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From Issue 16 of the Heaven Fanzine

Name: Peter Freestone (Freddie's Personal Assistant, also known as Phoebe or

Feebie, depending on how you want to spell it. Freddie had the habit of changing the names of his male friends and associates to female ones!).



What Job are you doing now? About to open a hotel in Devon. Mind you, by the time you read this it will be up and running! Do you still keep in touch with Queen? I do speak to Brian and Roger occasionally. What do you think of the last Queen Album, "Made in Heaven"? I thought there were a couple of very good tracks on a good album Did Freddie ever talk about a final album being made? No. He just continued singing until he stopped. Would he be happy with "Made in Heaven"? I think he would have approved. What were Freddie's favourite flowers? Fresias. He also liked Azaleas. What was Freddie's favourite place? Freddie loved Garden Lodge. What was Freddie's favourite food and drink? Freddie liked a traditional roast on Sundays, and generally liked spicy food. Vodka and Tonic. What other meals did he like? Did you cook for him sometimes? His taste varied from scrambled egg with smoked salmon to various pasta dishes. Yes, I cooked quite a lot of the time.

Do you have a favourite time/tour with Queen? My first American tour was exciting and remains a favourite memory. What was Freddie's favourite tour/event? Live aid. Shopping in Japan. What was Freddie's favourite TV programme and movie? He enjoyed Countdown (A word game on TV in the UK). Two films he loved were "Some Like it Hot", and "The Women". Did he have a favourite stage costume? He had a soft spot for his Zandra Rhodes outfit, but liked costumes that gave him freedom of movement. What were your favourites? The less the better because I was responsible for the cleaning and getting them ready for the show. Did Freddie enjoy collaborating with other artists, and did he have a favourite moment? Freddie did enjoy collaborating because of the exchange of ideas, but he hated feeling he had to be on his best behaviour in front of others. What are your personal favourites? The association with Montserrat Caballe. What was everyday like at Garden Lodge? You would have to write a book to describe a typical day. Any best moments? Far too many to mention, but the parties were great. Be they for 20 or 200 the house enjoyed entertaining. Thanks Feebie for answering the questions.

Full Name: Peter Raymond Hince Date of Birth: 23/1/55 What was your job with Queen? Freddie and Johns roadie and then head of crew (band crew) as well as still looking afer Fred and John on stage etc. When did you first start working for the band? I first met them in 1973 when they were support on the "Mott the Hoople tour". I was working for Mott. Full time started during recording of 'A Night at the Opera'.

When did you leave the Queen organisation? After the works tour in 1985. I was later arm twisted to do Live Aid, Magic tour and of course the Tribute show. Did you have any specific jobs that were your responsibility alone? Obviously looking after Fred and John's gear. Tuning all their guitars, setting the tuning for everything from the piano. Operating the (?) and (?) viser lights, loading the truck, shipping the gear, customs and (?) handling expenses, whipping boy and on and on. TOO FxxxING MUCH! Did you work in the studio as well as on tour? Yes, all the time - home and away. Any special memories or stories you would like to share with us? Far too many and not enough space. Maybe you will be lucky enough to read my memoirs...........? What was your favourite tour? Probably The Game '70 - U.S.A.; and Works, Europe, '84. Any favourite Queen Videos? Bo Rhap of course - and also because I was there when it was made. Also, Under Pressure, Magic and Somebody to Love. Do you like Queen's music? Some of it What are your favourite songs? Somebody to Love, Dragon Attack, Now I'm Here! and Liar. And albums? Night At The Opera/The Game/The Works. What was your first impression of Freddie? It was onstage during rehearsals for the Mott the Hoople Tour - (first impression) What a Prat!! What are you doing now? I am an advertising photographer and I travel as much now as I did with Queen!! I also do underwater work. When did you first start photography? When I was about 19 - it grew and I got a bit better at it until I decided that's what I really want to do. Having said that I will probably change to something else one day in the future.

Any plans for a book of your work, either Queen or otherwise? There are always ideas in progress. It's having the time to see them through. But one day!! Are you still in touch with Queen? Rarely, we all have busy and different lives. Thanks Peter for answering the questions.

Name: Diana Moseley (Costume Designer) Date of Birth: ?? When and Where did you first meet Freddie? April 1985 - properly introduced at his flat in Kensington. Briefing for "Born to Love You" video. What were your first impressions? Totally adored him, he was just fantastic and so easy to be with, plus a sense of humour. Do you like Queen's music, any favourite? The David Bowie duet "Under Pressure" What was the first Queen and Freddie video you worked on? Indirectly, Radio Ga Ga. Properly - "Born to Love You", Freddie video. What is your favourite Queen and Freddie video you have worked on: "The Great Pretender". "I'm Going Slightly Mad". What was Freddie's favourite costume on "The Magic Tour"? He liked all the colour variations and at Wembley took great delight in teling me he was going to wear each one. And he did!