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Tutorial 3: Rectifier

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Define rectification. What is the main function of a filter capacitor on the output of a rectifier? What is the different between full-wave and half-wave rectifier? State the differences between diode rectifiers and phase controlled rectifiers List the parameters to determine the performance of rectifier and then state the ideal value of those parameters 6. Figure 1 shows the uncontrolled rectifier with pure resistively load. Sketch the input and output voltage waveform of this circuit.

Figure 1 7. Figure 2 shows the circuit of controllable half-wave rectifier with pure resistive load. Sketch the input voltage, output voltage, output load current, and thyristor voltage waveforms assuming that the firing angle is .

Figure 2 8. Given the supply voltage v=120 Vrms, f= 60 Hz,R=5A ( figure 1). Determine: a) the average load voltage and current b) the load voltage in rms c) the average power absorbed by the load d) the power factor of the circuit 9. A full wave rectifier circuit uses two silicon diodes with a forward resistance of 20 each. A d.c. voltmeter connected across the load of 1k reads 55.4V. Calculate a) IRMS b) Average voltage across each diode c) Ripple factor 10. Figure 3 show the full wave rectifier with pure resistive load. Calculate :a) Vrms b) Irms c) Vave d) Iave

Tutorial 3: Rectifier
e) Pac f) Pdc g)

Figure 3 11. For a capacitor input filter connected to full wave rectifier circuit, the output voltage is 20V. This was obtained for a load of RL=200 and C=50F. Calculate the ripple factor assume that f=50 Hz. 12. The full-wave controlled bridge rectifier of Figure 4 has an AC input of 120 Vrms at 60 Hz and a 20 load resistor. The delay angle is 40 . Determine: a) The average current in the load, b) The power absorbed by the load

io + Vp Vs = Vm sin t R Vo -

Figure 4 : Full wave controlled bridge rectifier

13. Smart Washer Machine Sdn. Bhd. intended to design new model of washer machine for Malaysian market. This washer machine use DC motor for washing operation. The rating of DC motor is 240 V, 600 W with very small value of inductance and could operate at high ripple power condition. Sketch the power circuit of the washer machine and calculate the value of Vave, Vrms, Iave, Irms. To improve the performance of the DC motor, the power supply should have a minimum ripple. Suggest on how to improve the quality of the power condition and design the new circuit to reduce the ripple of the voltage to 1%. Base on the new power circuit calculate the value of Vave and Iave. a) Resistance of DC motor b) The average output voltage is c) The average load current is d) The rms value of the output voltage is e) The rms value of the output current is