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Hicksville High School Newsletter


Local Talent: Kirk Larsen

Kirk Larsen is one to watch. Recently named one of the hottest artists of 2013 by the Creative Arts Studio of Sea Cliff, Larsen has acquired numerous accolades and is continuing to build up an impressive gallery of beautiful plein air paintings that capture the beauty in the world around him. Larsen is currently working on a series of paintings for a May exhibit at the Hicksville Public Library. A longtime resident of Hicksville, and graduate of Hicksville High School, Larsen hopes to pay homage to his beloved hometown. One scene Larsen is painting is Cantiague Park in Westbury, a place Larsen spent many of his teenage days. His focus is the Written by Betsy Abraham. Photos provided dome-shaped Ice Skating Rink, and as he unpacks his canvas bag and information courtesy of Antonnews.com full of art supplies and sets up his French easel on a bright, chilly day in late February, he comments that hes tired. The body sometimes does that to get ready for a painting, he says. As soon as he is set up however, Larsen comes alive. Larsens green pencil flies across his sketchpad, his hazel eyes glancing up and down at the rink as he quickly takes note of the scene before him. 30 seconds later, he is done with the sketch, which will serve as a point of reference for him as he paints. The initial sketch is important, as it allows him to remember what the scene looked like as the sun moves, which will affect the lighting, color and where the shadows fall. Click here for the whole story

Hi everyone, especially the class of 1956! Wanted to let you know that I recently shot two shows that will be on TV some time in February. The first is the new Investigation Discovery show, "Redrum," (Murder spelled backwards). It's the true story of the Duvardo family in California. I played Mary Ann Duvardo (wearing my gray wig.) Unfortunately, along with her husband, Mary Ann was killed by their son. It was quite a physical role as I had to fall down (dead) at least 10 times to get the shot. The second was "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on The Biography Channel. Here I played Grandma Ima, (no wig), the Grandmother of Adrianna Costa, who has a ghostly experience. Editor Note: Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and successful 2013! Harri Molese 1956 I had sent a note off to the HixNews mailing list in January advising of Harris upcom-

Hey folks this is really an interesting video of new technology. Oh, by the way, Giuliano Moschini is my step son. Click the hyperlink below or copy and paste the link in your browser to see it. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/21452725/3d-printing Jim Cutropia 1963

Parish Valentine dinner celebrates marriage, honoring 50-year wedded couples More than 60 persons gathered in Father Albert Hall on Saturday, February 9 for St. Peters Parish in Marshall, Virginias annual Valentines Dinner, under the theme A Celebration of Marriage, featuring honors to couples marking 50 years or more of married life. Special recognition was given to brother Knight Bill Fogelberg and his wife Bonnie, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year, on October 13. Bonnie graduated Hicksville High in 1961

To Whom This May Concern, I stumbled across the newsletter while messing around on the Internet which I found interesting as an alumni myself, graduating in 1987. The issue was highlighting the retirement of the Vice Principal, Nancy DeSorbo, who was my teacher for typing class back in the day. After looking through a few of the archived issues and further research on the Internet there are some names missing from the In Memoriam section. Initially noticing the name Thomas Pedecini class of 1989 drew my attention because I went to school with his sister, Anne. After looking on Google I was completely shocked to read about brothers Mark and Stephen Colaio who also died on 9/11. I know Stephen graduated from Hicksville High because we were in the same class, so I would bet his older brother did as well. Please conduct your own research and add them to the In Memoriam section as they were needlessly taken away from us too early and deserve to be recognized. Thank you. V/R William Remacle 1987

Editor Note:Perhaps you might want to add your name to the mailing list.On the Home Page http://hixnews.com Go to the Google box on the left and enter your email address. Hit submit and you will be added to the monthly mailing list. Henry who authored the mail list also maintains the list and sends out a notice when subsequent newsletters are posted to the internet. Regards, buffalo bob casale

