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National Metrology System in Albania

Myrvete Pazaj General Director General Directorate of Metrology Str. Sami Frasheri no. 33 Tirana, Albania

The DPM mission:

To establish and to manage national system of metrology in Republic of Albania in accordance with global and regional metrology; To protect consumers interests, through organization of measuring instruments control in field of health, hygiene, environment protection, technical assurance and services; To offer possibilities to producers and users do assure accuracy of measuring instruments, to be competitive with their products in global market

DPM is responsible for: 9 Realization and keeping of national measurement standards 9 Their comparisons with international or foreign national standards 9 Implementation of SI units 9 Type evaluation and approval of measuring instruments 9 Enacting metrological regulations 9 Calibration of measurement standards and measuring instruments 9 Verification of measuring instruments 9 Metrological supervision 9 International cooperation


DPM is a governmental organization A typical public institute with a science link in the field of metrologyis the most important national provider of metrological services It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energetic (METE) has a staff of approx. 100 members has the central premises (laboratories) in Tirana and 4 Regional Centers in the country DPM is in full reform new staff new management approach (e.g. quality management) new areas related to Quality of Life: fostering networking within country (metrology in chemistry)

Working with JRC in CARDS 2003 Metrology Project

Projects activities a) assistance in improvement of legislation and establishing a metrology strategy b) Technical assistance in various areas of measurements c) Support in public awareness issues related to implementation of the Acquis Communitaire in the quality of life related issues

Over 100 Albanian experts were trained in Albania, as well as in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovenia

Benefiting from JRC expertise and their ability to link into network of experts across Europe

A national Strategy & Business Plan On developement of metrology system is prepared with the EU assistance under CARDS 2003 project Albania Metrology with assistance of EC DG JRC-IRMM taking into consideration: International requirements ( EU Directives, CIPM MRA) National capabilities (Limitation of resourcesdistribution of the activities) National needs A new law on metrology Prepared with assistance of EC GD JRC-IRMM (CARDS 2003). Adopted by the Parliament in February 14, 2008 Reference for adoption of Acquis Communatuare on metrology

Progress in approximation of national metrology legislation with Acquis Communutaire

The EU Directive 90/384 EEC NAWI - adopted by the Council of Ministers in June 2006 in implementation. The regulations that transposing of the EU directives on prepackages: 80/232 EEC ; 76/211 EEC ; 75/106 EEC; 75/107 EEC Decision of the Council of Ministers on units of measurement that implements of Directive 80/181/EEC, amended by 85/1/EEC, 89/617/EEC and 1999/103/EC.

About 8 secondary legislation acts are submitted for adoption

DPM laboratories and measurement standards

Mass Measurement Laboratory Comparators 200 g ,1 kg (2 pieces) Weight Sets F1, 1 mg 20 kg (2 sets) E2, 1 mg 20 kg (2 sets) Traceability: By direct calibration (PTB, OHM) Temperature measurements laboratory Set of SPRTs, Sets of LiG thermometers, WTP, Mercury cell, Zink cell, baths, etc. Traceability: Direct Calibration, MIRS

Fields of metrological activities

Pressure laboratory
Pressure Balances: Hydraulic: 0-6 bar, 0-60 bar, 10-600 bar Hydraulic -120 bar Hydraulic 1-700 bar Standard manometers 2,5 600 bar, 14 pieces Traceability: by direct calibration

Force and roughness Laboratory

Force Transducers Compression 20 N, 1-3 MN, 4 pieces Tension/Compression: 100 N 500 kN Traceability: By direct calibration, PTB, HBM

Fields of metrological activities

Electrical Measurements Laboratory
Universal calibrator DC- 10 GHz Amplifier Voltage Cells 1,018 V Reference voltage Standard Resistor 10, 10k ohm Standard Resistors 1 m -10 k Traceable to SI units via Direct Calibration, PTB, 2005

Volume Laboratory Standard Volumes 20, 50 l Glass volumes 10 ml 1 l Standard Densimeter DMA 4500


Assistance provided through the World Bank

Implementation period: 2007-2010 Budget: 5.06 mln Euro Strengthening the enterprise sector's capability to export to regional and EU markets by developing further the Metrology, Standards, testing and Quality system;

Project components:
Building a national metrology centre Measurements standards and equipment Metrological expertise
New location Industrial area, Kashar


IPA programme 2008-2010:

Specific objectives: fulfilling of the conditions for full membership in EURAMET, through strengthening and upgrading of metrological infrastructure and increasing of technical competence of DPM; Upgrading of measurement standards and other metrological equipment, aligning of the Albanian metrology practices with these of EU members

Who benefit from our services

NMI, National measurement standards

Accreditation Certification Legal metrology


traceability 9 9

Accredited calibration laboratories

Non accredited calibration laboratories

Industry which performs measurements

9 9 9 9

Testing laboratories, Reference institutes (food, health, higiene, environment, etc) Calibration laboratories Regulators (inspection bodies) Conformity assesment dodies (labs) Agencies, industry


Cooperation and participation

At national level: DPMK has signed cooperation agreements with scientific institutions in the country; DA, UPT, KESH IFB, etc At the regional and International level: Albania is a full member of OIML since 2001 represented by DPM DPM applicant member of EURAMET DPM full member of IMEKO Cooperation established through the bilateral project between PTB and DPM; Bilateral agreements with various NMIs (MIRS- Slovenia, UMETurkey, BEV- Austria, COSMT-Czech Republic, BOM Montenegro) From September 10th, 2007 - Albania became an Associate Member of General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) - DPMK signed the CIPM MRA on 15 October 2007.

Thank you for your attention! See you on 20th May, the World Metrology Day

Street: Sami Frasheri nr. 33, Tirana, Albania Tel: ++355 4 233 174 Fax: ++355 4 233 462 E-mail: