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- Including Part-time Degree B.Tech.(Supptementary) VIII Semester Examination, October 20lI (2007Admn.) 2K6CS803:ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCB Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks:

1. Give a Turing test to find out whethera machineis intelligentor not ? of A.I. ? 2. What arethe importantfeatures problemsolvingcan be usedandexplain 3. Namethe domainswhereagentbased domains. how it will help in respective 4. Write a shortnoteon the following : a) Agent b) Agentbasedsystems c) Multi-agentsystems. learning. and unsupervised betweensupervised 5. Write the differences Explain the properties and 6. Write a brief note on goalsof learningalgorithms. quality datarequiredfor learning. calculusprogramming. 7 . Whatis Prolog? Write a shortnoteon syntaxfor predicate andexplainthe working. 8. Write a LISP progrcmfor Best-firstsearch example. AO* algorithm,usinga suitable 9. A) Write andDescribe in Explainthe role of heuristics B) DefineHeuristicandHeuristicfunctions. problems. search OR


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10. A) Define the production system.Name and describethe parts of production system B) Find rhe path between the start state (S) to goal state (G) using both DFS and BFS. Calculatepath cost and also display the path for both BFS and DFS.

logic form. the following in Predicate 11. Express a) Anyonewho buys carrotsby the bushelowns either a rabbit or a grocerystorr somerabbit. b) Every dog chases c) Mary buys carrotsbY the bushel any rabbit. d) Anyonewho owns a rabbit hatesanythingthat chases e) prove that if mary doesnot own a grocerystore,shewill not dateJohn. OR 'Frames'.Describe someslots technique representation IZ. A)Describeknowledge which canbe presentin framesandalso which datatheseslotscanhave. looks for a B) Write a script for a customerwho is hungry goesto a restaurant, the table.Waiter bringsthe the free table and occupies free table,approaches checksthe menu,tells the order to waiter,waiter customer menuto customer, and gives it to waiter andthe waiter tells the order to cook, cook prepares eats,paysthe bill and leavesthe restaurant. customer it to customer, serves

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M L9942

13. A) Define version spacesearchand conceptspace. B) Write the algorithms to reducethe version space a) From specific to general b) From general to specific. OR 14. A) What is an artificial neuron ? With a diagram explain the parts of neuron. B) Explain briefly about following types of learning : i) Perception learning ii) Back propagationlearning. 15. Implement the following example production system and implement it in PROLOG. A farmer with his wolf, goat and cabbagecome to the edge of a river they wish to cross.There is a boat at the river edge.Only farmer can row. The boat can carry only two things (including the rower) at a time. If the wolf is ever left alone with the goat, the wolf will eat the goat; similarly, if the goat is left alone with the of crossingsof the river Devise a sequence the goat will eat the cabbage. cabbage, so that all four charactersarrive safely on the other side of the river. OR L6. Show the LISP implementationof the following searchstrategies: a) Bredth-first search b) Depth first search.