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The order of business of this Convention shall be as listed in the Official Call of the Convention, subject to the discretion of the presiding Convention Chairperson 1. RULES OF ORDER
Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority on all points not covered by the Republican Party of Minnesota Constitution, the statutes of the State of Minnesota, as well as the Official Call of this Convention.

2. ORDER OF BUSINESS a. The order of business for this convention shall be as specified in the Convention Agenda or by the discretion of the Convention Chairperson. The Convention Chairperson, at his/her discretion, can change the order to the Convention Agenda, in order to meet time constraints. A motion to adjourn the Convention shall be debatable until all items of the agenda have been addressed on the Convention floor excluding agenda item titled Other Business. b. All literature on the convention floor must have a disclaimer or be registered with the Registration Chairperson of the convention. Anything not registered, or without a disclaimer, will be removed from the convention floor and considered invalid. 3. SEATING OF DELEGATES/ALTERNATES a. The permanent voting role of this convention shall be composed of the Delegates elected February 7, 2012 at the precinct caucuses. Only those Delegates and Alternates are eligible to be seated. b. Following the Preliminary Credentials Report, and in the absence of any duly elected Delegate, a duly elected Alternate shall be seated according to his/her rank in his/her precinct. c. Cross seating of Alternates will not be allowed. d. No unregistered Delegate or Alternate may be seated at any time during the convention. e. Once a Delegate or seated Alternate has registered for the convention he/she remains part of the voting strength of the convention, even if he/she leaves the convention, prior to the conventions official adjournment. 4. VOTING a. The vote on all questions shall be by voice or as hereinafter provided. Election of Officers and deligates will be by House District 30-A as outlined in these rules and votes cast by the seated Delegates and Alternates that reside in that district. b. A division shall be taken at the discretion of the Chairperson. c. Voting for any elected office shall be by secret ballots, if more than one candidate is nominated for a position. The convention may decide by a two-thirds vote to endorse by a rising vote, for any office, for which there is only one candidate without opposition. If the Chairperson is in doubt as to the result of a rising vote, he/she may order a roll-call of the meeting by the Tellers, who shall report the vote to the Chairperson. d. Voting for delegates and alternates to state central i. Voting for delegates and alternates will be on a combined ballot with the top three receiving delegate positions and the remaining candidates ranked by vote total receiving alternate positions from alternate 1 to alternate 9. ii. If a person is elected as a delegate wishes to be an alternate they may exchange positions with the highest ranking alternate wishing to be a delegate, all positions will be final 24hours after the close of the convention. iii. Ballots with more than 3 votes will be considered spoiled e. There shall be no vote by proxy or unit rule. The convention Chairperson and Chief Teller will decide any voting dispute. They may request a re-ballot. f. Only persons whose names are entitled to be entered upon the permanent role of this convention shall be permitted to vote. g. Each candidate nominated for office may appoint a person to observe the counting of the ballots. The name of this person shall be submitted to the Secretary of the convention, prior to counting of ballots.

h. The convention Chairperson shall appoint a Chief Teller and Assistant Tellers to count ballots. i. A Sergeant-at-Arms shall be assigned to the Chief Teller during the voting process, who will certify the results. j. Balloting will proceed until the chairperson rules Balloting closed. k. No preprinted ballot shall be allowed. Valid ballots are: those cast for any name (by writing first name) put forth by the Search/Nominations Committee or ballots stating no preference, undecided, no-endorsement or present. Invalid ballots are: Blank ballots, unintelligible ballots, abstentions, ballots marked only with X, ballots for an ineligible person or ballots for a fictitious character. Only valid ballots shall be included in the voting strength, or the 60% required for endorsement. l. Ballots will then be counted by the Assistant Tellers, who will verify the number of ballots. The number of ballots will be reported to the Chairperson, announced to the convention and confirmed by the Chief Teller. 5. DEBATE Debate on any general issue or motion shall be limited to one (1) minute by each speaker. No speaker shall be allowed to speak more than twice on the same question and the total debate is limited to a maximum of four (4) minutes. The Chairperson will call on Pro and Con speakers alternately. If no opposing speaker rises, the debate will end. 6. ADDRESSES TO THE CONVENTION a. The convention Chairperson, at any time, may invite any office holder or distinguished guest to address the convention for a period not to exceed five (5) minutes. State and Federal office holders shall be limited to ten (10) minutes. b. The Chairperson shall appoint a Timekeeper for the purpose of timing discussions, debates and speeches during the meeting. (Time limits shall be strictly enforced) 7. AMENDMENT OR SUSPENSION a. After adoption of these rules, they may be amended or suspended only by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the convention.

