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M i n c o m

M i n e S c a p e

Mincom MineScape


Survey controls the reduction management and use of field survey data. All forms of data entry, from notebook to field recorder, are supported.


Project setup - initial implementation involves definition of required projection and local coordinate conventions, as well as the levels of available control. Complete control over naming conventions and unlimited point and string codes and their related display characteristics can be input and a database of field instrument calibration constants and tape parameters can be established.

Data input - can be manually entered or automatically downloaded directly from field data recorders, with surveyor-defined codes automatically processed. All instrument types are supported, from chains and total stations to GPS and stereo digitizers to reflectorless and robotic survey instruments. Survey data from other sources such as aerial surveys or third party packages can also be imported.

M i n c o m

M i n e S c a p e

Company standards - Survey ensures the adherence of all data to site and company standards using sets of user-defined lookup tables. Pre-processing - coding conventions can include pre-processing instructions to the data load process. Such instructions can delete points, offset them, fix their position by resection or trilateration at load time, adjust prior entries, etc. Single command or step-by-step process - data can be loaded, pre-processed, reduced and displayed at a single command, or each step processed separately and the results reviewed and checked. Full reporting of errors, adjustments, residuals, misclosures, etc. is provided. Processing functions include full network adjustment, traversing, leveling and coordinate transformation (Helmert and Lauf). 3D - data is loaded into 3D space and is immediately available to CAD editing. COGO - in addition to the Mincom MineScape 3D CAD environment, Survey provides a tailored set of powerful COGO (COordinate GeOmetry) CAD functions. Volumes - include triangulated sampling, cut and fill and section-based (end area) calculation techniques. Upload - Survey supports the upload of any Mincom MineScape designs back to field recorders or as plotted instructions to complete the cycle of transcription-free field data management. Upload of design information (from any Mincom MineScape source) is just as easy, with positional information for any purpose available as either plotted layout instructions, or directly written to field data recorders.

Adherence to standards - standard presentation of common information minimizes the potential for subsequent interpretational error. Standards can be changed at any time and all data will be updated. The same data can be reported to any authority in the required coordinate system without reprocessing. Integrated - all authorized end users (geology, engineering, etc.) have immediate access to the most recent positional information, as all Mincom MineScape products run across the same databases.

Accurate - automatic two-way data transferal between Mincom MineScape and field data recorders, saves time and eliminates the potential for transcription errors. Any design can be automatically translated into field layout instructions.

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