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Grace Notes

Grace Notes


Dear Members and Friends, The Lord Is Risen! This ancient Easter greeting still brings joy all of these centuries since timid Disciples still unsure of what it all meant first offered it. Sin has been trampled underfoot through Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Oh it is definitely still around and we are sometimes the ones responsible for it, but it no longer has the power to keep us from the love of God. In Christ Jesus our sins have been forgiven and we can come before him, confess our guilt and know that God welcomes us. Death also has been conquered through Jesus resurrection and as forgiven sinners it is promised to all who belong to Christ through our baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. We have been set free to live the Easter life. Remember to return each Sunday to give God thanks and praise. The Lord is Risen Indeed, Pastor David Almleaf

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Altar Flowers April & May

April 7 - David Gaugler April 14 - William Fensken April 21 - Nancy & Karl Blanchard April 28 - Anna Butez May 5 - Barbara Frederick Marlene & George Slingerland May 12 - Maryland Warner May 19 - Nancy Blanchard May 26 - OPEN Altar flowers are $33.00 unless you share a Sunday then they would be $16.50 each vase. If you wish to place a special arrangement in the Sanctuary the cost would be whatever you would like to spend. Nancy Blanchard (762-4234) and Linda Bumpus (725-1927) are the Altar Flower coordinators.

Bread Bakers March & April

April 7 - Helen Schreivogl April 28 - Audrey Rulison May 5 - Cindy Walsh May 19 - Peggy Niforos May 26 - Linda Morley Please find someone to replace you if you cannot bake bread the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell the church secretary so the bulletin can reflect the change. Thank you, Peggy Niforos

Counters for March & April

04/07 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 04/14 - Darleen Gaugler, Charlotte Petersen, Bonnie 04/21 - Darleen Gaugler, Charlotte Petersen, Bonnie 04/28 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 05/05 - Nancy Blanchard, Greta Davis, Bonnie 05/12 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 05/19 - Nancy Demarest, Ron & Jackie Hollenbeck 05/26 - Darleen Gaugler, Charlotte Petersen, Bonnie

(I) - Intinction Sunday (R) - Rail Sunday April 7 (R) - Don Phelps April 14 (I) - Peggy Niforos April 21 (I) - Nancy Demarest April 28 (R) - Kathy VanValkenburgh May 5 (R) - Carol Hennessey May 12 (I) - Joan Longfritz May 19 (R) - Bonnie Olendorf May 26 (R) - Marion Pellegrino Please find someone to replace you if you cannot make the Sunday you are scheduled and whenever possible, tell Bonnie so that the bulletin can reflect the change. Peg Niforos, Altar Guild Coordinator

Prayer Chain Ministry Prayers of the Church

Please notify the church office when your prayers have been answered so your prayer concern can be removed from the list that Pastor raises up to God on Sunday morning. Thank you. If you know of anyone in need of daily prayers for the healing of body, mind or soul, please call Bobbi Nigro (725-6781) or Nancy Demarest (725-8704). If requesting in person, please submit the name(s) in writing and add your name at the bottom. To further assist, please reconnect with that member of the Prayer Chain within 2 weeks to verify the condition of the person(s) receiving prayer. All requests are held in confidence unless otherwise designated. Thank you.

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Air Conditioner Update

Invited to the Lords table as they received their first communion in March were:
Noah J Clo Carlee Nicole Fiorillo Kaylee Marie Fiorillo Mia Elizabeth Martin Faith Amber-Marie McCoy Amelia Christine Petersen
The air conditioning is being installed as well as the electrical work being completed. You may notice the units in the sanctuary and air vents in the ceilings of the offices, library, fellowship hall and kitchen. Several fund raisers are being planned to help raise money for the air conditioning. The cost to do the air conditioning is $28,500. and electric for it $3,260. a total of $31,760. To date we have received $4,601.85 towards the air conditioning and $3,806.25 for the electric leaving a balance of $23,351.90. If you wish to contribute to this project you may place your donation in the offering plate or drop it off in the church office. Be sure to mark the envelope that its for the air conditioning.

Saturday April 20th from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. we

will meet here at the church for a spring clean up day. If you are able to come and would like to help clean up the yard, please bring your rake, broom etc. If you would like to help inside please bring a pail, cleaning cloths (paper towels), Windex, etc. At 1 p.m. we will have a hot dog roast. If you could bring a dish to pass or chips that would be appreciated. The hot dogs, rolls, and beverages will be supplied. Immediately following worship on Sunday April 28th we will be having a covered dish luncheon to help raise money for our air conditioning. The cost will be $5 per adult or $10 per family. Come and enjoy delicious food and great fellowship. If you have any questions or would like to know what others are bringing, please see Joan Longfritz or Linda Ferenz.