Constitution Committee Report

Index of proposed changes 1. Electronic Notice: Updated to include reference to electronic notice. Article VII Section 1 line 95 Article IX Section 2 line 159-160 2. Timing format: Days are changed to weeks to match format between sections Article VII Section 1A line 99 Article VIII Section 2 line 143 Article IX Section 2 line 160 3. Convention Quorum: Added a convention quorum to match the committee quorum Article VII Section 3E line 118-119 4. Vacancies and Removals: Clarified what is required for filling an Executive Committee vacancy Article VIII Section 1 line 140-141 5. Recommended Status: Inserted Article X with instructions regarding Recommended Status Article XII line 171-174


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We the Republican Party of Minnesota Senate District 30 encourage the participation of all citizens of Minnesota Senate District 30 who are concerned with the implementation of honest, efficient, responsive yet limited government. We believe in the equality of all, as is every American citizens right, and as historically demonstrated by the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Therefore, we are committed to equal representation and opportunity for all and the preservation of the rights of each individual. It is the purpose of this constitution to ensure that the Republican Party provides for the prospect of participation, with equal opportunity, for all citizens of Minnesota Senate district 30 regardless of age, race, sex, religion, social or economic status.

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Article I-Name
The name of this organization shall be the Republican Party of Senate District 30 of the State of Minnesota, the basic political organization unit, hereinafter referred to as "the BPOU".

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Article II-Purpose
Section 1: The purpose and objectives of the BPOU shall be the maintenance and advancement of limited
government according to the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota through the promotion within Senate District 30 of the purposes and objectives of the National Republican Party and the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Section 2: The purposes and duties of the BPOU shall include those imposed by law and custom upon official party
committees. In addition the BPOU shall: A) Organize or cause to be organized each precinct in Senate District 30 with the exception those precincts in House District 30B that are organized under the Republican party of Wright County BPOU; B) Encourage the formation of auxiliary Republican groups, and cooperate with and coordinate their activities; C) Assist in conducting campaigns for the adoption of laws, and for the election of qualified Republican candidates for public office; and D) Administer the affairs of the Party within the BPOU.

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Article III-Membership
The membership of this BPOU shall be composed of all citizens eligible to vote in Senate House District 30 who wish to be affiliated with the Republican Party and who support the purposes and objectives of the Republican Party.

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Article IV-Management and Structure

Section 1: The management of the BPOU shall rest with the Senate District 30 Executive Committee, subject to the
direction of the State Central Committee, the State Executive Committee, the Congressional District Committee in Districts six (6), the BPOU Convention, the State Party Constitution, Senate District 30 Constitution and applicable state statutes of law.

Section 2: The Senate District 30 Executive Committee shall be composed of the BPOU Chair and Vice Chair,
Secretary, Treasurer, one (1) Regional Leader from each of the following regions: House District 30A: Region 1: Big Lake City 1, Big Lake City 2, Big Lake City 3 Region 2: Big Lake Township Precinct 1, Big Lake Township Precinct 2, Big Lake Township Precinct 3 Region 3: Elk River Ward 1 Precinct 1A, Elk River Ward 1 Precinct 1B, Elk River Ward 3 Precinct 3B Region 4: Elk River Ward 2 Precinct 2A, Elk River Ward 2 Precinct 2B, Elk River Ward 3 Precinct 3A Region 5: Elk River Ward 4 Precinct 4A, Elk River Ward 4 Precinct 4B, Otsego-A and the State Central Committee Delegates, and all elected Republican legislators living within the boundaries of Senate District 30. The Congressional District Representatives shall be non-voting members of the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Duties: The duties of the Executive Committee shall be as follows:

A) The BPOU Chair, or in the absence of the Chair the Vice Chair, shall conduct BPOU Executive Committee meetings. The BPOU Chair shall, in consultation with the Vice Chair and the Executive Committee when possible, appoint committees and coordinate the activities of the Regional Leaders. The Chair and Vice Chair are also ex-officio members of all BPOU committees. B) Elected Republican Legislators shall attend the Executive Committee meetings when possible. Due to the demands of their elected office their position on the executive committee shall only be counted, for quorum purposes, when they are present. C) The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings, be responsible for written correspondence with the members of the Executive Committee, Delegates/Alternates to BPOU conventions and other correspondence that may be necessary from time to time. D) The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Party or BPOU moneys, keep financial records, disburse moneys as duly authorized by the Executive Committee, prepare and submit all statutory required political party unit financial reports and prepare and submit an annual BPOU budget with the assistance of the Chair and Vice Chair. E) Regional Leaders shall manage the day to day affairs of their Region including the affairs of each precinct contained within their Region in cooperation with the individual Precinct Chairs.

Section 4: Finances: The BPOU financial records shall be maintained in an orderly fashion by the BPOU Treasurer.
A) All records shall be reviewed quarterly by the Executive Committee.

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B) At least every odd year the Executive Committee shall designate the financial institution to be used as a depository for Party funds after the Convention. C) All financial institution signature cards shall be signed by the BPOU Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. D) All disbursements shall be by check and shall require two (2) signatures. E) All funds coming to the BPOU from any source shall be deposited in the account(s).

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Article V-BPOU Elections

Section 1: The BPOU Executive Committee shall be elected to a term ending at the next odd year BPOU convention by
the seated delegates to the Convention. A) The Chair and Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at large. B) Regional Leaders shall be elected by a caucus of their respective regions. C) State Central Committee Delegates and ranked alternates, Congressional District Representatives and alternates shall be elected by a caucus of their respective Congressional Districts.

Section 2: Officers of each precinct may consist of a Chair, a Vice chair and a Secretary, elected to a two-year term at
the even-numbered year General Caucus, in compliance with State Statute. In the event a precinct fails to elect any officer at this caucus, the BPOU Executive Committee may appoint individuals to fill the vacancy in that precinct.

Section 3: A nominating committee may be appointed by the BPOU Executive Committee in advance of the odd-year
BPOU convention, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the various Committee positions. Nominations shall also be accepted on the day of the convention from the floor according to the rules of the convention.

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Article VI-Meetings
Section 1: Requirements:
A) Regular Committee Meetings: The Executive Committee may establish a calendar of regular meetings provided that a two (2) week written or confirmed electronic notice is given to the members of the Committee. B) Special Committee Meetings: The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair, at the request of any three (3) members of the Committee, or at the request of 25% of the delegates. Three (3) days notice shall be provided to members of the Committee. C) Quorums: A quorum shall be 50% of seated members of this Committee for the purpose of transacting BPOU business.

Section 2: "Robert's Rules of Order, Revised" shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of the Executive

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Article VII-BPOU Conventions

Section 1: BPOU Conventions shall be held each year during the period and for the purpose designated by the Official
Call issued by the State Executive Committee, the State Central Committee, or the sixth (6th) District Committees; the time and place of these conventions shall be determined by the BPOU Executive Committee. Special BPOU Conventions shall be held at the call of the afore mentioned groups, or at the discretion of the majority of the BPOU Executive Committee, provided that a minimum of two (2) week written or confirmed electronic notice is given to each delegate and alternate. A) If events warrant a Special Election to public office, a Special Endorsing Convention may be held at the call of the BPOU Chair and Vice Chair, or at the discretion of the majority of the BPOU Executive Committee. A notice of not less than one (1) week shall be given to delegates and alternates and the sole business of the convention shall be to endorse a candidate for the special election to public office.

Section 2: At all BPOU Conventions, the first (1st) order of business shall be the temporary credentials report. The
convention shall then proceed to the seating of the delegates, as outlined in Article VII, Section three (3). A precinct shall be entitled to one (1) vote for each seated delegate/alternate present.

Section 3: The BPOU Convention shall be composed of delegates and alternates elected at Republican Party Precinct
Caucus within Senate District 30. The ratio to allocate delegates shall be uniform throughout the BPOU. The credentials committee shall seat all duly elected and accredited delegates of each precinct who are present. In the event no delegates are present from a precinct, the credentials committee shall seat all accredited alternates from that precinct, indicating which delegates they replace vacancies shall be filled according to the following procedures: A) The individual precincts shall caucus after acceptance of the temporary credentials committee report. If the precinct Chair is not present, the seated delegates shall elect a Chair, and then proceed to fill the vacancies. B) Vacancies shall be filled by the alternates in the order in which they were ranked by the Precinct Caucus. If not ranked, then by decision vote of the seated delegates; if a tie vote arises, the chair shall appoint, by coin toss, one of the alternates who participated in the tie. Alternates shall be elected to fill vacancies individually to replace specific delegates. The alternate so elected may subsequently vote in the election to fill the next vacancy. C) If a delegate should arrive late; the delegate shall assume the seat of the delegates alternate. A delegate may be seated at any time. D) If a precinct has any vacancies which can't be filled by an alternate from the same precinct, the vacancy shall remain. E) Quorums: A quorum shall be 50% of seated members of a Convention for the purpose of transacting BPOU business unless an alternate quorum is specified by the convention call.

Section 4: Delegates and alternates to the State and Congressional Republican District Conventions shall be elected in
accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota, as well as the State Republican Constitution, and shall continue as such until their successors are elected. Each Congressional District's BPOU convention delegates shall vote for their respective congressional district convention delegates and alternates. State Delegates and Alternates shall be elected at large at the BPOU Convention. Alternates shall be ranked for seating purposes at these conventions.

Section 5: A motion to endorse will be in order at any BPOU Convention in the years when these elections occur. This
motion must carry by a majority vote.

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A) The BPOU Convention may endorse a candidate for office of State Senator. Endorsement shall be by sixty (60) percent of the voting strength of the convention. The last credentials report prior to each ballot shall govern the voting strength. B) A Sub-Caucus of a BPOU Convention or a separate convention of the delegates from State House Districts 30A may endorse a candidate for State Representative, however, if endorsement is by a separate convention, agenda of said convention shall be limited to the endorsement of these candidates only. Endorsement shall be by sixty (60) percent of the voting strength of the sub-caucus or convention. The last credentials report prior to each ballot shall govern the voting strength. C) A BPOU Convention may provide for a non-binding advisory endorsement to candidates for District, State, or Federal office. Endorsement shall be by sixty (60) percent of the voting strength of the convention. The last credentials report prior to each ballot shall govern the voting strength.

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Article VIII-Vacancies and Removals

Section 1: Vacancies in precinct offices may be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee or, if so directed, by
a caucus of Republicans in the affected precinct. Should vacancies occur in the Executive Committee, replacements may be appointed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 2: An officer of the Executive Committee may be removed from office by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any
meeting of the seated committee members provided that the officer in question be furnished with a two (2) week notice, in writing, of the charges that may warrant removal. Further, the officer in question shall be entitled to respond to these charges in person or in writing prior to the vote to remove.

Section 3: If a member of the Executive Committee is absent without cause from more than four (4) consecutive
meetings, this person shall be subject to the removal provisions outlined in Section two (2) of this Article.

Section 4: It is the duty of all Executive Committee members to support Republican endorsed candidates. Should any
member of this body actively and publicly campaign against a Republican endorsed candidate, that member may be removed from the Executive Committee in accordance with the provisions of Article VIII, Section 2.

Section 5: Any elected member of the Executive Committee except State Central Delegates who announces their
candidacy for Federal or State elected public office shall be placed on immediate leave of absence and if he/she receives endorsement or runs in the Primary Election he/she shall resign their position on the Executive Committee.

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Article IX - Post Primary Endorsement & Withdrawal of Support

Section 1: In the event that a non-endorsed candidate emerges victorious from a primary election, the Chair shall be
required to call for an immediate convention to consider granting post-primary endorsement to the victor. Until endorsement is granted by convention, the candidate shall not be granted access to BPOU lists or assistance.

Section 2: The Executive Committee may refuse to support or may withdraw support from any candidate endorsed in
accordance with this Constitution by a vote of 75% of the membership of the Executive Committee. Written or confirmed electronic notice is given to all members of the Executive Committee at least one (1) week prior to any meeting at which refusal or withdrawal of support for an endorsed candidate is considered.

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Article X Recommended Status

Section 1: Recommended status may be offered to non-partisan candidates in accordance with the rules set forth by
the Republican State Party or the Congressional District Six (6) Republican Party.

Section 2: Written or confirmed electronic notice must be given to all members of the Executive Committee at least
one (1) week prior to any meeting at which the approval of recommended status is considered.

Section 3: Approval of recommended status must be by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Committee.

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Article XI - Dissolution
In the event the State Legislative lines are redrawn, the Executive Committee shall have the power to dissolve this Senate District 30 BPOU by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote.

171 172 173 174

Article XII - Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the delegates present at any BPOU Convention, provided that the proposed amendments be first referred to a dully appointed Constitution Committee, and that the Official Convention Call shall indicate that constitutional amendments will be considered.