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To suspect someone of something To remind someone of something To rob someone of something To deprive someone of something To be liable to To be prone to To burn:

to be on fire/ to set fire to To burst out laughing To burst into tears To learn by heart To be under the weather To be liable for To be responsible for To be in charge of To pull off To postpone To call off To cancel To arrive in/at To get to To turn up unexpected To reach To take part in To participate in To enter in To go in for To be spoilt To fall trough To connect someone to someone To put someone through to To admire To respect To look up to To pull trough To overcome To accomplish To achieve To succeed in To weather To cope with To successful at/in To be a success To get over To come as a surprise To take someone aback To take someone as surprise To see eye to eye Likes/dislikes Alike Unlike (adject/ connector) To be likely to To be unlikely to

Likelihood (probabilidad) To be like someone to do something Meet someones needs Its a waste of time Apart from Except for With the exception of But for Ive not been to London for 2 years Ive not been to London since 2010 I went to London 2 years ago To get rid of To rid oneself of something To overlook To discount To Ignore To take no notice of Not to pay any attention To pay no attention To disregard To underestimate To live up to someones expectations To go forward/to make for To make someones way To be up to To depend on To blame someone for something To blame something on someone To put the blame on someone I cannot stand I cannot tolerate I cannot put up with I cannot bear To be in a good/bad mood To lose someones temper To get angry with To get on someones nerves To let someone down To disappoint To earn someones living It is of almost importance To go on + ing or +inf To my surprise To find it surprising I am surprised to find It is the first time I have eaten here It was the first time I had eaten here To know down To pull down To tear down To demolish

To burst into tears To end in tears (acabar mal) To be moved be tears (llorar de la emocin) To be in tears (estar llorando) To bring tears to my eyes (se me saltaron las lagrimas) I would rather he went to Paris I prefer him to go to Paris I would rather go to Paris I prefer going to Paris To set up To establish To be aware (+that clause) To be unaware of (+tc) To be oblivious to To take someone for someone To confuse someone with someone To mistake someone for someone To work out To go to the gym To work out To find a solution to To work out To calculate To install To put up something To put someone up To accommodate To make up someones mind To make a decision To decide To make up for (compensar) To be willing (estar dispuesto a hacer algo) To be unwilling = to be reluctant to Willingness (voluntad) To accuse someone of something To charge someone with something To pick someone up To collect someone To fetch someone To call for To have difficulty in To have trouble in Insight into understanding I am sure he will pass He is bound to pass To bring up (to raise)sacar a relucir To get up (to rise) To earn someones living He is supposed/meant to be at work It is supposed/meant that he is at work

All over the world Around the world To provide someone with something To provide something for someone To fall into good habits To refuse to +inf To object to +ing To cover into To change into To turn into To become To pass out To collapse To faint To be interested in To be keen on To be fond of To be into It dawned on me It occurred to me I came up with it In search of In the search for To search for It turned out to be interesting It turned out that the conference was interesting To result in (frases activa) To result from (frases pasiva) To bring on(traer) To bring about(lograr ) The fire resulted in loses Loses resulted from the fire At the moment Now At present In the whole By and large In general It is no worth It is not worth It is worthless It is no use It is not use It is useless There is no point in It is pointless (inf/ing) It is no worthwhile To be eager to (inf) To look forward to (ing)

To put forward (exponer presenter) To set out To come forward with To keep up with To pass on to someone To contact someone To get in contact with By all means By no means To consist of To insist on To arrange for To make an arrangement for To be good for someone To do someones good To find + adj To make + adj To be famous for To be populated with To take a step back to To be much in demand To prevent (someone from something) To bear To stop To deter To associate with As a source of To make use of To something to use At one time Once at a time With a view of To get tired To wear out To undertake To take over To take control of To take charge of To end up To come an end To take an advantage of To take the most out of To make/get the most out of To praise someone for To forgive someone for something On someones own By oneself A love To succeed in (ing) To manage to (inf)

To be based on Basis/bases On the basis of The basis Basically On a wealthy basis To be capable of To have the ability to To get someone down To depress To brush up (repasar una material) To brush off (sacudirse) To mention To say a word To drop from (a pub/club) To evict from (desahucio) To be released from (salir de prisin) To be discharged from (hospital) To be dismissed from (echar del trabajo) To be fired To be sacked (trabajo) To be lay off To make someone redundant(poner alguien calle) To be expelled (de la academia) To be out of work To be unemployed To be on the dole To be acquainted with To be familiar to To get use to To speak for (hablar a favor de/hablar en parte de) To communicate To get someones ideas across To put someones ideas across To wear off (desgastar) To wear away (to erote) To be proud of something To take pride in To pride oneself on something To blame on somebody for something Tread (pisar flotar) View of= because of View to + ing (con la idea de) Press (seguir adelante) To be in the lockout for (estar en el punto de mira) To be suspicious of To have a suspicion of A suspect

To get worse To worsen Show up (llegar a tiempo) Show off (chulearse) Slip up (meter la pata) Slip of tongue (hablar sin pensar) To be liable to To be prount to (ser propenso a) To be knowledgeable about To have the knowledge of Rather (negative way/bastante) Quite (positive way) To swamp To overwhelm (agobiar) To make certain To make sure To ensure Under any circumstances In no way To escape from (ing) To get away (ing) To enjoy To have fun To relish (ing) To finish To quite To give in To give up (ing todos) To go on (inf/ing) To carry on(ing) To keep on (ing) To continue (ing) I suggest us having a cup of tea I suggest that we should have a cup of tea Why dont we have a What about having How about having Lets have a Shall we have? To be about to (onf) To be on the verge of(ing) To be on the poin of To crave (to do something/for someone to do something) (anhelar) To long (to do something/for someone to do something) To year (to do something/for someone to do something) To talk someone into doing something To talk someone out of doing something (persuader)

To participate To go in for To take part in To die out To wear out To wipe out To become extinct To crash into To collide into Impossible to be To be out of question To drift apart (distanciarse) To entice To attract In the hope In the habit In amazement In subtlety On show On display Economic (relative economa) Economical (cheap) Touching Moving (conmovedor) To take someones breathe away To be out of breath In search of To search for something The search for It is utmost importance (es de suma importancia)