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Vetsolutions Catalogue

Market leading software solutions

Your guide to the innovative hardware, software and service solutions that we provide.


Welcome to your Vetsolutions catalogue

We are proud to have over 30 years experience in veterinary practice management.
Our experience and commitment to the profession is stronger than ever and we are proud that over 1400 practices throughout the UK trust us to supply everything they need to meet their practice management needs. Our market leading software solutions and hardware equipment provide innovative, value-adding services and modules that ensure practices are able to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. This catalogue provides a guide to some of these hardware and software options containing information on individual products and emphasising the many benefits of choosing a supplier who can deliver pre-configured hardware, next-day delivery on consumables and value for money pricing. Our reputation for high quality products and excellent customer service means you can be assured of always receiving the best advice and thanks to our continued investment in training and education, our team has now been named a Fujitsu select EXPERT partner, incorporating their whole range, from servers to mobile tablets.


Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Computer Hardware

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Computer Hardware

We offer many hardware options which facilitate easy access to your practice management system from just about anywhere in the practice. Our wide range enables us to create a bespoke solution dependent on the unique needs of your practice. All our hardware is preconfigured prior to shipping, removing the stress of replacing ageing or failed kit. We also offer a next day delivery service on urgent orders, ensuring minimum disruption to your business.

fast and reliable

Desktop PCs
Our range of desktop PCs allows you to run our software alongside any third party software (such as payroll), essential to the smooth running of a busy practice. Our desktop PCs are fast and reliable and we supply only the most environmentally friendly equipment, contributing to an improved carbon footprint for us all.

The Axel terminal is perfect for practices where space may be an issue. Its versatility means it can even be mounted onto the back of a monitor for the ultimate space-saving solution. Perfect for practices that only require access to the practice management system, the internet and Microsoft packages, the Axel terminal comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Computer Hardware
Dedicated Servers
Your server is a key building block within your practice. We offer a range of Windows and Unix servers that are suitable for the requirements of all practices, regardless We offer of size, number of users or practice a range of management system. Windows and Our servers provide a stable working platform that ensures our software is able to perform to its true potential, enabling your practice to run as smoothly as possible. Our experienced pre-sales team will analyse your practices needs and because our range of servers covers entry, mid and high level specifications we can always recommend the most cost effective solution to you.


Keeping up with the fast pace of life sometimes requires you to be in more than one place on a single day and it helps if you can maintain access to your practice management system and the data within it. Our laptops provide the space saving benefits of an Axel terminal, combined with the operating system and third party software benefits of a desktop PC. So if you need to move from room to room within your practice, from branch to branch, or from home office to the farm, a laptop installed with our software can go with you. We also supply in-car chargers for your laptop so you need never be caught without power.

Unix servers

Entry Level Server Fujitsu Xeon Server 8GB RAM, 2x500GB RAID1 Disk Mid Level Server Fujitsu Xeon Server 16GB RAM, 2x500GB RAID1 Disk High Level Server Fujitsu Xeon Server 32GB RAM, 2x500GB RAID1 Disk

Dont forget as a Fujitsu EXPERT partner our team are always on hand to assist you with your hardware queries providing you with our honest opinion and the best solutions to suit your needs.

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk


Computer Hardware cont.

USB/PS2 keyboard


Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Computer Hardware / Back Up

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Back Up

Washable keyboard Wireless keyboard USB/PS2 mouse Washable mouse Wireless mouse


Avoid the need to replace keyboards and mice that have been involved in liquid spillages (of any type!). Our washable and antibacterial keyboards and mice are dishwasher friendly and can survive being fully submersed.

Whether you need large, high-resolution monitors for analysis of digital images or something small and sleek for reception, we supply a superior range of monitors suitable to meet all your viewing requirements. We are happy to source specified monitors on demand or let you chose from the wide range we have in stock.


Our recommended back-up device is a NAS (network attached storage) box. Your system can be configured to automatically back-up to your NAS box every 24 hours. This process will store all data and work that has been entered during the day, including any images and attachments within your practice management system. Each NAS box has 6 removable drives so that a daily back-up onto a removable drive can be stored off the premises for additional security.

Our recommended back up device is a NAS Box

External USB Drives

For smaller practices that dont have a huge volume of data or quantity of images but still require a secure method of back-up, single USB hard drives can be used. Again, we recommend that these are stored off site for additional security.

