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Agenda: Proper ceremonies in conducting meeting Election for Membership Director Election for Recorder Another First Degree Exemplification Schedule of the Moving Rosary Memo No. 2 s. 2011 Installation of Assembly Officer

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The meeting was called to Order by GK ALBERTO A. TILBE right after the second mass. BRO. RISTY ADARAYAN was temporarily assigned as the recorder of the minutes of the meeting while still waiting for the election for the position of Recorder. The meeting started with a prayer, singing of the Philippine National Anthem, attendance check, and singing of the opening ode. Proper Ceremonies in Conducting Meeting

GK announces the opening of the meeting Warden inspect the card Singing of National Anthem Attendance Check Singing of Opening Ode Treasurers Report Reading of the GK Receipts on Treasurers Report Reading of Bill and Communication FS Receipts of Meeting Report of the Auditor and Trustees Report of Chancellor on Vocation Report of Service Program Committee Reading of the unfinished business of the previous meeting New business

Election of the Membership Director BRO. AMER LAGRIMAS and BRO. MAT SANCHEZ were nominated for the position of Membership Director. Between the two candidates, BRO. AMER LAGRIMAS was voted by the majority as the new Membership Director. Election for the Recorder BRO. VICTORIANO COSTUNA nominated BRO. NARITO GALUPO to be the Recorder of the Council. It move to close by BRO. MAT SANCHEZ and seconded by BRO. LEO FIESTAS. Thus, BRO. NARITO GALUPO was chosen as the new Recorder of the Council. Another First Degree Exemplification The council will schedule another first degree exemplification on the last week of November. The orientation must be on week before the initiation rites to give time to the candidates to reflect if they really want to be a member of the council. GK presented the report for submission to the Supreme Knight for the October 30, 2011 exemplification together with the first degree exemplification held last March 25, 2011. An overall of rating of 8.43 was obtained by the exemplification team of Lao-angan 7298 Council. The District Deputy made the remarks which reads, Exemplification team of Council 7298 deliver their respective parts in very impressive manner. The first degree exemplification was made in honor of Rev. Fr. ALWYN LEGASPI, the parish priest of San Roque, Northern Samar. Each member will have a recruit for the first degree. Moving Rosary BRO. LEO FIESTAS read the schedule of the moving rosary. BRO. ADRIANO DACUT requested that on November 8, 2011, the rosary will be at their house. It was approved by the council. Memo No. 2 s. 2011 Entitled New Council Development

First Degree paraphernalia will be given free 30 KC pins 30 booklets (These Men They Called Knights) 30 membership cards 30 rosaries

Every jurisdiction must conduct midyear conference. Installation of Assembly Officer Sir Knights installation of assembly officer on Nov. 12, 2011 in Lao-Ang, Northern Samar. For the banquet will contribute Php. 500.00 for his wife Php. 300.00, for SK not officer Php. 50.00

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