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Praise be to Allah with all His blessings I finished my coursework task for the English subject (ELE 3103) successfully. Thanks to my beloved lecturer Miss Salma Binti Abdul Razak for the guidance and advised in the process to finish my task. Thanks to all my friends especially my pair Mohamad Naimullah bin Ramlan for the cooperation and help. The cooperation makes the things became easy. This coursework task is divided into two parts. First part is a pair work while the second part is an individual work. For the pair work task we were asked to find at least for articles on the techniques of teaching pronunciation or phonics. We need to read and summarize the technique we found in the graphic organizer. While for the individual task we need to choose one technique for teaching phonics and design an activity to present for about 15 minutes in the class. There were a lot of techniques of teaching pronunciation. For an examples look and say. Listen and repeat, games and also drilling. All these techniques has their own advantages and disadvantages. As a teacher we have to choose the good technique to teach our students so that it can be efficient. Based on my readings I choose the technique look and say. Look and say is a simple technique and it is suitable to teach for the lower standards, 1, 2 and 3. This techniques had been introduced long time ago. The teaching principle of look and say technique is to teach children to read words as whole units, rather than breaking the word down into individual letters or groups of letters.

While choosing the technique, I choose to make and activity Pick and Win. This is the very simple activity. My focused is to teach standard 1 and focused on the readings. The Pick and Win activity is an activity we pick out the word from one bag and put it into the another bag. Those who choose the correct word and put it into the correct bag will win the activity. This activity done by group and everyone in the class has a chances to do it. During the presentation of the activity, the were some advantages and disadvantages I done. Even though I prepared well for the presentation there still some mistakes because of the nervous. I presented the activity well with the loud voice and good projection. So that everyone in the class could listen clearly. I spoke with the moderate speed and I presented my activity procedures clearly. This is to make sure everyone in the class could understand about my activity. Even though I feel more confident during the presentation but when I stand in front of my friend the nervous still stay. In addition, there were still some mistakes I done during the presentation. I still repeat the same mistakes as well that is grammatical errors on the slide I make. My mistake is about the subject- verb-agreement. Besides, I also need to interact with audience more. Based on my feedback from friends I should look at the audience during presentation. Dont look and read on the slide. My eye contact with the audience is less.

As conclusion, the activity I had choose is very suitable for the lower standard of primary school especially standard 1. Learning through activity is interesting. If the teacher just teach like lecture student will feel bored and they will start to play. Besides, teacher have to make sure all students involve in the activity. This presentation can give an idea to all my friends to conduct it in the real situation. This task help me to have an idea to teach a lesson during my practicum and also when being a real teacher next time.