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Dynamic Data (dyre) in PSS/E

thread238-245905 Share This Forum Search FAQs Links Jobs Whitepapers MVPs Read More Threads Like This One loadmodeling (Electrical) Friends, I am beginner in PSS/E dynamic simulation. Say, we have only 2 buses, Bus#1 is having generator (slack bus) and another is load (P-Q) bus. 25 May 09 21:00 Back To Forum Back To Electric Power & Transmiss ion & Distributi on


1) First I run load flow and get the minimum optimized mismatch. 2) After that I convert the generator and load data for dynamic studies. Remember 3) to that Load bus#2, i wanna connect induction motor load (in PSS/E CIM5BL) and do the dynamic


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modeling of Induction Motor. 4) to run dynamic simulation, we must have dynamic data, i.e., .dyr data. [then, snapshot (.snp), output file (.out) etc can be done easily]. Could anyone please give me the step by step procedure to create dynamic data in PSS/E 30 or 31 version ? Thank you in advance. magoo2 (Electrical) Try PTI. loadmodeling (Electrical) That i know magoo2. Even there is a huge user-manual. I just wonder if someone knows the simplified or easy steps. 26 May 09 0:10 26 May 09 0:08

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ilec (Electrical)

26 May 09 9:32

What do you mean with dynamic data? simulations? LINK TO THIS FORUM! Add Stickiness To Your Site By Linking To This Professionally Managed Technical Forum. Just copy and paste the code below into your site. Regards, Waltter tlrols (Electrical) 26 May 09 12:53

You will need to create the *.dyr file with a text editor. It will need to follow the syntax shown below: I, 'CIM5xx', LID, IT, RA, XA, XM, R1, X1, R2, X2, E1, S(E1), E2, S(E2), MBASE, PMULT, H, VI, TI, TB, D, Tnom

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The PTI parser reads this stuff and assigns it to the proper load identifier you defined in the load flow

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file. Presumably it isn't the syntax you are really after (it IS in the manual), but rather examples or perhaps even some sample data sets. To that end I pasted in an example motor syntax...see below: 12345 'CIMWBL' M9 1 0.680000E-02 0.110500 3.48950 0.177670E-01 0.605321E-01 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.25 0.500000 0.600000 30.0000 0.333300E-01 0 2.00000 0 0 You will need to figure out all of these rather obscure parameters for your particular application. loadmodeling (Electrical) 26 May 09 19:47

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Thanks a lot tlrols for the useful input. (Download This Button Today!) Feedback "...Praise should be given to the Forum managers or the Tipmasters - they are what make it work - give them extra recognition!!! They are timely (prompt - unlike ACTUAL support sites) and on the ball!!!..." More... Geography Where in the world do EngTips members come from? Click Here To Find Out! Eng-Tips Shirts! "You will need to create the *.dyr file with a text editor."===> this is what i am not able to do. Could you pls guide me tlrols? Get your Eng-Tips Forums Say the base case file name is: X1.sav Then, in the load flow window itself, select CONVERT LOADS/GENERATOR and do conversion (which is CONL and CONG). After that what i did is: SOLUTION - then perform ORDR, FACT, TYSL. After this, i will save the CONVERTED .sav case with different file name (different from X1.sav) as X2.sav. With above, conversion is done. Then i will go to pssds4. Click LOFL/CASE and open X2.sav (open the converted case) I think after this, the major step is to create .dyr data. I am familiar with CIMWBL and those data. But how and where to create it and linked with X2.sav? This is my major worry now.

SWAG here!

Thanks. tlrols (Electrical) 27 May 09 12:34

You literally will need to create a *.dyr file using a text editor. Something like MS-Windows Notepad tool will suffice for what your example would need (i.e. a 2 bus case). What version of PSS/E are you using? The easiest solution might be to load the savnw.sav file and its associated savnw.dyr file and ruthlessly edit them to make your two bus case. Fundamentally your problem is that PSS/E is really looking for a pre-existing *.dyr file, it isn't really setup to let you make a *.dyr file from scratch (using PSS/E). That said you can make a file "stub" that you can then subsequently modify. You NEED to create the *.dyr file using a text editor if you want to get this done quickly--I strongly suggest that you use as your starting point the savnw.sav case just so you can learn more about using PSS/E. If, however, you really only need to simulate a 2 bus case then why bother with PSS/E at all--I would download the 12 bus version of PowerWorld Simulator version 14 and use it. It has a transient stability tool (in beta form) that is quite powerful, sophisticated, and very easy to use. PWS version 14 would probably be the fastest way to solve your problem... loadmodeling (Electrical) Thanks tlrols. [The reason why i mentioned 2-bus is just to make things understandable and easier in regards to my query. Later, i will be playing in practical system. I have 30 & 31 both versions] == Please also suggest me one thing (see attached, which 27 May 09 20:07

i found in google for 9-bus system) Fig. 3 caption says: "Fig 3. Study System Dynamics Data in PTI PSS/E Rev 28 DYDA Format" ===> is this .dyre file or what (as it says DYDA format)? Can I use this as a reference in the Text Editor to create my .dyre file (if it is .dyre file) as this is a small system compared to PSS/E's 30 or 31 saved .sav cases and a bit less confusing? Thanks a lot. r=349a9420-9de1-4e85-a2b6-22 28 May 09 11:44

tlrols (Electrical)

Yes indeed that dyda file is a PTI dyr file. The file extension is irrelevant, the syntax is what matters. You should read the PSS/E manual and make certain you enter the correct parameters per the manual--the hard part of this is to actually understand what the various parameter values for motors/generators/etc should be...there is a big difference between a gain of 0.1 and 10 for example. As I had said previously you might want to pick up a free copy of PowerWorld Simulator (PWS), the 12 bus version. It will read the text based PTI and GE powerflow and stability inputs (up to 12 buses of course). It will display the data in a straight forward modern way. I actually use the full version along side the PTI or GE software just so I can easily view data, etc in PWS. It is a good idea to second check any answers obtained from any software with another software package as well. loadmodeling (Electrical) 29 May 09 4:46

Thanks a lot tlrols for your useful tips. In the attached file in Fig. 3: how are the dynamic data of Generators created/obtained?

say for e.g., 1 'GENROU' 1 6.0000 0.25000E01 0.75000 0.50000E-01 5.0000 0.0000 2.1000 2.0000 0.2 2000 0.50000 0.20000 0.18000 0.10000 0 .40000 / == for dynamic simulation, if i wanna perform line fault, what is the procedure (let me know below procedure is correct or not for 30 version): 1) go to pssds4 (Dynamics30 custom) 2) click LOFL (open converted case .sav) 3) FACT/RTRN 4) File>Input>Read Dynamics Model data (Dyre) 5) edit - convert CON/CONG 6) enter DYCH in command line 7) CHAN 8) choose angle or peletc or eterm or speed or pq etc 9) STRT 10) RUN (choose 1,0,1,0 for running the simulation from 0 to 1 sec) then how can we perform fault on the above 2-bus line and how can we clear it? Could you please help me in above fault simulation? If u have any supporting file/tips, you may wish to attach. Thanks a lot. tlrols (Electrical) 2 Jun 09 14:31

You need to run a disturbance if you are doing this interactively, otherwise a "switch deck" file needs to be created. In version 30.X of PSDS4 the Main menu reads as follows (from left to right): File...Edit...Simulation...Disturbance...etc

The Disturbance menu has the functions you want to use. Read Volume I, chapter 7 of the PSS/E Users Manual for version 30.2. Specifically section 7.7.2 will walk through this. Be adsvised that the learning curve for using the stability part of PSS/E is rather and reread the manual and you will figure out how to use the tool. There literally isn't enough room in this forum to do much more than get you going in the right direction... loadmodeling (Electrical) Thanks tlrols. Its useful. loadmodeling (Electrical) Dear tlrols, I have query regarding the data that you have provided for CIMWBL 10 Oct 09 8:34 3 Jun 09 21:55

I, 'CIM5xx', LID, IT, RA, XA, XM, R1, X1, R2, X2, E1, S(E1), E2, S(E2), MBASE, PMULT, H, VI, TI, TB, D, Tnom

12345 'CIMWBL' M9 1 0.680000E-02 0.110500 3.48950 0.177670E-01 0.605321E-01 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.25 0.500000 0.600000 30.0000 0.333300E-01 0 2.00000 0 0 / Fortunately with the above data, simulation was done successfully though MBASE is zero and the syntax and data are not in oder (Please correct me if I am wrong). But when i assigned the above with the proper data for the corresponding syntax, the simulation got hanged and could not be completed (same thing repeated with CIM5BL, and it hanged again).

Could you please throw light on above? Thank you very much once again in advance. Read More Threads Like This One

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