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Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Section 1

1 Key commitments Annual Report Form

1.1 Community Radio Annual Report Form: Year Ending 31 December 2012 Station details Licence Number

Station Name
Pendle Community Radio

Launch Date

Web address where you will publish this report. [Please say if the report has already
been published, and if not, when it will be] www.pendleradio.org


The year in numbers

Please specify the stations achievements in the year under review in numbers as follows: (some of this may be a repetition of the information supplied in the financial report) Average number of live hours per week (live material is created at the same time as it is broadcast) Average number of original programming hours per week (original material includes pre-recorded and live material but does not include repeats or automated or voice tracked). The percentage of your daytime output that is speech Total number of people trained during the year Total number of volunteers involved during the year Total volunteer hours per week If appropriate, a list of languages you have broadcast in 84 90 50% 11 50 84 English, Urdu, Punjabi, Mirpuri, Pothari, Gujrati.

(There may be some repetition of this information in other sections such as programming.)

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Please indicate whether your station key commitments have been delivered during the reporting period: 1 January to 31 December 2012 1.3 Key commitments: programming YES NO

Key commitment delivery

Output will typically comprise approximately 50% music and 50% speech (speech excludes advertising, programme/promotional trails and sponsor credits). Music output will include English, Punjabi Folk, traditional Ghazals, Bhangra, Bollywood film music, Quals and contemporary Rhythm & Base fusion. Speech output will include national and international news, local and community news and information, information and educational features, interactive broadcasting (discussion programmes, youth programmes, womens programmes, childrens programmes, religious, social, sporting events, fund raising etc.) and competitions and phone-ins. Output will be broadcast in Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Gurjurati, Mirpuri, Arabic and English. The service will typically be live for at least 8 hours per day, but will be dependent on special events during the year (this may rise to 12 hrs or more during the special months of Ramadam, Milaad, Hajj, Christmas etc)

Explanatory notes re non-delivery (if applicable): NA


Key commitments: Social gain objectives YES NO

Key commitment delivery

(a) The provision of sound broadcasting services to individuals who are otherwise underserved The target audience is the Pakistani, the sub Asian community and not ruling out the English Community. The Asian community is the largest ethnic minority community in Pendle Borough, and presents all the characteristics of social deprivation and exclusion in a variety of arenas such as education, employment, regeneration, health and culture. Current radio provision, Asian Sound Radio, is for the Asian community in general and across a much wider catchment area (including Manchester). Research will help inform the station in addressing its audiences needs. Quantative research highlights gaps in health, income, crime and education in where the targeted ethnic group is underserved. The station will aim to address some of these needs. These gaps will

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

be addressed by having the health, police, education and housing sector explain their roles and raise awareness of specific issues of local concern to members of its target communities. (b) The facilitation of discussion and the expression of opinion The station will offer opportunities to engage in live on-air issuebased discussions. Partnership working is planned with relevant organisations (education, health, police, statutory and non-statutory organisations) to present their own shows. Pendle community radio will provide all the necessary training required. For example, local college students hosting a discussion forum, for that particular audience, at regular slots on pertinent topics such as student loans and top up fees. Partnership working with local community groups the station is currently in talks with other art and drama groups to produce their own material and share them on the community radio. (c) The provision (whether by means of programmes included in the service or otherwise) of education or training to individuals not employed by the person providing the service An induction programme will be set up for training volunteers. The station aims to establish a volunteer base of over 120 local members of the Pakistani community per annum, working in a range of station operational positions (hosting, equipment, and administration). Uptake will be contingent on expertise and local interest. Any individual or group that wishes to participate will be given appropriate training One to one supervision for volunteers with the Manager of project team. A peer support programme to provide mentoring mechanisms. An experienced group of volunteers will be set up who will assist and encourage other volunteers to participate. Meetings and training sessions facilitated by the project team.

