most of the time because there were no sidewalks. Its terrifying when youre sick and walking to the doctors with cars barely skimming by you, only a few inches away. Indeed the crosswalks in front of Housatonic, used by students to get to Dunkin Donuts, also became storage places for snow. This made my trip there especially hard even two weeks later. Housatonic opened in the middle of the chaos, but to be fair they couldnt push school off forever, as we lost two days of school.


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Whatever The Obstacle Follow Your Heart

By Neil Knox Staff Writer

arts & entertainment e

One of her first changes was to give herself a more Americanized name and adopted the stage name Irena Hart. Success wasnt far behind. Having one of her own songs featured on the hit TV series Burn Notice was a huge thrill, it just adds to the desire, lets you know that you have what it takes. The song, titled On the Dance Floor is also one of her first music videos and Photo Courtesy of irenahart.com. received some critical acclaim. She stated in a While performing at a Peace Day rally recent interview, I was going through my in New York Citys Union Square Park Britney stage at this time. one weekend she was taken back by the She now says that she is heading back number of homeless adults and children to some of her earlier musical influences, who frequented the area. I took some especially in the acoustic arena. I just feel time between shows to reach out and get Im being led in yet another direction, and to know some of those kids and found some of my earlier musical influences are them so personable and intelligent and coming more to the fore. My European eager to learn about music. I thought that perspective of music is re-emerging and it adds a certain freshness to my music it would be a great idea if children in this now. Some of her earlier musical influ- situation where given an opportunity to ences include the likes of James Taylor, take up music and learn an instrument. So Bob Dylan, and Madonna, and dont for- I decided along with a few of my business get my grandfather in Kiev, who left me a partners to form a non profit organization and seek out some state and federal grants love of all things musical. Despite the fact that she has her hands to set something up with this in mind. And full with family responsibilities, she has of course we receive donations as well but a 12 year old daughter, and maintains a the grant money is what we really need to full time job at an engineering company get this off the ground and headed in the in Fairfield, she keeps her priorities in right direction. The result of these efforts is the nonorder. I only go on tour during the sumprofit Harmony4Kids Foundation, which mer months when my daughter is in camp, will offer a chance for young children and and I play local venues during the winter young adults a chance to find a healthy weekends to keep my talents sharp. And outlet in music. It will offer them instrueven with a full schedule she has focused ments, voice coaching, scholarship opporon giving something back to the commutunity and an opportunity they might never nity.

ocal singer and songwriter Irena Hart has some sound advice for students intent on pursuing a musical career. No matter what obstacles are put in your way, never give up and always follow your heart. She should know. Having arrived in the United States at the age of 12 and not speaking the language, she was faced with overcoming the cultural and language barriers that followed. The Ukrainian born Irena Malarchuk found the transition difficult at first. Deciding that the only recourse available was to adopt a steely determination to fit in no matter what the cost. It wasnt easy, especially at school, where she faced the daily ridicule from fellow students, who singled her out because of her language difficulties. She says that this was her first lesson in dealing with adversity. She would fall back on this lesson many times in the course of her own personal life, as well as her professional career. During a recent audition for the television show The Voice she did not make the cut, but says I certainly wasnt going to just give up because I didnt fit a particular criteria the judges were looking for. I performed a song from my homeland and it just didnt sit well with the judges, thats okay, I learn and grow from these type of experiences. In 2011 she also auditioned for Americas Got Talent and didnt succeed, but it didnt get in the way of her trying again in 2013 for The Voice. If anything she realized that keeping herself open to new ideas and evolving her stage act were a direct result of these setbacks. Ive changed my style several times over the years she says, adding I do take criticism seriously and take into account what is being said, then if I feel the suggestions are practical I will try to implement them.

have had in their current situation. Anyone wishing to volunteer can reach the foundation at their website of the same name. They will accept any musical instruments in need of slight repair, such things as sheet music, and other music equipment. Ms. Hart was emphatic when she stated that without the educational background I have and my degree in engineering, which allows me to work and fund most of my own work, most of these things would never have come to fruition. For anyone just starting out who believes that it is all about just cutting a hit record and then the skys the limit, come back to earth. This is a very tough career to pursue on your own. One of the reasons I started to become self sufficient was the realization that dealing with a record company amounts to giving up any and all of your rights to our music. This is a cut throat business and in order to maintain creative control Ive taken most of the business aspect into my own hands. And without my educational background, which included studying at Juilliard Academy, I would not be able to do what I truly love to do. Her first full length album titled Heart Strings debuted in 2009 and she is currently awaiting the release of her second album Bermuda Road which was originally a book of poems she published early in her career. It came about while she was experiencing some life changes and is named after the street in Westport, Conn., where she was living at the time. When asked what advice she would give to someone in college who was thinking of pursuing a musical career she stated matter of factly finish your education and finish it at the top. Always have the safety net of a career around you. If one day you have achieved some success and feel ready to venture forward into music full time, then you can do it on your own terms.