Standard monitors available in 17, 19 or 22

active@ disk imaging software

Aside from security of data and the peace of mind that a backup device provides we also highly recommend active@ disk imaging software. active@ will backup your Windows server operating system. This is invaluable in the event of a hardware failure as it dramatically reduces downtime by providing a replica image of your server before the failure. This image can then be quickly installed onto your replacement or repaired hardware, limiting the distress and downtime that inevitably results from server failures.

Back Up
Your data is one of the most important parts of your business and is key for many things including tracking client histories, account information and practice marketing. Unfortunately, unlike any other piece of hardware your server is not immune to failure. It is therefore essential to the success of your business that your data Ensure that is securely backed up on a regular basis, your data is safeguarding against financial loss and securely minimising disruption in the unfortunate backed up event of a server failure.

backup your WindowS server operating system

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk


Printers are an integral part of any business. Whether its printing your monthly invoices, consent forms or quarterly practice newsletter, your staff dont have time to wait for inefficient printing hardware. Thats why we have a range of high quality laserjet printers to suit the needs of every practice. You can choose a printer dependent on workload, volume and whether you require colour or just mono printing. Our printers are environmentally friendly and have consumables that are amongst the most cost effective available producing a cheaper price per page. We also stock all printing components including cartridges, toners and labels.

Unexpected power disruptions and surges, even for the shortest of periods can result in data loss or other failures and unfortunately when and where they happen is out of your control. An Uninterruptable Power Source maintains power during a failure, providing additional energy that allows you extra time to safely shutdown your computer system. Our UPS even has the option of automatically carrying out a secure server shutdown on your behalf.

Appropriate anti-virus is critical for those terminals in your practice that have access to the world wide web. Our anti-virus ensures that you are safe in the knowledge it will look after your security whilst you look after your business. The latest antivirus solutions for small businesses offer comprehensive security and systems manageability for every endpoint. This includes physical and virtual machines, mobile devices and file, storage, email and internet servers. Using Kaspersky anti-virus we can manage your entire network security from one PC within your practice - performing all the tasks needed to keep your business reputation safe and your confidential information secure.


Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Printers

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Ups / Internet Access / Anit-virus / Handheld Barcode Scanners

Internet connectivity is now an essential service within the practice. Without it you are unable to send or receive email, browse the web nor data synchronise between branches. Our Draytek ADSL routers supply a vast array of security and connectivity features. The built-in firewall provides safer access to the internet and prevents unauthorised access to your network whilst offering secure remote access for those staff who need it. If necessary our routers can also provide wireless internet throughout the practice and also VOIP functionality.

Why have multiple pieces of hardware in your practice when you can combine them into one? - Saving space and money! For faxing, scanning and printing a multifunction printer is a great, cost effective choice.

The ability to print vital documents and labels when away from the practice is a requirement that never seems to disappear. Our sleek range of mobile printers allows you to print whatever you require when on the move. They are lightweight in design and provide reliable efficiency. Perfect for the Vet on the go.



Whether you are a single branch, large animal practice or a multi-branch small or mixed animal group, sound stock management is critical in ensuring your practice is running as efficiently, productively and profitably as possible. Furthermore, keeping an eye on stock movement and location in a modern day practice can be a real challenge, given the fast responsive pace at which you need to work to meet customers needs. Our range of 1D, 2D or datamatrix barcode scanners assist with your stock control, speeding up your processes and providing you with the batch traceability that you require for your products.

Kyocera A4 Mono Printer Kyocera A4 Colour Printer Kyocera A4 Multifunction Printer (Scanner, Fax, Copier, Colour Print with Duplex) Star TSP 700II Network Printer with PSU Star TSP 700II USB Printer with PSU & USB Cable

Being able to print vital documents and labels when away from the practice is a requirement that never seems to disappear. Our sleek range of mobile printers allows you to print whatever you require when on the move, theyre lightweight and give you the efficiency that you can rely on. Perfect for the Vet on the go.

