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Philippine Normal University National Center for Teacher Education College of Education Department of Field Study and Practice

Teaching Taft Avenue, Manila

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan for Second Year Students Run by Fraud Salim

Submitted by: Gloucille Marie J. Villacastin Practice Teacher

Under the Supervision of:

Mrs. Daisy G. Gabatino Cooperating Teacher

February 20, 2013


Objectives: Focus Skill: 1. Deduce the theme of the selection. Support Skills: 2. Give the meaning of words through context. 3. Give the elements of the story. 4. Interpret the theme of the selection in various ways.


Subject Matter: Title: Run by Fraud Salim Reference: English of the New Generation: Afro-Asian Literature, pages 303305. Materials: Pictures


Procedures: A. Pre-reading 1. Daily routine 2. Motivation (Picture Talk) Students view pictures of war:

What are the things that you see in the picture? What do you feel while looking at the pictures? Why? What happened to people who encountered war? If you are stuck in the middle of the war, what would you do? Why?

3. Vocabulary Development Read the sentences and be able to give the meaning of the underlined words. 1. The child played outside all day long without changing his shirt and came home covered with filth. Mess Dirt Raw

2. She studied very hard for the exam but all of her efforts were in vain because she failed. Unsuccessful Beauty Arrogant

3. The sea appears serene and quiet after the heavy storm passed by. Worried Calm Serious

4. The policemen are used to seeing such gruesome crime scenes like murder, suicide, and homicide. False Common Horrible

5. Students start to besiege the teacher with questions if they dont know what to do and when to pass a requirement. Surround 4. Motive Question: What would you do if one day you feel alone, down and weary? Decline Organize

B. Reading 1. Scan the selection and be able to jot down the following: Characters Setting Conflict Theme

C. Post-Reading 1. Comprehension Questions: a. Where and when did the story happen? Describe the setting of the story. b. c. Who are the characters in the story? Describe the main character or Tri Duan physically? emotionally? socially? Use the diagram below.




d. e.

What is the problem of Tri Duan? Does she dream of seeing something once again? What are her dreams?


What does she want to happen to end her misery? Did she succeed in ending her misery?


Does she hope for someone to come into her life? What do you think will happen if she welcomes someone into her life?


What disturbed her from dreaming a reunion with her sister? What made her come back into reality that shes miserable and alone?

i. j. k.

What gave her hope to continue on living? What do you think does Saigon mean to Tri Duan? What would you do if youre in the position of Tri Duan? How would you face the war?

2. Answering of the Motive Question: What would you do if one day you feel alone, down and weary? 3. Collaborative Work Group 1: The Social Workers Make a Someone Cares Kit. Think of 3 items that will help a victim of war feel that someone cares for them. Explain what they symbolize. Group 2: Poster-Slogan Make a poster-slogan promoting peace. Group 3: Film Making A Director is interested in the story of Tri Duan and wants to put it into a film. Prese nt a behind-the-scene situation of the story. Group 4: Production Design a poster for promotions. Create an ad blurb to attract the attention of movie-goers. Group 5: Talk Show Present an interview on what happened to Tri Duan after the war. Group 6: Soundtrack Think of a song that is related to the message or the theme of the story. Sing it. 4. Group Presentation.


10 points

Performed all duties of assigned team role.

7 points

Performed nearly all duties of assigned team role.

5 points

Performed some duties of assigned team role.


Assignment In one whole sheet of paper, write a letter for other victims of war like Tri Duan. Try to comfort and encourage them to continue their life after being down and weary. Heres how they will be assessed for the assignment: Content: Organization: Grammar and Spelling: Total: 60% 25% 15% 100%