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The Petrology Part 1

Michael Bolerjack

The Petrology Part 1 2013 Michael Bolerjack


For Mary I look up to a blank Almost in that I To not look again I hope For Mary It was she who Pacified my mind Put prayer in me I had never known Quieted and stilled Out of my error She has brought me She is my teacher To have been under Her protection

Oh brightness Oh whiteness Pure dawn announcing Pure perfection To have been catholic And still To be Despite Let not say what In that despite Oh not to judge From verbalism Oh be not judged To mysticism Lady To have led

Out of the forest Of circles at What clear space Of sons find Shining on First and last Always now And to have known And yet not to Almost Too marvelous For me Too much I say Words to find me Out today

Every idol has been Trampled down For Mary reigns Blessed Queen Be ye therefore holy For I am holy What they called love Love was not For without virtue No beauty is The moral beauty Of Mary Resplendent regal Intricately wrought Woven And infinite

So all will be Someday But in eternity Already is She the patience She the purity Her perseverance Showed peace That we may ponder To her heart For a heart so High above She poured The cold, cold Sober water On my mind

To break the fever Of the world And flesh And So cleansed washed Made over Evil does not live Its veil is torn away And the true beauty Shines without Such lies For Mary Is no myth Is more real Than death So even stronger


Chapter 1 So, Run it through the speech-grill, Having been taken out twice, Not just wounded, Actually dead, That is to say Possessed, Because, This baser nature came between the fell and incensed points of mighty opposites, When I thought I had a noble heart, But listen, The Lord God set me straight, Saying

Alfie, do the poem Which he had said in a figure of two late last year when the beloved other witness, my wife, got out of her old job and into two new ones, As a teacher, and another part-time gig that fit, Thing was in the names of the companies, Which are anagrams of Alfie Do the poem I knew the second for some time, only figured out my name today, But I am still a.k.a. Petrus Romanus, The one and only, who is not required by Malachy to be a bishop, not explicitly, Only to sit, Read it for yourselves,

And so here am I, Sitting. So, Who was Alfie? He was the self-centered, sexually-oriented young man in the movie who asks Whats it all about? Me, baser nature, pointed out, got that, recalling not only my bouts with goddesses Buddhist and Greek, but earlier episodes with Egyptians, married women, girls of all kinds, Not that Im all that, but I guess I thought I was, you know But God takes the refuse of the world, the offscouring, as Paul said, to accomplish his purpose, to confound the wise of the world. So much for the perambulatory,

Chapter 2 So that, Having perhaps reached the level of my incompetence, And had the baser nature and my fatal flaw exposed, not once, but twice, The Genius of the Work sat with me and taught me to do something different for a change Like really pray this time, and so I did, and it became real quiet, and I was so happy, And I thought, man, this is the answer, which sometimes it still will be, But then I found out the bastards wont leave me alone,

Because now they are so damned mad, as they are at every Christian, but in a way especially with me, and after the Gag and Magog thing and having exposed the Pole almost a year ago as the Beast, well, I saw them coming, after only three days, I said, Ill be a hedgehog, just curl up, they cant get me that way, But oh no I realized Im already in the middle of the road, and you know what happens to a hedgehog in the middle of the road, Like the other witness, Derrida, said, So, What else could I do but get up, get back, and assume the role again that nobody wanted, Because the Tribe of Dan, also known as the Cardinals of College, knew Francine was a Jesuit, knew he had sworn allegiance to the one before,

Who, Good as his name had a zinger in store for everybody, And I saw a picture in the Times of Gag and Magag, both dressed in the white of a bride on her wedding day, kneeling together in their nuptials, as if to pray, and Oh, Francine, what have you done? Whom do you serve? To whom are you to be wed? In this tragedy, called to fill the shoes of Hamlet, to take care of the usurpers, my sin has not been madness and delay, the famous hesitation, But, That I, a baser nature was assigned the part, I think because there is no nobility left on earth.

Chapter 3 Having read in Peter the Roman that I wrote that not once, not twice, but three times I would write a fantasy and fiction and falsification in the examination, And realizing that this might mean something like the denying of Christ, Three times, like Peter, I was scared, in that through the goddesses, I had lost my faith twice, and the second in a way worse than the first, But that Christ had broken in, broke it up, turned the tables, and Mary had prayed with me, restored me, made me a child again,

That I became determined not to sin that third time, never again, And I could not say it happened once before, long ago, had lost my faith and been restored, so that made three, No, There was a chance that something prophetic spoke through me, I know not what, and made a prediction, concerning me, So, what was I to do? I said I would never write again. And even now I fear that my sins are so grave that I am disallowed, And if Christ and Mary need not a pen, yet, at least, they may still hold me in their hands

Chapter 4 The infernal is so deeply interwoven in the fabric of the appearances, what passes for reality, that it is most often, I think, unnoticed, able to work quietly, insidiously, causing heartbreak and trouble everywhere, Stirring up two men, or a man and a woman, to enter into arguments that make no sense, inflaming tempers, Or, As with me, tempting me, inciting me to lust, while still others are caught in the toils of greed, And we are ignorant of these things, even when we should know better,

So that, When what happened to me during the writing of Peter the Roman happened, like a holocaust, like the worst, I wondered at myself, having betrayed myself, and all I love, But in prayer a few days later, Mary let me know, during an infused contemplative prayer, that I had suffered from a case of possession, And that is scary, but not as scary as thinking that it was really me that had done it, And she pacified my mind, but the scenes are still in my memory, and like a competent priest will tell you, They still try to take over my imagination with outrages, Or whisper incessant deceit, or bring signs come to pass I know not of, even as I send them

Chapter 5 On the vocation of Peter the Roman, Peter was asked, And he replied, I am the antiAnti-Christ, So that, In a Hegelian dialectic he is the negation of the negation, before the fourth step, which Hegel did not conceive, that double plus good of the arrival, outside the dialectic, completing it and ending it, The Second Coming Of Christ

Chapter 6 So that, In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit. The capitals in this Latin sentence from the prophecy clearly spell out the very thing that in the first book of Peter the Roman was the destructive and chaotic element penultimate to the disaster that followed, the so-called Eris, the goddess of strife in Greek mythology, who has been adopted by the discordian religion as its god. I will not now proceed to a thousand lines of poetic play with that name, but As well, the siren is implied, which has been seen.

