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POEM 1- OLD AND NEW TECHNOLOGY HAIKU You use computers IPods, mobiles, cameras Why not write

letters? (Says my grandma.)

JUSTIFICATION We choose this Haiku poem to be used in teaching and learning for several reasons. Firstly, Haiku is a form of poem which the structure is simple and short. Thus, it synchronizes with the pupils level. This is because; pupils will be enabled to understand the meaning of the poem easily. Haiku also offers jokes in the poem. As we know, children like something that is fun and enjoyable materials for them to explore the learning. With connection to this need, Haiku will be the exact choice to create the fun learning atmosphere in the class. As we can see in the Old and New Technology Haiku, this poem will be suitable for teaching nouns for young learners. The nouns being mentioned clearly such as iPads, computers, cameras and mobiles. Instead of that, the words used are contextualized with the pupils. Nowadays, these modern gadgets seem to be a must for every family. Hence, pupils get to know about them easily. With this Haiku poem is applied, it will also trigger the manipulation of Sight Word approach to influence reading in children. Despite of using the poem alone, we might insert the pictures of the nouns mentioned in the poem. With that, children get to remember faster as stated in Sight word approach. Besides that, the use of poem in teaching and learning session will help to create a conducive learning environment in psychosocial aspect. For young learners, strict teaching styles will demotivate them. Thus, we can manipulate the function of poem by reading it with rhyme together with the young learners during the lesson. As a result, the teacher will be able to create relax but focused atmosphere which said to be an optimum state for learning as stated in the Suggestopedia teaching method.

During recite the poem, children will also acquire the language subconsciously. They can new vocabulary when comprehensible input being given to them. This is equal to Krashens theory of second language acquisition where he mentioned that children learn and acquire the language the best when the input is slightly above the existing knowledge (i+1). On the other hands, the element of both academic and personal development is embedded in this poem as it provides vocabulary and sentence structure. In addition, it initiate thinking skills and stimulate awareness to appreciate both old and new technology to pertain human skills.