I want to alert you to a review of the man you have on your website as selling Hicksville school yearbooks. Do a google search on his store name and read the scathing reviews left by others & now myself as well. You will want to think twice about sending anyone his way. The male owner (Amnon Tishler) of Booklovers Paradise 2972A Merrick Road Bellmore, NY, U.S.A. 11710 deserves well below even a 1-star rating! Never been there before and thought I was visiting a friendly neighborhood Book Store but NO!!! When asked a question about books (assuming he was an expert), I was told "This is a business" and I would have to spend money first. Thought that was a bit gruff but I said OK & asked if he had a particular book I needed to finish a set. Turns out he didn't have the book and instead of answering my question, he literally picks up a bag I brought in and puts it OUTSIDE THE DOOR on the sidewalk of a busy street!!! I was shocked! He was so rude & belligerent to treat me that way. I asked in disbelief "Did you just put my bag outside?" He said yes & dismissed me and walked away. He must be so bitter & hard up for money that he lost all his decency on how to treat people. There was not one other customer in that cramped, ice-cold place either and I know why. Let's see how much farther his "business" declines after others hear how he treats potential customers. And I hope he is reading this right now so he understands that bad reviews travel quick & far by WORD OF MOUTH!!! Reap what you sow.

Hi Friends, Joyce Hanagan and I recently performed four movements of my Suite Grandkids at an American Music Society Concert in Colorado Springs. An AMS member, Paul, video taped the concert, edited it and put it on Youtube. Paul does this kind of thing professionally (SpiritwindsArabs), so they came out very nice. If you want to see these, get into Youtube and search Jim Bosse and they should come up, with the other Youtube performances that I posted with Dos Americas Guitar Duo. I have also listed the links below. I composed Suite Grandkids, one piece for each kid, originally for guitar trio. This version was decomposed for oboe and guitar. Each child has some unique genetic heritage, so I used that for the inspiration for each piece. Riely is African so I tried to compose a piece with no melody, just African drum rhythms. Somehow a rock n roll middle section snuck in. When I decomposed this piece for voice and guitar, a rap song evolved. Thus the melody for the oboe version is lean on melody notes (only two). To give Joyce more to do, I wrote a percussion part for her, and asked her to ad lib exotic African animal sounds. Analysia is Peruvian. For her main theme I used a simple chant that I heard street merchants in the Andes, singing to announce their wares. Her middle name is Margarita, Daisy in Spanish. Timothy is Native American, so I wrote his with that musical aesthetic in mind. Chiara is Scottish, so a lively Scottish Air evolved. I hope you enjoy these fun pieces. Jim Rielys Dance http://youtu.be/gdRspucd4ZM Analysias Margarita http://youtu.be/PXWv8HpSWUc Toy for Timothy http://youtu.be/hGUOj3-URao Air for Chiara http://youtu.be/Z0JF-WR5xiQ

Thanks. Don't remember doing that. Huh. Weird. Thanks so much. Jeanne Hi Jeanne, Besides me, only you could have done it (and I wouldn't be informed that you did). I would not have had any reason to do it, so it had to be you (or someone using your email id). In any case, if you don't get my monthly announcement that our monthly issue of the Hixnewsletter has been published online (I usually send out the announcement email as soon as the new issue is available online, and that usually occurs before the end of the first day of every month), let me know, and I will make sure your email choice has not been changed to "no email". Best, Henry

Hi Bob, I wanted to advise you that my email has changed. It is now (concealed). I hope that you can change it on our class list. I am also attaching my class photo that I discovered in my photo collection. I hope all is well with you. We are still doing repair work from Sandy. We had quite a bit of flooding in our lower levels and the garage. We had to stay with friends for 10 days as there was no heat or hot water until then. The heat didn't come back until a month after we returned to the house. But as long as we had power and hot water we made do. Luckily it wasn't that cold and our house is well insulated. While we had a mess on our hands, at least we were able to return to our home. There are so many others who had their entire home destroyed. Many are still living in hotel rooms. We live right near a river here in Rockville Centre and this is the first time in 28 years that a storm had such an effect on our home. Needless to say, my neighbors had the same kind of damages that we incurred. Warmest regards, Beth Mangani Knipfing 196

