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North Carolina Appliance Replacement & Rebate Program

Guide for North Carolina Residents

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 appropriated funds to each state for the establishment and administration of appliance replacement and rebate programs. The total funds available for the program is $8.8 million. The amount available to North Carolina residents for phase two is approximately $1 million. This is a first-come-firstserved rebate program launching June 1, 2010. North Carolina residents who replace an existing appliance for an eligible category with a new ENERGY STAR qualified appliance on or after June 1, 2010 may apply for the rebate. Approved applicants will receive a Visa Prepaid card via mail. A goal of the program is to stimulate the economy and conserve energy by encouraging consumers to replace old appliances with new energy efficient models. We invite North Carolina residents to participate in this program and thank you for doing your share to protect our natural resources and boost North Carolinas economy. To apply for the rebate, visit the programs website at www.NCApplianceRebate.com or call 1-877-379-7323. Sincerely, The North Carolina Energy Office


When does the program start and end? The program begins June 1, 2010 and ends when funds run out. We expect the program to generate much interest and encourage participants to act quickly. Purchases made prior to June 1, 2010 will not qualify for the rebate. Who is eligible? North Carolina residents with a valid North Carolina residential address who follows the programs rules. All payments will be mailed to the residential address, with no exceptions. Post office boxes are not accepted. How do residents apply for these rebates? 1)  Check funds availability at www.NCApplianceRebate.com or by calling 1-877-379-7323. The rebate funds that remain are updated real time as applications are completed. 2)  Buy a new eligible ENERGY STAR qualified appliance to replace an existing appliance. Online purchases do not qualify. Purchases made before June 1, 2010 are not eligible for the rebate. 3)  Arrange to remove and recycle the replaced appliance. 4)  Apply for a rebate online at www.NCApplianceRebate.com or by calling 1-877-379-7323. You will need a copy of the sales receipt for your appliance purchase to complete the application. Print the application confirmation page and mail it with a copy of the sales receipt within 15 days of your online application. Phone applicants will receive the application confirmation page by mail and will be required to mail in with a copy of the sales receipt within 15 days of phone application.

Where must a North Carolina resident buy the product? North Carolina residents are required to purchase from a North Carolina retailer. Online purchases do not qualify. How do we know if a product is ENERGY STAR qualified? Current lists of qualifying models for each appliance category can be found at www.ENERGYSTAR.gov. Please reference the criteria set forth for this program carefully. If you are unsure, ask a sales associate for help to identify eligible products. Can I receive a rebate for more than one appliance? North Carolina residents may apply for one rebate per appliance category per address. For example, one refrigerator rebate plus one dishwasher rebate would qualify, or one gas furnace rebate plus one central air conditioner rebate would qualify. Applications for two dishwasher rebates would not qualify. I purchased several qualified appliances eligible for rebates. Can they be mailed in the same envelope? No, separate applications must be completed for each product purchased and each application must be mailed in a separate envelope to avoid delays in processing Is appliance recycling required to be eligible? Because this is an appliance replacement program, participants must agree to replace existing appliances with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model. Recycling is encouraged, but not required. Arrangements can be made through retailers at the time of purchase.

North Carolina Appliance Replacement & Rebate Program


How often are available funds updated? They are calculated and communicated in real time at www.NCApplianceRebate.com and 1-877-379-7323. How will applications be verified? Every rebate application and the data it contains will be audited to verify the qualifying purchase and other requirements. What products qualify? (See chart below) Select a category at www.ENERGYSTAR.gov to view qualified product models.

Can I apply for the North Carolina energy rebate and the manufacturers or retailers rebate on the same appliance? Yes, but keep in mind that each rebate sponsor has unique rules and application instructions. All mailed energy rebate materials become North Carolinas property and will not be returned. Because original receipts may be required for other promotions, copies are accepted for this program.

Eligible ENERGY STAR Categories Central Air Conditioners Clothes Washers Dishwashers Freezers Gas Furnaces Gas Storage Water Heater Gas Tankless Water Heater

ENERGY STAR Criteria Split SEER >= 14.5 and EER >=12 Single-package SEER >=14 and EER >= 11 ENERGY STAR qualified ENERGY STAR qualified ENERGY STAR qualified AFUE > or = 90% Energy Factor > or = 0.62 Energy Factor > or = 0.82 Air-Source split SEER >= 14.5 and EER >= 12 Air-Source packaged SEER >= 14 and EER >= 11 Ground-Source open loop EER >= 16.2 Ground-Source closed loop EER >= 14.1 Ground-Source DX EER >= 15 ENERGY STAR qualified Solar Fraction > or = 0.5 Solar Fraction > or = 0.5

Visa Prepaid Card Rebate Value $300 $100 $75 $75 $300 $200 $200

Heat Pumps


Refrigerators Solar Water Heater (electric back-up) Solar Water Heater (gas back-up)

$150 $200 $200

Terms & Conditions

 Only ENERGY STAR product models meeting the criteria and categories listed above are eligible for North Carolinas rebates. To determine a product models ENERGY STAR certification, North Carolinas agents will use product information available to the public at www.ENERGYSTAR.gov. Substitutions of products or product categories are not allowed. Call our support line at 1-877-379-7323 if you find an exception.  By applying for a rebate and subsequently failing to satisfy each of the program requirements, an applicant gives up rights to the rebate and those rebate funds will no longer be available to him/her.  Purchases of products that are used, rebuilt, rented, leased, exchanged, won as a prize, or purchased at auction or online auction are not eligible.  Visa prepaid cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc and managed by Citi Prepaid Services. Cards will not have cash value and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

 The rights to a rebate or a rebate application may not be transferred or sold. Retailers may not apply for North Carolinas energy rebate. Applications in excess of the limits are not allowed. Applications exceeding verifiable eligible purchase are not allowed. Fraud of any type could result in federal prosecution under the US mail fraud statues.  North Carolina is not responsible for lost, late, damaged, illegible, misdirected or postage-due applications. Resolution of any disputes will be governed by North Carolina law.