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MARCH-April 2013


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March/April 2013


Big Foot Print
Mary Lee Williams

This upcoming rescheduled

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Big Foot Conference & Festival is going to have many that fit in the category of Big Foot Print. They have made their prints all through their lives eventually leading to this current Big Foot Conference and Festival in April. Some of the speakers you will be privileged to hear like Dr . Jeff Duff , Dr. Ernest Ables, Rick Taylor, and Darryl Williams, will be sharing the experience of their life prints. It seems all have at some time considered the existence of Big Foot, Sasquatch, and other unexplained phenomenon


Mary Lee Williams

back. His ballads will touch your intellect and then the tune will stay in your head for days Country Touch consisting of Ralph & Becky Elmore will never disappoint you. This duo plays guitar, bass guitar and sometimes banjo. They also sing the beautiful mountain songs. Youll find yourself singing along with this well matched team.

Darryl Williams

April Festival Map


Mary Lee Williams


Mary Lou Brainerd


Stewart Taylor

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Mary Lou Brainerd

The original Big Foot Boogie Song will be preformed by Logan Williams T&O Express. Logan You will be treated to unique ideas and other ways to Williams is happy to announce his famous Fiddle look at the unexplained when you visit their playin Uncle will be accompanying him on stage at scheduled conference times. Remember, the Big Foot Festival. Zack Sonnny Williams has EVERYONE is eligible to attend theses sessions so been making prints in the music arena since his teen come prepared to be intrigued, skeptical and years. To hear his fiddle playing will keep your foot wowed not only by the speakers but also from the tapping and your music ear soaring. attendees questions and comments. Who knows There will be many other music prints performing your print in life may lead you to being one of our for your listening pleasure-stop by and tell them future speakers. how much you enjoy their music. You mustn't forget the musical prints that will be in .Dont miss all these prints being made BIGGER at the attendance at the Mountain Music Festival. This April 19 & 20 Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival. year Gatling & Hoffpauir will be entertaining you with all their regulars and some new material. This couple is local to the mountains but their music has taken on a flair that causes one to sit, listen, and Honobia Big Foot PRINT enjoy. Doug Russells name is synonymous with Festivals and Music. His experience goes back to childhood where he learn to play and sing and hasnt stopped. Doug has made his prints at the Honobia Big Foot Festival in past years and is always one to be asked
Editor Mary Lee Williams 580-244-7323 Design & Layout: Mary Lee Williams Logan Williams Web Master: Logan Williams Contributing Writers: Darryl Williams, Mary Lou Brainerd, Arla Williams, Mary Lee Williams, Stewart Taylor and Logan Williams. The Honobia Big Foot Print is a free publication printed every month

Logan Williams

Strange Experience
Meme Strange

Cover Photo: Many thanks to aratist Charles Middleton for his unique vision and using it to portray the 2012 rescheduled Festival ICON. His talent has been seen at the 2010 & 2011 Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festivals.

POLICY: The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. All articles on events or happenings, are intended to promote interest in the surrounding area. All stories and comments by contributing writers are for entertainment purposes and not intended to reflect the views of the publisher. All property rights including any copyright interest in any advertisement produced by Honobia Big Foot Print, become property of Honobia Big Foot PRINT. To advertise or send letters to the Editor in this publication call: 580-244-7323 or email A one year subscription may be obtained by sending your name and address and check or M/O for $35. To: Honobia Big Foot Print H.C. 15 Box 10 Honobia, Ok. 74549\