Access to relevant training programmes already on offer from partnership organisations such as the Pendle Borough Councils Lifelong Learning Division. Provision of flexible training times (day and evening)

Provision of work support assistance (such as childcare, translators and accessible venues) where relevant and appropriate Creation of community champions (approximately 10) to develop a multiagency approach to integrate training/education into channels such as the workplace, voluntary and community groups. (d) The better understanding of the particular community and the strengthening of the links within it The station will foster partnerships with various organisations voluntary sector, local government, charities, health services, local community businesses and enterprise and community representatives. These organisations can then disseminate information to the whole community (including hard to reach communities). Pre-existing resources will be built on. For example, undertaking outreach work which has been developed through various projects established by the host organisation. In addition, continuation of access to the local Pakistani community through mosques, womens

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

self-help groups and libraries etc. Community champions (Approximately 10+ from a broad section of society) will be chosen to represent and act as a link between the station and the community. They will foster strong links with the community and feed information and ideas back to the broadcasting facility. Additional Social Gain objectives (if any are specified in your licence).

Providing a mechanism of advertising (Asian &) Pakistani businesses; and to promote (Asian &) Pakistani enterprise. Providing a unique source and platform of entertainment that celebrate identity and promote cohesion, and serve the community in terms of art and culture. Signposting and bulletining local opportunities (jobs, events and other relevant matters etc)

Explanatory notes re non-delivery (if applicable):


Key commitments: Access and participation YES NO

Key commitment delivery

10+ Community members will be integrated into the station management structure, as well as being involved in producing output. Creation of community champions (as above). An induction programme will be set up for training volunteers (as in (c) above). As set out elsewhere, links with various organisations will also be established and output will include information, discussion and interviews with such organisations as relevant and appropriate.

Explanatory notes re non-delivery (if applicable):


Key commitments: Accountability to the target community YES NO

Key commitment delivery

10+ Community members will be integrated into the station management structure, as well as being involved in producing output (as above)

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Both an advisory committee and a large base of volunteers will act as intermediaries between the community and the station to ensure that programme content reflects needs. The advisory committee (ordinary members of the community can join) will meet with management four times a year, and is made up of representatives of the community who can influence decision making by feeding information to the management committee. The PCR board will nominate the interested individuals onto the committee, based on their knowledge, experience and skills. Investment in community champions (as above). Creation of robust evaluation and monitoring mechanisms that measure community response to broadcast material (e.g. through quantative data in questionnaire format). An annual self assessment report (to be published) will be presented at an annual general meeting. Internal assessment (SWOT analysis and SMART quality assurance framework)

Explanatory notes re non-delivery (if applicable):


Volunteer inputs (see guidance notes)

Volunteer input to running the station is crucial. On average 12 hours of live programmes are carried out daily. 84 hours / week. We have 50 volunteers. Categorised as the following: Management committee: 10 Presenters: 25 Technician: 3 Web Developer: 2 Back up managers: 10 On average each person volunteers around 15 hours in a month. This varies due to the nature of the volunteer as some are in full time employment and others who volunteer on an ad hoc basis. For example the Web developer and younger volunteers.


Significant achievements
Large number of volunteers from all age ranges, sexes and various ethnic backgrounds

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Community have expressed that they have a medium to voice their opinions and views. Over 80+ VCFS organisation have taken part. Launch of limited Live Internet TV programmes via www.pendleradio.org website Broadcasting in over 7 languages Helping to achieve community cohesion High profile guests from the local community. Increasing and maintaining listenership Focal point of community announcements Production of community newsletter Working with a vast range of organisations from private, public and voluntary sector Promoting democracy by encouraging public to take part in Electiopns, Lancashire Police Commisioner, Local Elections, etc


Significant difficulties

Do you wish this section to be kept confidential? Delete as appropriate Yes

Funding from partnerships.

Community Radio Annual Report 2012


Audience research

Please provide a summary of any audience research/ data you have collected during the year.


Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Section 2

2 Declaration
I hereby declare that the information given in this annual report is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct. Signature

Sagheer Akhtar


Pendle Community Radio

Email address

Telephone number
01282 723455

24 March 2013

Community Radio Annual Report 2012

Section 3

3 Checklist
Please ensure that you have done the following: Read the Guidance Notes. Checked that all sections of both forms (i.e. this document and the accompanying spreadsheet) are completed. Ensured that the declaration is signed and dated by a member of the board of the corporate body which has been awarded the community radio licence, and that the person has the authority to act on behalf of the board.

Submit your form by email to community.radio@ofcom.org.uk Annual report forms must be returned to Ofcom by Wednesday 3 April 2013.

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