Annual Youth Group Garage Sale Friday May 3rd & Saturday May 4th
Heres your chance to search your attics, garages, and cellars for items you dont use or need. Donations of clean usable items can be dropped off at the church up until Wednesday May 1st. There will also be a bake sale and donations of baked goods are greatly appreciated.

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Remember Our Shut-Ins

At Home:
Eleanor Achzet Eileen Spawn Florence Sandner Ruth Seiler Helene Keach

Nathan Littauer Nursing Home:

Donna Mae Batty Ruth Brownell

Wells House:
Geraldine Moldt

Pineview Commons:
Shirley Snyder

Willing Helpers:
Lorraine Muller Dona Frey

Prayer Concerns
Marianne Jones Ella Congdon Sue McGrattan Tina Aldonis Raymond Rulison Kevin Kane Christine Hahn Holly Cook Becky Kamminski Marion Pellegrino Michael Everest Ginny Cameron Anna King Vicki James Genee Chapman Rick Hennessey Anna Butez Donald Wright Grandstaff Family Sara Vesteese Don DAmour Charlotte Palmeri

All those who have served and for all those who are now serving in the armed forces, especially:
Scott Bumpus Brandon Caldwell Tony Clemente Brad Coody John Ferrara Kevin Funk Zachary Goot Jordan Keeling Lance Corporal Corey Lincoln Denise & Jacob Lockwood Thomas Szumowski And for our enemies

Please pray for NOAH, the food pantries of Johnstown & Gloversville and for those in need of them. Please pray for those who are out of work and searching for jobs.

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Food Pantry shelves are bare........

This has been an extremely hard year on the food pantries of Johnstown and Gloversville. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated. Please bring your non-perishable food items to the church and place them in the narthex. If you would rather and are able, you can give a monetary donation. Make your checks out to Grace Lutheran Church and be sure to mark the envelope Food Pantry. We will divide any monetary donations between the Johnstown and Gloversville food pantries. DO YOU HAVE RETURNABLE BOTTLES AND CANS
that are clogging up space in your home? Do you hate the thought of taking them to the store to return? If so, just bring them to church and leave them in the box next to the side entrance. Someone from the Youth Group will return them to help defray the cost of their trip to Detroit in July 2015. Thanks for supporting them!

The Youth Group is continuing to collect old and used cell phones. There is a box in the narthex where you can leave them.

Thank you to our organist Darlene Pollak, the choirs, and our bell ringers for all the hard work that went into making the Palm Sunday and Easter services extra festive this year.

Relay for Life 2013

May 31 @ 6pm to June 1 @ 7am Park Terrace School in Gloversville

Graces Team is Prayin For A Cure

To Join our Team please see Alison Martin or register online

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A Note From Susan...

Dear Friends at Grace Lutheran Church, March 25, 2013: I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter and that the blessings of our risen Lord has brought renewed hope of springtime in its rebirth of new life. Seems like the north had a "real" Adirondack winter compared to last year's lack of snow. April showers came early for us in south central Kentucky as March brought with it some torrential downpours. The ponds and rivers here are filled to the brim and muddy waters from the erosion of the banks. But it's nice to have early flowers along with the showers. We have 10 extra lambs to our flock, but unfortunately lost a couple of mothers. We're not sure, but it seems that each of these ewes, after birthing triplets and spending a good part of the winter nursing, were not strong enough and their lambs took the life out of them. They may have needed extra nutrients, or maybe their immune system was affected. It was sad, especially for Steven, who has been such a good shepherd and was very disappointed having lost 2 of his best. We are thankful though to be able to continue their lineage with their offspring. There are 3 more mothers, 6 female and 4 male lambs, the ram and a castrated male. We also have 3 pigs and then our dogs and cats. We have a large variety of birds at the feeder including several Cardinals, the Kentucky state bird. We also have had at least 30 ducks on our pond and some hawks, herons and cranes fly by. There are deer grazing in the fields too. We enjoy the outdoors and our spacious home, but our family continues to be challenged by the symptoms of William and Leah's cystic fibrosis related to their lungs and liver disease. Their attendance at school fluctuates along with their health. There is the everyday regime of breathing treatments, pills, insulin-now both children are having CF related diabetes, Leah's nighttime feeding and the frequent trips to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We still are very satisfied with the health care they are receiving and are thankful to have several specialists familiar with the best treatments for their CF related conditions. Leah will have another endoscopy on April 9th to check for any more esophageal varices that could develop from the liver disease. She and I will go on the 5th and stay until at least the day after the procedure, which requires anesthesia and possible banding to prevent engorged veins, if there are any, from bleeding. Please pray that the procedure goes smoothly and for the children's comfort and success in responding to the treatments . We're certainly wracking the miles onto the Voyager so please also pray for safe and uneventful traveling. We are thankful to have found Thomas Ridge Christian Church, a little country church with a big heart, as our place of worship which sustains our spiritual and emotional needs. Through members there, links have been added to the prayer chain for our family. The church has also been an outlet for people needing some handyman work from Steven and they also bless me with some compensation for the music program that I've been leading there. The minister, Brother Hershel Lawhorn, feeds us abundantly through his Bible based approach to teaching God's message to the multitudes. Our home has a Bible in almost every room and we, as a family refer to our Bible as our daily guide to dealing with life's challenges. We wish you all the best in the love of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Best wishes-HAPPY EASTER!! Susan and the Gleeman Family, 1825 Riffe Creek Road, Dunnville, KY 42528, 606-787-6045, or

