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is your data secure

and available when your disks fail?


avoiding data loss

when everything fails

What can I have with a ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER ?

The ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is the next-generation enterprise-class backup system that will allow you to backup, recover and replicate your data under any circumstances. With this new technology you will be able to backup files and e-mails and centralize your backup resources with one only equipment. ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER will also allow you to replicate all your data to protected sites or branch-offices, allowing you to recover from general disaster situations. ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is also able to store your backups in enterpriseclass storage systems and architectures, such as SAN (Storage Are Networks) using iSCSI protocol. It can also backup all your SAN data using iSCSI and replicate all your data to complementary datacenters. Best off all, the ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is a transparent technology that is compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, Unix and does not need any agent installation on remote hosts. ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is easy, simple, solid and it is for you!

Enterprise-class backup solution File backup mechanisms E-Mail backup mechanisms Disaster-replication backups iSCSI support for SAN architectures Simple and agent-less model General compatibility
Mac, Bsd, Unix) (Windows, GNU/Linux,

What benefits can I have with ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER ?:

Lower TCO

(Total Cost of Ownership)

Centralized backup management Multiple backup policies Recover files from anytime in the past Recover from disasters fast and easy Automated backup policies Easy to use web graphical management system Integration with advance storage equipments and architectures (ex: SAN) Compatible with all your network
(Ethernet Cable, Wifi, Powerline, etc)

ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER uses deduplication algorithms and can provide you synthetic full backups using only 5% of your storage resources. With ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER each 1TB of backup data corresponds to 20TB in DVD or Magnetic Tape storage backups.

using deduplication algorithms each 1TB of backup data corresponds to 42 556 DVD backups (~20TB of standard storage)

Sales Information:

Netowork Automated Backups


ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is your new enterprise-class backup solution available in Virtual Appliance or Hardware Appliance. With this technology you will be able to manage all your server and computer backups with only one solution. Since BACKUPSERVER is completely agent-less, you do not need to install any extra software on your remote servers or computers. Every backup connection is done using industry standard network protocols (such as CIFS/SMB, SSH, iSCSI, IMAP4, etc.). Best of all, BACKUPSERVER is an all-terrain backup solution that it is prepared for Small Offices/SME and also for sophisticated enterprise-class scenarios, such as datacenters.
Application Examples: SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), Large and distributed companies, Datacenters, small-offices, hotels, schools, Public companies, etc.

Technical Specification:
Available models: - SaaS (Software as a Service) - Virtual Appliance (VMware Compatible) - Hardware Appliance (Bare Metal) Backup Capabilities: - File Backup (CIFS/SMB and SSH) - E-mail Backup (IMAP4) - SAN Backup (iSCSI) - Multi-destiny backup Recovery Capabilities: - Time machine - File and E-Mail recovery - Disaster replication storage Disaster Replication - Local Server (CIFS/SMB, SSH) - Remove Server (SSH) - Remote SAN (iSCSI) Storage Architectures Integration - Storage connection via iSCSI Security - SSL/TLS - User ACL (Access Control Lists) - Windows Domain Integration Management - User policy based control - Web2.0 interface - Multi-user interaction Statistics and Auditors - Backup real time monitoring - Web full reports - E-Mail daily/weekly reports - SMS (short message) interation with THINKDIGITAL readALERT Internal Servers and Services - Full featured DHCP server - Radius Server (802.1x authentication) - SQL Server - SMS (short messages) integration for phone tickets

How it Works?
ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER is an enterprise-class and full standard compatible solution for backup, restore and disaster recovery scenarios. After installing your new ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER , you can start backing up all the files on your network servers and PCs, E-Mails from your e-mail server and also define replication off-site policy. Based on your backup policies and rules, this new technology will provide you a full human-free solution with automated backups and disaster replication. For each host defined on the ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER , you can define multiple slots (backup instances) and multiple backup policies for each slot. For an instance, you can define that, the shared folder My_Data on your Windows Server should be backup every 2 (two) days and also 1 (one) time per month. So, in this case you will know that you have a backup for every 2 (two) days and also one fresh backup at the beginning of each month. All the policies can be combined based on your needs. You can also integrate ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER , with your enterprise storage architecture (ie: SAN) using iSCSI protocol. Based on that policy, the device will be able to backup information from your SAN or store information on a specific iSCSI storage equipment. ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER , will also allow you to replicate all your data for a branch-office or an off-site secure datacenter. For that, with a few clicks on the Web management tool, your can configure your disasterreplication policy and guarantee that all your data will be synchronized every day for a remote location. In case of disaster or completely data loss, you can activate your secondary Datacenter and you will know that all the data available on that secondary site will be the same available on your primary site right before the disaster occurred. Finally, the ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER , will provide you a real-time monitoring charts allowing you to keep in control of your backups anytime anywhere, using your laptop or SmartPhone. You can also configure it with your ThinkDigital redALERT in order to monitor your backup infrastructure and also receive SMS messages on your phone every time your backups fail.

Available Hardware
LPCS (Low Power Consumption Server)
- 1U Rack Server - Intel Atom D510 1.6Ghz, 2GB DDR2 667MHz, 1TB Internal Storage, 2x Gigabit Ethernet cards

Best of all, the new ThinkDigital BACKUPSERVER will reduce your backup storage needs in 20 (Twenty) times. Using the deduplication technology, 1TB on BACKUPSERVER will represent 20TB on a standard backup technology (ie: DVD, Magnetic Tapes, etc..) reducing your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) up to 95%.

HES (High Efficiency Server)

- 1U Rack Server - Intel Xeon 3.00GHz, 4GB DDR2 800MHz, 1.5TB Internal Storage, 2x Gigabit Ethernet cards


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