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk



Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Digital Imaging Equipment

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Digital Imaging Equipment

Digital Imaging Equipment

Computer radiography (CR) is the digital replacement of conventional x-ray films, and is fast becoming the standard with veterinary practices. CR Technology dramatically increases the quality of radiographic images and the speed at which they are produced resulting in improved diagnosis that meets client expectations. The images can be shared, manipulated and easily archived and retrieved when required. Dental x-rays are fast becoming commonplace with many practices now investing in digital equipment to produce the intra and extra-oral radiographs that are vital to demonstrate pathology that can often be missed.

The NOMAD Pro offers a portable, rechargeable hand-held x-ray system. The entire unit weighs just over 5lbs making it comfortable to use even for prolonged periods. Whether you use the latest digital sensors, dental film, or phosphor plates, the NOMAD Pro will produce high-quality diagnostic images. Simple, built-in controls allow quick adjustment of exposure time and custom exposure settings can be saved for fast recall.

The compact CR 7 image plate scanner was uniquely designed specifically for the veterinary profession and can be used for incredibly fast dental and small animal extremity x-ray diagnostics. The image plates are available in sizes 0 to 4 in addition to the worlds first intra-oral plate for rabbits. The plates are bendable and thin providing greater flexibility when positioning, they are also reusable. The quality of the images the CR 7 produces is unmatched. The CR 7 is networked so does not need to be located near a PC and images can be processed in as little as 12 seconds making dental diagnostics as easy as possible.

Increase the speed and quality of the radiographic diagnosis

Digital Image Integration with your practice management system.

So, you have perfect images, what now? Our Dragonfly module will make the most of them by automatically integrating the images with the animal record card in your practice management system so you can request the studies, receive the images, review them and retain them all from the comfort of your consulting room. Dragonfly works with a wide array of devices (from X-ray ,CT, MRI, ultrasound and endoscope) and provides user friendly advanced tools for magnification, measurement, manipulation and much more.

The CR 35 image plate scanner is ideal for small animal and equine use. It combines the highest quality resolution with the best mobility and clever design ensuring it is robust and transportable for out of practice use when required. The CR 35 has the flexibility to work with different resolutions dependent on the animal type and body part. It can be supplied with a rugged case for transportation and an external battery pack, perfect for your mobile equine practice.

No matter whether you need to take an x-ray of a horse or a reptile, the CR43 delivers perfect resolution, every time. The fully automatic CR43 requires the user to simply insert the image plate cassette and remove again after scanning, providing high resolution images from equipment with the smallest footprint in its class, making it a space saving option for large or small animal practice.

Dragonfly works with a wide array of devices

Request. Receive. Review. Retain.

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk



Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Engineering / Training

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Training / RoboVet Licences

Between keeping the nations pets healthy and ensuring you are on top of your key performance indicators, your IT hardware can often be forgotten..
Like all of us though, your hardware does need a bit of TLC from time to time to keep it in peak condition and prolong its lifespan. Whether you want to ensure your IT hardware is performing to its maximum capability or you need to replace an ageing server, our team of experienced engineers are strategically based around the country so they can be on your door step whenever you need them. Field engineers Neil Porter (pictured) and Mark Petters both have regular contact with our client base and are highly regarded within the veterinary profession for their attention to detail and their willingness to go the extra mile to provide outstanding service. Between Neil and Mark they have some 40 years of experience in the veterinary market.

With over 15 years of experience our training team are ideally placed to help guide you towards making your practice management system a true asset to your business.
Our training team have an immense amount of knowledge and experience within the veterinary profession. All training time qualifies for verifiable CPD and is available for all veterinary staff members for their personal development.

Strategically based around the country

Colin Ingram


Every single week our experienced trainers assist practices that are switching to Vetsolutions, helping them through the set up process and educating them in the best practice techniques required to get the most out of their computer system.
For existing users who want additional tuition on a one-to-one basis or for new staff, we readily arrange ad-hoc training days either on site or at a quiet location away from practice the choice is yours. And dont worry, our trainers are made up from a combination of Vet nurses, college lecturers and practice managers so we can guarantee you will be in safe hands. We can tailor the agenda of the day for you or we can work with you to create an agenda dependent on your requirements. In addition to our training days we also run training schools, local user groups and e-learning sessions suitable for every member of staff within your practice.

