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Presentation Rubric

Evaluating Student Presentations

Developed by Information Technology Evaluation Services, NC Department of Public Instruction 1 Audien ce cannot underst and present ation becaus e there is no sequen ce of informa tion. Student does not have grasp of informa tion; student cannot answer questio ns about 2 3 4 To tal

Organiz ation

Audienc e has difficulty following presenta tion because student jumps around.

Student present s informat ion in logical sequen ce which audienc e can follow.

Student presents informati on in logical, interesti ng sequenc e which audienc e can follow.

Subject Knowle dge

Student Student is at is uncomfo ease with rtable expecte with informati d on and is answer able to s to all answer questio ns, but only rudiment fails to elaborat ary question e.

Student demonst rates full knowled ge (more than required ) by answeri ng all class question s with

subject. s.

explanat ions and elaborati on. Student' s graphics explain and reinforce screen text and presenta tion.

Graphic s

Student uses superfl uous graphic s or no graphic s

Student occasion ally uses graphics that rarely support text and presenta tion.

Student' s graphic s relate to text and present ation.

Mechan ics

Student 's present ation has four or more spelling errors and/or gramm atical errors.

Presenta tion has three misspelli ngs and/or grammat ical errors.

Present ation has no more than two misspell ings and/or gramma tical errors. Student maintai ns eye contact most of the time but frequent ly returns to notes.

Present ation has no misspelli ngs or gramma tical errors.

Eye Contact

Student Student occasion reads ally uses all of eye report contact, with no but still eye reads contact. most of report.

Student maintain s eye contact with audienc e, seldom returnin g to notes.

Elocuti Student Student' Student' Student


mumbl es, incorre ctly pronou nces terms, and speaks too quietly for student s in the back of class to hear.

s voice s voice is low. is clear. Student Student incorrectl pronoun y ces pronoun most ces words terms. correctl Audienc y. Most e audienc member e s have member difficulty s can hearing hear presenta present tion. ation.

uses a clear voice and correct, precise pronunci ation of terms so that all audienc e member s can hear presenta tion.

Autobiog raphy is incomple te, and By the due date the Autobiography should be student Complete and Ready to Present. Student will is not present their AB to the class in 2 minutes prepared without reading their paper. . Very poor presenta tion.

Autobiog raphy Autobiography must be approx. 2pgs. neatly (AB) is written on the page without skipping lines short and using the entire page. Heading is and complete. incomple te. Messy.

Autobiog raphy is Student Autobiog mostly and raphy complete Autobiog may be and raphy partially student are complete is mostly exceptio , student preparte nal, is not d. complete prepared Presenta , and , tion is ready. presenta okay, Presenta tion is but tion is poor. needs well work done! still. AB is AB is partially proper AB and complete length, heading in length heading is mostly (1pg.) is complete Neatness complete . Fairly still , and is neat. needs very some neatly

__ __

__ __



Very well Somewh organize at d into 3 General organize part Gramma lack of d into 3 essay Grammar, Punctuation, Indentation of r, etc is organizat part format, paragraphs needs to be done correctly. very ion, essay well __ There should be an intro (name activity) , a poor. spelling, form, written, __ body of 2-3 paragraphs (your past), and a Very etc. some flows conclusion. (your future). unorgani needs grammar well. Few zed. work , etc. grammar still. issues. , etc. Flows mistakes okay. .

1st grade reading comprehension of a passage

CATEGORY 90-100% Name characters in a story.
Names all characters in a story with 1 additional prompts from adult.

Names most characters in a story with 2-3 additional prompts from adult. Names the correct setting in a story with 2-3 additional prompts from adult.

Names one character in a story with 2-3 additional prompts from adult. Names the correct setting in a story with more than 3 additional prompts from adult. Gives 1 important event with 1-2 additional prompts.


Below 60

Names 1 Names no characters in a characters from a story with story. more than 3 additional prompts from adult. Names a setting, but is incorrect with 2-3 additional prompts. Names no setting or answers inappropriately.

Name setting Names the correct setting in of a story.

a story with 1 additional prompts from adult.

Give 3 important events in story.

Gives 3 important Gives 2 important events with 1 events with 1-2 additional prompt. additional prompts.

Gives an event that did not happen in the story with 2-3 additional prompts. Answers 1 question correctly with 2-3 prompts.

Gives no events or answers inappropriately.

Answer 5 questions about story.

Answers 4- 5 comprehension questions accurately with 1 additional prompt from adult

Answers3-4 comprehension questions accurately with 12 additional prompts.

Answers 2 comprehension questions accurately with 12 additional prompts.

Answers no questions accurately with multiple prompts.