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The Earthbound origins of Religion and Spirituality: The only difference between Religion and Spirituality is this...

One is telling you God is coming to save man, while the other is telling you to become God to save yourself. When we speak of God, where not speaking of the "Universal Unconditional Loving Intelligence" commonly know as Source, (Respectfully) or The Universe, meaning "One Song" Hence while man entertains his ego driven belief systems here on earth, there's a cosmic band playing a tune called "You are Loved no matter what. This is why God and Lord are plural in the Bible, or The Book By Enlil a.k.a. El/Jehovah /Allah/Zeus /Jupiter The Lord of the Word and Command or "The Reptilian Biblical God" Symbolized by the Eagle and the Bull, Creator of the Caucasian and Brotherhood of the snake,(Today's Secret Society Networks) Jewish Zionist factions, along with, Ishtar Ra El forming the state of Israel or "God's Land" ruling the world through the Vatican "Center for Spiritual Purgatory and Control" The Illuminati bloodlines New World Order etc. Note that Enlil or The Biblical God took the name Yahweh from his brother Enki, a.k.a. Ptah Posiden Neptune or Prince Ea, Father of humanity, Lord of Creation, Earth and Enlightenment etc. He's also known as the Compassionate Genesis Scientist, God of the Abzu (Modern Day Africa) Eridu,(Modern Day Iraq) East Europe, South and Meso America, Atlantis, Kemit or Eygpt, and creator of the sa gg-ga translated as The Black Headed Peoples, (The word Nigger) is rooted from this Sumerian word), Africans indigenous tribal communities, or the cursed people according to the Vatican, and the back of the one dollar bill. Also known as the Serpent in the story of Genes of Isis, or Genesis, who tried to give all Adamu and some members of the Adamic race who followed, the knowledge of D.N.A, to become Gods instead of being enslaved by his brother Enlil, and the Orion Empire and so on. After giving the participating races the knowledge of D.N.A. The Nature of Spirituality and Cosmic Order and "The Tree of life" he was later sentenced to 3000 years in prison, for his crimes against the Reptilian Queens of Orion and Anunnaki Empires for not creating a 100% obedient slave race for the Gods. Before he left earth, he set up mystery schools all around the globe, leaving his teachings to his son Thoth, and the Christian Priesthood known as the Easu, who would later become The priest of Kemit,The Gnostics, Indigenous Shamans etc. The story of Christ is not about one enlightened teacher, but many teachers or the Easu, who where hunted down by the Ra-man's, and crucified on trees as an example to anyone who spoke Enki's or the Lords truth. Sound familiar? After he was released from prison, Enki fled to the Pleiades Star System. Like Enlil. Enki's works are mentioned in text all around the world, including the Bible....Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion? Job 38:31 He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day into night, who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land-- the LORD is his name. God in fact, is not a name, but a "Title" which means "Co-Creator" In the case of humanity, according to Lord Enki,..A God is independent and self governed, a master at his or her Craft, Gift or Unique Talent. In other words, when man unlocks the secret of D.N.A. or takes on a spiritual path, or discipline like meditation, he becomes enlighten, or anointed with "Cosmic or Christ Consciousnesses" becoming illuminated. In the end, it's not about the difference between religion and spirituality. It's about knowing the difference between Conditional and Unconditional love. Written by Akyas Easu Spiritual Teacher/Independent Researcher/Historian of Human Origins Twitter@ AkyasEasu In order to fall in love with himself and others, he must sacrifice everything that greatly interferes with his divine connection to the self.- Akyas Easu

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