Product Specialist and Senior Trainer

We guarantee you will be in safe hands

After many years lecturing in higher education, Product Specialist and Senior Trainer, Colin (pictured opposite) spent 2 years working at a mixed practice, learning what makes a practice tick and maximising the use RoboVet as a management tool. He then became a freelance specialist in the configuration and training of RoboVet, mainly involved in helping new practices to integrate computerisation or converting from another PMS system. In 2004 he was employed full time by Vetsolutions. Since then, as well as continuing to have a major input into training new practices, he has used his detailed knowledge of the day to day workings of veterinary practice to help in RoboVets developmental progess.

The UKs leading practice management software for veterinary practices, now with increased functionality and features. Our product and development team are committed to bringing the benefits of new technology to veterinary practices with the aim of attracting and retaining more clients and treating more animals. RoboVet can help with absolutely everything from analysing your business performance to accurately managing your stock.

committed to ensuring that our clients get the most out of their software
Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk


From receipt rolls and labels to toner cartridges for your printers we can supply all of your consumable items. We keep all of the items in stock to allow us to offer a next day delivery for those urgent situations. Not presently buying your consumables from us? Give us a call, well do everything we can to beat or at least match what you are presently paying.

Star TSP700 label rolls Star SP320 label rolls Zebra Eltron label rolls Epsom thermal label rolls Star TSP700 receipt rolls Star SP200 receipt rolls Epsom thermal receipt rolls

In-house analysers are common place in many practices. Our LabLink software stops you having to retype your results into your practice management system. The software improves accuracy, speed and reduces paper wastage by transferring results and attaching them automatically to the animal record card. LabLink is compatible with a huge array of analysers and now has enhanced features for Idexx analysers. The software is universal and can be used with any practice management system not just Vetsolutions systems


Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | Consumables / AutoSMS / Online Appointment Booking Module

Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | LabLink / Microsoft Licences / PAF Service


improves accuracy, speed and reduces paper wastage

The text message has rapidly become the most popular form of communication with the average person sending 200 texts per month. Our practice management systems can automatically send a text message to advise clients of recall reminders or pending appointment reminders, providing a timely, cost effective method of communication. Text messages can also be sent advising of pre-op or post-op information therefore improving customer care and can be used to market your practices promotions.

LabLinkIntegration Software
In-house Lab Analyser
Our autoSMS service now integrates with iRecallTM.

Any Practice Management System Workstation


The online appointment booking module provides you with an additional innovative method of communicating with your clients. You can configure your online practice profile and allocate which appointments you would like to make available, then simply include the web widget on your existing practice website. Online appointment booking provides a fast, convenient and free service for your clients allowing them to book a new appointment without the constraints of practice opening hours.

We have been an established supplier of Microsoft licences for many years. Our experienced licensing experts can help you understand and chose the right Microsoft licensing scheme for your needs. This includes SQL Server, retail, OEM and volume licensing.

PAF Service
The post office address file service allows your practice management system to automatically populate address fields from client postcodes. This speeds up time at reception when registering new clients and improves the accuracy of your database. You can have as many or as few postcodes areas set up on terminals that you require.

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk


Even though the greatest care is taken when entering amounts into a chip and pin machine, this for human error. EazyPay is the perfect solution saving time and reducing the margin for error, it creates a more efficient client experience similar to that which they receive from other retail experiences. EazyPay offers a number of advantages to the practice when compared with traditional payment methods; faster verification when passed over broadband line as opposed to via a telephone line, no call charges for transaction verification and no need for a dedicated phone line for the PED, saving approximately 400 per month. EazyPay is a networked solution, meaning multiple terminals can connect to the PED, not just one, and provides safe and secure transactions.


Your Vetsolutions Catalogue | EazyPay / Hardware Support

EazyPay provides safe and secure transactions

In addition to our technical software support we can complement your service by offering the extra security of hardware support. Whatever the size of your practice and wherever you are in the UK, we can provide hardware support for your servers, desktops, printers and networks. Our highly skilled field engineers are based all over the UK, meaning we can provide a local response to solve your hardware problems wherever you may be - in no time at all. We offer a 4 working hour response from the time you log an issue with us or an 8 hour server, simply choose the response times and service levels to suit the needs of your practice.

Vetsolutions Catalogue For more information contact: 0131 556 0555 | sales@vetsolutions.co.uk | www.vsoffers.co.uk