HI Henry: I noticed that my wifes name on the memorial list is badly misspelled. It should be Gail Ann Erhardt Isaksen. If you can get it corrected it would be nice. Thanks Arthur (Isaksen) 1959

To: Joe Carfora Re: HHS Veterans Website I received an email from Jonathan Varat (Class of 1963) regarding our upcoming reunion. In the message, he mentioned that he served in the Army in RVN as an artillery officer after high school, but noticed that his name was not included on the HHS Veterans Site. Could you please add his name to the list? His contact information is: (concealed) Thanks! Elliot Borlin

National Cheeseball Day April 17

To: Joe Carfora Re: HHS Veterans Website I received an email from Jonathan Varat (Class of 1963) regarding our upcoming reunion. In the message, he mentioned that he served in the Army in RVN as an artillery officer after high school, but noticed that his name was not included on the HHS Veterans Site. Could you please add his name to the list? His contact information is: (concealed) Thanks! Elliot Borlin

Thanks, Elliot! I have added Jonathan to the Memorial List and will email him directly to see if he has a middle initial. That's all I need to complete his listing. Also, since you are working on your 50th Class Reunion, let me know if you come across any other names that belong on our list. We've done very well getting names from the 50th Reunion Committees from '59 on, including my own class last year as the 50th milestone is when people start to surface again. We had a great time at our 50th this past October and I'm sure yours will go well too. Ed Kramer, who was your class president was a good friend of mine at HHS and I was sorry to hear he passed away so young. He was a terrific guy. Regards, Joe 1962

Dear Jonathan Varat, I received the email below from Elliot Gorlin, your classmate at HHS, regarding your qualification for the Vietnam War Era Memorial we are planning to put up in Hicksville. All I need to complete your listing is: 1) Do you have a middle initial? If so, what is it? 2) Tell me if you won any significant medals during your active duty service. If so, we may likely have room on the memorial plaques to list one medal, so tell me which one you are proudest of and would like to have listed. Thanks, Joe Carfora HHS 1962 P.S. If you go to www.hixnews.com and then click on the "Honoring Our Veterans" tab of the website, you will find an update on the Memorial Project. Near the end of the update will be a link you can click on to see the List of Names we have already gathered from Hicksville residents who attended high school in Hicksville and served at least a year on active duty during the Vietnam War Era. Earlier in the update is a list of requirements to qualify for the Memorial.

Hi Joe, Thanks for the email. My middle initial is D.--as in David--and I received a Bronze Medal for Service. Elliot correctly conveyed the basic information. You may not need this, but my service in Vietnam was from July 1970 - July 1971. I mentioned this to Elliot, but though I lived in Hicksville from 1955 -1963 and graduated from HHS in 1963, my mom moved to the Bronx just after graduation and before I turned 18 a few weeks later, so my draft board was in the Bronx. I thought maybe the Hicksville Veterans list had been compiled from local draft board lists, which would explain why you didn't have information about me, but in any event thanks for making the effort to do this project and for including me. Cheers, Jon

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. Another year gone or lately, in my case, added to my waist. I think I'll probably have to put the 33 waist size in the back of the closet and get some 34s. Damn tough to keep it off these days. Seriously, thanks again, not only for the card but for all you and the HIX Newsletter staff do all year to help us all stay in touch with our years at HHS. Al Sypher 1958

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. Bob. I own over 5 dozen tropical birds, so it was a good choice to send me Jackie (Odell) Carter 1960

Hi, I have been happily reading HixNews for many years. I thank you all for the wonderful job you do to keep us informed and connected with our former classmates. I dont think I have ever submitted our birthdays and anniversary date. My birthday (Carol Neglia Clements) is May 2. My husband's birthday (Roddy Clements) is October 15. We will be married 49 years on May 2 of this year. Yes, I was married on my birthday. I was young and foolish! Thanks again for all you do. Carol Neglia 1962 Rod Clements 1961 Editor Note: You never looked young and foolish.