Honobia Big Foot Print

March/April 2013

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By DARRYL WILLIAMS Someone said Dolly Parton is an ICON, the most progressive Lady in Country Music. While I agree with both statements, to put the two together in one sentence is a conundrum. Or, two contradictory statements used to describe the same thing. Its like picking an artists conception of Bigfoot to put on a poster, and having a researcher, say that artists concept is wrong. How can an artists concept be wrong? It developed in the mind of the artist. Just because it is not consistent with whats in one mind, does not mean it is wrong. Its called art. Some one said We need to get a copyright on Bigfoot. How can you copyright something we cant even prove exists Now you can copyright an ICON. In our society today youll find all kinds of Icons. In the insurance world, theres the Little Green Lizard, The Duck, The Umbrella, The Good Hands and many others you can call to mind. The food world gives you; the Big Red Cowboy Hat associated with Roast Beef, the Smiling Face with the Goatee of Fried Chicken, and everybody recognizes Civilization by the Golden arches. Theres the automotive, blue oval, the Bow tie, the Pen star, along with several other recognizable Icons, a Rams Head for example. Even churches have the cross the red flame, the standing chalice, the cross with the purple mantel, the praying hands, and several other symbols to represent your favorite flavor in Christianity. Icons are good, they let us know without saying a word where to find the things were familiar with. The things we like and the things were in agreement with. But a friend of mine said the other day, Were too progressive to develop an ICON. Were always looking for new ways to help our customers. I suppose this is true in Sasquatchery too. While everyone knows what a Big Foot Print means, theres always some new development in Life. Recent DNA testing has confirmed According to some sources) that Bigfoot has Human Genes. Some of the articles say the female side shows human DNA. But the male side is still a mystery. Some shout, I doubt it. Some say I believe it. And some say Well just have to wait and see. So I guess that while we can use symbols to represent our particular endeavor, we cant honestly say This is it.. There is no Insurance company that fits everybody's needs. No one food that satisfies everybodys hunger, no automobile that pleases everybodys wants. Evidently, its the same with religion. Maybe thats why one ancient sage issued to his constituents, Dont make any graven images to represent what you worship. (paraphrased, not quoted verbatim). We cannot limit something to an ICONIC symbol when we still dont full understand it. Could that be because we too have some unexplained DNA and that we too are still a work in progress. The Human is still one of the great mysteries in life, and often times a search of the phenomenal leads to a fuller understanding of ourselves.

Choctaw Nation
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304 Dallas

Talihina, Ok.

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March/April 2013


TRAVEL TIPS For HONOBIA BIG FOOT CONFERENCE & FESTIVAL ATTENDEES Distance Business Name Phone Hours C.J.' S Octavia Mountain Country Smithville Honobia Creek Store Big C Towing Flood Nashoba Clayton Country Store Clayton Rockin H Valero Talihina Scotty's Cove AR
580-244-3664 M-Sat 6 am-7 pm Sun 10 am-4 pm M-F 5 am-8 pm Sat 6 am- 8pm Sun 8am-5pm Tue-Thur 9 am-6 pm Fri 9 am-8 pm Sat 8 am-8 pm Sun 11 am-3 pm Tues-Sat 7 am-6 pm Seven Days a week 5:30 am - 10 pm Seven Days a Week 5:30 am - 8 pm 24 hours 10.2mi



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Honobia Big Foot Print

March/April 2013

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By Mary Lee Williams

Pack up your campers, tents, pick-ups, cars,

motorcycles, whatever you have and come on out to the Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival 2012 RESCHEDULED APRIL 19 & 20. 2013 at the Old Ludlow Rock School House on HWY 144 This Beautiful Rock School House was built in 1940 by the WPA so the local residents children had a good place to futher their education. The Rock was brought in from the local areas and most Dads had a job during that time working on the school. Some years later The Cline family built the Cook Shack and laid the rock on it to compliment the School House. The relocation of the Choctaws from Mississippi on the Trail of Tears to various lands in Oklahoma is what brought the Ludlow clan into the lands around Honobia. The Federal Government allotted the land to each family member hence the name of the community was LUDLOW. The School is situated on 10 beautiful acres loaded with huge Shade Trees. Easy access from HWY 144 from the East or the West. ADMISSION There will be a $5.00 charge per person per day for ages 13 and up. Ages 12 and under come in FREE. This admission ticket allows you to attend ALL the entertainment, conference, and tournament events. Also, with this $5. Ticket you will be eligible for any of the 20 door prizes to be given away Friday and Saturday every hour. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. From 10 A.M. To 7 P.M. Gates will open at 8:30AM NOW Heres the Cherry on Top!!! IF you WEAR your T-Shirt at the time of admission you will receive an extra door prize ticket so youll have 2 chances that day to win the door prize. You dont have a T-Shirt?? Go to the web-site click on the Big Foot T-Shirt in the upper right corner. Or you can call 580-244-3013 and order it by phone. All major credit cards are accepted. If ordered by April 9, 2013 you will get it in time. If ordered after April 9, 2013, you can pick it up at the admission booth and still be eligible for the extra door prize ticket.

CAMPING If you want to camp on the grounds (theres ample room) it is primitive camping and primitive R.V. Camping. Please bring drinking water and wash water for your campsite. Applications for camping can be downloaded from the web-site: festival page, camping page. You can fax in your application to 580-244-7323. All applications can be paid with a major credit card over the phone by calling 580-244-3013. You can register for primitive camping at the gate. Be sure to bring Plenty of trash bags. We want to respect Big Foots territory and leave it clean. ATV TOURS Dont forget to bring your ATV (four wheeler) to join in on the ATV guided tour through Big Foot s Living Room. There will be four 90 minute tours available at $50 a person. You can choose from Friday or Saturday morning or afternoon. You may sign up when you arrive at the Festival Grounds. There must be at least five for a tour and no more than twelve at a time. Please NoteWe will be visiting in Big Foots home so bring your best Manners and dont forget to ALWAYS think GREEN(extra Trash Bags for your discards).

unique. Believe me, this April I will be doing the same. Just have to hide the treasures longer or maybe pull them out during the year and use for myself. At any rate the quality of gift items I youll find at the Craft Booths are something to be proud to give So be prepared to SHOP!! For all our avid campers there will be a Booth of all those camping things you which you had-Now you can buy them and try them out while youre in our beautiful area..


This years Mountain Music Manifest will be a continuous flow of talented musicians on the Outdoors Stage both days. Their music will blend with beautiful sounds of nature and you will be so glad you made the decision to experience it. Big Foot Music Idol Contest Applications can be downloaded from the web site or you can enter at the admission booth up till 10 AM Saturday. The winner receives a trophy. Jus think how good your voice will sound under the trees, and you might even hear Big Foot singing along with you.


This event is absolutely everyone's favorite. Visit the Food Vendors and bring your food with you to the Camp Fire. Bring your lawn chairs and be ready to hear about all kinds of Big Foot CONFERENCE encounters, or you might want to share your Big Our Conference Presenters this year are so Foot Experience with the crowd. Remember, eager to share their findings and young ears will be in attendance hoping to learn hear your questions and discussions . They will something about Big Foot from the story teller, have various times on the schedule to speak so please keep you stories G rated. This and answer your questions in the School House. fantastic time of sharing will begin at 6:30 PM in What better place to learn something!!! the center of the Festival Grounds. If theres a NO FIRE Ban there will the ambient lights of TOURNAMENTS the Festival Grounds. However, if were not Were planning several kinds of daily under a Ban, there will be the camp fire and all tournaments for you to be a part of . There will the ambience that goes with it. This will be be a Big Foot Golf Tournament bring your best centrally located on the grounds. If youve never THROWING ARM no clubs allowed. Sign up attended this you should come on out. Some of for the Saturday Tournament when you arrive. the best stories will be shared,that you might not otherwise hear. VENDORS A Festival would not be complete without the SATURDAY NIGHT Vendors and this years Festival will have some The final door prize drawing will be at 6:00 pm to write home about. One of the Food Vendors ,prior to the evenings entertainment will have an entree in honor of all the Big Foots (Big Foot Toes) Not really their toes but you will truly enjoy this Bar B Q Delight. Some have told DONT Miss this RESCHEDULED me there will be some great surprises for the Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival attendee. Now Craft items cannot be ignored at this Festival. In October I usually take Festival APRIL 19 & 20, 2013 All events and schedules subject to changes & cancellations my Christmas list and do my shopping for the without notice

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March/April 2013

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Progressive Applications/Native American Wisdom

Cedar Creek Church

Hwy 259 North Smithville OK.

52760 Hwy59

Hodgen OK.