If I am petrus romanus, and have found, after a life and death struggle, in which I was killed, but revived by Jesus, that I am to be opposed to this Eris, Then this line of the prophecy is disjunct from the last section, as many have suspected, and applies not to my role, but to the one now supplied by the transposed heads in Rome, the co-, semi-, bi-, popes now living in the Vatican. Eris is enthroned in the see of peter and peter the roman is elsewhere. If we look at bergoglios official name, Pope Francis, We see popE fRancIS, spelled out, straight across, so that she infects the new world leader in a most insinuated way. The PP goes into their famous signatures, meaning in Latin, proxy,

So that, o-f-a-n-c is left, which means Pope Francis is the proxy of Eris, a-n-c: Anti-Christ, and with the a-n-c removed from Anti-Christ there is spelled ti rist, it stir, in Francis, thoroughly infected by the presence of Eris, acting as her proxy, it, the Anti-Christ, stirs. So that the connecting link in the prophecy refers to the anti-Christ, Pope Francis, the proxy of Eris, the one that tried already to destroy me, and to whom, as Peter the Roman, petrus romanus, I am opposed. I apologize for having broken the fourth wall of the poetic framework in this chapter, but it is a thing that Alfie, as God has called me, would do.

Chapter 7 In the prologue perverse of these my Petrine revisions, There was an Eris, the thing I thought was she, loved and hated, feared and desired, written over and through, That led to my destruction and night in hell, Not to be described, Out from which the Lord Jesus Christ, by a timely word of intercession pulled me, And I live in horror of those hours, doing penance that I may never know them again, Never, never, never, never, never, never,

It was with great fear that I saw her name inscribed in the prophecy of the popes, knowing that by intellectual conscience I had to deal with it again, Though so very dangerous to me, And, I think, to everyone, But finding the horror turn up again in that place where Peter the Roman is indicated, I have some hope that the prologue perverse was not an infernal dictation, but that Even there, in a way, God was still in control of me and what I was saying, Though how, I do not know, my mission being now not to question the providences, ever, but to believe in Him and be just an instrument of His Will, Amen.

Chapter 8 And my friend Jude, the legendary and altogether devoted saint of the impossible, When turned to, replied Peter, it was not a matter of psychology, no matter what they say, But of your role apocalyptique, for which they wanted you to pay, But not in a just keeping of accounts, rather in the manner of vengeance and spite, and also to stop you from proceeding, For, You yet have many things in store,

As does a world unsuspecting, In that, They adore a man, of whom they say, in wonder, See the act of humility, When he was only doing what is done in every parish, washing and kissing feet, No, He did not go to murderers row, but touched the feet of a few young detainees, barely prisoners, not even criminals, When his namesake, Kissed lepers on the mouth, and this not as an act, not for show of cameras, but in love, and him, the saint, they thought was mad, while the papal imposture is almost thought divine.

Chapter 9 I went to see my mother I went to see my mother in the afternoon In the afternoon we talked and prayed And then I went for a walk As a child I walked I walked as a child does I loved the sun I loved the sky I loved everyone the afternoon I walked The afternoon I talked with my mother I went to the store to buy some meat But the meat I found was not so good

It was not as good as what I found As I was leaving the store As I was leaving it was not what I found It was what found me as I left the store A girl of simplicity and beauty and smiles Was handing out flowers to all around I too smiled obliquely and went on my way But she skipped up beside me and said Youre sweet and gave me a white flower An angel with a flower angels long to see I walked home still talking with mother With the flower of heaven held before me Before me went the flower that angels see Angels see such heaven-sent flowers as I see My mother and I talked for hours and hours The day that the girl gave me the flower

Chapter 10 The Greeks seek wisdom And the Jews look for a sign But I preach Christ And Him crucified Lest we empty the cross of its meaning, it is important to remember that Jesus was not a philosopher. Lest we empty the cross of its meaning, it is important to remember that Jesus did not practice divination. Lest we empty the cross of its meaning, it is important to remember that Jesus came not to destroy but to fulfill the law, every jot and tittle, which is based on wisdom and on signs.

Chapter 11 To have been speaking of butterflies, Then And the Mind of Christ coming to the world, And the one mind, They were all of, That will not stand, and will not let stand, nor to be instantiated, The passing of the fire, taking back Carmel, for Christ, As the catechumens and candidates are conferred, as candles shine and water is poured and all look up toward the gates of St. Peter,

In the Petrine succession, Without the Petrine privileges To grant adulteries, Without cause, concession to the hardness of hearts, Of which petrifications is the stone of blessing, the rock on which was built? Taking back Carmel, then, by fire cast on earth, as fire came down, to have been salted with, The breaking of The lifting of To have been cleft, In the test of hearts, to be not hardened, So that, when you hear his voice, as at the provocation in the wilderness of sin

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