Thanks for the great card!! And thanks for all the work you do!! Joan (Brandt) McHugh 1962

Bob and the Gang, Yours is the first card I received this year. Thanks again for the "happy" wishes for my birthday. It is a treat to get your message. Carolyn (Wood) Imbrie 1963

Dear Hixnews Thank you for the birthday card. Tom Gill 1966

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It brightened my day. As always, you guys at Hixnews do an awesome job. Keep up the good work! Beverly (Fetz) White 1967

A cute card to brighten up my day - thank you so much!! Karen Kelly LaCarrubba 1969

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated.
Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Jennifer & Pete Foster 1957

Hi Buf, Thanks for the BD card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Henry Lichtenstein 1959

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Lisa Weller DiBartolomeo 1980

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. The theme of the card sure fits to a tee...I am only getting older in years...not in state of mind! Thanks again! Fred Fulco 1960

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. This one is the big 7-O. Hard to believe. Tom Steedman 1960

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Jacci (LaSalle) Gallucci 1959

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day April 2

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated.
Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Barbara (Weber) Knueppel 1961

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Loved the card!! (Sister) Maureen Schrimpe 1963

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Sandi (Notov) Katz 1965

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Howard Bell 1968

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Lynn (McMorrow) ORiordan 1968

Thanks for the card and for thinking of us . It was much appreciated. Lisa (Dorais) Wissler (1971) & Robert Wissler

National Caramel Popcorn Day April 7

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated.
Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Carolann (Luisi) Saletto 1975

Thanks for the card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. Edward Coakley & Lorin (ONeill) 1977

84 year old Sniper Watch this guy.. remember, it's been aboutsixty years since he's done this. http://www.wimp.com/veteransniper/

National Submarine Day April 11

Hi Bob & the gang at HixNews Thanks for the birthday card. Look forward to it every year. Chris Andersen 1967

Editor Note: Bob I think we were the Wanderer's. Chris, what was the name of your group and who are the guys with you? Thanks bob

Billy Hiskey '67

Tony Bucci '67

Mike Bucci '69

Famous Actresses morph into each other! Beautiful Women, this is really neat http://youtube.googleapis.com/v/Q5XetQeFu-0&autoplay=1 What a wonderful group of young men. Faith in humanity: RESTORED http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=436515429759704 This is our future in medicine......... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/50582822#50582822 This was on Rock Center with Brian Williams from NBC NEWS..... (just get past the 10 sec. commercial.)

Dennis Joannides 1961

Suzanne De Groot 1962

Caryl Hellrigel 1965

Martha (Riegelsperger) Mascharka 1966

Bruce Glatt 1968

Denis Burgoyne 1969

Gary Fippinger 1972

Allison Spettmann 1977



Vincent Longo (Dawn of the Decade) 1980 Virginia (Castiglia) Fippinger 1982 William Fippinger 1983 Dawn Marie Myron Pierce 1992

Rich Luhrs Editor Note: We have a problem. Does anyone know when Rich graduated? We Dont know!!

Anita M. Fellenz (widow of Tom Fellenz 1954) Tom was deceased as of October 26, 2008 while residing in Santa Rosa

National Submarine Day April 11

I would like to add two entries to the Looking For list - I am looking for George Smith, class of 1961, and Steven Smith, not sure of class date - later than 1962. Thanks Suzanne De Groot 1962 Editor Note: Hi Suzanne. We will gladly accommodate your request, once you have become a member of HixNews. To subscribe, please use the subscription box on our home page (it's free) at: http://hixnews.com Best, Henry

Editor Follow Up Note: Thanks for subscribing, Suzanne. We were recently notified by an alumnus from Hicksville that George Smith has passed. We found the following obituary on the Legacy website.