We are on

Well boy, I said, as coolly as I could, we might as well mosey on back to the main road, dont you think. We started back down the rutted new road. Still the birds and squirrels were silent and nothing By Mary Lou Brainerd seemed to be moving about. I couldnt help myself from looking over my It was a beautiful day and I decided to get old shoulder from time to time. Nothing seemed to be Lightening and do a little exploring. There was a new road that one of the timber companies had built there, but I knew that we werent alone. Time felt like it was moving in slow motion. over behind Mrs. Pickenss place. Maybe we could I breathed a sigh of relief when the County road slip by that fancy swing-arm-gate and ride up there a came into sight and Lightening must have felt the little ways. Theyd hauled quite a bit of timber out same way because he picked up his speed a little too. of there already, but it was small stuff, so they must Just as we were making our way around the gate, be thinning, not clear-cutting. It being Sunday, no I heard it. It was the blood-curdling scream of a one would be working today. It would be a good bobcat. Once youve heard it, you never forget that time to check it out. sound. Lightening heard me coming to his pen and Lightening just jumped the ditch and headed started talking to me. He was ready for an outing down the county road. He didnt take the time to use too. He made a couple of rounds, stirring up the dust then met me at the gate. I got him saddled up and he the path around the gate back onto the new road. When I got him calmed down and slowed back to just couldnt help but do a little crow-hop of joy a pleasant walk, I told him, Those big cats love to when I mounted. We were off on an adventure and stalk people just for the fun of it. its hard to say which one of us was more excited I dont think that Lightening appreciated the about it. When we got to the new road, it was plain to see humor. It would take some coaxing to get him back up that road again. But then, now that Ive seen it, I that the gate was meant deter vehicles only. There was plenty of room beside it for us to get around and back onto the road. It would have been too rough for a four-wheeler or motor cycle to get by, but for a horse or someone on foot it was a piece of cake. PERSONAL AND PROMPT SERVICE Id never been back into that area of the woods before. The land was pretty rugged. There were lots 918-567-3111 of craggy rocks and some pretty rough gullies, but Fax: 918-567-3474 the pine looked healthy. It had been planted thicker than usual. No doubt, that was why it had to be thinned now. As we traveled along, we saw several squirrels, some rabbits, and even a roadrunner. Birds were making noises all around. We broke out on a high level area where the skidders had been bringing in the logs and where they were being limbed and loaded onto trucks. It seemed like I could see for miles in all directions. I was just sitting there Visit our new website: enjoying the scene and the smell of freshly cut pine, lawsonpharmacyrx. when I suddenly realized that the woods had gone com silent. Access Rx Profiles A funny, tingly, feeling crept up the back of my Request Refills neck, like you get when you know you are being Visit us Mon.watched but you dont know who is there. Insurance Printouts on Fri. Lightenings ears perked up, then laid back and he Also available: 8-6 ; snorted. He began prancing around in circles and Sat. scraping the ground with his hoof. Id never seen 8-Noon We Are Medicare Accredited. him act like that before. Jeremy Lawson, RPH Whats going on here boy? I asked, and patted his neck. Hey, is someone out there? I hollered. 301 2nd Street, Talihina, Just give us a shout if you are. Were just looking at the view, were causing no harm. No one answered.



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Honobia Big Foot Print

March/April 2013

Page 7

I rushed up to the location and quickly scanned the perimeter. I could sense that the sneaky Booger watching me, but couldnt locate him with all the vegetation around me! I took my camera and shot a By Stewart Taylor series of photos all around me. Later while going The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are masters of using natural through them, I found him peeking at me from cover and concealment to perfection. It is their behind a stick pile! I have attached two photos with environment and they know how, when and where to this story showing show crafty they can be in hiding. use it to perfection. The small subtle things often go He is there hiding in a stick pile watching me while unnoticed by the weekend hiker, camper or holding a branch up to his face with his right hand. fishermen unless a chance encounter includes a The first marked photo is the actual distance showing visual sighting. At that point, many people will just how they blend in. The second is the expanded, totally freak out. A sensory overload looking at enhanced view showing him clearly watching me. something they thought only existed in cartoons and You can even see the shine of his right eye as it fiction films. Some may share it with others, but reflected the fill-in flash I was using. many keep it to themselves knowing the story is far I am planning on attending the April Bigfoot too incredible for most to believe. Conference and sharing more of my pictures and I have been fortunate to capture a number of videos video materials with the public. Not to try to and pictures of these highly elusive subjects by convince or debate with the skeptic they do exist, but knowing when and where to look for them and how rather to share with those who are truly interested in they often choose to hide. The one constant is they I could hear a strange high pitched call that was learning more about the incredible subject. barely audible above the continuous buzz of the tree try to keep you within their visual sight by using .A place I was in just a few short years ago. gaps and splits in the trees and brush. Quick side locusts as we made our way through the thickly peeks from behind a tree, peering over the top of a wooded river bottom in North Texas. We bush and lying low in the tall grass are several encountered numerous lean-to stick structures; bent examples how they use natural cover and arches and ramps that some folks would not take concealment to observe us. notice as being a deliberate, calculated action. The Steady and deliberate progress into an area with assortment of bends, twists and interwoven tender pauses along the way to closely observe an item on branches made any random act of the wind or the ground, a bush or tree will often garner their weather totally impossible. I had been in this area before with another researcher. curiosity. It can even draw them closer to you to During that time, we had been followed and paced by watch. It is a game of sorts with them to see just how close they can get to you, yet remain undetected. something large in the thick brush, heard tree By sneaking into an area and trying to lure, bait or branches being forcefully snapped, discovered a large partial foot print and had a small softball sized switch them is a sure fire way to usually get little in return for your efforts. object tossed very close to us. The common subtle We were making our way down a rough path when a EDITORS NOTE: You will be able to meet Stewart activity of the Bigfoot that experienced people can at the April 19 & 20 2013 Honobia Bigfoot appreciate, but is often easily overlooked by a casual dark fluid motion darted across the trail about 50 yards front of us. There were too many bushes and Conference & Festival. He will have a time on the observer. To others, easily discounted although they tree limbs between us to make out precisely what it Conference Schedule and a booth where you may would not have any plausible answer for what was was. It was moving laterally to us, there one moment view and hear his collections of sounds, pictures and actually occurring. Something far beyond just an and then it was gone! above all his first hand experiences. active imagination.