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Most of the classrooms at HCC have both a garbage bin and a blue recycling bin. There are only two things that you should put in those bins: - Printer Paper/Notebook Paper - Newspaper These items CANNOT go in the recycling bins: - Food - Plastic of any kind, including bottles - Other packaging Any non-paper items that you throw out while in class must go in the regular trash. The cleaners will not separate our waste for us. Any time you dispose of regular garbage in the recycling bins, the entire contents of that bin goes to the landfill. Horizons remains committed to assisting in efforts that will result in a cleaner campus and community. Please help us help you by recycling responsibly.

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Opening of the World Artist Network

By Latisa Pacheco Staff Writer

merged from MySpace as a popular art group, the World Artist Network (WAN) opened its first art gallery inside the historic Arcade Mall, adding to downtown Bridgeports distinctive downtown area. This non-profit organization wants to help ordinary people with extraordinary talents to not only develop their skills, but to promote their work in hopes to articulate a global phenomenon and encourage the freedom to institute creativity in the community. How could we help artists showcase their work and teach them the necessary business skills along with good connections? said Valeria Garrido-Bisceglia, director of WAN. Her idea sprung into action with the help of her husband and other volunteers. They began advertising in electronic newspapers, art blogs, community events, and collaborated with other art organizations. Soon, they became prominent in the art industry, no longer needing to set up folded tables outside. The grand opening took place on Feb. 21, as artwork from France, India, Australia and all over the United States was showcased. The gallery was crowded with guests ranging from artists themselves and admirers of their work. As a featured artists at WAN, David Mel Brown has the advantage of exhibiting his artwork for exposure and profit. His artwork allures his viewers and serves as an eloquent display of his narcolepsy. My dreams are tunneling patterns of color, vivid and life-like, Brown said. He spends most of his nights wide awake and trying to tire himself out. Painting hap-

pens to be one of his successful trials that helps him to relax and fall asleep. His latest work, Mask of Fear, is an acrylic painting that took him only ten minutes to draw. He describes it as a scary experience, a 2 a.m. nightmare associated with his nar-

mine Art school in Wilton, Conn. Williams could not imagine his life without art. Its deep within and its what I have to do, he elaborated. His favorite artist is the Tonalist from the 1800s, which inspired his soft faded

Bruce Williams next to his artwork. Photo by Latisa Pacheco.

colepsy. Another artist, Bruce Williams, favors the use of pastel (a type of crayon) to create a soft delicate hue. Williams says his paintings are a reflection of the peacefulness of the shore. He lives by the water, so he paints related scenes like the moonlight. As a child he developed an interest in painting and eventually attended Silver-

and foggy/misty paintings, like Fayerweather Island Evening and Harbor at Night. Williams also marvels at the artwork of Braidy Hughes, which is currently displayed at the WAN gallery. Hughes is a self-taught artist from Australia; her drawings are done in thick black lines that feature naked and curiously sad women in bright colors, surrounded by goldfish.

WAN also provides art workshops to local public schools and community centers; they believe that children should have their curriculum integrated with art. According to Dana Foundation on neuroscience research, the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, verbal skill and a decrease in dropout rates. Incorporated in several schools across the nation, it allows students to focus more intensely and do better in the classroom. This technique has proved to be effective and has the approval of teachers. While WAN is always looking for more help, current volunteers work closely with the children, allowing them to grow and learn through reading, drawing and sculptures, dancing, singing, and other ways of expression. We give small group projects to teach skill sets according to their age group. We want to strengthen our image and enforce our mission to learn, share, create and inspire, Garrido-Bisceglia said. The World Artist Network offers artists, musicians, writers, and photographers (whether amateurs or professionals) the opportunity to display their work to the public as they have become quite popular. For those who have an eye for fine arts or would like to explore their artistic side, touring the gallery which is located at 1001 Main Street, Unit 5 is the right place to learn. Look forward for more upcoming events, like open mic nights, poetry readings, and open calls. Expect in the near future to see breathtaking murals painted across Bridgeport, as these soon-to-be-famous artists continue to have great impact in the art community.