Thank you, Bob - for looking further and finding this. It is sad, of course, but now I know. His younger brother Stephen is the other person I was looking for - he was 5-6 years younger, maybe more, but went to Hicksville also. I graduated in '62, in between George and his other brother Philip, also deceased. I was hoping to find Stephan also. Suzanne

We found Pat Sarle. Please remove him from the People Looking For People list. Ed Osborne 1956

Now this is really something! This is what makes the Internet so spectacular! MOVE THE MOUSE AROUND AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Here is an amazing bit of technology that you would never see in person, as you would NEVER be alone in the room. It is ALWAYS VERY CROWDED and of course you can't see Michelangelo's artwork close up as you can here. This is especially spectacular if you have a large high-definition screen! Too many details to view on an iPhone. TO VIEW EVERY PART OF THE MICHELANGELO'S MASTERPIECE, JUST CLICK AND DRAG YOUR ARROW IN THE DIRECTION YOU WISH TO SEE. In the lower left, click on the plus (+) to move closer, or the minus () to move away. Choir is thrown in free. MOVE THE ARROW AND YOU WILL SEE EVERY PART OF THE CHAPEL. This virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel is incredible. Apparently done by Villanova at the request of the Vatican . http://www.vatican.va/various/cappelle/sistina_vr/index.html

This is a terrific 11 minute video. Where has the time gone? http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=sDc0ID6PJeg&feature=youtu.be

What American accent do you have? This is very interesting.. What part of and where in our country is your accent from? It diagnosed me perfectly. http://www.lewrockwell.com/spl3/american-accent-quiz.html

Dear HixNews Good afternoon, please note that Vernon Ritter passed away 5 years ago. I spoke with his sister who said he died in a VA hospital. Thanks for all you do. Vi Reilly

Hello--I was wondering if you could add my sister's name to the "In Memoriam" section-Patricia Oehler Class of 1966. She passed away January 19th. Thank you. Dolores Oehler Garger Editor Note: Added, Dolores. Sorry for your loss. Roger Whitaker, webmaster for hixnews.com

This is a note I sent to Bob Arthofer Do you have an email address for Agnes Arthofer Tessitore? HixNews has two but not sure which is correct. Thanks buffalo bob casale Bob, Agnes passed away last fall. Regards, Bob

Dear HixNews I graduated in '55 & wonder if I could get a list of members who died & who are still alive. My maiden name was Barbara Bowne. Barbara Orr Editor Note: The list is available on the current newsletter and is updated as we get notifications of people passing. Go to the Home Page http://hixnews.com In the menu at the top of the page, click on In Memoriam and a new window opens...scroll down to see your class. The list is relatively short in comparison to some lists. If you know of someone who has passed, please let us know. We can then add the names. love yah buffalo bob casale

In Memoriam Class of 1955 Michael M. Contant Richard G. Hogan Donald G Huffstutler Joseph G. Kasten James P. McGuirk Bernice T. Marcus Jay H. Poggiali Jerome A. Siegler Joan T. Sullo Albert M. Rife

Here's a list of your classmates from 1955 who are subscribed to the newsletter (including you).

Thanks so much for the info on the class of 1955is more than I know. Is there a facebook page of the classes? Also, Jean Neumann from the class of '56 died either in Nov or Dec of 1999. Living in Minnesota & no more relatives on the Island so I don't hear much. Was there a lot of damage from hurricane, Barbara Thanks again

Quiz for Bright People There are only nine questions. This is a quiz for people who know everything! I found out in a hurry that I didn't. These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers. 1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. 2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward? 3 Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables? 4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside? 5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine; it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle? 6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters ' dw' and they are all common words. Name two of them. 7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name at least half of them? 8. Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh. 9. Name 6 or more things that you can wear on your feet beginning with the letter 'S.' Go to Casales Corner for the answers!!!

Next Generation Photography. 360 Degree Pictures. Amazing!! OK, this is absolutely incredible!! Note, it is not just 360 it is 360 at every latitude...try going up or down! Don 't get dizzy!! You can also look straight up and down too. Click on the pictures below and when they come up, click again and drag your mouse in any direction and the picture will give you a 360 degree view. Amazing Photography! PICTURE NUMBER 1 PICTURE NUMBER 2 PICTURE NUMBER 3



Hicksville Rock n' Return Reunion

Ctrl & Click to follow link: Hicksville Rock n' Return Reunion Home Giving Back Tickets Location & Directions Battle of the Bands Contact Us FAQs If you experience problems getting to the website through the above hyperlinks, simply click the below link or copy and paste to your browser: http://hicksvillerrr.webs.com/

Aunt Bea

Gloria at 83

National Garlic Day April 19