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March/April 2013

Friday Night Fish

Saturday Night



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By Mary Lou Brainerd When Im traveling around alone I have a habit of people watching and listening. It is a good way to check the pulse of those around us as well as learn new perspectives. Last week I was having a sandwich at Hardies and overheard two men visiting about their work. My ears perked up when the younger of the two men said, It looks like we are in for some really hard times ahead. To that the other man said, Yes, but we wont be poor, well just have to make some irritating priority adjustments. I thought that was a very interesting statement and I have pondered it for days. A couple of days later I was passing through a Wal-Mart here in Mississippi. At the front of the store, they have several little businesses, one was a beauty shop, another was a McDonalds, and then there was a cosmetology shop where they just did manicures, pedicures, waxing and things like that. Now this is Mississippi, we have always been known as one of the poorer states in the Union, and what did I see? Every chair was taken by women who were taking advantage of these luxurious treatments. It appeared that there were even women waiting to be served. Obviously we are not poor yet. This caused me to give serious thought to what kind of luxuries I take advantage of every day and would really feel abused if they were no longer available to me. In a recent trip to Belize we saw that the women there do their laundry either in the rivers (and they do have crocodiles there) or in washtubs. In either case, they scrub and wring them out by hand, and then hang them out to dry. They have limited indoor

space so a lot of their cooking, eating, and general living, takes place outside under shelters or just in the open. These women are as happy as the women having their toenails painted. Most of them do not feel poor. They have adjusted their priorities to their means. When our credit runs out and the dust settles from what ever is about to take place, we too will have to adjust our priorities to match our means, no matter how irritating it might be.

Sudden Beauty
203 Lawson Blvd Clayton OK.

GREENS BUCKBOARD GRILL has been one of the favorite regular food vendors to the Honobia Big Foot Conference & Festival each year. Its no wonder, his menu covers just about anything you could want and the tastes are DELICIOUS!! In Honor of Big Foot he named his specialty dish Big Foot Toes Dont miss out on this tasty treat. Were so glad Stan has fired up his grill once more for this years Event and will once again help the Festival attendees manager their Big Foot Size hunger. Tell him you saw it in the PRINT