Positively Artistic
By Dannyy Alamo Senior Staff Writer With my experience working in the Academic Advising Center building schedules for students, Ive encountered many parents who wouldnt allow their child to take an elective that involve the arts because they feel that the arts are a waste of time. There are many parents that believe that the arts are a crock. They dont believe it is worth spending millions investing in the arts. They dont understand how the arts can save growing scholars from drugs, alcohol and gang violence. They dont realize that the arts make a big difference in the lives of those who have a passion, drive or dedication to dance, music, art or photography. Parents dont understand that if your child is a business major taking a theater class can prepare them to have to speak in front of their work colleagues if they had to do a presentation. They dont realize that if your major is human resources, a creative writing class can help you with your writing once you get into your field. The arts are a positive way for young adults to release anxiety, stress or any type of negative emotional hurt or pain. As a dancer I know firsthand how dance has helped me cope with the loss of my grandmother in 2009. After being raised by her since I was 9 months old, losing her was probably the biggest hurt Ive ever felt. My grandmother encouraged me at a young age to perform. She allowed me to sign up for dance at 2 years old and when she saw how much I loved it, she pushed me to go for all my dreams and all my desires. Dance was my escape from us not having much money, me being bullied all through grade school, not being able to speak up and not being comfortable with myself. It liberated me and made me realize that while I feel the rhythm, while my body reacts to the bass and while I paint a picture with my moves that I was also releasing all the hurt, the anger, the pain, the sadness, the weakness and the loneliness. Rapper Reynaldo Castillo, also known as ReyMula, expressed how rap has allowed him to free anything and everything hes ever felt about love, friendship, life and family. Rap gave him a voice and gave him the power to be heard by people near and far. He said that music made him feel like he was invincible; it made him feel like he could not be touched. Growing up in Stratford and not being the most vocal person, Rap gave him the chance to say what he wanted to say and get it out of his system. HCC student Christina Chery loves fashion and sees that as her art. Because of my ethnicity I feel like fashion allows me to make a name for myself and allows me to be different from what people expect of me, she said. Its like painting a picture; I allow people to see whatever I choose for them to see. With the help of colors, accessories and different combinations I have the control to make the world see whichever Christina I want them to see, she added. Being Haitian, I am expected to be conservative and not have a mind of my own because my parents should have planned out my life, but fashion has given me the freedom to go out and explore and find exactly who I wanted to be and create that person with no say from my parents. Student Jesse Montalvo said that to him the arts are a necessity. We as young adults use music, photography, writing, drawing, painting, dance and fashion as a means to release our inner demons, he said, inner demons being insecurities, growing up, life, friendship, love or financial stability. The Arts allow us to make change within ourselves and accept things that cannot be changed and work to change the things that can be changed, whether its our family relationships, our love lives, our careers or our future goals. It gives the freedom to do whatever we want and be whatever we want. Theres no wrong way of expressing yourself artistically, he added. The arts are a powerful form of relief for young adults. It doesnt feel like anything has to be perfect or thought out - it just has to be released. The arts give young adults the power to be creative, to be as crazy as they want, to be as loud as they want and as silly as they want. The arts are a positive and helpful outlet for young adults.

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By Joshua Hamel Staff Writer

For a Team or for Pleasure

dates both sections, as apparent with the park being used by both the community and the individuals. The Parks and Recreation of Bridgeports website states where parks are and any upcoming community event there. There are plenty of parks close by for kids to play on around the area. Went Field is less than a mile away and has a baseball diamond on it. It is perfect for the students to go and play on when the weather allows it. Only a few are out these days due to the snow and cold weather. After some of the students had been interviewed, a pattern was noticed. Jack Kelly and his friends answered that they throw a football together more than anything else. Kelly said I was never that athletic, so tossing around a football is the most I ever will do. It was consistent with the idea that a recreational activity as catch and was their form of athletics. Other students who did not want their names mentioned said that they were not big on big groups for personal athletics. With the community, there are a few athletics that people can partake in, but for the most part it is for a younger generation. The Boys and Girls Club is a great place for community athletics for most younger people. At the Boys and Girls Club, there are sport teams that younger kids can join and be a part of. This allows for a branching out and for them to become involved in sports. AJ Castro spoke to the newspaper and stated that the only athletics he had done was a part of a school team. After that, he had fallen out of touch with sports. Madeline Ortiz told about her experience on a youth softball team. It was good. I was young, so I really enjoyed the experience and the people I met. However after that, Ortiz has not had anywhere to do sports. Community athletics are very limited when it comes to college students. When looked at, only preteen basketball leagues were found as well as a college basketball team for University of Bridgeport. The students revealed that they fanned out to plenty of parks to do athletics. Washington Park, Went Park, and Newfield Park were among the parks that are located close to the school and students have easy access to them. They allowed for a more relaxed environment for recreation. These parks are open for their use and gives the more free range to run around and be really friendly, versus the rigors of community athletics. When asked, Brenna Mcintyre said I know that the Bluefish are a baseball team, but that is about all I know. As she is not a resident of Bridgeport, this does not seem like a surprise. However it shows that the sports of Bridgeport are not out there, even for a student of HCC.

ll of Bridgeports athletics can be divided into two main sections, the group activities and individual activities. Bridgeport athletics is not completely organized, as evidenced by the students interviewed. AJ Castro and Franheska Colon both know nothing of the athletics in Bridgeport, despite going to school in the city. Unless you count the sports I had to do in gym, I have done nothing outside of there, Colon informed the paper. These two sections cast a wide net over the city as it allows for both organized athletics and personal athletics. This choice is given to every student of the city, so they do not feel pressured into doing organized sports when they are not ready to do it. By having public park, the city accommo-

Warmer Adventures are On the Horizon