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Prayer Requests
Y Steven Van Meter, son of Kevin & Pam Van Meter, who is serving our country in Afghanistan. Y A.J. Pratt, wife of Gwin Pratt. Gwin is the pastor of St. Luke Presbyterian Church. A.J. is suffering from a serious disease. Y Miah Owens-Schneibel asks for prayer for Kaelyn and family. Y Karen Bakia thanking God for her sister getting a job, and pray for more blessings to the rest of her family in Cameroon. Y Pray for a full, meaningful Lenten journey for all! Y Pray for Karen Gasche, Cathy Smiths mom, who is suffering from a severe case of shingles. Y Pray for Jerry Hermsens brother, Vern, who is in a home for Alzheimers. Also for Jerrys friend, Stephanie, who has an upcoming operation. Y Pray for all who grieve the passing of Bill Finks mother. Y Pray for Juvitus, Sam Atu-Tetuhs son, who is having problems in breathing. Y Pray for Melissa Hogmire, Ruthann Coburns daughter, who is going through cancer treatment at Abbott hospital. Y Pray for Jerry Hermsen who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Y Pray for Mor Bakia in his job search. Y Pray for Diana Zile-Young, friend of Ivers, who is better but still struggling with alcoholism which is destroying her liver. Y Pray for Rose Tendoh to find a job with Gods guidance. Y Pray for John Thiessen as he lives with cancer. Y For Bobbie Pearson, friend of Gloria Ivers, whos suffering from cancer. Y Pray for Beverly Dols, John Ivers sister, who suffers from lung cancer.

Y Pray for David Schwartz (friend of George & Dianne Black) as he is suffering from cancer. Y Pray for Ward Sessing, member of the Presbyterian Church of the Way, who is suffering with cancer. Y Pray for Donna McCullen, wife of Ken McCullen, who is suffering from cancer.


This week we enter the most important week of the year for our faithHoly Week. The events of this week will be celebrated all across the world. Billions of people will remember what happened in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago. We might know the stories well, but they are worth reading again. This week were looking at portions from Matthews gospel. If you would like to read all of the Holy Week stories in Matthew, read chapters 2128. As you read these stories may your heart be ablaze with the power of what happened during Holy Week! Comments about the devotion can be E-mailed to pastor@colpres.org

Monday, March 25 Read Matthew 21:1-11

When Jesus came into Jerusalem, many people in the crowd were thinking that Jesus was going to overthrow the Romans. The people put down their cloaks in anticipation that a new king was coming. This putting down of cloaks had happened in the Old Testament when the people welcomed Jehu as king, 2 Kings 9:13. The crowds were wrong. Jesus didnt come to overthrow the Romans. He came to do

something more powerfully. He started a spiritual revolution that continues to this day. One of the reasons the crowd turned on Jesus is they misunderstood him. They became disappointed and disenchanted with Jesus and thus were susceptible to being manipulated by the religious leaders. Can you think of a time in your life when you misunderstood Gods intent? Was there a time when you were wrong about something with God? Today as you pray, pray that you and the community at Chain of Lakes Church will always be clear in our understanding of who God is to us

As you pray today, talk to God about these questions. Pray that we at Chain of Lakes Church can keep these questions before us.

7:00 p.m. at the Da Vinci Academy. We will worship around tables in a family-friendly environment. Please come and join us!

Wednesday, March 27 Read Matthew 26:1-16

One of the questions that was shared this past Sunday is why Judas betrayed Jesus. His motivation was money. He had become disillusioned with Jesus and the temptation of receiving thirty pieces of silver was too much to overcome. The church has traditionally been very critical of Judas. But before we go too far in condemning him, lets put ourselves in his shoes. What would we have done if Jesus had disappointed us and we could receive money to betray him? Perhaps we might not have betrayed Jesus like Judas didor perhaps we would have but all of us are capable of being tempted like Judas was. What tempts you right now? With what do you struggle? The good news is that God understands our temptation and is willing to help us. Jesus never condemned Judas for his act. We never read a place in the Scriptures where Jesus judged Judas. Jesus was disappointed with Judas, but still loved him. This attitude of Jesus is the same one that we receive when we sin. Instead of being afraid of God, today throw yourself onto God and ask for help with your temptations.

Friday, March 29 Read Matthew 27:24-56

The thirty-two verses share the most sobering story in the history of the world. To think that Jesus could be executed by humans is difficult to ponder. The murder of Jesus is the worst event that has ever happened in the history of the world. What could be worse than the intentional murder of God? Today as you pray, please share with God your sorrow on behalf of humanity for what happened to Jesus.

Tuesday, March 26 Read Matthew 22:34-40

This is one of the central stories of Jesus life, and one of myPastor Paulsfavorite stories in the Bible. Jesus shared that the most important law is to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. This teaching is a strainer through which the laws in the Old Testament can be understood. This teaching of Jesus is so important that its always worth asking ourselves the following questions: What are some ways that you are doing well at loving God? What are some ways that you could do better at loving God? What are some ways you are doing well in loving your neighbor as you love yourself? What are some ways that you could do better?

Saturday, March 30 Read Matthew 28:1-10

The story didnt end on Friday. God did not give on humanity despite the intentional murder of Jesus. God took Jesus from death. The worst event in the world was transformed into a celebration that billions of people will enjoy on Easter Sunday! The world changed because of the resurrection. The earthquake that Matthew wrote about in this story was more than an event that could be described by what happened to the ground. Because of the resurrection of Jesus a force entered into the world that still shakes the world today. As you pray today, give thanks for the resurrection! Pray for the church worldwide as the resurrection is celebrated. Pray that we at Chain of Lakesalong with the

Thursday, March 28 Read Matthew 26:17-30

Tonight we at Chain of Lakes will remember this story when we gather for worship at

communitywill be touched in worship tomorrow!