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Honobia Big Foot Print

March/April 2013

Page 9

By Logan Williams


Honobia Big Foot Print (580) 244-7323

The cold January air bit at Johns face as he trudged through the knee-deep snow. It had been a long winter; the snow started falling mid October, and it seemed as if the storm would never quit. John was from a small community nestled up in the Kiamichi Mountains of Southeast Oklahoma. There was a little river where during the spring and summer, the local residents were often found fishing or swimming. Life moved at a comfortable pace in this valley, and that was perfectly acceptable to the people. Logging the abundance of pine trees was the main industry, and most of the men were loggers; with some taking up other trades such as Mechanic, or Blacksmithing. There were a few who thought they could tame the wild mountain land by working it as a ranch. Not that there wasnt an abundant food supply for livestock, but the rough mountainous terrain made cattle lean and tough. Which brought their value down, and with mountain lions and wolves finding them easy prey; cattle ranching never took a strong hold in the area. The community was fairly self sufficient, each family growing their own food and sharing with their neighbors; the local store only received supply deliveries once a month. The nearest town of any size was over forty miles away, so the community was on its own for the most part. But this winter caught them unprepared. Its never snowed this much some of the old-timers would say. Most days during the storm, it was too dangerous to stray far from any of the buildings. Folks who lived further out from town hardly left their houses. Some days the snow would fall so hard and thick, a person couldnt see the end of his outstretched arm. Other days the snowfall would lighten enough, that one could wade to the barn and check on the animals. The snow blanketed everything leaving the world a vast white that had little or no shape. The storm started dissipating the last week of December, and January started with crystal clear deep blue skies. About the second week of clear skies, John felt that it was safe to venture out and find some food for his family. They had been surviving off potatoes and corn they stored up, along with what ever can goods his wife Clair had prepared from the last harvest. Food supplies were getting low. With the road into the valley under five feet of snow, the local store had no fresh supplies and people were resorting to hunting deer and other game to feed their families. John knew the store would be out of ammo and he only had four shells for his rifle. He didnt want to leave Clair and their two daughters defenseless, as he may be gone for a few days hunting for food. John took down the hand carved bow his grandfather helped him make from a Bodark tree, and the quiver of arrows he made. Pulling an oilcloth from a pocket on the quiver he wiped the dust off and slid the bow into its scabbard on the quiver. He strapped on his hunting knife and a pack with the essentials he might need. Kissing Clair and their daughters, John stepped out into the cold featureless world. The first day he walked a good two miles into the mountains. The cold robbing some of his energy, he made camp early, sheltering in a stand of pine trees. It had been an uneventful day, he found a few tracks of small game but they played out. Hopefully, tomorrow he would fair better. The small fire he built revived him with warmth, as he drifted to sleep thinking about the wondrous beauty around him. John awoke to the sound of snorting. It was in the morning twilight when the shadows were long and the light dim. The fire had long been out, just a few coals slightly smoking. He slowly rose, not sure what was causing the noise. His eyes adjusting to the light, he slowly scanned the area under the trees. There at the other end of the grove he saw it, a twelve-point buck standing majestically, looking right into him. John had never seen a deer this large; he must have been the alpha of a sizable herd. John knew there was no way he could retrieve and string his bow with out spooking this amazing animal. But if he could track him, maybe he would come across another deer. The sheer size of this one he knew would be a chore to try and carry home. Besides that, to have grown to this size he deserved the right to live out his life. Frozen, their gazes locked with each other; John began to study this buck. He noted the chips in the antlers, the chewed up ear, and the slight limp. No doubt from years of run-ins with the predators that called the mountains home. He was a noble warrior defending and protecting his herd. The buck blinked a few times, then turned and disappeared deeper into the trees. John quickly and quietly gathered his items, slinging his quiver over his head to where the strap found its natural resting place on his right shoulder. He drew his bow and untied the string keeper. Sticking his left foot through the bow, and resting the end on his right ankle. He used his body to torque the hard wood shaft into the curve it needed for the string to snap into its rests. CONTINUE ON PAGE 11-

Page 10

March/April 2013

Outlaw Bar-B-Q
Hwy 271 S. Talihina, Ok
Open Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri
2920 Hwy

HAY!! Did ya hear? Docs seeing small furry critters

Mena, AR

Ouachita Equine
Clinic, Inc.
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Closed on Thurs

Stuffed Baked Potatoes!!!


Services include Medical & Surgical needs


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Go to the web site and click on the Big Foot Icon to order your Big Foot T Shirt. If you wear it to the Festival Admission Booth you will receive a 2nd Door Prizeticket which will give you two chances to win all day. If you already have your Big Foot T-Shirt and wear it to the Big Foot Festival Admission Booth, you will receive a 2nd ticket for the door prize drawing. SEE YA AT THE FESTIVAL!!!!!!!


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Honobia Big Foot Print

March/April 2013

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THE HUNT Continued from page 9

Johns grandfather who was full-blooded Choctaw, taught him the ways of his people, how to hunt, survive, and respect the wonder of the world around him. The leather wrapped grip fit his hand like shaking hands with a life-long friend. He reached back and drew his first arrow, nocking it on the string he set out after this master of the forest. The trail was easy enough to follow in the soft powdery snow. They were heading northwest deeper into the mountains. With the sun rising over his left shoulder, John could see fairly well. Following the trail left by the buck, John rounded a bend into a box canyon still deep in shadows. There were fuzzy shapes scattered everywhere. As his eyes began sorting out the shapes, he realized it was the herd standing in the shelter of a rock outcropping. The giant buck was standing in the middle of the herd looking right at John, as if to say Your move human. For a moment, all time stood still as John took in the size of the herd, and they all took in the fact that there was a human standing in their path of escape. Every eye was on John, and he could feel the weight of their stare. In that moment he was frozen, the wind stopped, heartbeats slowed, and then he saw the one that would provide for his family. A young buck with one spike broken and one mangled foreleg. Apparently he escaped from a predator, yet had sustained severe injuries. He was a burden for the herds safety, and everyone knew it. As the timeless moment was fading John drew his bow and a breath, the young buck already sighted and locked in his mind. The tension of the solid hard wood giving to his strength, he and the bow became one. White tails flew up as the valley exploded into chaos, the wounded buck moving a moment too late. Johns loosed arrow flew true and struck with the precision of a surgeon, piercing the heart and releasing the pained spirit. John jumped on a large rock as the rest of the herd stormed past. He then made his way down to honor the fallen deer, and to prepare the body for the long hike home. As he walked out of the canyon he could feel the eyes of the alpha buck watching him. He looked back up the canyon, there, on the western ridge he stood. The morning sun setting his pelt aflame, John gave him a slight nod. The faint sound of a snort echoed back to him from the canyon walls. Thanks to the deer his family would be nourished, and they could survive the rest of winter. The End

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March/April 2013

Strange Experiences
Some say that my kind all look and act alike. This has been talked about so much that most Humans refer to us in the singular form, like there may be just one of us. But, while we have a grounding in physical substances, we are abstract intangible and unmeasurable. DNA samples might prove Human to some degree, but remember, DNA has to do with a study of Genes. Now, genes replicate with near perfect fidelity and evolution depends on that. There may be slight variations, but total mutations are rare. Our kind are seldom copied exactly, and our boundaries are kinda hairy. We can change with a wild flexibility that could be fatal to Biology. Im Me Me, Meme Strange and Im here to tell you, we can change our minds in a heartbeat and dont have to explain anything to anybody. Allow me to share an example: weve observed Humans for a long time around the high divide between Little River and Little Eagle Creek in South East Oklahoma. I love to hang out and listen to them Spuds-McKinsey type dogs that live on the ranch north of Wells ridge. See Im a real party animal too, and I believe every good thing in Life happens at one party or another. Anyway, we had gotten word that there was going to be a gathering of Humans on that ranch and they were planning to talk about us. Hay-Hay, Solo, and I actually were giving serious thought to making a public appearance, you know, just for fun, at some unexpected moment, just streak across a small opening and create a real Hullabaloo. But a few days before the event, Tom-tom, our midget albino friend came running up to us with some disappointing info. He had witnessed one of the humans pushing an ATV down the road and he was wearing a pistol strapped to his belt. I gave Hay-hay a quick glare and said I thought you said these people were of the No-Kill mind set. yeah Solo chimed in we could get Hurt streaking around these people, Im gonna tell my Dad. Oh no, groaned Hay-hay, no telling what he will do. Sure enough, Uncle Chuey had himself a little conniption fit when he found out. Now a conniption fit is different from your standard wall-eyed fit, in that a conniption fit is accented with words!!!. Finally when he had sorta run down, he muttered rain on them. That can happen real easy said grandpa. He disappeared into the woods and came back a few minutes later caring a stick about four feet long. Its time you boys learned to use one of these he said. Pay attention boys said Uncle Chuey. He still believes hes a real shaman and hes gone and got his rain stick. Now you may or may not believe theres anything to that, but Ive honestly witnessed humans find water in the ground with a forked stick. Some call it divining, some call it witch craft,, but Ive seen humans do it so I guess anythings possible. We all took our turn shaking the stick and holding it up in the air. Well I thought, That was fun. But you know what? Three days later, it rained. I mean, a cold wind blowing down pour Rained out several events around the area, most farmers and ranchers was sure glad to see it though as we had been in a long draught that killed a lot of big Red oak trees in the area. Today Im walking along Little River, picking wild onions and the river is running bank full. Weather science can prove our existence, the power in the rain stick or the divining rod, is yet to be seen. One thing is for certain, humans will almost always create a situation then stand out in it and say Oh #%&$!!! Its raining. Strange, very strange indeed.


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Caring is Important


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