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Mary Bailey is the child that Grace sponsors through Child Fund International. The cost of this sponsorship is $21 per month. If you would like to contribute toward this fund please place your contribution in the offering plate marked Mary Bailey

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April Birthdays
1George Slingerland Jr. Crystal Mitchell Kneeland Robert VanSlyke Sara Stortecky James McGrattan Vickie Edick Kathleen Van Valkenburgh Lorraine Seiler Ian Chamberlaine Melissa Baker Thomas Bradt Elizabeth Coppernoll Tiffany Smith Ruth Seiler Sandy Jackson Karriann Ruggiero Jeremy Bradt Sherry Warner Jamie Bradt Dylan Miller Stephen Craig Helga Fensken Kimberly Hohler Milton Dorn Cody Brown Chris Rohrs Rhyleigh Bills Nikki Hathaway Grady Shea Robert Warner Raymond Peck Haley Claes Donald Wicksell 15 Robert Walters Patrick Paxton William Fensken Heather Ruf Ed Hill Theodore (TJ) Bradt Erica Elzenbeck Karen Williams Toni Hubley Kimberly Baird Betty Younglove Joyce Robbins Mary Alice Gaudens Wendy Hollenbeck Ross Snell Kimmie Sutton Matt Flint Sandra Goderie Tyler Unislawski Justin Unislawski Jaye Evangelista Louis Blanchard Timothy Snell Jr. Casey Van Valkenburgh Christine Petersen Anna Butez Jessica Robbins Barbara Rhodes John Healy


16 17 -

19 -


21 -

22 23 24 -

8911 -

25 -

27 -

12 -

29 -

13 14 -

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May Birthdays
1Richard Van Slyke Ed Congdon Garrett Bobowski John Darling Jr. Ada Mrazz Emily Frasier Carisa Miller James Hing Rebecca Pianelli Don Dygert Nicholas Ligon Katherine Van Alstyne Jennifer Wainwright Esther Weaver Robert Spawn Thomas Fraker Jr. Rodney Nielsen Lauryn Pianelli Stacey Morley Heather Wolenik Cheryl Van Alstyne Cynthia Clo Linda Bumpus Phyllis Wright Happy Mothers Day Stephanie Haskin Allison Claire Gregory Margaret Hastings Erik Johnson Paul Stemmler Sarah Mraz Kathlena Rose Berecka Don Phelps Rebecca Ferry Kristie Sammons 17 18 19 20 21 Shirley Frederick Audrey Rulison Mary Phelps Barry Schuyler, Sr. Charlene Brothers Carol Preston Carol Paxton Spencer Lord Trisha Bobowski Karl Blanchard Larry Preston Tabetha Angus Betty Harrington James Wallace Charlotte Petersen Jeannine Schwartz Cheryl Walsh Joshua Brown Archie Baird Lawrence Snyder Jennifer Edick Herringshaw Taz Taylor Ronald McClain Michael Russo Carly Brown Daniel Miller Barbara Cline Bonnie Flint Frederick John Harrington Linda Amberger Monica DiScioscia Carlee Fiorillo Mary Winne Matthew Van Slyke Joshua Harvey Fountain Caitlin Taylor Dingman

234 5 6 7 -

22 -

89 10 -

23 -

11 -

24 -

12 13 14 -

25 26 27 -

28 -

15 -

16 -

29 30 31 -